The evening that never ends (att: Bastian & Reign)

"Afton Boulevard it is then." Diane said as the car came to life. "And, I can do you one better, I have heated seats."

While she was undoubtly thankful that he had sat in the backseat she did find it quite hard to not use the rearview mirror to check Bastian out. Had he sat up front there may have been a car accident.

"How do you plan on shopping stark naked? Is this the nudist end of Nachton?" She grinned into the mirror.

"I can prolly pass this frock off as a dress and go in for you. I will prolly need to get an upgrade on the outfit here too while were at it. The whole no shirt no shoes know how it goes."

Now that they were human and whole again she felt the overwhelming need to appologize for basically putting his life in danger.

"Also, I just want to say I'm sorry for tonight. If I knew that shit was going to happen I would have never brought you in there like that. I don't know who those other three people were, if they were like him or meh,....I'm just sorry."

To say that she felt stupid was an understatement. If anything the safest time to go would have been in the day time. Why hadn't she waited until the weekend?

"To think I ruined a perfectly good pair of shoes on him. I bet vampire blood doesn't come out of anything."

The shoes were long gone now but she felt awkward about the whole situation.

The clothing store was easy to locate and she pulled into a parking spot that was out of view. Her heavily tinted windows hid the fact that there were scantily clad individuals inside.

"This is the most I've ever been accidently naked in front of someone I would like you to know. At least I can say I'm glad it's you."

Bastian 15 years ago
Her sense of humor was yet something else about her he enjoyed. Bastian just never knew what to expect from Diane, yet whatever she presented was bound to be interesting.

"I'd appreciate it if you would. I have an account there, so we're lucky on that as well, since I obviously don't have my wallet with me."

One thing Bastian had taken care of since moving to Nachton, and that was to set up credit accounts with various local establishments. Knowing he often had the need to shift, and losing ones clothes inte process was one thing, but after losing a few wallets, cash, and credit cards, he became more prudent.

"Uh...I have to caution you though, the store isn't really much for upscale style...its more of a western wear line."

He was lucky, those kinds of stores always sold jeans, and a plaid shirt was no big deal for him. Diane on the other hand might have a bit more trouble finding something that didn't make her look like Dale Evans, or Dolly Parton.

But she would be clothed, and that was their main concern right now. Besides, it was getting late, who would see them?

He waved off the apology.

"I knew what I was getting into. Hell, I even suggested meeting up with him, or seeing in in the very least. I got my wish on that one."

He chuckled a bit sarcastically.

"I'm just glad we got out of there before anything else happened. I must say I was really impressed by how quick witted you were. I could see I wasn't really needed, but I'm still glad I was there."

Either he was finally coming to terms with the fact that there were woman around who were even better at taking care of themselves than he was, or he was at least admitting he just didn't have the ability to solve all problems. That didn't mean he wouldn't still want to, or try to, but in the event he was unable to, he'd deal with it a lot better.

"I feel priviledged." He smiled, and winked at her. "I can honestly say for me the issue is mutal, I think." He wasn't totally sure he hadn't ever fallen into some accidental nudity with Reign, but at that moment he couldn't remember a time.

He gave her his waist and inseam size, shoe size, and shirt size, and told her not to worry about colors, or anything other than size.

"Take your time and try things on if you need to...I'll be waiting."
Diane 15 years ago
Diane leaned over to the passenger side floor boards to retrieve a pair of black slip on flats. She had learned to stock a pair or two of low maintenance outfits for times like but she had never thought of setting up accounts at local businesses. That was a brilliant idea.

"I'll havta say that’s some pretty smart thinking, one that I may have to copy soon enough."

When he mentioned the flare of the store she looked back out the window to look inside the store. Large stuffed animal’s heads were proudly displayed on the interior walls and she laughed.

"If Carrie Underwood can look good, I'm sure I can find something but an Italian cowboy? This I can't wait to see."

Hearing Bastian disregard his presence at the apartment this evening made Diane frown. She didn't agree with that perception one bit. She was one hundred percent positive that had Bastian not been then, things would have been allot worse. Turning around in her seat so she could face him she gave him a serious look.

"Hey that's not true at all. I wasn't able to get out of the way fast enough when he attacked me, and if you hadn't been there to knock him off me who knows. I don't think I would be going shopping right now that's for sure.

I'm grateful you were there."

As she finished speaking her awareness that they were having this conversation while he was still very naked was reawakened. Of course he did have the blanket across his lap but even that didn't cover up much, leaving him still very nude and very flawless...

Spinning back around in her seat Diane felt her face heat up. If she stayed in the car any longer purchasing clothes would be the least of their concerns. Making a mental note of his sizes, she grabbed the door handle.

"I'll be back; I'm leaving the car running for you so you don't get uncomfortable."

With that she hopped out of the car and made a dash to the stores entrance as the cold air did it's best to sting her skin. The icy breeze also helped to clear the haze of her thoughts as well.

'Dirty mind!' She chastised herself inwardly. 'Being jumped in the backseat of your car is probably not the idea he had in mind when he picked this store!'

The store itself wasn't nearly as scary as she anticipated. While there was allot of rhinestone apparel there was an equal amount of everyday functioning clothes. Her oddly dressed figure drew the attention of one of the shops attendants who became more than helpful once he determined that she wasn't a homeless person looking to shoplift. The store had a surplus of jeans and that was promising and after trying on a few pair she quickly found her size. Handing the jeans tag to the attendant he tossed a few tops over the changing room door to her. Choosing a fitted white button down top with light brown plaid markings on it she rolled the sleeves up a quarter of the way.

Finding her own clothes was easy enough but picking out something for Bastian was more of a challenge. She wasn't sure on his tastes in regards to this type of clothing so she kept it dark. A Black T-shirt with a black and grey thick flannel to keep warm, a pair of jeans and a dark pair of work boots were amongst the things she bought for him. Unknowing if he needed a belt she grabbed one with the biggest silver buckle she could find, just for fun.

Hoping she hadn't taken too long she hustled back to the car loaded down with thick brown handled paper bags. Knowing the degree of difficulty to get changed in a car she handed him the bags and stood outside of the car while he dressed. Her car was a sedan but it was a far cry from a hummer in regards to space. Somehow she now saw a reason to have a monster truck like that.

"Everything ok? You said there's a diner nearby did you want to go there?" She asked him once he was completely dressed.
Bastian 15 years ago
He didn't take much credit for his forethought about arranging some things upon arriving in Nacthon. Point in fact, he'd been a werewolf longer than Diane had, and probably had resources she didn't have as well. Then too there had been all those years he had searched for his 'gifter', and trying to keep a low profile required him to take some measures your average, run-of-the-mill werewolf would never consider necessary.

"Any time you find yourself in a predicament such as this one...and I'm not around...feel free to use my accounts, if I have them." Bastian never wanted Diane to be faced with being left out in the cold, so to speak...or vulnerable.

He also didn't go into just how much of a cowboy he had been, and still was, even if he was one of the more elite versions. He chuckled at her comment though, and hoped she appreciated however he looked in the clothes she found. He was sure he would find her attractive in a gunny sack.

"I'm grateful as well, Bella. More than I can express right now."

Whether he felt he had been of help or not, she did, and right now that's all that mattered. Well that, and the fact that they were sitting in the car right now talking about it. The chances that might have not been the end result were still all too acute. But for now he was a little chilled, and didn't say anything further as she got out of the car to go into the store. Heater or no heater, it was the dead of winter, and with snow on the ground all around them, Bastian could have been warmer.

Sitting there he refrained from thinking about their encounter earlier. There really wasn't any point. Not only was there nothing to be done now, but he didn't plan on letting either of them get into a similar trap again. He'd discuss it with Diane of course, but he could put a man on keeping an eye on the vampire, and couldn't see any logical reason why Diane would need to continue herself.

Instead of thinking along those lines, he kept seeing her in that sweater, with his mind trying desperately to imagine taking it off her. The adrenalin that began pumping through his veins back at the apartment was only minimally released during their short run. Having quite a bit still pent up inside left him wondering on ways to get rid of it now. The only problem he had now was should his imagination get too vivid...well, the little blanket in his lap wouldn't offer much as far as protecting Diane's sensibilities.

Eventually he started whistling to distract himself, and was really into his personal rendition of 'O Solo Mio', when she returned to the car.

Taking the clothes he got the shirts on with ease, while sitting in the vehicle, but the pants were something else altogether. It would have been much simpler had Diane just stood in front of him while he got out of the car and slipped the pants on, but Bastian didn't want to make her feel any more uncomfortable than she already was. He wound up opening the door just enough to stretch his legs out, and was able to pull the jeans on that way. The boots came last, and would have been more comfortable with socks, but Bastian wasn't planning on running any marathons. All he had to do now was get into the diner, then his house.

Circling the car he walked up to Diane, and leaned down to give her a quick kiss, partially of thanks, and partially just because seeing her did that to him.

"Sure, they've got good coffee, pie...It's right over there."

He pointed to a small diner across the street, and escorted her there, with his hand casually resting on her shoulder, his thumb rubbing the side of her neck. Once they entered he took the first booth they came to, and sat down after she had.

"Good choices, for us both, and you've an eye for fit too. Whenever I wear this now I'll think of tonight."

For a guy Bastian was slightly more sentimental than a lot, and didn't care who knew it. He really did like the flannel shirt, and it went well with the black t-shirt. Though he probably wouldn't have gone with black himself, he found he liked it, and wouldn't avoid it in the future. He chucked to himself this time when he realized how much time he was spending thinking of fashion. That was NOT a normal Bastian.

"Some night you planned out for us lady."

The grin, and dancing in he eyes would confirm he wasn't the least bit upset, and had strangely enjoyed himself, so far.
Diane 15 years ago
Tucked close to Bastian's warmth, Diane walked acrossed the street to the quaint diner glad that their evening hadn't ended after the small disaster earlier. More than ever she was glad to be "different" and to even be able to share that with someone else. How many other people would have experience their little mishap and afterwards still suggest going out for coffee? Sliding her arm around his waist she drew in closer, partly for warmth but partly because she wanted to be as close as possible to him.

Once they entered the diner she improperly put her elbow on the table and rested her chin in her hand.

"That has got to be one of the crazyiest but touchings things said. I could have gotten you hurt alot worse than you were and now that shirts going to remind you of it but somehow in a good way." A large grin spread across her face.

"Your a crazy man."

Back in the parking lot when he had stepped out of her car in the outfit she had picked out she hadn't been ready for it. How he turned a tshirt, flannel, and jeans into such a amazing outfit simply by putting it on was astonishing. Diane had no doubt in her mind that the man could make a hospital gown look like a million dollars.

"What can I say? Food fun and near death experiences are my forte. Maybe I'll start moonlighting as an event coordinator in my space time.

How is your shoulder by the way? And your face, it certainly looks perfect from my end but how does it feel? I know he was hitting you, I didn't see any blood earlier but who knows."

Regardless if Bastian had wanted to see the vampire he hadn't asked to be wailed on by it. Their enchanced abilities to heal faster than average didn't mean Diane couldn't still be concerned, she was after all a mom at heart.

Which reminded her...

"You know what? I should call the homefront, let the packmates know what's up and not to worry. I see they have a pay phone in here that i can use, I'll be right back ok?"

She didn't have a time limit on her evening but she did want to let her sitter know what was up and why she hadn't returned. If anything she also wanted them to be on the lookout should anything funny happen at home.

Before she slipped off to use the acient technology of pay phones Diane paused long enough to kiss Bastian quickly and lightly on the lips.
Bastian 15 years ago
The thought of Diane doing something like they'd done tonight on a regular basis sent chills down Bastian's spine, and reminded him of what he had just been thinking of earlier. Her talk of him being 'crazy' had momentarily distracted him from what he wanted to talk to her about, though he considered the remark to be a compliment, much as he thought she was crazy too.

"Dios, Diane...not even in jest. We did make it through tonight as well as we did going in, but..."

He shook his head refusing to consider the other alternatives.

"Coincidentally, I was thinking about that earlier, while you were shopping. Would you have any reasons against me hiring someone to keep tabs on your vampire? It would certainly make me feel a lot better if I didn't have to worry about you running into something light tonight out on your own."

Would she balk,and fight him on this like Reign would, or would she see the logic in his suggestion? Bastian hoped for the latter.

"Fine. The blood was from a small cut I got going through the window, but it had healed almost before we reached the park. I hope I didn't leave much behind for them to use to follow us."

He liked the attention she offered, and smiled, letting her know he liked it. He had missed such little things like that which passed between lovers. The short stop to kiss him before she went to make her calls was appreciated as well. Who ever would have thought that Bastian would get so hung up on silly little romantic touches like that? But he definitely had.

"Maybe you should stay with me tonight...on the off chance your vampire might think to look for you. Keep him away from Joey...?"

Why not find out if the babysitter had any issues, when she made the call. It made sense to Bastian, and he hoped Diane would agree with that too, as he watched her walk away. As soon as he could no longer see her, Bastian turned his gaze out onto the night of the street outside.
Diane 15 years ago
Tapping her fingers on her lips she thought about Bastian's offer to have someone else watch Panos. There were ups and downs to the notion and it was something she had thought about doing before but back then there had only been one vampire to deal with, now there was a good chance there was more. Two more that had seen her face at least, if they were in fact vampires. Panos was also certainly on to her tricks of diversion as well. How long would she be able to stun the others enough to get away?

She wasn't sure how long her luck would hold out and the gamble was getting riskier each time.

"That doesn't sound like a bad idea especially if there's more than just one of them. Who knows who he could have watching his interest waiting for me to show up. Not that I want someone else to take the fall but maybe they'd be less likely to be spotted."

Her face had gotten a little too recognizable for her own good at this point and it would probably be best for her to lay low.

"I didn't like being surprised like that. This whole time that's what I've been trying to avoid. Three times am enough I supposing, so putting someone else on him for now would be the best idea.

Do you know someone who will believe you? This would be a whole lot easier if there were good vampires, if those even exist, we could get one of them to watch him and then I wouldn't have to worry about someone else’s life being put in harm’s way."

That sounded ironic. Vampire or Human they both had lives technically, why was it ok to send a vampire in battle versus a human?

'At least the vampire would stand a chance in a fight.' She casually reminded herself before the ethical battle broke out.

Diane was more than glad that Bastian's shoulder had repaired itself without delay, although she was sure he would have said it was fine even if was bleeding out all over the very table they sat at.

Before she slipped away Bastian brought up another unarguable point. She did fear retaliation from Panos and she didn't know how soon it would be. Although they would be safe inside Shady Pines she didn't want him in the shadows waiting for them to be outside. Besides that, she knew the second Bastian was gone and she was home alone, her resolve would vanish and she wouldn't get a wink of sleep.

"You are full of sound ideas tonight aren't you."

The phone call was easy enough and without going into too much detail of the evenings attack, Diane let the others know her reason for not returning. Her fellow pack mates were understanding and even offered to call in a favor at the Grand Piazza but she assured them she would be safer if she wasn't at the hotel. If they needed her she still had her cell phone that she had left inside the glove box of her car.

Coming back to the table Diane sat in the booth next to Bastian and pulled the laminated menu over to her.

"Everything is taken care of and all small ones are safe and sound. Nothing’s happened at Shady Pines all evening and I'm hoping to keep it that way. Though when I told them I wasn't coming home they offered to put me up in a safe room at The Grand Piazza. I told them I knew a giant bear of a man who could protect me with a blindfold on and who had the coolest belt buckle known around the world. They pretended to understand."

She laughed and glanced out the window to where he had been previously looking.

"Someone out there?" her voice held slight alarm.
Bastian 15 years ago
Wow. Just wow. Her acceptance of his idea was quick, without arguement, and so unlike most of the suggestions he'd given Reign in the recent past. Well, okay, maybe 'suggestion' was too mild a word for what he'd done, but then Reign and Diane weren't on equal footings either. Bastian knew Diane could take care of herself was all about physical capabilities. He never doubted Reign had been a strong woman, but that was more in an emotional capacity, not a truly physical one. And yet here was Diane agreeing with him. It seemed almost too good to be true.

"I've got a guy who's done work for me in the past, yes. He's also quite resourceful, and I've no qualms about using him, or his discretion. Up until now he's not had any vampire experience, that I know of anyway. Werewolves though, he's very familiar with, and I'd bet money he can take extremely good care of his interests in this case. I'll be sure to give him all the details, and cautions about all the vampires we've run into. I can't expect him to do a good job if I hide things from him.

Besides that, he knows about me, and in the past ten years we've worked together, he's never leaked so much as a word. It probably helps that I keep him on a healthy retainer."

One thing Bastian had learned at an early certainly didn't buy happiness, but it sure helped one find ways to secure it otherwise.

He had to shake his head in amazement when Diane went on to agree with yet his next suggestion, and appreciated just how sound she found his reasonings.

Her description of him gave him reason to chuckle. Her referring to him as a 'bear' rather than a 'wolf' was a bit off, but he could grant her a little leeway under the circumstances, and her other accolade was obviously exaggerated, but his hand patted the belt buckle when she brought that up. All he knew was it would be a great relief to have her with him later, and know she was safe.

"What? Oh, no...I guess I was day dreaming...or whatever it is you call it when you do it at night, but aren't sleeping."

He'd caught the concern in her voice and hoped he put it to rest. Trying to offer further comfort, Bastian put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer in a protective hug.

It also occurred to Bastian that with Diane staying the night at his place, his plans for Saturday night might have just been bumped ahead a little bit. Wasn't there something someone said about how fear stirs the adrenalin, and makes a person feel much more sexual? He wondered if that meant women felt the same way too.

Or would she consider him crass if he made any such suggestions tonight? It could be a slippery slope either way, he guessed, and decided to just play it by ear.
Reign 15 years ago
Nationals were coming up and Reign was trying to get ready. Part of her wanted to skip them this year. Getting to know the Pack was putting an odd spin on things for her, but when push came to shove this was still her passion. If she’d had any doubt that she still wanted to play professionally that would have gone out the window when Hans told her that for the first time since she played in the Nationals she wasn’t favored to win. Now way in hell was she going to let that bitch in the number two spot take her crown.

So today had been a lot of prep. She’d met with her agent about appearances and endorsements. Janie had also talked Reign into getting the blue streaks back in her hair. So, the salon had taken up several hours as well and she now had two prominent blue streaks in her hair, one on either side of her face. She had mixed feelings on them. Obviously, they were a trademark and would make her recognizable for the tournament but she was also going to have to live with them for several months, stupid things took forever to fade and grow out.

Then there had been the shopping, she and the mutt needed stuff for the trip. In her case, that included a few new ensembles that would look good on camera. What this all boiled down to was Reign was exhausted. She was most defiantly not up to cooking and she really could stand a beer. In her neighborhood, she knew a number of good places to get both but right now, she was a bit out of her element. But she opted to gamble, how bad could this diner be? Seriously, if it was awful she’d just toss it and order a pizza.

Running the idea of to go by one of the staff she was handed a menu and offered a spot at the counter. Reign’s plan was to order something for dinner and have a coke while she waited for it. That wasn’t going quite as planned as she caught a very familiar figure out of the corner of her eye. OK no big deal so Bas was here. She could be civil, or maybe he wouldn’t notice her. That would be good too.

Its not that she didn’t, actually maybe it was because, she still hadn’t quite resolved her feelings on the matter of Bastian that Reign couldn’t decide how to deal with him being here. Certainly, he had every right to be in the dinner, it was a public place after all. Looking while doing her best not to look she discovered he was with someone. That she… no she wasn’t going to be cross or jealous. She didn’t have any right, besides it was probably perfectly innocent. At least that was her theory and she was sticking to it. Although she was now –very- much hoping he wouldn’t see her at all, but she was alos having a –much- harder time not looking.
Diane 15 years ago
It worked out well that Bastian already knew someone he thought capable to keep an eye on Panos. Diane wondered if the guy would really be prepared for this new assignment and how much of it would he believe. Hell it was still hard for her to believe at times.

The darkness seemed all the more dreadful these days. Who knew what other mythical beings ran this earth and kept up shop in Nachton? What would she run into next? Tinkerbelle?

"I hope he is as qualified as you say, having someone else’s death on my hands would...well let's just say it wouldn't be great."

Diane knew her nerves were still tightly wound and she sagged into his side as he reassured her with a welcomed squeeze. The last thing she wanted was to look outside and see Panos's empty eyes boring holes into her head. As a matter of fact she hoped she didn't see his entire face for a long time either.

Her stomach made an effort to tighten as her mind unpleasantly reminded her that he was still out there and he surely wasn't about to give up now. She had to get rid of this troublesome bother one way or another but she didn't have the strength to start worrying about the logistics of it now.

"Some evening indeed."

After ordering a hot chocolate to heat her insides, Diane thought about the girl they had left behind in the apartment. She was probably a vampire snack by now.

"You know that blonde girl Panos called Delilah? Few weeks ago I ran into her outside of Babylon where she was pretty much throwing herself at him. I warned her to stay away from him and it's obvious she didn't. She called him Pauly, so I think he uses a fake name at times. That might help your guy to know. Also, if she's not dead and as crazy as I think she is, she could be a good way to keep an eye on him. He didn't want me to hurt her for some reason."

She shrugged.

"Just a thought."

It felt odd to be talking about someone who was possibly a victim like that. What if she -was- dead?

Diane wasn't used to this much macabre.

"On a different note, how do you have an account at a country western shop? Do you come here often?" she asked him in a mock flirt.

Changing the subject would for now, help keep her mind off tonight’s previous activities.
Bastian 15 years ago
Bastian looked at Diane quizzically.

"Someone else?" He guessed maybe she had misspoke. Or hoped she had. "You couldn't have been responsible for anyone else's death..." Maybe it was a turn of the phrase that he didn't understand. His practice and understanding of the English language had take years of study, but he thought he was pretty adept at it now. That didn't mean there weren't times he still 'goofed', and said something in the wrong context, or used the wrong slang. Maybe that was it.

He was glad she didn't put up any resistance to his affection. That was something Reign had a habit of fighting on occasion as well. That he was as demonstrative as he was had been a bit of a conundrum, especially with his background. No doubt it was his grandmother's influence, or perhaps he was even channeling the woman somehow. It had been the only explanation he'd ever come up with, and finding the sentiment an honor to her, Bastian readily accepted it.

"I'll let him know, and thanks. That information might come in handy. I sure hope nothing bad happens to her, but its not like there's anything we can do about it. You tried, and look how that turned out. The only thing I can think of that might change now would be if she hadn't known what he was when you talked to her. That could help her now, or, if this guy is as deadly as he seems..." Bastian didn't like to think about the possibilities. If there was anything he could think of to do, that would help the girl, he'd be right there offering. But he knew that even with a person's trust it was sometimes impossible to get them to listen to reason. This Delilah person had no reason to trust him or Diane over Panos.

It was nice that somehow they managed to get off the subject of vampires and victims, and back onto something less sombre.

"Honestly? It was Reign in part, who was responsible for that. When I first moved to Nachton it was pretty much because of information I'd received that led me to believe she was living here. Of course one of the first places I checked were the pool halls, and I don't know if you noticed or not, but there is one next door to the store. But really, for the kind of work I do, professionally and privately, jeans and flannels work pretty well. It just seemed like a good idea at the time, and has worked out pretty you can see by tonight's example."

He was grinning, as he checked her out, as best as he could from her seated position.

"Personally I think plaid really does something for you...why in that outfit you could be an incarnation of Calamity Jane herself!" He was teasing, but found himself laughing a little more loudly as he considered how the name fit.

Finding her not at all offended but in fact receptive to his own flirtations, returning them herself, Bastian longed for some place more private. Looking around to see if they might in fact be alone, he was slightly disappointed to see the top of someone's head at the counter. Sitting on the inside of the booth, Bastian could see over Diane's head, but the top of the booth blocked his vision beyond, with the exception being just the top of another person's head. None the less, it effectively squelched any plans he might have had for any further 'innocent' fun.

Then too, the waitress chose that time to appear, full of apologies, and explanations on why it had taken her so long to attend to them. Bastian waved off her excuses and convinced her he and Diane had enjoyed the few minutes of privacy. In fact it had allowed Diane to make her phone call, and, well, a few moments for them to finish an important discussion they had been in the middle of. The waitress seemed genuinely relieved, and promised not to leave them alone as much this time, then became flustered again, and Bastian just laughed good naturedly, and gave her his order.

And then their orders had been taken, and they were left alone together once again.

"If she only knew."
Reign 15 years ago
Really she should go. Probably, maybe, possibly. OK the idea crossed her mind and that it did pissed her off. No way in hell was she going to let his presence dictate her movements. But still, maybe she should go. Scowling darkly, she ordered her Coke but held off on the food continuing to debate leaving.

Reign heard her name mentioned but couldn’t make out anything else in the conversation. She wasn’t even sure of the tone between the two. Not that it mattered. Not at all. She viciously crunched an ice cube and tried to give her attention back to the menu and her to do list.

She needed to get the mutt’s bed aired out, and so what if he’d walked out that night. And she had to find her suitcases, Reign thought they were in the spare bedroom, maybe she should have gone after him. They were but the garment bag was in her closet. And no way in hell did he deserve her going after him that night. He’d been way out of line. Of course, she wasn’t always the easiest person to get along with, that didn’t help.

Tossing another casual glance over to the table, she decided he looked happy. That was good, she supposed. Although at the same time, it hurt like hell. What gave him the right to move on so fast? Of course it was all probably perfectly innocent she reminded herself. So why was she possessed of the urge to saunter over there and crash the little party? Crunching another ice cube, she absently twisted her blue hair and did her best not to act like a bitch.
Diane 15 years ago
Bastian seemed to misunderstand her. Though now that he put it like that, maybe she should have killed Panos in the first place. Who knows how many men or women he had murdered since his release. She shrudded at the thought.

"I mean with this guy your putting on his tail, I don't want him to wind up missing because of me. I don't think I'm responsible for the deaths of anyone else, at least I hope not."

Her eyesbrows raised in absorption at his explanation. She hadn't seent he pool hall when she was driving. Mostly because her brain had been a scattered mess, and mostly because there had been a delightfuly tastey naked man in her backseat. Needless to say she had diversions that took the majority of her attention away.

"I guess in a small way I should be thanking Reign for her interest in pool that unknowingly lead to tonights stylish attire. Although, when I think pool hall I picture images of bikers and the western shop does have it's fair share of leather goods. I bet the pairing of the two bussiness works out well." She was halfheartedly teasing since she had never stepped foot into a pool hall and she really had no idea what the people inside wore. Her stereotypical thoughts were made from movies and made for tv specials.

"And, I don't know if i'm a walking visage of Calamity Jane but I can say I do like this shirt. I think plaid is the new black. Do you also have a cowboy hat then? If so dibs on seeing it first thing when we get back to your house tonight."

If he did she really was going to have to see it. If he wasn't dreamy enough, a cowboy hat was going to put him over the top. She had grown up listening to country music and the same way a football player in all his gear did it for some people, the cowboy hat was her weakness.

"Hey, I just thought of something. Those 'other' people tonight seemed pretty suprised by you. Do you think they know about us? Well if I didn't ruin that of course by turning in front of them. I think I have a whole new pandora's box now."

There were too many what if's to worry about. The biggest was what if the pack was pretty angry at her for revealing her double nature in front of anyone especially a vampire?
Bastian 15 years ago
He hadn't believed it for a second, but still had to admit he was relieved to hear Diane confirm she had never killed anyone. That Bastian might have come close to killing someone himself wasn't something he'd consider relevant. Self defense wouldn't have been included in the same category either.

She reassured her that his man was fully qualified, once again, and that she didn't need to worry over him. He was a professional who had served in a couple wars, and who had worked for the CIA until he got to an age when that was no longer fun anymore. Vampires might be new to him, but Bastian had no worries that he wouldn't adapt to the situation.

Bastian smiled when she mentioned Reign, and he glanced over Diane's head again. A flash of blue when the head turned, and Bastian now knew who was attached to the hair. He said nothing, and tried to keep up with what Diane was saying, as he also tried to decide if he should mention what he had just realized.

"Yes, I do have a cowboy hat...two in fact. One made of straw, that I use whenever I muck out the stables, and my 'dress' hat." For a moment Bastian imagined Diane wearing a cowboy hat, and grinned. "And you're more than welcome to try it on when we get back to my place, though I'll be surprised if you don't get lost in it."

He had thought about the fact that the vampire now had a bit more ammunition against Diane, knowing what she was, and didn't doubt by putting two and two together, he would also know what Bastian was as well. But it was a necessary risk, and with all the safety precautions they took at the Pines, and which Bastian had around the ranch, it didn't concern him too much.

"I don't see how they couldn't know, now. But I also don't see how it will give them any leverage. If anything it would seem to me it will only give them more to think about before they try anything else. Obviously neither one of us would be an easy mark, and they now know this, that's all.

And don't look now, but unless my eyes are going, and my memory as well, I think Reign is sitting at the counter."

Still undecided if he should acknowledge his ex, maybe Diane would make the decision for him. If she appeared uncomfortable, he'd remain where he was, but if she expressed interest, he might at least say hi.
Reign 15 years ago
OK so she was vain, so what. Did you want to make something out of it? It was a little unnerving to hear her name mentioned again; once by each of them. This meant that she was either being trashed or lamented. Maybe he realized the error of his ways. Or more likely, he was saying she was a pain in the ass. It made her wonder about the whole conversation though. Hardly romantic talking about one’s ex. Not that this dinner was terribly romantic. Whatever.

Screw being subtle. She turned and this time deliberately made eye contact with Bastian. She didn’t say anything but smiled as sweetly as she could. It wasn’t perfectly sweet, it had a bit of an edge to it but that was because her feelings right now weren’t perfectly sweet and had a bit of an edge to them. It was probably a slightly nasty thing to do though. She’d acknowledged him and rather forced him into acknowledging her. Granted he didn’t –have- to say anything but she didn’t think Bastian would slight her like that. Besides, if he did it would also open the door for her to saunter of there and find out about this other woman. Mission accomplished she turned back to her Coke. It was now his move.
Diane 15 years ago
He did have a cowboy hat, and not just one but two.

"Awesome, although I would rather see it on you. I look like a dork in hats. I stay away from them as best as I can." She grinned.

Bastian had brought up yet another good thought that she hadn't discovered yet. If the vampires didn't think she was an easy human snack then there was the chance they'd be more intimidated. Maybe they would even back off!

'Fat chance of that.' She thought to herself. If anything they'd just be more cautious.

"Well, I just hope I haven't lost the upper hand now because of it. I almost feel like I've shown them all the cards that I have up my sleeve. I'll just have to get new ones I suppose."

What else could she possibly manage? If she was Batman she'd build some sweet weapons and vehicles and wait around for them to crop up. Unfortunately she was just a werewolf who wasn't all that scientific. She smiled at the irony in that thought. 'Just a werewolf?' When did that become such a run of the mill thing?

Her smile froze on her face when Bastian mentioned Reign being in the diner. Naturally when a person is told 'don't look now' their first instinct is to look. Of course. Trying her best not to look like she was looking, Diane glanced sideways at the counter. Sure enough there sat a blonde woman, who from the back Diane couldn't tell who she was. None the less, she knew that Bastian certainly would be able to spot his former lover of many years probably from a mile away.

Well this was wonderful. As a general rule, looking your best when running into an ex is high at the top of the list of things that are important in life. Whether it be your ex or the ex of whomever you were currently interested in, it was equally important. At least this was true for females.

Diane glanced down at herself. While she wasn't dressed poorly, the western store hadn't carried a cowgirl line of under garments which left her currently bra less. Having an average sized chest, sometimes she could pull off the whole sans bra look wonderfully in the right dress but in normal clothes you could definitely tell. Her hair hadn't retained its straighten form after the change and now it was back to its natural state of random loose curls and waves which was also a bit disheveled. All these small discrepancies added up to looking like she had a wild romp in the woods.

Looking this way in front of Bastian never seemed to bother her simply because of the whole both being werewolves thing. If anyone was going to understand it was going to be a fellow Were. It wasn't like in the movies where you could shift back and still have on three colors of eye shadow, rouge, and lipstick.

This was going to be an awesome first impression.

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" Diane asked Bastian about Reign's presence.
Bastian 15 years ago
Bastian wasn't sure how to answer Diane, because...well he wasn't sure what the answer was.

The last contact he'd had with Reign hadn't been good, and since nothing had changed between them since then, he could see no reason why Reign would be any more receptive toward him than she had been then. The evening with Diane had already gone to such extremes, he really didn't want to add any more drama to it now.

Then too, it wasn't like Bastian to avoid things, unpleasant or not, unless it was to make a situation easier for the other person. Which was not to say he went out of his way to self-inflict pain, but he didn't shy away from it if it was inevitable either.

"I'm not sure its either...its more just is?" Did she understand? He wasn't sure he did, but it was the best he could come up with.

"I don't think I should avoid her though, unless you would find it uncomfortable, and if that's the case I think we should leave. It was bound to happen eventually, with both of us living in Nachton. I just don't want to make things any worse for you than they already have been tonight."

Everything he said was true. Ideally it would have probably been better had his first meeting with Reign since their break up been with him solo, but if that wasn't to be, maybe it was still better to just get it over with. He hated to think of it in that way, but it was what it was.

"Hell, there's every possibility she's found someone new, and moved on to the point where she won't blink an eye seeing us here. I could be building this all into a mountain when its really just a rat hole."

For all he knew she had gotten even chummier with her other werewolf pal, or someone from the pool hall. She was every bit as attractive has she had ever been, and the blue streaks back in her hair...well those memories were best ignored for now.

His arm around Diane's shoulders, he gave her a hug, and grinned.

"Maybe we should invite her to join us?"

It would be good manners, not necessary, but it might solve the entire situation if they did so, and Reign just declined. If that were to happen, Bastian knew he would call her tomorrow, and set up a meeting later in the week. There was no way he was going to go through another meeting like this.
Reign 15 years ago
For the most part Reign had learned how to control any outward sign of irritation, at least when she put her mind to it. She almost always, however, had trouble with one foot. When she was irritated or tense and trying not to show it quite often her right foot would twitch. It was twitching now.

He hadn’t smiled, or waved, or acknowledged her in any way. Bastard. The least he could do was fake it. The lack of acknowledgement also made her suspect the woman he was with wasn’t just a casual acquaintance. That mulling around in her mind her foot twitched more.

She could go over there right now and make their lives miserable. She could and she should. She’d let Bastian off far too easy. Maybe she hadn’t though, maybe she’d made his life hell for a long time and he’d just never said anything. More foot twitching.

The idea that he’d already taken up with someone though… wow knife through the heart. It wasn’t like she wanted him alone and miserable forever but you know a bit longer than this seemed appropriate.
Diane 15 years ago
"I wouldn't find it uncomfortable at all."

Diane was lying through her teeth but she wasn't going to let that show.

She knew that eventually she'd have a run in with Reign and was clueless how it would go but she had seen the way Bastian had behaved after their parting and concluded it hadn't been a clean break. He had missed work and looked hellish when he was around. It angered her to see him this way and she had always directed that anger at Reign even though they had never formally met.

Now she was goign to come sit at the table with them? Diane could only imagen what awesome conversation was going to be sparked there. She was going to do her best to be sweet and silent. Never had she been the girl who whined to get her way when uncomfortable situations came up and she wasn't about to be the one who put up the first road block in Reign's direction. No way, no how.

Of course, she could just be overly sensitive and worrying about nothing. Reign was probably happy and pleasant as can be and would graciously spread her cheer onto them before happily departing in the darkness of the night.

One could hope.

"You couldn't possibly make this night any worse. I don't think could either. It's totally up to you." She said with a convincing smile.
Bastian 15 years ago
He watched her face while she considered his suggestion, looking for traces of something that might indicate how she really felt. It was an odd and slightly uncomfortable situation for him, so he was pretty sure it would be more difficult for Diane. And as far as that went, he wasn't sure Reign would feel altogether at ease with a meeting now either. But Bastian was finding it tougher and tougher to think of just letting things go as if his ex wasn't just sitting across the diner.

"I'm not sure I buy that...I'm not sure I feel that way, but I do know its something I'll have to do eventually, and maybe enough time has passed now that it might be good to just...get it over with?"

He wasn't thrilled stating it like that, but it was pretty much the truth of the matter. He'd been honest with Diane about everything so far...there was no reason to start lying now.

"I hope I don't make it fact...well, lets see how this goes, and take it from there?"

Bastian almost spoke of how he hoped the evening would end, now that Diane was going to be spending it with him. Then again he decided against bringing that up right now, afraid it might put pressure on the two of them that they didn't need either. Once they got back to his place, if he still felt as he did, and Diane felt the same, they could proceed with a completely clean slate between them. He hoped.

He kissed her on the cheek, whispered that she really didn't need to be concerned with the little meeting, asked to be excused from the booth, and stood. Clearing his throat and steadying himself, Bastian walked over to where Reign sat.

"Hi Reign, you're looking good...the blue...well, you know how I've always liked that." The compliment was one thing, the reference to an earlier, happier time between them wasn't necessary, but automatic. "Would you like to join me and Diane?"

Right now he was having a bit of difficulty remembering if Diane and Reign had met, though he thought they had. That didn't really matter one way or the other was another one of those inevitable not before...if not tonight...eventually they would be.

He smiled at her as he studied her face looking for signs of the old Reign, but more importantly looking for signs of a happy Reign.
Reign 15 years ago
She heard him walk up behind her and tried to get her head on straight. It wouldn’t be good to start out weak or hostile. What the hell did that leave her? Cheerful wasn’t going to happen, not at all. Polite, civil; she might manage those so that would be the goal.

Turning she bit back a retort about it being her lucky day he was willing to even acknowledge her. Why had that been the first thing she though? This wasn’t going to go well. Reign counted to ten before answering. Really she didn’t –want- to start a fight.

“Bas.” She nodded and twisted some of the blue hair around her finger. “Yeah. I can’t pull it off day to day anymore. I’m getting to old, but apparently its marketable.”

Well that was unexpected. She didn’t know what she’d thought he’d do but that wasn’t it. Reign cast a speculative glance at ‘Diane’. Part of her was dead curious about this woman. Probably a soft-spoken agreeable thing. The other part of her knew better to go into a situation where she was out numbered. Yet, she was still considering this. Great she was turning into a masochist in her old age.

“Sure. Why not for a coffee or something, just quick.”

Crap! Had she said that? Had she meant to say that?! Well too late to back out now. However, that defiantly ruled out eating here, not even a to go. She wanted to be able to run as fast as possible if this didn’t go well. Paying for her Coke and asking for a coffee, she stood to follow Bastian over.

God don’t let me kill one or both or them or make an ass of myself. Reign prayed.