Look Ma No Back Up!

She'd gone to the Celtic festival with Aishe and Kem and had continued to make forays out into the world with her friends, sometimes one, sometimes both. Pak, however, was also working on going out alone. The first few times had been terrifying, she'd spent half the time tensing at shadows and crossing the street to get away from imagined attackers.; once going so far as to duck into a store for cover. But she was quite proud of herself, she'd never out and out panicked and never called for help. She'd not even had Kem mentally hand holder her.

So, Pak was starting to relax a bit. She, however, was still sticking to public places where something like a man casually breaking a woman's neck would be noticed. This made feeding harder as it ruled out the prostitutes she often favored and the House of Pain, but she was managing... mostly.

Tonight she had come out to a new exhibit and the Arch, Degas bronzes. She had met the man, just in passing they hadn't been close, hell he probably wouldn't have known who she was if they had met on the street even then. But he had a fascinating sense of balance and grace that she whole-heartedly admired. More important it was something 'normal' she would have done before meeting -him- again, she hadn't even told Kem and Aishe she was going out.

Although he was most noted for his ballerinas Pak was currently paused in front of 'Horse Galloping on Right Foot'. It was impressive, elegant, conveying speed yet balanced on only two feet. She was circling it to get it from a different angle when something made her look up at her fellow museum goers.

Bao 11 years ago
He did have a passion a near obsession for art. In fact Bao owned two original Degas bronzes one ballerina and one equine. The horse was currently on display in his office, it would be rotated out in a month. After all his collection was extensive and in order to enjoy it all he couldn’t leave any one piece displayed permanently.

Although he enjoyed the equine figures, he found the ballerinas more captivating. Despite their obvious flaws and weaknesses, the human form was versatile and lithe. After all their kind could blend in with the mortals, they did look alike.

The exhibit was moderately crowded and he was able to both slowly weave his way in, out and around the bronzes and survey the other patrons as potential dinner companions. He was in the mood for something light, something in the spirit of the art and had his eye half on a very tall very thin blond with her hair severely drawn back.

“You seem to be enjoying these a great deal. I would guess that they bring back memories for you.”

She had the figure of a dancer, thin but unmistakable definition in her arms and a wonderful grace in her movements.

They bantered back and forth for a bit before Bao convinced the young woman to allow him to escort her through the rest of the museum and then out to her car. Not being one to kill indiscriminately, he took his time, savored the hunt, and enjoyed his meal all the more for it.

She was apparently rather taken with him and he did give her his number. Perhaps she would be good for another evening’s entertainment.
Pakpao 11 years ago
That was his voice. She’d had nightmares about that voice since the day the bastard had dumped her on the side of the road in Siam. Pak started desperately scanning the room, trying to find him. These stupid statues were in the way though. She retreated to one of the far walls where at least he couldn’t get behind her.

There he was! No, that wasn’t him it was some Japanese tourist who’d gotten separated from the rest of the group on the other side of the hall. Pak watched him as he hurried to join the rest of the tour and then she carefully surveyed the rest of them. No. No, she didn’t see him.

Was that him? No. God he was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. She was half tempted to poke Kem and had half started to when she decided she couldn’t. Kem had too much to do to baby sit her all the time and if he was going to trust her to help she couldn’t freak out so easily.

She was about ready to just go to another exhibit when she heard the voice again. Pak shivered but this time managed to, at least she thought she managed to, find the source of the voice. All she caught was a glimpse of profile as he escorted a tall leggy blond from the room. Not certain that was him though she stood quite still for some time. She didn’t hear the voice again, nor did she see any one who could be him. Either he’d left or she’d imagined the whole thing. Pak didn’t know which was worse.

All things considered, the exhibit had lost all interest for her and she went home, looking over her shoulder the whole time but not running or panicking just very wary.

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