First off, Happy Thanksgiving, folks!

I suspect many of us may not be available over the holiday weekend. Since I am one of them, I thought I would pop up a quick notice to that effect.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Thanksgiving. Cheers!


Shay 14 years ago
You too Alec. Hope you and A have a wonderful holiday!!

I will be one of the few who (hopefully) will be home all four days. I've got decorating to do, a tree to put up, Christmas cards to make, and a gnome rogue to get to 80...though that won't be happening THIS week :P Also want to see Australia this weekend, squeezing it in around shopping, et al.

Happiest of holidays for all the American's celebrating!!
Ellis Duban 14 years ago
I'm going to be out of town visiting the parental units from wed to sunday, but we'll have internet access. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!
Shay 14 years ago
Oh...and just so's not to be confusing - XD - that's 'Australia' the movie...not the continent.
*Looks at Alec goofy*
Alec Devereaux 14 years ago
What, it was a continent first... *grumbles*
Aishe 14 years ago
I will also be away. We're traveling to Pensacola, FL to see Andy's grandparents, who will most likely not be around next Thanksgiving. We're leaving tomorrow morning and will be gone until Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving folks... and if you're not into American history, at least take a few moments to be grateful for family and friends, and all that good crap!
Panos Mehalitsenos 14 years ago
We'll be out all Thursday but nothing special for the weekend besides seeing Twilight again on sat /excited. So the gang will be around!

Happy turkey day!
Mai 14 years ago
Happy Thanksgiving! I will be around though I suspect family will be doing their best to make certain that I don't reach 80 in WoW.
Louis Morel 14 years ago
Hope everyone had a great holiday, being in Europe we don't celebrate it, but it's the thought that counts
Alec Devereaux 14 years ago
Back posting - hope everyone had as wonderful a time as we did. Thanksgiving is generally a little tough on the waistline, but I'm already almost halfway back to where I was before - despite the three days of too much good stuff and not enough vegetables. Hooray salt retained water weight. =x SO looking forward to the gym tonight!
Shay 14 years ago
Woot for good times, good food, and good company!