Long time no see (( Open ))

It had been months since she had last been to Nachton, she had left with Ezekiel to go on a long trip, he was still away for work, duty called.

Walking along the strip she smiled to herself, she had missed this place, their trip had been great, spending that much time with Zeke enabled her to really get to know him and vice versa, she loved him and even though she had only seen him 2 days ago she missed him like crazy, she didn't know when exactly he would return, he had told her it could take a while, but she was patient, she loved him and he loved her.

Going into the store she once worked at she was greeted by her former colleagues, hugging her friends she chatted with them for a while, shopping for some items while she was there, it was a lovely day, not too hot, not too cold, the sun had set a while ago, leaving behind a warm night.

Saying goodbye to her friends and promising the store owner she would be in touch she left, a big bag full of clothes in her hand as she went looking for a place to have a drink and something to eat.

She had returned to the pack that morning, making her presence known to the leaders, right now she just needed food.

Stopping at a little restaurant she remembered having dined before she took a seat outside, it was too nice to sit inside, smiling warmly at the waiter who came to take her order she chatted with him for a bit, ordering a chicken salad and a glass of sparkling water she watched the people walking by while waiting for her food.