Note to self

incase anyone on this board only has one car key,

it is important you make spares. as many copies as you can >_<

somehow i lost my keys at target last night and of course they were my only set. it's gonna cost me 125$ is the key wasnt coded or 185$ if it was

sucks sucksucks.

i dont know how keys jumped out of my pocket without me knowing but they sure did. we broke into the car after a bit hooray for coat hangers and a screw driver!

we also are in the middle of a blizzard did i mention?

Bastian 15 years ago
That sucks Dia

If anyone belongs to AAA, they'll make you a 'card key' for free, and you just keep it in your wallet like a credit card. Mine has come in handy MANY times.
Steven 15 years ago
Ouch! Of course, lockpicks and a good 10mm Glock come in handy when you lock your keys in your truck (or house)! You should keep a set of picks in your wallet, so, even if your ex locks you out of your truck and you're highly pissed, you can still manage to get in. I did. If you check Northern Tool and Supply, they had some seriously excellent picks in thier last catalog. Or you could just buy a Leatherman. But if all else fails, grab you're peice and plant a few slugs in the lock. I've done it so many times, I can pop a lock with a single round, three on a bad day.

There's a sight to see: some bare-assed redneck with a gun pumping round after round in the door of his truck. My neighbors are so pleased.
Ambrose 15 years ago
BLech that is no fun. I tend to look my keys IN the car. Last I did it I was getting gas across the street from a garage, got pissed off kicked the truck and tried to figure out what to do next. Fortunatly one of the guys at the garage saw my tantrum and came over, he said he recognised the 'keys in the truck kick'. Haven't been w/o a spare set for me at home and one other person since.
Ellis Duban 15 years ago
A brick works. But yeah, if you don't have AAA, it is a good thing to have and not too expensive for piece of mind.
Miya 15 years ago
About a month after I bought my 2006 Saturn in the mail came a card that I have in my wallet. It's a flat key that only unlocks the car. My second set of car keys is with my best friend, not just cuz he borrows my car (his heat broke in his) but because having the second set at home does you no good when you lock your keys in the car while out.

Diane 15 years ago
my boyfriend took my keys and promptly made 2 more sets. one for him and one for my mom.

i should give out my car key as xmas presents this year!!!

ive been crazy forgetful for the past week and a half two weeks. it sucks. wtb:new brain
Alexandra 15 years ago
Pregnant? loosing keys sucks, we once locked our keys in the car when going to an amusement park.. big bummer, luckily we were able to open the car.