Doppelganger (Kyle's Office - Nachton Times - Private)

Doppelganger has come to refer to any double or look-alike of a person. The word is also used to describe the sensation of having glimpsed oneself in peripheral vision, in a position where there is no chance that it could have been a reflection. They are generally regarded as harbingers of bad luck. In some traditions, a doppelganger seen by a person's friends or relatives portends illness or danger, while seeing one's own doppelganger is an omen of death.

- Wikipedia

Kyle was smoking.

He ignored the annoyed looks from his elevator companions as he flipped closed the cheap lighter with a snap and slipped it back into his rumpled coat jacket pocket. With squinted eyes, he inhaled deeply on the unfiltered cigarette and then blew it out into the elevator car.


Kyle turned to look at the voice, a younger man wearing a severe suit and tie - a power suit - such as it was. Without using his hands, he inhaled sharply on the cigarette as he gave the kid a glare, silencing any further rebukes. Rolling his eyes, he looked back at the elevator doors and waited for his floor.

A few people leaned forward and pressed for earlier floors. Kyle smiled to himself as they filed out on the next floor, leaving him alone. Once the car had cleared, he reached up and took the cigarette from his mouth and looked at it.

He didn't smoke. He drank...a lot, but he didn't smoke. Blinking, he wondered if something bad wasn't happening. As the car reached the floor of his office at the Nachton Times, Kyle slipped the cigarette back into his mouth and shoved his hands back into his trouser pockets. His suit was pressed and clean, his shoes were bright and shiny, and only his tie was slightly skewed in his appearance, but it was a dark contrast to the expression on his face and the beard stubble he was currently sporting.

Kyle looked like hell. His eyes were bloodshot and severe looking bags were hugging his usually bright and alert blue eyes. In dire need of a haircut, his black hair had traces of gray scattered about in an unflattering manner and was sticking up in every direction. Kyle Evans felt like complete and utter shit, but at least he still dressed nice.

With a slight scowl, he puffed his way out of the elevator and down the hall into the bullpen for the other reporters in the office. Again he ignored the looks, whether it was because of his cigarette or his disheveled appearance, managing to shove a few people out of his way to his office. He left the bullpen in a wake of arrogant destruction and unlocked the door to his corner office without a look to anyone. The keys jangled in the silence, but he ignored that too as he stepped inside and slammed the door.

Pulling his jacket off, he threw it on one of the chairs facing his steel and glass desk and rolled up his sleeves.

Yuu 13 years ago
Yuu was standing on the sidewalk in front of the Nachton Times building, smoking a cigarette. The sun was out on the crisp spring morning providing barely any heat, but it was still nice to see after a long, cold winter. She tapped her black Christian Louboutin peek-a-boo heel on the sidewalk, exhaling a plume of smoke.


Yuu jumped at the sound of the voice behind her right shoulder. Turning she looked at the bodyguard dressed in a simple dark blue suit. He was what Tai had called a 'Merc', one of clan Tacharan's human soldiers.

'You're not a vampire.'

'No ma'am,' he said. Then he stepped forward and held one of the large doors open for her.

Yuu looked at him over her dark sunglasses and nodded. She was slowly gathering knowledge on the clan and its workings. Tai had told her bits and pieces, but from what she could tell, he didn't know that much about them either. He was off doing whatever he does when she's out during the day. Yuu sighed and took a final drag of her cigarette. Flicking it off into the street, she walked into the building.

The ride up was quiet, and as always the Merc had secured her an elevator car for privacy. She was the new District Attorney, temporarily of course, but appointed by the Mayor himself. It was fucking ridiculous and even she knew it.

The target on her back could not get any bigger.
Kyle Evans 13 years ago
Kyle typed in a two fingered fury on his desktop, quickly writing out his article on the recent murder of Senator Gerald DeSmith and District Attorney James Weatherby. Reaching out, he opened a drawer to the right of him and pulled out a fifth of scotch and a semi clean tumbler. He poured himself two fingers of the alcohol, threw it back in one gulp with nary a wince, and continued typing his expose’. His alcohol consumption had returned to its normal baseline, which meant the bottle that he poured from wouldn’t be enough to even give him a proper buzz. It was all irrelevant, however. He had returned to his office after his several month hiatus feeling driven, renewed, and a tad grumpy. Testament to the latter came at the abrupt bark in response to the soft knocking on his door. Peering over the top of his monitor, Kyle glared at one of the secretaries poking her head in.

‘Someone to see you, Mr. Evans.’

He narrowed his eyes and looked at the young secretary with a less than proper assessment. She was wearing a white scoop neck top with gray pants and an obvious panty line. With a disgusted snort he replied tersely,
‘I’m a little busy.’


‘I said…I’m a little fucking busy.’ The secretary blanched and then looked behind her. Kyle went back to this typing as he listened to the murmurs behind his door. With a roll of his eyes, he barked at the secretary again.

‘Either close the fucking door or let them in.’

The door swung open just as the secretary scurried out of view of Kyle, which was smart he thought absently, and a dark suit walked into his office. The face was vaguely familiar and somewhere, his headache began to throb.

Kyle looked at the blue brick wall and snorted.
‘Well what do you want?’

The man moved to the side and little Miss Assistant District Attorney…no wait…little Miss District Attorney walked into his office. From behind his monitor Kyle sat back in his chair and grinned. It was an unnaturally cold smile, definitely not the usually charming fare, but lately nothing seemed usual. The world and everything in it had become tainted with an annoying stench that he could not seem to rid himself of. Even as Shiroi Yuukaku graced him with her presence, he could see the used up expression she threw around like some sort of badge.

Leaning over to the right, he took a look at her; a knee length black wrap skirt that was meant to be professional but hinted at the treasures just waiting to be unearthed beneath, with a silky lavender blouse that was unbuttoned just far enough to see the hint of cleavage, and over that an oversized cape jacket that she held onto like a prize. Something carnal in him rose up to greet Miss Yuukaku and it was hungry.

‘My, my. If it isn’t the new District Attorney.’ Kyle glared at her from his seat behind his desk. His eyes flicked over to the man with her, a bodyguard no less and he blinked at him, unimpressed.

‘What’s with the suit, princess?’
Yuu 13 years ago
Yuu stepped into Kyle's office and immediately regretted it. Kyle Evans was a pig, a funny pig, but a pig nonetheless. However, there was nothing funny about him as he sat behind his desk and made no pretenses about checking her out, from head to toe. She gave him her best bored look and ignored his question.

'Here on business, Mr. Evans. The police had a few questions about the most recent murder at Babylon.'

Yuu watched him for his reaction, but he had none. He just looked at her from behind his computer monitor, blasé expression in place.

'So they sent you because we're such friends.'

He said it with a tone that was borderline insulting and sarcastic. They were not friends. Yuu gave the Merc a side look and nodded toward the door. The Merc looked at her for a moment, but then conceded, putting his hand on the door and exiting quietly.

'There, Kyle. No one to impress except me, and since I could care less, how's about you tell me when was the last time you saw the Babylon manager?'

Yuu was still standing in front of his desk, one leg in front and her hip jutting out. With a slow blink she looked at the chair, then back at Kyle. With a snort he lifted his hand and pointed at the chair wordlessly, then dropped his hand.

His jacket was thrown haphazardly on one of the two chairs facing his desk, so Yuu chose the other. Undoing her jacket, she laid it on the back of her chair and then lowered herself into it, crossing her legs slowly. Kyle watched her with a half sultry, half annoyed glare, as he twisted his chair so he could get a good look at her as she sat. Yuu's eyebrows furrowed as she finally got a clear look at his face.

Evans normally pushed back hair was disheveled and long overdue for a cut. The color of his skin was sallow and pale, but the bags under his eyes were a stark contrast to the rest of him. His eyes were red and bloodshot, and if the bottle of scotch that was sitting to his right was any indication, he apparently had fallen off the wagon, quite hard. The last time she had seen him was the last Babylon murder. Sadly she added that it really didn't narrow it down. It had been some time, but the Evans then compared to the Evans now was a complete 180 degree change.

Yuu adjusted herself in her seat and cleared her throat. Kyle's eyes snapped back up to her face from her bare legs and raised his eyebrows.

'You gonna stare at my legs all day or answer my question?'
Kyle Evans 13 years ago
Kyle’s eyes watched as Yuu settled into the chair and crossed her legs slowly. The wrap skirt parted and the top of her thighs peeked through and exposed enough skin to make his heart skip a beat. She had taken her jacket off and her shirt gaped open as she did it, exposing even more of the soft skin of her cleavage. His eyes narrowed as he realized that she wanted him to look at her, to hang on her every word with the promise of more skin.

‘You gonna stare at my legs all day or answer my question?’

‘No, I’m staring at your breasts and that little bit of skin you’re showing there.’

Kyle’s snide comment came out slowly and he finished it with a grin as he looked up at her. She wouldn’t be wearing something like that if she didn’t want men to stare, so, he was obliging her. He pushed his seat further out so he could get a clear and unobstructed view of her entire body, not really caring whether or not it embarrassed or infuriated her. With a shrug, he answered her question.

‘Since you’re asking so nicely…I saw her about three days ago. The day she was killed. But you know that already, so why don’t you come to the fucking point of this visit?’

The smile fell out of his eyes, if it had ever been there, and he looked back down at her legs, mentally parting them with his mind.

‘That is the point…’

‘No, it isn’t.’ Kyle stood and rolled his chair from behind the desk to directly in front of Yuu. Sitting slowly down, he leaned forward with his elbows on his knees and steeped his fingers. ‘Something else on your mind, counselor? You look troubled. Something like unwanted knowledge is weighing down those pretty little shoulders.’

Kyle reached out with his right hand and laid it gently on her knee. He gave it a pat and then squeezed with his long fingers. Then a sudden pang ached in his head making the predatory grin falter, but only for a moment. He left his hand on her knee, gently rubbing the skin with his thumb. Yuu looked down at his hand, but didn’t move it.
Yuu 13 years ago
Yuu’s eye narrowed slightly as she watched Kyle run his eyes over her body. His expression went from carnal, to annoyed, then to something unreadable. Something akin to a flash of pain crossed his face, but then it resumed its arrogant and put out expression. He had answered her question, but it was already forgotten. This was not the Kyle Evans she had met before. Aside from his physical appearance, his mannerisms and curt replies were completely out of character and it confused her, but not as much as when he pushed her for more information.

‘Something else on your mind, counselor? You look troubled. Something like unwanted knowledge is weighing down those pretty little shoulders.’

His hand touched her knee, forcing her to look down. The sensation of his slightly callused fingers on her skin was mesmerizing. It oozed a level of sexual skill she had not thought Kyle was capable of having; arrogance coupled with a very strong sense of confidence. Her train of thought had been successfully derailed, so much so that when his hand began to move up, she didn’t stop him. Blinking slowly, she inhaled sharply when two fingers slid in between her thighs, his hand parting her skirt just a little more.

It took everything to break her attention away from his hand and look him in the face. He had not stopped staring at her and had leaned in just a little bit closer. She considered his question and offered up an answer to it.

‘You were right,’ she said slowly, letting his eyes burn a hole in her.

‘About?’ His voice was low, matching the sensuality of his hand.

‘The vampires.’

Kyle moved his chair closer so their legs touched. His other hand came up and disappeared underneath her skirt, dragging his hands along the outer skin of her thigh. The hand in between her thighs pushed her crossed leg down.

Their eyes were locked as she realized she had stopped breathing. Exhaling slowly, Yuu felt the fingers of both hands touch the strings of her thong, the hand on the outside of her thigh tugged gently on it, while the hand in between her thighs searched further. She was trapped, looking into his painfully dark eyes that showed no warmth, no sincerity, just an overpowering glare that held her attention as he gently assaulted her beneath her skirt.
Kyle Evans 13 years ago
Kyle curled his fingers around the piece of string on her hip and tugged as his other hand spread her legs apart. He almost rolled his eyes at the absurd ease at which he was having his way with her. There was no doubt she wanted him exactly where he was, nestled comfortably between her thighs. She inhaled sharply as the fingers of his left hand grazed the thin fabric covering her moist lips. His bloodshot blue eyes held her attention as he replied to her rather interesting statement.

'Now you believe me?'

Her head nodded slowly.

'Hmm,' he said as his fingers pulled at the fabric, moving it aside to make room for his invited entry. The thong stopped its descent down her hips and he raised an eyebrow. 'Lift up.'

And she did, lifting her bottom up off the chair so he could pull the thong closer to him. Sitting completely forward, he gripped the thong with both hands and slipped it down, dragging his nails along the length of her tanned and shapely legs. He didn't even have to ask her to lift her feet, and as he pulled the thong completely off, he tucked them into his pants pocket and leaned forward again with his elbows on his knees.

'Why do you believe in vampires? Meet some?' He let a finger dangle along the hem of her skirt, running it slowly up the slit of the wrap skirt, opening it further. Yuu blinked several times and her eyebrows furrowed. He was losing her attention, and with that realization, he pushed back on his chair and slipped to the ground on his knees. She tried to maintain her ridiculous sense of propriety by keeping her knees together, but he grabbed her legs and parted them roughly.

'Why don't you tell me about?'

Reaching forward, he grabbed her hips and slid her down closer to him in the chair. While maintaining eye contact, he wasted no time in reaching in between her legs and inserting a finger in between her labia, feeling the wetness of her center. Yuu's face flushed in an open and naked desire, her dark red lips parted as she began to breath harder. With his free hand, he undid the top button of her blouse, pulling at the material until he could fully see her lace bra. The cups barely covered her soft brown nipples, but the dark purple was a beautiful contrast against her golden skin. Then, with force and no consideration, Kyle inserted first one finger, then pushed forward so that the space between them was almost negligible, and inserted a second finger.

'I'm all ears.'
Yuu 13 years ago
Yuu felt her face tighten when his fingers penetrated her. She gasped and had a curious thought.

Why the hell was she letting him do this to her?

Her world had turned upside down in one hundred ways; she had nearly been killed, she had been forced to watch her boss’s murder, the same boss who had helped facilitate her attempted murder, and now she was helping vampires by walking around with a bull’s eye on her forehead. With an inward shrug, she figured letting a man she hardly knew finger her wasn’t too far of a leap from ‘normal’ in her world. Besides, there was something about Kyle Evans that made her current situation worth the risk. Tai had all but fallen off her emotional radar, turning into someone she did not know. The love she thought she had for him was gone and her days, when not with him, were spent with men called Mercs. She had mercenaries as her companions now, of course none stupid enough to even embark on a sexual escapade with her, so again…why not Kyle Evans?

It is, what it is, she thought to herself and winced as his thumb brushed her clit. He had asked her about the vampires, wanting her to talk, but she could barely focus on an answer with him moving not one, but two fingers in and out of her as roughly as possible. Soreness would be her reminder later and, god help her, she was almost looking forward to it.

‘I was with Senator DeSmith when…he was killed.’ Yuu inhaled sharply and blinked away the dizzy flush of desire. ‘Only he wasn’t the target, I was.’

She stole a quick glance down at Kyle’s arm, his forearm muscles rippling in between her legs. Her body began to move closer to him, turning into jello.

‘Weatherby supplied hits to them…the vampires…for years. He…oh god…he told them he was working for some…someone else. Wait. Waitwait. Right there, Kyle. Right there.’

His fingers strummed her, pushing hard up into her and rubbing the sensitive area to the point of exhaustion.

‘They killed him.’

‘They?’ He asked quietly.

‘Simon and that woman, Ellis.’ Yuu could not maintain the eye contact any longer and let her head fall back with an unladylike moan.

‘What else?’ Kyle asked with a whisper.

Yuu’s hands gripped the armrest of her chair until her knuckles turned white. His entire arm was moving now, forcing her back and forth in the chair. Dropping her head back, she looked at him through half closed, sultry eyes. In return he lowered his chin and glared at her with painfully blue eyes.

‘Don’t make me repeat myself, Yuu.’

His tone was full of threats, from something very bad to something awful, and Yuu reached down and grabbed at his arm, her body tensing with the coming orgasm.

‘They figured out that it’s someone…some…in line for the DA’s spot. They’re making me step up to flush that person out. Yes…yes, god. They're keeping me safe until they figure out...who. They’re watching….’

Yuu leaned back in the chair and let out a painful moan as her orgasm hit her full force. Her hands balled up into tight fists as her body tensed with a sizable orgasm, making her forget where she was and who was doing it to her. As she gasped for air, Kyle’s fingers continued rubbing her until her body completely relaxed in the chair. Then, without a word, he pulled his arm back and stood, leaving her half naked and exposed.
Kyle Evans 13 years ago
As a reporter Kyle has always followed his instinct, it was all he had that was genuine and true in him. A sad fact that he had reflected on more than once in his life, but it was true. Instinct took many forms: a gut feeling, coincidence, or maybe the voice in your head telling you what you need to know, but actually having that voice tell you what to do and how to do it was a bit startling.

Find out what she knows.

Kyle felt absolutely compelled to listen to this voice, the same voice that had gotten him out of Babylon without a murder rap hanging over his head. Really it only delayed the inevitable and proof of this was the new District Attorney's presence in his office. Her position in his office was curious and even he questioned his ability to get her to let him finger fuck with great curiosity.

Find out what she knows.

The voice kept speaking to him, urging him to get the answers to his questions by rewarding the good DA with fanciful fingers and for some reason she was more than happy to oblige him.

As she spoke, her gasps and moans distracted him greatly, but the voice kept him focused on the matter at hand. So to speak. But the more she enjoyed what he was doing, the more it seemed…off. Why was he doing this to her? The slight throb of his headache returned, but did not deter him from his mission. It hung there, in the recesses of his mind, struggling to release itself into a full on migraine that only alcohol seemed to control. His eyes looked quickly over at the bottle of scotch on his desk and he licked his lips, aching for it.

Suddenly Yuu leaned back and let an impressive orgasm rip through her. Again part of him was in awe of his ability to even induce that type of physical reaction from a woman, much less letting a woman he barely knew let him do it. Kyle looked down at her body, her legs had partially closed, rubbing against his forearm and conjuring up similar reactions in his groin area just from her touch. Her blouse was opened and her chest was rising and falling as she tried to catch her breath.

Huh, was he that good?

Focus, Kyle.

The voice snapped at him, curious that a voice that he created would have such a pissy attitude. Kyle pulled back and stood, looking down at the achingly hot Asian DA with her clothes pushed to and fro, exposing parts of her he never thought he’d get the chance to see. The throb of his headache was increasing as he looked at her, willing and waiting. He leaned forward, although he could have sworn it felt like a soft push, and rested his hands on the armrests of her chair. The headache receded for a moment and his eyes narrowed at her as she looked up at him.

‘Time to go.’

His voice was flat and void of any charm or emotion. He looked down at her with a sneer, as if she was tainted and stinking up his office, and then stood straight again as Yuu stirred, conscious of just what exactly had taken place. Kyle watched her straighten her clothes awkwardly, but made no move to give her space as she stood. He looked down his nose at her and chuckled.

Finally he side stepped past her and walked to the door of his office, hand on the door knob. He suspected once she realized that the entire point of her visit had been ignored, the next visit would be from two detectives. With a bored sigh he figured that would be just fine, especially when he got to see the look on her face when she saw him again.

With her clothes straightened, Yuu quickly picked up her jacket and walked to the door. Kyle opened it just enough to see the Merc standing on the other side. With a less than pleasant smile he opened the door all the way and cocked his head down at her. Without a word she stepped through the door.

‘Oh, one more thing, Miss Yuukaku.’

Yuu stopped and looked at him – well not directly at him, she refused to make eye contact, instead her flushed face looked at his chin and she waited.

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out her thong and shook it out in full view of the Merc and several employees behind her. With a glare she snatched it out of his hands, finally looking him in the eyes. Kyle lifted his hand and slipped the tip of his middle finger into his mouth, sucking her juices off it.

Yuu’s slight flush turned beet red.

With a wink, he stepped back and slammed the door in her face.
Yuu 13 years ago

Yuu bit down on the other colorful expletives threatening to escape. Without looking at her Merc, or the other people who were staring at her, she balled her thong up in her hand and walked with an angry clip to the elevator bay. Her path took her by the reporting bull pen, but her seething demeanor managed to keep them at bay. The new District Attorney being handed her underwear by the drunken poor excuse for human skin, Kyle Evans. Oh yeah, she was looking forward to the papers tomorrow.

As she reached the elevator bay, she hit the call button with as much force as her index finger could muster, much to her Merc's surprise. He trailed after her embarrassed wake and said nothing. Yuu could only imagine what he was thinking, not that he'd ever voice his opinion, but just imagining it made her close her eyes and sneer. It was an agonizingly long two minutes before an elevator car reached their floor. Entering the elevator, the Merc pushed back anyone else waiting and singled for the ground floor.

He stood in front of her, hands folded in front of him as she put her back against the back wall. Looking down Yuu considered what had just happened. She closed her eyes again and shook her head. His hands had been all over her,
in her, for fuck sakes. Angrily she shook out her jacket and shoved her thong into one of the pockets, then with as much force, put it on. It wasn't so much that she had been wrong in her assessment of him, but that he dismissed her with barely a word. With a huff she covered her face with her hands and cringed.

He sucked an offending finger on her way out. God, what the hell was she thinking? What the hell was he thinking? Not once had she gotten any type of signal from him that he had been remotely interested. Kyle had been all stupid charm and bad jokes, but not once had he come onto her. She thought she had read him perfectly then, but she had been extremely and pathetically wrong. Rubbing her eyes, she tried to shake the taint he left behind out of her shoulders, but failed miserably. With a shamed voice, she spoke to her bodyguard.

'Take me home.'

The Merc turned, giving her a side profile, replied quietly. 'You're not going to make that meeting at the police...'

'I said take me home.'

The Merc turned back to face the elevator doors. 'Yes, Ma'am.'

Yuu was impressed on how he made 'yes ma'am' sound like 'screw you'.

((OOC - Yuu out))
Kyle Evans 13 years ago
Kyle slammed the door in her face and took a deep breath. He giggled, literally giggled, with delight. A grin spread across his face and as it widened, so did the insane glee he was feeling. Looking down at his left hand, he rubbed his fingers together and chuckled. He could have done anything he wanted to her, anything and everything. Walking up to the chair she had been sitting in, he leaned down and put his hands on the back of it. Righting its position in front of his desk, he ran his hands down the side, remembering her small, golden body stretched out on it. Anything he wanted. Then suddenly he flinched painfully, his knees buckling from immediate and excruciating pain.

The headache that had nestled itself in the recesses of his mind had started to throb. A deep, repeating ache of pain began beating loudly in his head.




Squeezing his eyes shut, he steadied himself against the chair, the watery contents of his stomach threatening to rise up.




Turning, he stumbled to his bathroom across the office, almost falling down on one knee. Immediately he broke out in a hot sweat, a thin veil of moisture spreading from his face down to his back and chest. Grabbing at the door, he pulled it open and stumbled in.




It was a private bathroom that he most certainly did not deserve. Two hundred square feet dedicated to luxurious urinating. One could take a bountiful shit in the pristine black, low flow toilet, or wash puke out of their mouth at the matching black enamel sink. Kyle gripped the free standing sink and turned on the cold water tap.

He splashed the water on his face with one hand and down his neck, soaking his shirt and tie. The sound was hallow, vibrating even his teeth as he clenched his jaw, trying to ride the wave of nausea. With both hands he grabbed his head, grunting as he raked his fingers through his hair, then with his fists, pounded on the mirror three times.




Suddenly his world flipped his equilibrium off kilter and he grabbed onto the sink to keep from falling when he looked back up into the mirror. Kyle watched with horror as his reflection looked back…and then smiled at him.

‘What the fuck?’

‘You really need to stop interrupting like that, Kyle,’ bizarro Kyle said with a roll of his eyes.

Kyle reached out and touched the mirror, looking into the glass and then turned to look behind him. Everything was there, the same only…reversed? He pointed at the reflection who tipped his head and picked up a towel to clean the water off his face. Turning around again, he looked at a picture hanging on the wall behind him. It was a gift from his Uncle, the editor of Nachton Times. It was a copy of his first front page headline.

It was reversed.

‘What the fuck?' He grabbed the frame off the wall, his hands shaking as he read the reversed letters. 'No. Nononono.’ The frame dropped from his hand, crashing to the floor.

Bizarro Kyle leaned close to the mirror and peered in
. ‘I don’t see what the problem is, it’s not like you’re not living what I’m doing.’

‘But you’re the one living it. It’s my life. Jesus,’ Kyle pulled his hair, the frustration in him rising to epic proportions. ‘What did you do to her?’

‘Yuu?’ Bizarro Kyle shrugged with a grin. ‘Nothing she didn’t want.’

‘You humiliated her. I wouldn’t have done that.’

‘You did and she loved it.’

‘What? It was you, you fucktard!’

‘No Kyle, it was you.’ Bizarro Kyle’s voice was calm and almost soothing.

Frustration now bordered on hysteria as Kyle tried to convince himself that this wasn’t happening. He wasn’t trapped on the other side of the mirror and it wasn’t him violating everything that breathed. The anger built up in him as the bizarre Kyle just stood on the other side with a faint smile. Then Kyle began hitting the mirror with his fists, pounding until his knuckles bled, but his reflection just smiled. Despite all the noise he was making, he still heard the soft knock coming from his office door. Leaning in, he tried to see who it was.

‘Don’t you open that fucking door. Don’t you dare.’

‘What, and be rude?’
With a grin he walked off toward the door. Kyle looked on, climbing up on the sink trying to see out the door when he heard her.

It was Beth, the secretary from earlier. He pressed his ear up against the mirror and tried to listen; soft murmurings, then the tinkle of her laughter. Oh Jesus, he thought. Suddenly bizarro Kyle returned to the bathroom.

‘It’s Beth’, he said.

‘Yes I see that. What does she want?’

His reflection shrugged.
‘I don’t know.’ He leaned back and looked out the bathroom door. ‘I’m going to see if I can fuck her on your desk though.’


Bizarro Kyle rolled down his sleeves and buttoned them slowly as Kyle watched.
‘You and I both know she likes you, Kyle. You see the way she looks at you when you come in.’ He shrugged again, straightening his tie. ‘I could do her in here instead, if you want? Up against the sink? From behind, of course, so you can see her face.’ He wiggled his eyebrows.

‘Don’t hurt her. Don’t…please. Jesus she’s just a kid.’

‘Really? Even better.’

Kyle ran out of the bathroom and into his office. The first thing he noticed was the quiet. No noise from the outside at all, from the bull pen or outside his windows. Running to his office door, he pulled it open and looked.


Kyle pushed through the bull pen, yelling out, but no one replied. It was absolutely quiet and he was painfully alone. Turning back, he ran back to his office and into his bathroom and almost slipped at what he saw.

Beth was standing behind Bizarro Kyle, helping him retie his tie. His reflection looked at him as he flirted with the young secretary. Cold, blue eyes looked back at Kyle…his blue eyes. Kyle stumbled back, falling against the wall behind him as his reflection turned and stood close to the girl, touching her hair as she blushed at him. Suddenly Beth took a step, trying to pass his reflection, but he stopped her by grabbing her arm. The charming smile fell out of his face as Beth began to look uncomfortable.

‘Where ya going, Beth?’

‘Just back to work, Mr. Evans.’

‘Naw, naw. Listen,’ bizarro Kyle leaned back and closed the bathroom door, much to Beth’s dismay, and put his hands on her shoulders. ‘Listen, I’ve always found you attractive, Beth.’

Kyle covered his ears, trying not to listen.


‘So why not stay a while?’ Bizarro’s grip on her shoulders slipped to her arms, grabbing her roughly. Kyle closed his eyes, not wanting to watch, knowing what was coming next. He could feel the pent up desire mixed with disgust in his reflection. How the harder he squeezed her arms, the more turned on his reflection was getting. Hurting women, humiliating them was all just part of the game. The taint of it scared the shit out of Kyle and when he opened his eyes again, Beth was pressed up against the sink with her back to him, bizarro Kyle looking past her in the mirror at Kyle.

He was smiling.

‘Alright,' Kyle said, 'fuck this noise.’
Kyle Evans 13 years ago
Kyle pressed Beth up against the sink, her awkward stammering giving one hundred reasons why she shouldn’t be in his bathroom and how she wasn’t interested in doing anything with him. He ignored her of course and began playing with the hem of her shirt when his reflection disappeared. Glaring down at the young woman, he was disgusted with Kyle for not watching what was going to happen next and it was going to happen, whether Beth wanted it to or not.

Annoyed with her chattering, Kyle covered her mouth and spun her around, slamming her up against the wall when he heard a whistle. Turning, he looked at the reflection and saw Kyle standing there again.

‘Gonna watch me fuck her?’

‘Fuck this.’ Kyle stepped out of view again and came back within a second, only this time with one of the chairs from his office, hurling it at the mirror.

The headache came back full force, stabbing him at the base of neck and making his knees buckle from the pain. Beth tore away and stumbled out of the bathroom, her face terrified. Grabbing his head the pain overwhelmed him and once again his equilibrium flipped inside out, throwing his balance off.

Kyle blinked as his headache began to ebb. Looking up he saw Beth standing at the doorway, half crying and actually looking concerned for him.

‘Go, Beth. Get out.’

‘Mr. Evans?’

‘Get out!’

Shaking his head, Kyle put his hand on the door knob and tried to pull himself up. Slowly, but surely, he got back onto his feet, only to feel the rush of his liquid snack come up his throat and onto the carpet leading into his office. The acid burned his throat, making him gag again.Taking slow steps to his desk he managed to collapse into his chair. It swiveled around slowly, matching the spin in his head, until he faced the glass window behind his desk.

‘Pathetic, Kyle.’

Looking up Kyle saw his bizarro reflection sitting in his reflected office chair. He chuckled and gave him the finger.
‘Yeah, but who’s on the right side now, mother fucker.’

‘Mr. Evans?’

Slowly he moved his chair back to face the door, only to be greeted by two large security guards. Beth was standing behind them, her nose red from crying.

‘Will you come with us, Mr. Evans?’

Turning back to the window, he saw his reflection smiling.

‘Shit,’ he sighed.

((OOC Kyle out. Continued in My doppelganger did it))