Rehabilitation ((Open))

Aislinn had managed to slip out of the manor alone. Wether she had been noticed leaving or not, she didn't know nor really cared. She was not a prisoner to anything but her own desires. Chilled bottle blood sated her hunger to an extent but the thought of the dark liquid dripping fresh from a warm body would not leave her mind for long. Becoming restless, she had decided to go downtown.

She dressed fairly casually, a pair of jeans and an emerald green halterneck top. The fall air was pleasant on her skin, the hustle and bustle of the Strip keeping the air fairly mild despite the season. She had left her hair loose, washing it then letting it try naturally to its reddish blonde wave. Her golden eyes held a slight predatory gleam as she travelled steadily down the Strip. She knew what she wanted but was not sure how to go about getting it. But she knew she would have to learn to get it herself, her naturally independant nature reasserting itself despite her gratitude to Fallon. She honestly enjoyed her company, it had been good to be with someone who didn't seem bothered by her strange ways. Growing up in the middle of nowhere didn't exactly do wonders for ones social skills. She wasn't sure she could pull of Fallon's technique in the Nightclub by herself.

So she carried on walking, hoping an oppertunity would present itself to her.

Jillian 15 years ago
She was feeling a little rebellious, well okay, not so much rebellious as just antsy, but whatever the case, Jilli needed to get out of the Den, now.

Being cooped up doing homework, after being in school all day long, was just too much to handle. Tonight it had been anyway. Jilli had looked for Drew, thinking he might want to see a movie or something, but hadn't been able to stir him up. And since she really had yet to get to know any of her classmates, she was a little bit between sixes and sevens.

So who said she couldn't go out alone?!

Dressed in new jeans, and a short sleeved baby doll top, one of her most favorite outfits to wear, Jilli almost skipped along the Strip, not really paying any attention to what was around her, rather instead just enjoying being a part of the small crowd that meandered along in a steady flow.

A nice, soft breeze blew her hair about the bottom of her neck, and down her back, and added to the sensation of excitement that was building inside her. She couldn't have told you then why she felt excited, not even to save her life, but she certainly felt that way none the less.

Being of age in Nachton, she decided on the spur of the moment to maybe stop in at one of the local clubs. She didn't dance very well, but she was game to try. Of course that would be provided anyone asked her. The fear of just sitting around on her butt all night was intimidating, but she told herself there would be nothing lost, or gained, if she didn't at least try. some point or another she HAD to start living a life that extended beyond school, and the pack. Moving to Nachton had whetted her appetite enough to show her there was more out in the world to partake of...but it was up to her to do the partaking.
Aislinn Ross 15 years ago
She ended up walking the Strip twice before she finally bit the bullet and entered one of the many nightclubs. She knew she looked a little odd going in alone but the bouncers would not know if she was meeting friends inside or not. She bought herself a Malibu and coke, one of her favourites being that she loved coconut, then found herself a seat at the bar and watched the dancers. Everyone seemed to be in pairs or groups, which would make her goal that much harder. She'd have to wait til they were drunk enough not to notice a friend or lover gone missing for a while.
She had another sip of her drink while she watched and waited.
Jillian 15 years ago
It occurred to Jilli that maybe she wasn't ready for this after all. It was one thing to think up these grand ideas, but another to follow through.

Had she been convinced differently would she have still been out on the sidewalk, just walking along? Three times she had been invited to join people going into a club, and three times she had graciously declined. Two of the invitations had come from small groups of people who probably felt sorry for her, and the third was from a very cute guy, but one Jilli had no proof wasn't a masher.

Turning she began walking back to her car, slowly, but with purpose. She even got into her Yaris, and put her seat belt on. But before she turned over the engine, she had chastised herself for her cowardice, and promptly put herself back on the sideway, and actually made it inside the club this time.

Once inside the bar, and having had time to check the other patrons, Jilli felt very under dressed. Again she debated leaving and going back to the Den, and again she talked herself out of it. Seeing a single girl at the bar helped convince her to stay, and because of that same girl, Jilli took the empty seat next to her, and ordered a tequila sunrise from the bartender.

"Hi, are you waiting for someone, or would you mind company?"

She doubted she would have had the confidence to ask anyone to dance quite yet, but after a drink or two she thought she might. In the mean time it didn't hurt to meet new people, and maybe make a friend or two.
Aislinn Ross 15 years ago
Aislinn jumped. So intent had her attention been on the dancefloor that she had not seen the young woman sit down next to her. It took her a second to realise she had spoken to her.

", I'm just here by myself." She had a quick glance around but the girl also seemed to be alone. How convenient. She smiled at her. "My name is Aislinn. Have you been here before?"

She looked a little young to be a regular here but then Aislinn wasn't exactly well versed in the clubbing scene either. She knew that back home walking into a new pub alone where the locals didn't know you was often cause for remark, but in a big city like this perhaps it was more the norm. Then again, perhaps this pretty young woman had the same motivation that she did.
Jillian 15 years ago
Jilli saw the other girl react in surprise, and hoped she hadn't interrupted anything important. Hearing she hadn't she perked up, and looked forward to an evening she had been dreading up to this point.

"Here? No. I'm really new to Nachton, and haven't been anywhere except home, where I'm living, and school really. Oh, I did also go the the mall too.

My name is Jillian. It's nice to meet you Aislinn."

She nodded in greeting, and giggled, though it really wasn't funny. Even though she had only been in Nachton a couple weeks, it seemed strange that she hadn't been out more. Especially since that was to be one of her goals in her new life...get out, meet people, see the sights.

"And, in truth, I almost didn't make it in here tonight. I'm not really one for on going to big, strange places on my own. Moving to a new city clear across the country was the second biggest change to my life, and they both occurred over the past year. On one hand I want to experience everything, and am in a little bit of a hurry, but on the other hand I know it won't hurt if I take things a little slowly."

She was rambling, and probably not making a lot of sense, so Jilli clamped her lips around the tiny straws in her drink, and drank.

"So do you come here a lot?"

After she said the words, it occurred to Jilli that it had sounded like a pick up line. But instead of giggling then, she only shook her head slightly.

"I don't know anyone else my age, to ask about these kinds of things...places. Most of the people I go to school with are several years older, and I haven't had time to really get to know any of them either."

Of course there was Drew, but Jilli hadn't really seen much of him either, since that time they went to the mall and had dinner. She had thought about calling him up tonight, and seeing if he had wanted to join her, then changed her mind. She didn't want to be a pest, and decided to wait and see if he wanted her company enough to call her.

"So it's nice to meet you right off the bat."

Again with the rambling...again she put the straws into her mouth to stop.
Aislinn Ross 15 years ago
((My bad, been busy and forgot about this >.<))

Aislinn smiled at the girls ramblings. She didn't mind that she seemed to have enough to say for the both of them for she was having trouble thinking of something sensible to eat...say. Damn she was hungry. She hadn't really intended on choosing a girl, but then she had not been out looking for a girl a few nights ago...and now look what she was. But it seemed this girl had been drawn to her....mayhaps an omen?
She shook off her strange thoughts and answered Jillian.

"It's my first time here too. I am new to Nachton, I've only been here a couple of months." She nooded in understanding at her mention of changes in her life, remembering her own losses before she hightailed it to the States. "I am from Scotland." She stated simply, as if that would explain everything...which if course it would not.

She drained the rest of her drink, wondering if alcohol had much affect on vampires, then caught the bartenders attention before speaking to Jillian again. "Want another?"
Jillian 15 years ago
As was what Jilli was finding to be the norm among those she met in Nachton, Aislinn was most friendly, and nice. Jilli was content to just sip her drink, and watch those around her, not at all concerned that she was not the center of someone's attention, or out dancing. At some point she imagined it would be important to her, but not now. Now she was just fine where she was.

"Scotland! I knew I heard an accent, but wasn't sure from where. I'm terrible about those things." She shrugged and giggled, not at all surprised to hear the girl wasn't from England, Ireland, or Australia. There were differences, Jilli knew, but for whatever reason she had a difficult time discerning them. Thankfully she didn't think it mattered.


Jilli looked at her glass, and noted it was still 2/3 full of the reddish, orange liquid.

"Oh gosh, not quite yet. I do have to make it out of here on my feet." She giggled again, but sobered up some when the picture of being carried out swam in front of her eyes. Talk about the epitome of embarrassment. If word of such a thing ever got back to Aidan...well Jilli just couldn't go down that road.

" to Nachton, and from Scotland? How in the heck did you find yourself over here? Family?"

That was how Jilli managed to find Nachton...sort of. Aidan WAS family...sort of. Certainly if she hadn't found out about him, and the pack here, she would still be in Nevada somewhere...working in a diner, living in a small place on pack lands...not at all set up as well as she was now.

Which brought another question to Jilli's mind.

"Or did you come here for a job?"

It was a viable question, even if the girl didn't look too much older than she was.
Aislinn Ross 15 years ago
She smiled wryly at the mention of family.

"Actually I came here to get away from them." Seeing the girls look, she decided to elaborate a little. "My father died and I just felt I had to get away from there. As for a job..." she paused while she paid for her drink, "I don't really know what I want to do."

It was true mostly...she had no idea where to direct her attention, and she had no financial need to work. And now there was her current situation. What kind of job could vampires have? One where she need never see the sun...which could be tricky in the summer even working nightshift when it would be daylight by the time she left. She frowned at the thought.

"I don't even know if I -can- work."
Jillian 15 years ago
When she broached the subject of family initially, she was able to remain objective, and removed; however, once Aislinn spoke of her father dying, Jilli was plunged deeply back to Nevada, and the night she received word of her own parent's deaths. The pain was still acute when it hit her like it did now, and it took all she could muster to keep from letting it show through.

Somehow she did manage though, possibly because she was able to relate so well to the need to 'get away' after the fact. She thought Aislinn deserved some explanation, but kept her response short. Jilli knew if she got in to the details she wouldn't be able to remain as removed as she was now.

"I'm sorry for your loss, and truly understand. I recently lost both my parents as well. Getting away turned out to be a blessing for me. I hope you're doing as well."

Lucky for her, Aislinn had moved on herself, probably because talking about her father's death was equally painful. Jilli jumped into the subject of work herself, rather than let the conversation center around the more tender topic.

"I think that's one reason I was so happy to stay in school. I used to think marine biology was what I wanted to be involved in. I love being outside, and growing up so far inland, I've always been fascinated with the ocean. Marine biology was my planned vocation for the longest time. Now I'm not so sure, but I figure I have at least a couple years to study and try a couple things, to be certain before I commit to anything. Even if I decide to go into some sort of biological research, I might be able to do that at night, and have my days to be outside.

But I don't understand what you mean when you say you don't know if you CAN work? It would seem to me if you have a brain, and are at all physically able to get around, anyone CAN something... can't they?"

Not knowing what she wanted to do was one thing, but to be unsure if she could do anything was just unimaginable to Jillian.
Aislinn Ross 15 years ago
Aislinn silently cursed herself for saying her last thought out loud.

"Well uhm, yes that is true I guess. I could work from home I suppose."

Realising that would likely just confuse Jillian more she would have to come up with an explanation of sorts. She couldn't very well tell her that all she wanted to do at the moment was sink her teeth into someone warm. Unfortunately she was taking a liking to Jillian and knew she could not bring herself to hurt her now. Damn her conscience.

"I have a skin condition...I have to stay out of the sunlight." For the first time in her life she was glad for her naturally paler skin tones which would back her up, although here in the darkness of the club one couldnt really say. Being uncomfortable with dishonesty, she attempted to steer the conversation away from herself again.

"So do you live nearby? With friends perhaps?"

Evidently with her parents dead she was unlikely to still live with family, although she could be wrong. She eyed the crowd again as she waited for Jillian to answer, her attention half on a lone male trying his damndest to impress the girls with his over the top dance moves.
Jillian 15 years ago
It was only since Jilli had moved to Nachton, and been truly on her own, that she had become as self aware as she was now. Being thrust out into the world with the sudden loss of one's support system had been sobering, but more so a quick learning experience. Not only had she come to know herself better, but in that process gained a better insight into many of those she now came into contact with. She supposed the latter had to do with being less self centered, a luxury she was no longer able to take part in, though she didn't really miss it much. She knew her parents had spoiled her, but they had done so in such a loving manner that as a result Jilli never had taken on the temperament of a truly spoiled or self centered child.

Having that new insight, Jilli now thought that she recognized a quick disinterest in Aislinn, and wondered if what she felt was based in truth or her own assumptions that could easily be false. She also imagined that Aislinn might be skipping over some pertinent truths of her own, but didn't dwell on that further. She had just met the girl, and knew she had no business thinking she could figure her out. Or even if there was really anything to figure out at all. Jilli mentally shook herself and discarded that path of thinking, choosing instead to get back to enjoying her drink, learning the place, and her new friend.

"Oh you poor thing. I'm sorry you can't go out in the sunlight. I think I'd perish if that were to happen to me. I so love the feel of it on my skin. But then yes, you can see my coloring is quite a bit darker than yours, a gift from my ancestors, much like your pretty creamy skin is from your's I'd guess."

Never a very vain girl, Jilli accepted her looks for what they were...a nice blend of her parents, and their parents before them. She did have to admit that on occasion she had seen someone with pure, porcelain skin, such as Aislinn's and had wondered how she would have looked as such. Silly notions were also quickly discarded. Jilli had little time to waste on what would never be.

"But shoot, there are all kinds of jobs you can get indoors, as well as during the evenings. Night schools need teachers and staffs, hospitals are open twenty four seven, as are some, I mean a LOT of places are open longer hours these days, in comparison to when the world ran from nine to five."

No, having a necessary aversion to sunlight was no reason a person couldn't get a job in today's world. If they really wanted to work. There was always the chance that Aislinn didn't NEED to work, in which case the entire conversation was moot.

"I do live close by, as the crow flies anyway, and with close friends who now feel as much like family as anyone could. They were kind enough to take me in after the accident...I have been VERY lucky."

Jilli's eyes followed Aislinn's as they moved out onto the crowd, and settled on a guy she thought Aislinn was watching. Jilli had to bite back a grin when she noticed how silly the guy was being, but that was the extent of her interest. Boys were quite often silly, this was nothing new to Jilli. It wasn't really until she met Drew that she started giving the other sex a bit more conscious attention, and and interest, as well as less dismissing for the simple reason that they were male. Far from boy crazy, at least Jilli could now see why the two sexes were drawn together, and how beneficial and fun it might be.

"So...checking out what's available?"

Jilli kidded, and grinned. If that was what Aislinn found attractive, so be it. Jilli knew everyone had differing tastes.
Aislinn Ross 15 years ago
Aislinn shuddered involuntarily at the thought of working in a hospital.

"Definately not working in a hospital, I'd rather be impaled on a rusty spike."

The guy on the dancefloor noticed her looking and grinned at her. Aislinn merely raised an eyebrow back at him and turned her attention back to Jillian to answer her question.

"Something to that effect yes...though I dont see many promising ones."
Jillian 15 years ago
Shrugging slightly, Jilli knew not everyone was suited for every job. Her suggestion of a hospital was just one among the few that had come to mind. Considering Aislinn looked to be a few years older than she, Jilli deduced the older girl would surely come up with something when she needed to, and dropped that line of conversation.

"Do you like to dance? Why don't you ask that guy." She pointed at the one she thought Aislinn had been watching, thinking perhaps he would look better if he had a partner anyway. Had she known how to dance herself, she might have suggested the two of them give it a go, not concerned at all with how that might look. Unfortunately dancing wasn't something she'd ever done much of, and it showed any time she attempted it.

"I agree I wouldn't necessarily want to go out with him, but for a dance or two he seems harmless enough."
Nicholae 15 years ago
It felt a little strange being away from the Tropics, but Nic hadn't been anywhere in weeks, and was finally beginning to feel a little at odds.

The whole hoopla over the senator's death had finally begun to blow over. It had brought in some new business, which Nic had expected, but fortunately for him most of the new clientèle were more than your average 'looky loos'. Business hadn't stopped climbing since he'd opened the place, and was at a point now that he felt comfortable stepping away for a few hours. The Steffs were doing a fine job in his stead, so much so that he was considering giving them a promotion, and a raise, but for now he was content to just get away from it all for a few hours, maybe to gain a little perspective again. A fresh mind, and all that.

It had been ages since he's seen any of his old acquaintances around town. He had called Kem only to find that he and Aishe had left for Egypt, and weren't expected to return too soon. He had almost called Fallon, then decided a little more time between them was probably a good idea. Nic still wasn't sure if or where he wanted that relationship to go, and thought it would be a good idea to think on it a little more before pursuing it. After his minor fiasco with Livia, it was obvious some time between them wouldn't hurt.

Alexandra, Valentine, Maeve...Nic had met his share of women since arriving in Nachton, but none of them had really made it beyond the friendship stage, until Livia. But he had enjoyed the time with the ladies, and if he could meet up with someone else in a casual manner, maybe that was all he was really geared up for now. It wouldn't hurt to check, he thought.

Dressed in buttery soft, and slightly worn tan leather jeans, with a lightweight matching pullover, Nic moved into the club with the quiet grace of a dancer. He knew he'd caught the eye of a few ladies, and even a couple guys, but wanted a drink or two before he set out to hook up. He had time, and he wanted to make the most of it, but he also didn't want to rush through the evening.

Sidling up to the bar he greeted the ladies there with his most devilish smile, and ordered a round for those who were there.

Greeting the tiny sprite next to him first, Nic also grinned at the pretty blond next to her.

"Hello ladies, I'm Nic. I trust everyone is having a nice evening?"

He sized the two up quickly, along with a couple other women also standing at the bar. However as the last two seemed to also have escorts, Nic's attentions reverted back to the two closest to him.

One really did look mighty young to be in such a place, and along with her age she seemed to hold steadfast to a good deal of innocence. Normally Nic didn't pay much attention to such things, but this girl was just so full of it, it was impossible to overlook.

The pretty blond also had a fresh air about her, but one that seemed to be fading a little, if not because of a few more years, perhaps because of more experiences. In any event, he was content to chat with them both for a while, and see what might become of it.

Fully fed, a meal was not on his agenda tonight.