Threats and then more threats

Delilah entered the convenience store and checked her cell phone for the time. It was dusk and soon Pauly would be getting up. He had left yet another long laundry list of things for her to do, she was starting to think he was just keeping her busy from poking around him while he slept. Not that she hadn't done that already, her previous wine cellar had been converted into a prime bachelor's pad thanks to her aid. Really he should be thanking her daily not barking out orders onto a piece of paper. Since when did vampires like to eat nacho's with watered down cheese from a gas station? They weren't all that special and they nearly bordered on gross.

Sighing, Delilah stepped to the back corner of the store when a flash of red hair caught her eye. Leaning forward Delilah peered around the large bags of chips at the end of the aisle and sucked in a breath.

"Dirty bitch." Delilah muttered.

Diane stood nearly 10 feet away in front of the beverage cooler. She was alone and her dirty dark blue scrub top did not match her light blue bottoms. The lunatic wolf woman was in bashing distance of Delilah's cast and she itched to pounce on her. Thinking the clerk would most definately call the cops on them, Delilah devised a new plan and stepped around the corner cap of chips.

"Well look what the dog dragged in." Delilah said snidely.

Diane 14 years ago
It had been a long sweaty day and Diane just wanted to refuel her jeep and grab a Cherry Coke before she called it a night. EVerything seemed to have been going just in that order until she heard an unfamiliar voice smart off to her left.

Diane turned and stared at the tiny blonde woman who was now standing with one hand on her angled hips. Confused at first, it took a glance at the cast and the thin barely noticeable red line around her neck for Diane to realize who the woman was. A quick look around revealed Delilah was alone.

"I see your alive and well." Diane shot back.

She was surprized the girl was still living, but given Panos's reaction that night moons ago, she really shouldn't of been. Was it too early for the vampire to be out? She wasn't sure if she was ready to tackle an all out brawl in a gas station just yet.

"Is there something I can help you with Delilah?"

Diane had no clue what the girl wanted but she doubted it would be anything good.
Delilah 14 years ago
Delilah rose an eyebrow in Dianes direction. The woman didn't even seem the least bit concerned to see her.

How haughty was this bitch? Didn't she know how lucky she was to be alive? Pauly had some extreme power and being caught at the end of it herself, Delilah doubted the ability to turn into a wolf would be much of a match for him.

"If I were you I would watch your tone. You do know the only reason your alive is because of me right?"

It was an outright lie but she was hoping Diane didn't know that.

"You being some kind of freak who turns into a dog isn't going to save you either. We're biding our time and now that we know what you are we'll know what to expect. I'd keep your back covered if I were you."

It was a bold move to make those statements but Delilah felt oddly protective of Pauly. This was one of his enemies was it not? Why shouldn't she be threatened? He obvisouly had a good enough reason to to go after Diane, even if he chose not to enlighten her with the details.
Diane 14 years ago
"If I were you I would watch your tone. You do know the only reason your alive is because of me right?"

Delilah's words came out in a high pitch snarl that just didn't seem fitting of such a declaration.

Diane laughed out of loud before she could catch herself.

"You have got to be kidding me. I am alive because of you? Barely. I used you as a distraction to get Panos's attention off of his bloodlust for me and it worked. That's the only way you saved my life. Maybe you should thank me for not killing you."

Killing people really wasn't her forte but what Delilah didn't know didn't hurt her.

The smile faded from Diane's face as Delilah prattled on. Who did this girl think she was? Here it was at dusk and the twit was standing here threatening her? Diane looked Delilah over more and noted not only the cast but the piece of folded paper held in that hand. She was still healing from their fight and she had been out in the day. Panos hadn't turned the girl yet, she was still merely human, but she spoke of him like they were one.

That meant one thing either Panos had aquired a human companion, which was hard to believe, or Delilah severly spoke out of turn and she was nothing more than a slave.

Reaching forward in a dash of motion Diane tore the slip of paper from Delilah's loose grasp. Flashing very wolflike eyes at the petite blonde Diane looked down at the shopping list of chores in neat steady handwriting.

"For the record, I'm not a dog, and you're nothing more than his lackey. You're such a fool to think you could come here and try to scare me. I've seen scarier things than a five foot bleach blonde with a grocery list for her master."

Anger clouding her vision Diane stepped quickly and shoved Delilah backwards two feet.

"Your an idiot. Your nothing but a blood bag for those sick bastards and you don't even know it. They'd snap you in half before you could blink and you still keep them as friends. Fool doesn't even begin to describe what you are."

She had warned Delilah on enough occassions that this anger was well warrented. How could anyone be so stupid to trust anything, dead?
Chryseis Angelique 14 years ago
The night was young and the air was warm as if the sun was still shining. Summer was a good season that brought back happy memories from Chryseis's past. Her very first past, the one she was human in at least.

This evening her hunger drove her to one of Nachton's gas stations where it was always so easy to snatch up a "quick bite" before she ventured uptown for some finer dining. Entering the convience store supplied Chryseis two things; the ability to size up any competition lurking for the same reasons as she, and to literally check the stock of people around.

Tonight there seemed to be a comotion in the rear of teh store, one the cashier was paying no attention to. The angled circular mirror on the ceiling revealed a face Chryseis had just shortly learned about.

The narrow twit who had been siphoning off of her bank account for well over a year stood in anger across from her nephews recent pet. Using the speed of her kind to get closer, Chryseis found that neither of them were paying attention to anything around them.

When the redhead shoved the blonde away the screech the smaller girl emitted was nearly ear shattering. Fury notted the tiny cherub face and as her cast came up to swing, Chryseis neatly stepped in and block the blast with out effort.

Two pairs of eyes immediately swung towards her face and the at least the redhead had the decency to look alarmed. The same wasn't to be said for the blonde.
Delilah 14 years ago
Delilah was aghast at Diane's audacity. rage quickly built up and as she lashed out with her casted arm to blast Diane in the face, a woman stepped in and stopped her.

"Are you out of your mind lady?! Get your hands off me!"

Who did this woman think she was stepping inbetween their own personal cat fight?

Was it cat fight? Maybe it was more like a dog fight, wolf fight, whatever fight. Regardless this stranger had soem nerve to try and break them up.

"Lady I promise you, you'll regret it soon if you don't get your hands away from me."

Diane cracked a smug smile that Delilah did not miss. Scowling back at her, Delilah made an effort to yank her arm back to no avail.
Chryseis Angelique 14 years ago
Chryseis had yet to meet Panos's newest pet, and the second she touched the firey blonde she knew she had to be the one. Panos's scent was strong on the girl and Chryseis dipped her head down towards the loose curls to inhale her fragrance.

"Ah, Delilah. We finally meet."

Releasing Delilah's arm, Chryseis stroked the girl's hair gently. Turning her gaze to Diane, she simply waited until the smug look melted away.

"You my dear, have made one too many mistakes. You have gotten careless and in that carelessness I've followed your money trail. Unfortunately it leads right back to me and that explains alot for the amounts of cash that have gone unaccounted for."

Giving it a moment to sink in, Chryseis cast a glance at Delilah and smiled hauntingly.

"If you thought Panos was a danger Diane, you have yet to experience the likes of me."

The hunger inside her was begining to boil up with having Delilah so close so early in the evening. It was hard to respect her nephews boundaries and not devourer his pet.With one last deep breath, Chryseis closed her eyes and detangled her fingers from Delilah's hair.

The smile still frozen on her face, she regained her conposure and opened her eyes.

It was nice to meet you Delilah, and I'm sure we'll be running into each other again Diane. You can count on that."

Turning on her heels Chryseis made her exit before either of them could blink. She was far too hungry to stay around either of them and she would not be denied blood any longer.

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Diane 14 years ago
Inwardly cursing herself, Diane felt the vomit rise in her throat.

The creepy vampire lady was right, she had gotten sloppy lately. Being out at the clinic, and most of all being with Bastian, had it's way of making the rest of the world disappear.

God lord she had been a fool to think the siphoning would go unnoticed for so long.

Swinging her gaze back to Delilah, who looked equally stunned and frightened, Diane let the anger at herself roll over onto the girl.

"That's who you've welcomed into your home you twit. Have fun with that, really. I hope they put your obitutary on the funny pages, because that's where it belongs."

It wasn't really fair to put this all on Delilah but Diane had too many thoughts racing across her mind to think clearly. At least she knew what to expect from Panos, she could prepare for his irrationality. This female vampire was even scarey than her 'nephew'.

Her Coke a cola forgotten, Diane spun on the balls of her feet and stormed out of the convenience store.

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Delilah 14 years ago
Delilah couldn't force the last minute words from her mouth. Burried deeply inside of her she felt the urge to say something, anything, to Diane before she darted out of the shop. Unfortunately the tiny trickle of ice cold fear had spread too far too fast.

Diane was right, what the fuck had she been thinking? Vampires were real, and she had one living in her damn home. How had she not freaked out about this earlier? Before it was too late?

It had been too late the moment Pauly had stepped up to her stage.

A glance down to the floor held the slip of paper that was her list of needed items. Meekly she bent down to retrieve it.

Feeling like she was out of more options than available to her, Delilah walked to the front counter to order an extra large nacho with double cheese.

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