Nothing that can't be fixed

She needed to shop, nothing to fix a crisis but a shopping spree, it had been a while and she was in dire need of shoes, high heeled fuck me shoes, glancing over her shoulder at Louis who was walking a few steps behind her she caught his eye as she entered her favourite shoe store, the one Amberelle had introduced her too once.

The store owner greeted her warmly upon entering, remembering her right away from her last shopping spree, walking along the shelves holding all kinds of lovely pumps and boots she stopped in front of a dark brown pair that drew her attention, trying them on she nodded at the clerk to put them aside for her, more would follow, looking up as Louis entered her expression turned to one of amusement, he knew like no other how she could be once her mind was set to shopping.

Finding another very extravagant red pair she added those as well, noticing Louis smirking she headed for the cash register, two pair would do for now.

After the whole ordeal with Panos and those wolves.. she still was shook up from that, she knew it had affected Louis too, though he was too much of a guy to admit it, watching him she saw him move a hand through his hair, taking out his cigarettes, putting a smoke between his lips and realizing he couldn't smoke in the store, finishing up her purchases she took the signature bag from the cashier and headed out, a relieved Louis right behind her.

Louis Morel 14 years ago
She had told him she wanted to go shopping, shopping = repressing feelings = Alexandra spending a hell lot of money = being bored in a store = sigh...

O well, walking a few steps behind her he glanced at the people around them, what if there where more of those creatures, what where they anyway? Werewolves? Probably from they way the woman shifted, before that night he didn't even know they were real, but if vampires existed then why shouldn't other mythical creatures, shrugging he followed Ale into what appeared to be a shoe store.

Leaning against the wall he watched her with mild amusement as she looked at the various types of pumps like they were precious gems, trying them on to finally settle on 2 pair, leaving the store with her he took her elbow as she sped up again.

"Why are you in such a hurry? the night is still young, lets get a bite to eat, or at least something to drink before we hit more stores"

He knew the shopping was not done yet, but he could at least try and make it more enjoyable for the both of them, Ale nodded her head, a slight frown making a small wrinkle appear on her nose, how cute.

Looking around a noticed a small bar with an outside terrace, since it was a warm night he led her there, pushing a chair back he gestured her to sit, taking a seat opposite her.
Alexandra 14 years ago
Wrinkling her nose she frowned at him, he had done it again, slowed her down, throwing her hands up in the air she followed him mumbling in French as she did, taking the seat he offered she put down the bags holding her sparkling new shoes.

"I'm not hungry"

She was almost pouting, almost, crossing her arms in front of her chest she rolled her eyes as he ordered some food, not really paying attention to what he was ordering, she was on a mission damn it!

As a glass of Pignon blanc was placed in front of her she lifted it, he knew her too well, charming her over with good wine... bastard and now he was grinning at her, showing his boyish charm, his eyes sparkling with mischief, damn him... feeling a grin tug at the corner of her mouth she looked away, damn him...

Louis Morel 14 years ago
She was adorable when she pouted, could you call an over 500 year old vampire adorable? taking a bite of his meal he watched her, hiding the grin she was wearing behind her wineglass, it was like watching a child at times, even though she was an adult she still reminded him of one at times, it made him wonder how a being of such beauty and intelligence could be so innocent and childlike.

"Just relax for a moment will you, we can continue with the shopping in a moment, the shops aren't going anywhere"

Picking up his wineglass he watched her over the rim as she chewed on her bottom lip, playing with her hair as she sat there, surely pondering what her next buy would be, women, you would think after so many years of being this close to one he would understand her by now.

He finished his meal in silence, her moving around in her chair, watching him, playing with her hair, drinking her wine, finishing up he paid for the both of them, taking her hand he dragged her out of the chair she was seated in, placing a chaste kiss on her cheek.

"Come love, time for more shopping"

Letting out a small happy sound she grinned at him, twirling her around she giggled, yes giggled, it was like taking a schoolgirl out to buy her first prom dress.
Alexandra 14 years ago
Twirling around she held on to his hand, smiling at him she twirled back till they were face to face, pressed together closely, running a finger along his jaw she planted a kiss on it.

"Thank you"

Still holding on to his hand they calmly walked along the strip, spotting a dress in a window store she stopped, staring at the dress she smiled, it was perfect, feeling Louis lean into her he whispered into her ear that she had to get it, heading into the store she bought it along with a few other matching items.

Hooking arms with Louis they headed on, to a bystander they would appear to be lovers, talking quietly, little touches, soft smiles, a comfortableness one only sees amongst people who care deeply for one another, she had missed him so, it was like coming home, coming home and falling into your freshly made warm bed.
Louis Morel 14 years ago
It still amazed him after all these years, how she could knock him off his feet with just a smile, make him feel like protecting her, making sure she was well taken care off, he never understood how she did that, one look of those big brown eyes and he was putty in her hands.

The night was warm, her lightly bronzed skin glowing softly in the lanterns along the side walk. This was her plus, the reason people didn't take her for a vampire, the healthy glow, the big innocent eyes, the sweet smile, just before the kill.

He couldn't help a smile from forming on his lips, it was good to be with her again.

"So what next? More clothes? More shoes? Jewellery?"

Laughing softly she shook her head no, thanks god.. she was done, leading her to a small restaurant with an outside patio they both took a seat, he had eaten earlier, but he knew she hadn't eaten all day, not that Ale cared much for human food, she consumed it at times, she always had a thing for fruits, watching her as she took her newly purchased goods and put them down beside her, guarding them as new found treasures.


Taking out his cigarettes he lit one, inhaling deeply they sat together in comfortable silence.
Alexandra 14 years ago
Her dark eyes twinkled in the light of the lanterns standing around the terrace they were sitting on smiling at him she nodded at his question, yes right now she was happy, she had him back, strange thing was that she didn't even once think about Panos, wrinkling her nose she took a small piece of bread out of the basked the waiter had left, chewing it thoughtfully she looked around the patio they were sitting on, couples where spread around, talking softly, exchanging looks, little touches, looking back at Louis she noticed him watching her intensely.


"You've changed"

"So have you, is that a bad thing?"

He took a long drag from his cig, cocking his head to the side his light eyes watched her, repeating her question she waved a waiter over.

"Is it a bad thing? change? I'm not the same person I was back in France, I've grown, not all things are always as they seem Louis, you of all people should know that, you and I were never what it seemed to be"

Ordering a bottle of white Bordeaux and two glasses she waited for the waiter to leave again.

"Tell me something, why did you really come here?"
Louis Morel 14 years ago
Finishing his smoke he cocked his head to the side, moving a hand through his hair he watched her quietly as she spoke, she had changed, had he? In all the hundreds of years he had been around, had he? The answer her knew was complicated.

Sure he had changed, and yes change could be a good thing, but what about loosing who you are?

Taking out another cig he lit it, she narrowed her eyes, she didn't like him smoking this much.

"Why did I come here? Honestly? Cause I missed you more then I was willing to admit to anyone, mostly to myself."

Putting the smoke between his lips he inhaled deeply, the smoke filling his lungs, it wasn't like these things would kill him.

She looked a bit uncomfortable, she was fidgeting too, he knew that the subject of them was a difficult one, not just for her, for him too.

"I still love you Ale, I never stopped"

Those big brown eyes were looking at him, he could see the hurt and confusion in them and something else.

"I'm with Panos"

"Yes I am aware of that... so what? I just switch off what I feel, you tell me Ale, after all these years, after you being with Michel, me being there for you, you expect me to just turn off what I feel? Be nothing more then your so called best friend... I'm sorry I can't not any more and you and I both know that"

She looked away, her body language showing the confusion and hurt, but he knew she couldn't deny what was there, even if she did love Panos, he knew deep down inside that underneath the underneath was something else, something called love.

Alexandra 14 years ago
She could feel the sting of tears behind her lashes as she looked down, why was this coming out now, after so long, she didn't want this, not now, not here, looking back up she spoke softly.

"Don't do this, not now"

His face clouded for a moment, showing hurt and anger.

"Fine, but we will talk about this"

Shaking her head no she got up, taking her bags she looked at him.

"I'm sorry Louis, I can't do this, we're passed this, what was between us should stay the way it was, it was over 100 years ago... I've moved on, don't ask me to turn back cause I won't"

Sadness flashed across her features, walking off the terrace she didn't look back, if he wanted to follow her he would, but she had the feeling he wouldn't at least not now.

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