Cleaning up old threads

I went through most of the sections and closed out old threads or ones that were outed and neglected. Sorry about the neglecting part. There were a few that were just hanging inactive, so if I closed something you planned on getting back to, just drop me a line and I'll open it back up again.

Also I'm still finding a lot of font color problems. Please. Please, please, please, do not change the color of your text - ever. Unless you're dreamwalking or talking to a ghost or something, there is no need to change the color.


I went through and fixed what I could, but honestly I only paid half attention to what was description and what was dialogue. If you don't want me to fuck up your shit, please select the body, click the crossed out A before you do your italics and post. I am honestly tired of changing colors.


Ellis Duban 12 years ago
I am still finding posts with font color issues. FYI, I am correcting them, but I am not italicizing the thoughts, so everyone should go through their recent posts and check and see if the format needs to be fixed.
Bastian 12 years ago
I say shoot the bastards.