Hey bartender!

Reign didn't handle breaks up well. Never had. There was the first time she'd been dumped by Bastian... Well Reign shuddered to think what she'd done that time. To this day, she could swear she'd watched her mother's hair turn gray. And of course, after her divorce she'd simply vanished. Truthfully, that had been her intent this time, but between Aishe's good influence, and the less noble goal of keeping an eye on that Diane wench and if possible tormenting the hell out of Bas, Reign had admitted she didn't -want- to run. She wanted to stay here.

The pack had given her motivation and courage she'd lacked and a real reason to stay in Nachton. But while the pack was family, it was new family. Occasionally she felt that she was still being sized up, as well she should be. Beyond that, she didn't really want to push to hard or overstay her welcome. So the pack didn't overwhelm her life, this gave her more than enough time to get into trouble.

Tonight, she was doing just that. She'd wandered into her favorite pool hall late that evening. Rick, the swing shift manager had quickly cleared her favorite table and Reign had set up shop. She wasn't here to be serious, that was quickly evidenced as she ordered a beer. Quickly she fell into a rhythm of shooting, being gawked at and accepting the occasional challenge. No one really gave her a challenge, they just wanted to say they'd played her and that was fine by her.

Reign 14 years ago
That was a move Reign was all too familiar with. Vince had pulled it, so had Bastian and Reign had no desire to be possessed right now. She finished her drink and went back, slightly unsteadily, to the table. Before taking a shot, however, she made a show of leering at both men.

“I told you I don’t regret much.”

The drinks were defiantly catching up with her, Reign was having to make some extra effort to brace and steady herself and she was also having to take some more time to line the shots up. Slow or not though, she was still good at what she did.

After a few shots she flirtatiously looked up at their new arrival.

“How much do you regret there Drew?”
Drew 14 years ago
Drew was starting to think he’d stumbled into something he probably shouldn’t have. Damned he was getting mixed signals. Obviously the cowboy wasn’t thrilled with him but Reign wasn’t being unfriendly at all. Easily returning Ambrose’s smile he answered.

“Not much at all. I mean I’ve hit the balls around the table once in a while but I wouldn’t say I play.”

That was an interesting bit of conversation. Three some? He was going with the that was just a joke theory. Although the look Reign just gave him over the table made him question that. Maybe it wouldn’t be three but two… he took a long drink before answering. Probably not a great idea as he’d always been a bit of a light weight.

“Regret?” Downing that double as fast as he did, he regretted that. But that wasn’t the question. “Not much.”
Ambrose 14 years ago
Damned it. He’d apparently played the wrong card there. Ambrose had meant to warn the Indian off not chase Reign off. He should have known better given her personality. She was defiantly wobbly now if he was going to make a move he probably needed to do it well and do it soon.

“I’m all for adventure and trying new things but some things are better in a traditional setting if you follow.”

She seemed to be gravitating toward the kid. Keeping his mouth shut but more and more thinking he’d lost his shot he ordered another round for the three of them.
Reign 14 years ago
Whee she was feeling giggly and snickered at both quips but it was Drew who was holding her attention now. Maybe it was the drinks but she didn’t feel as up to the challenge of Ambrose. Oi she should have stopped a couple ago in fact maybe she should sit down. Yes, yes she should. Reign threw her next shot and very slowly walked back to their table.

Sitting, yes much better. Oh and look there was another drink. Or was she trying to stop. Reign couldn’t remember.

“Your shot sir.”

She tossed a fuzzy yet saucy grin at Ambrose before chatting up Drew a bit. He wasn’t turning her away either.

“Regrets wastes time you know that don’t you?”
Drew 14 years ago
Not always the slickest guy where women were concerned Drew was trying very hard to decide if he was being flirted with or not. The answer he kept coming up with was yes. And that wasn’t a bad thing she was a good-looking woman. Now any other day of the week Drew wouldn’t have even considered trying to chase after a woman who was as obviously, drunk but he wasn’t exactly sober and his moral compass wasn’t exactly pointing him on the straight and narrow.

Already fuzzy he didn’t even consider the hazards of moving on to another drink, which had just magically appeared.

“Not into wasting time are you?”

He managed a flirty grin and he might have moved further but he felt Ambrose glaring at him over the table.
Reign 14 years ago
“No, not at all.”

She half leered at him.

Under normal circumstances, Reign would wonder why she’d shifted gears so fast. Or even how to pick between the two they were both… that or she was just desperate. It could be the desperate thing, she just wanted to know she was desirable, wanted etc. She was getting an affirmative answer in spades.

“Don’t tell me you are, you’re not the shy type or anything are you?”
Ambrose 14 years ago
Ambrose wasn’t obtuse he knew he was out of the picture here that ticked him off to no end. But he didn’t want to fight it tonight. He had a feeling he could get her attention back but there were other options. That little cocktail waitress was a good start and it looked like she was getting off. Tonight discretion was going to be the better part of valor. He took one more shot, even sinking that one he was still well behind. Although it didn’t look like Reign would be able to stand up straight too much longer.

He set his cue down and called it a night, at least where Reign was concerned. Sneaking up behind Reign he kissed her cheek lightly.

“Listen chica I’ve got to run. We’ll put the last fifty on hold till I see you next.”

He had no doubt Reign was a regular here.

Farewells said he quickly scooped up the waitress and politely escorted her out of the hall. The night was young yet.

(Ambrose out)
Reign 14 years ago
“Damned time flies doesn’t it?”

Reign almost grabbed Ambrose’s collar and pulled him into a kiss but she managed to restrain herself. She really was trying to make up her mind between the two men.

“I’m going to hold you to that, I’m easy enough to find the late night bartender knows where to find me.”

OK now she could concentrate on Drew.

“You were telling me how you aren’t shy.”
Drew 14 years ago
“I don’t think you let me get around to actually saying that.”

Drew grinned. He could be damned appealing with that grin and he knew it. He was also a bit relived that the other fella had given up or backed off or what ever it was he’d done. All Drew knew for sure was it left the field wide open for him.

“Did you want to rush into something?”

He quickly finished his drink and leaned toward Reign. Close enough to kiss but he didn’t he wanted her to decide.
Reign 14 years ago
Yes, yes she did. More than slightly drunk Reign didn’t waste time thinking about what she was doing she just grabbed the boy and kissed him. Neither of them seemed to think about the fact that they were in public and both were a bit on the grabby side. Finally, Reign beat Drew’s hands away.

“I think we should get out of here.”

She signaled the new waitress on duty, packed up her cue and cleared up the tab. She was just about to ask for a cab when Randy, the bartender took care of that for her.

“Don’t sweat it Vicious there’s a cab already outside.”

“Wicked. I owe you one.”

She tossed a generous tip in the bowl and pulled Drew out along with her.

(Reign and Drew out)