Guess Who's Back

Hey. Sorry I vanished, guys. The comp that I was originally using crashed and so I lost all my links. I was poking through my saved mail on aim and found the Welcome letter for Sanguine.. I'm so happy! I hope I'll be welcomed back.

Su-Chen Ling 15 years ago
;; rushes to fix the pictures in her signature ;; sorry.. had to block direct linking b'c people were stealing bandwidth. heehee
Marthinus T. Steyn 15 years ago
Welcome back, Su! We're glad to have ya!
Alexandra 15 years ago
Welcome back
Aishe 15 years ago
Long time no see, welcome back!
Su-Chen Ling 15 years ago
AISHE!! ;; tackle hugs ;; I hope I can get back into the swing of things... though I never really got into the swing to start with.. SA was so new when I joined. <3
Fallon 15 years ago
Hey K!
Welcome back, and yea, a lot of things have changed since we last saw ya...even got some of those crazy werewolves now lol
Su-Chen Ling 15 years ago
I need to see if I can find an actress to portray Su.... ohh.. wait..I got a REALLY pretty friend on my space that may work .. met her at work.. hee.