Shameless Plug for my kid


So our radio station is having a contest for cutest kid. I think I'm more excited for the prize should he win then he will be. Of course he's 2 and loves toys, but $1000 gift certificate to Toys R Us goes along way! Specially since he wants this 120$ remote controlled dinosaur. A few video games for mom don't hurt either lol!

Buut! If anyone would like to go vote for him here's the link !

His name is Joseph Q. and he's bout the 4th kid down on the left. It's his xmas picture from last year!

ANywho just thought I'd mention it His pictures only up for today as they change them every day until the 17th (i think the 17th or 16th)

If you vote thanks a bunch!

Ellis Duban 15 years ago
I had to use a good email to vote, but I did! Good luck!
Diane 15 years ago
lol yay thanks Roz!
Jillian 15 years ago
I voted from work (and got a couple people here to do so too), and I'll vote again from home with another email

He's one gorgeous boy, Dia!!
Amberelle DeEspionne 15 years ago
awww that is a cute kid! I did my vote so good luck hun!!!
Shay 15 years ago
Aw shoot! He's gone already Let me know if he comes up again!!
Ellis Duban 15 years ago
There are some cute kids pictured and then there are some horrible cell phone pics lol.
Diane 15 years ago
Thanks everybody! I'll cross my fingers and wait for the 20th now to see if he's a finalist!

Ya know they had no rules on the quality of the picture lol. I guess people didn't mind that it was hard to see the kids picture!