NPD Fundraiser nightmares (open)

Several officers roamed around the slightly crowded Palamino Room Bar and Resturaunt. The place had been chosen for it's old-school feel and new-school addtude. Steve walked in, slightly late as he had just gotten off-duty about ten minuets ago, and had to change into his other uniform, due to a very unpleasant drunk who had felt the need to puke on Steve's chest, and take a dump in the back of his cruiser. The man was now cooling his heels in the county drunk tank, and Steve, no longer reeking of bodily excrements, was hoping to enter the place without drawing undue attention from the higher-ups. Somehow by the grace of God he made it, only getting noticed by some guy from Narcotics. However, one of the patrons started talking to the other him, and Steve skulked off, looking for some nice corner to hide in, until this whole mess was finally over at 11:00. He checked his watch. 9:17. He sighed as he leaned up against the wall next to an emergency exit. This was going to be a long night.

Chryseis Angelique 14 years ago
Collecting her black wool coat around her, Chryseis did her best to look frozen. Truth be told, she didn't mind the cold air one bit. In all honesty she enjoyed it and always kept her quarters ten to fifteen degrees colder than - living- people did. Warm air was stifling and coated her skin like a sarcophagus, the cool air on the other hand, she could feel each swirl of it dancing around her skin. It was truly refreshing.

Her hair was deftly combed into a part and clipped just above her right ear with a small dazzling barrette. The rest of her honey brown hair hung in ringlets around her head. This evening she had chosen the red pleated dress instead of her usual earth tones, and even had stained her lips to match. It was arguable whether or not the lip color was truly from lipstick or perhaps the evening’s earlier snack.

Puffing out a breath she watched the cloud slowly drift away, Chryseis checked herself one more time before she walked into Nachton Police Department's fundraiser.

It was an event she attended regularly, since being the head of the Arch Museum brought on new shades of politics with the city. The police force always did their best to protect the interests of the museum when new shipments arrived, and they even did their best to solve any acts of vandalism or theft inside of the great building. Of course she always had her own 'people' on these very same issues, but she knew as long as the police felt like they were doing their jobs, she would have less annoyances from them. Of course the museum always donated a healthy sum to the benefit and helped snuff out any little bits of annoyance they could throw at her.

Once inside she checked her coat and glanced at her very delicate decorative watch. It was ten o'clock exactly and she only had an hour left to mingle with the humans and make them think she appreciated their patronage to the city.

"I should start sending the new girl to these things." Chryseis mumbled.

Human's pissed her off. They were annoying and slow brained. To hang around them in a somewhat friendly manner was painstaking. For that very reason, Chryseis made her way to the bar station at the back of the building. They had wine and as she ordered a glass she thought about the sheer irony of drinking at a police function.

Sipping her cheap wine Chryseis surveyed the room and sighed.

Humans were so stupid.
Steven 14 years ago
Steve stood against the wall, watching the crowd, as several other officers wound around through the tables, trying to keep people happy and spending. He smiled, but his humor was short-lived. Jack, a short, stocky captain who had always had a problem with Rowland, came over with malice in his eyes.
"Rowland!" the man barked, "You see that blonde over at the bar?" Steve followed the man's finger towards a woman sitting at the bar. Steve's first impression was that she was quite bored with the place, but trying to keep from stepping on too many toes here. Jack continued on with instructions. "That woman donates very large sums of money to the NPD several times a year. You get over there and keep her company, and god help you if you screw up." With that, Jack walked off, and Steve couldn't help but think that there was something sinister in the that guy's smile. Any other day, Steve would have told Jack to blow it out his ass, but Steve was on thin ice as it was, due to his recent deployment, and the sudden disappearence that precedded it. Therefore, he walked over the the blonde, and, with a grimace fitting of a man facing a firing squad, prepared to entertain. "Good evening. My name is Steve. How are you tonight?" The words sounded corny and genaric even to Steve. He made a mental note to leave a little present in Jack's email inbox when he got home.
Chryseis Angelique 14 years ago
It wasn't until after he spoke that Chryseis realized that someone had come up beside her. Slowly she turned her head in his direction.

He was tall and she had to look up to meet his eyes, which were dark brown and spoke of his discomfort in speaking to her. Well at least they both felt the same way.

"Good evening...Steve. What type of assignment did you make a mess of that you've gotten stuck with me?" She remarked without answering his question.

This wasn't the first time someone in the police force had thought to send her an entertainer for the evening. A peculiar show of gratitude since they almost always sent some poor first year to keep her company. Last time the man (who was hardly that) nearly wet himself under her gaze. Later she had overheard him calling her creepy to one of his supervisors.

This Steve on the other hand didn't look petrified. In fact he only seemed to be socially uncomfortable. Her gaze drifted to his pants to note that they were dry. Interesting, maybe they were finally filling their ranks with real men.
Steven 14 years ago
Her question brought back the memory of his recent mission. An image flashed in Steve's mind: Jessica Wilson was lying on the road, a pool of blood spreading across the cobblestones, a single flower of blood on her uniform, her gray eyes staring into the smoke-choked night...

"Well," he said, wrenching his mind from this gruesome image, "I was recalled by the Air Force back in spring, and I had to leave on short notice. It doesn't help that a certain captain has a beef with me." He shot a glare at Jack, then looked back at the woman. "I'm not sure I caught your name, ma'am."
Chryseis Angelique 14 years ago
She took another slow slip of the wine and followed his glare.

Well he was honest and straight forward, both of which were a pleasant surprize since she expected him to give her a half hearted glib on how no one had forced him over.

This human was slightly stimulating.

"Chryseis." she gave him her name carefully.

"I run the Arch Museum, your...establisment has kept my interests secure for quite some time now. I show my appreciation by attending these little get togethers you people seem to enjoy."

Chryseis obviously spoke sardonically but she felt that in her present company, who seemed to be enjoying the event as much as she, it was passable.

"Does your captain have an agreeable reason to have a 'beef' with you, or are you just unfavorable?"

She looked back to the Captain, he was a robust man who looked like he scared easily. Of all things Chryseis enjoyed, it was antagonizing people for no reason that made her the happiest. Her eyes flashed with entertainment.

"If it is the later I could possibly spice things up for you."
Steven 14 years ago
Steve realized at her name and occupation that she was the ball-breaker that had terrorized the police fundraisers, even bringing one officer to the point of wetting himself. He glared at Jack, making a mental note to take his revenge when he got the chance. A motion at the door caught both men's eyes, and Steve's jaw dropped a little, before he caught himself. Terry Morgan, one of the receptionists whom Steve had befriended, had just arrived, looking very good in a simple party dress that she somehow made look downright stunning. Before Steve had time to register this, Jack made his way towards her, and Steve's assignment was made clear at last. "You little son of a bitch. So that's why you sent me over here!" His muttering sounded like a snarl, and the young man on the other side of him jumped and moved to the far end of the bar. As Steve watched, Terry listened to Jack, then slapped him in the face, much to Steve's pleasure. As she walked away, she gave Steve a glowing grin and a wink, then walked over to a table and began chatting with the patrons. Steve smiled, a very wolfish grin that conveyed his joy at seeing that dog get what he deserved. He looked at Chryseis, and laughed. "No thanks. I'll get him later. As far as him not liking me, he just plain hates me. It doens't help that I got re-called by the USAF and had to boogie on out of here at a moment's notice. That and he thinks that I'm making a move at someone he's looking to drum up a booty call with." He glanced at Terry again, and sighed. As if he would make a move anyway. After all, he doubted that Trin would be too thrilled if he was carrying on a relationship while he was her property. Although, to be honest, that particular situation was unclear, to say the least. "I just gotta keep things from going FUBAR tonight, and I'll be transfered to SWAT with no problems. Then Jack can go and fornicate himself in the back of a van for all I care." He paused for a moment, then looked her again. "So, how go things in the world of museum management?"
Chryseis Angelique 14 years ago
Chryseis's eyebrow raised in attention as Steve's gaze was swept away instantly. As his jaw unhinged and went slack, Chryseis darted a glance in the direction the man had become dumbfounded in. Naturally it was a woman who had Steve in a tizzy.

Not missing the down on his luck officer's growled comment, Chryseis smirked. How cheap men were at their games.

"You must know that has to be the most dry question in ages. Museum management is the least interesting thing in this world. Collecting artifacts for my own personal reason and of course to keep Nachton on top of the "museums to see" list is much more entertaining. Nothing like a good battle for an 10th century relic to get a girl going.

As for you, I'm sure things wont go too...FUBAR as you call it, at this event. What's the worst that can happen? I'm about the only trouble worth mentioning in here."

She wasn't quite sure what FUBAR was, but it was obvious it was a negative word. Chryseis made a mental note to look it up later.

I will be sure to piss off you captain for you this evening by giving a rave review on your accompaniment.
Steven 14 years ago
Steve smiled, and a mental image of her chasing down a native with a bag of ancient gold and other relics flashed across his mind's eye. He nodded, then looked around the room. Everythis seemed to be in order. "Well, I don't know about relics, but a firefight over some contested territory is very appealing to me," he said, turning back to her. "As far tonight goes, I think my mission is to keep the major ballbreakers like you from terrorizing the higher-ups in front of the donors. And FUBAR is millitary-speak for 'fucked up beyond all recognition.' And I aprecciate your approval of my performance tonight, but I am merely a puppet on the city payroll." He snagged a glass of water from a waiter, then took a card and a pen out of his pocket. "If you ever have anything that you need help with, that I might be useful in, let me know." He wrote down his name and cell number on the card, and gave it to her. "You know, you're not that bad company yourself. I don't know what these guys are talking about when they keep saying that you are a bigger ballbreaker than Gordon Ramsey." He took another drink, then smiled. Perhaps the S.W.A.T. division would end up with a new member after all.
Steven 14 years ago
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