A year gone by...

Aislinn sat perched precariously on the roof. Wether she was technically allowed up here or not she did not know. But apart from watching her closely the first few times they had seen her there, the guards had not stopped her. She was not causing any harm, and simply enjoyed the quiet of the rooftops.

It was an hour after sundown, the sky still light in the west. It was still her favourite time of night, perhaps even more now. It was when she could awake and feel alert and ready to face the night again. The full moon already hung high in the sky, reminding her that it had been a night like this when Fallon had first brought her here just over a year ago. She had made a notion to join the Clan, but had not made any official request yet. Instead she had concentrated on getting used to her new lifestyle, but had been allowed to stay in the Manor. She had learned what she could about Anantya's ways but still sensed a subtle reservation about her.

The hoot of an owl brought her out of her reverie for a moment as she watched the bird hunt. Her face split into a grin as she recalled the events of the other night. She had been sitting right here, watching the same thing and wishing she could also fly majestically through the night time air. The change had been painful and at first terrifying, but exilharating once she realised what was happening. She had stretched out chestnut coloured wings, and with a tinge of sadness with her delight, realised that she was a Red Kite like her old bird had been. She had then spent most of that night flying, much to the irritation of the owl whose territory it was, and had barely escaped the sunrise as she tried to change back.

She had not shared this gift with anyone yet, simply because she had wanted to tell Fallon first but hadn't seen her yet. The two were still close, Aislinn often running straight to Fallon if she was in trouble that she couldn't wriggle out of herself. She should be awake by now wherever she was, so Aislinn decided to go see if she was around tonight. She had something to ask her anyway, what she had to do to be allowed to join Anantya officially.

Standing up she moved to the edge of the roof and jumped off, landing lightly on the lower rooftop of the ground floor of the manor. She walked easily along the center beam before again jumping off the end and landing on her feet on the lawn below. Brushing off the creases on her clothes, she went inside in search of someone who could tell her.