Climbing the walls

Walking in the door, Shay tossed her packages onto the nearby sofa, and set her purse on the dining room table. Kicking her shoes off, so hard that one hit the wall and left a mark, she plopped down onto the big over-stuffed side chair, and melted into the cushion.

She was exhausted, but still antsy. After days of just hanging around the house waiting to hear from Mark, and hearing nothing, Shay had then tried to contact Carol. She hoped Carol might be able to give her some insight into any possible job leads Duibne might have, wanting desperately to get back to doing something constructive. Hell, at the moment she knew she wouldn't even mind doing something DEstructive, if she could only get out of the house on a regular basis, and have something to focus on besides herself.

Alec had left word that he was away, so she couldn't even call him up to invite over for dinner. Cooking dinner would have even been a nice distraction, and Shay HATED cooking. There just didn't seem to be anything she could do, and that was the main, only reason really, why she had forced herself to go shopping.

She had only been out for about two hours when the headache hit, and after fighting it for another half hour, Shay gave in and drove home. She didn't bother taking anything for them, since pain killers seemed to have no effect on her. The only thing she could think to do when a headache hit, was to lie down and try to sleep, having achieved minimal success in ridding herself of the pain that way.

Dragging herself from the chair, Shay moved into the kitchen, and pulled out a bottle of white wine from the fridge. Pouring herself a generous goblet full, she drank half its contents before returning to the chair. About ten minutes later she was fast asleep, snuggled in a fetal position, empty glass on the carpeted floor by the chair.

Shay 15 years ago
Delighted to hear Alec had no issues with Shay's social abilities, and at how nice it always sounded to hear him call her 'daughter', Shay easily put the shady Miss Yuukaku out of her mind, and geared up. The prospect of spending the evening with Alec, and doing something fun, and by the early sounds of it quite illegal, had Shay bordering on being giddy.

"While I do then thank you for the compliment, I must again fear for the lack of conversations you've been having lately, if you find me 'skilled'." She was probably as self deprecating as the next person, but in this regard Shay was being honest. While she rarely had trouble finding things to talk about, she still worried that some of the ways she expressed herself were less than skilled. For now she would just accept the compliment though, and visit it again later when faced with less attractive adventures ahead.

"Research!" She moaned amid laughter that rang down the hallway behind her as she made her way through the complex.

"You said 'FUN'!"

Even though she was laughing, and nearly running to the car, Shay was paying strict attention to everything Alec said. Plus Shay was now interested herself, in finding out who the PI was checking out.

"It does all sound amazingly clandestine though."

And intervening? The possibilities seemed endless for what the evening might have in store.

Shay stopped abruptly, and turned to Alec.

"Where are you parked?"

She laughed once she realized she was running to an unknown destination. From here on in she would temper her excitement and try to 'follow' her father, since he was the only one of the two of them who knew where they were going.

"In addition to finding out who he's following, maybe we'll find out who he's working for...maybe they're related to whoever is out for Miss Yuukaku?"

Damn but that woman's name seemed destined to remain in Shay's evening even still.
Alec Devereaux 15 years ago
Alec stared after her unblinkingly. She really was an untapped reservoir of energy. Smiling as they walked down the hallway, he nodded his head down the main corridor.

"We are headed the right way. We will be taking one of the vehicles from the motor pool. Nothing personal for a business night. We do know who he is is not this individual's first transgression in this regard, which gives me something else to consider since he is giving us unnecessary work. I do not believe the two projects are related, but anything is possible."

Arriving at the motor pool, Alec selected a recently acquired navy blue Nissan sedan from early in the decade. It was a reliable vehicle that would blend in very nicely near the investigator's office, outside of the pricey downtown area.

"You will need to keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. I am sure that you can."

Winking, he opened the door for her. Securing himself in the driver's seat, he continued.

"Perhaps your telekinesis will come in handy as well. If you take to the work, who knows? Perhaps you can take over the family business when I get to retirement age."
Shay 15 years ago
It didn't matter a whit really, who or what they were in search of. It was the act that made it exciting for Shay. But that didn't mean it would require less of her, or that she wouldn't give it her all.

Seeing the car Alec picked, Shay couldn't help but wrinkle her nose. Not that her little VW Bug was all that grand, but at least it had personality. Then too, personality wouldn't do for them tonight if they were trying to be inconspicuous. This car would definitely fit the bill of lacking personality.

She almost asked him if she should go back and change her clothes into something black, or dark at least, but then thought better of it. If they were going somewhere where they would need to blend in, unless it was out in the dark woods, or outside a building in a dark alley, she would be dressed fine.

"I have been able to move things much more easily, and will less mistakes lately. Papers, anything light is a piece of cake really. If I have to move a safe, we might have issues."

Shay laughed softly, somewhat distracted still by the visions of what they might find ahead. The rest of Alec's statement caused her laughter to grow considerably, and she gave him at first a look of confusion, and then one of restrained skepticism.

"Oh yea, and what is retirement age for us vamps? I should know so I can start socking something away in a 401k, don't you think?"

Still finding that thought hilarious, Shay gave Alec a playful jab to his ribs before turning to face the street, and the night before them.

"Thanks for calling...coming over for know."

If they hadn't been cooped up in the car, Shay would have eagerly thrown her arms around her father for a hug, and let that action take over for where her words became inadequate. For now her smile, and slight shrug would have to do. She hoped he understood.

(Alec and Shay out)