Gamer's perrmisons (Staffies may want to think on this one...)

Hey, people. I am an amature video game maker, and I was thinking about turning parts of this into a game. For the most part, it would only follow my own characters (Steve and Nikki), but, as I have no rights to this site, I figured it would be a good idea to run this by the staff. I don't plan to even mention someone else's characters in the game without thier permission, of course, and, even though the game would have nothing to do with the site, no connections or anything, and this will only be availible via download from my own website (coming soon), I want the approval of the staff and my fellow RPers, before I go any farther than speculation with this thing. So, any input? If anyone has a problem with me doing this, or has input once (if) I get this show on the road, please, I would really like to know about it. I will try to make sure that I dot my i's, cross my t's, and that no toes are stepped on. Thanks for your time, people.

Ellis Duban 15 years ago
We'll talk it over and get back to you, Steven. Till then, please do not take any copyrighted information created in this world/site, other than your own characters.

Steven 15 years ago
That was my plan, not to even start on this thing (other than game engines and AI programming, kinda jumped the gun on that one!) until I got the go-ahead from the staff. The last thing I wanna do is piss you guys off. I'm glad you guys are even considering this one. I honestly expected to get shot out of the water the second I posted this thread.
Carol 15 years ago
Well can you PM 'the voice' with what you had in mind? What specifically you wanted to use - names, buildings, storyline? Send that to us in a PM and it'll be easier to give you an answer.
Steven 15 years ago
Ok, it's away. Let me know what you think.
Amberelle DeEspionne 15 years ago
Gotta say I'm curious Steve.. I waffle sometimes with the idea of attempting to write a novel about Amby and my De'Espionne clan. Yes a lot of the details wouldn't mesh with SA and the chars did exist a long time before here but this Amby is MUUUUCH different than other versions so there'd probably be elements that bled over. And a few characters.. but anyways

Most everyone here is a writer of sorts so I would bet the idea has flitted through more than a few minds.. but a game is intriguing =D

Oh and btw... ROZ WRITE A NOVEL ON ELLIS ALREADY!! Vex already did you a kick ass cover *wink*
Ellis Duban 15 years ago
I would but its harder than it sounds. I couldn't write about anything in Nachton, the people or the other characters. I suppose I could write about the times up to and after they leave Nachton but I'm enjoying writing in the now. =D
Steven 15 years ago
*laughs* Yeah, I would definitly be willing to read a novel based on this stuff. I even had someone tell me I should do one. But after my attampt at one a few years ago, about the original Steve Rowland, I doubt I'll try THAT again. Games, however, are my specialty. I can play 'em like a pro, and I love making 'em. Go ahead, say it. I know I'm a nerd. I am a metal-loving, gun-toting, nerdy backwoods cowboy from the mountains of Northern California. As if that's not the freakiest damn combo ever compiled, am I right? Throw in the 3/4 American Indian 1/4 Irish, and a few mental issues, and you've got yourself a mess. So, anyway, um, is there any chance of getting a tiny little peek into that there novel of your's, either of you two? Or am I gonna have to wait like all the other good little minions?

Oh, and I was wondering if anyone might have any ideas for a name for this game of mine. I am completly stumped on that one. I has gotten suggestions from some of my own loyal minions, stuff like "Rise of Rowland," or "City of the Dead," but I am not happy with any of those. Too genaric, you know? I hate the idea of my work being lost among the rest of the mindless media-hyped, conformed drivel.

The thought gives me nightmares..........
Amberelle DeEspionne 15 years ago
I want the story of Ellis taking over Tacharan and building it up... But I am quite content to read your in the now things as well!

As for mine.. well there's a tiny bit of Amby's back story written in the subscriber section but I havent sat down and actually written the novel ya know.. hence I said I waffle on deciding to do it... =)
Chryseis Angelique 15 years ago
Roz, I told you that I had a dream you wrote a book! You should do it, so when you come for a signing I can say I was psychic! You had named the book the same as the site though. It was a sweet cover ^_^

I can't get all my thoughts and situations organized enough to make them into something half the time. Mostly for Panos and Diane not so much Chrys.

Steven the game sounds like one hell of a project and interesting!
Brook 15 years ago
Steve if you get permission to make that game, yer looking at yer first buyer. Hell I think it is an awesome idea. As for the name of yer game, you could go for something like.. "Sodalis"

Which basically says, The Secret Society....just in latin and anything in latin sounds much cooler. -chuckles-
Alec Devereaux 15 years ago
I love to hear about other people's creative endeavors surrounding their characters. I'm glad to see that folks are still playing with other formats. I'd never thought to move a character to a video game, but it really is a natural next step, isn't it? Good show!

I know I've been writing / playing with ideas surrounding Alec / Kevin for about 15 years now - mostly short stories and whatnot. He's changed more here from frequent use than in any other medium, and it is interesting to see where he goes with situations. I'd never have predicted any of this arc with him even two years ago, so it is nice to see. Every now and then I send a thread off to some of my creative writing buddies from his earlier days and watch them do double takes.

I LOVED the background on Thaddeus that Billie was putting together. I'd love to see more things like that make their way here. Hell, I'd like to make one, but I don't know if I am patient enough yet. I keep saying someday. :P

I've got to second that I really want to see the early days of Tacharan, though. No pressure, just sayin'.
Steven 15 years ago
Well, Brook, I like your ideaa for a name, and I like the thought of using Latin. I have to admit, I couldn't have come up with anything better.

I was once thinking of doing CGI videos of Steve, depicting some of his older features, such as an old game I made where Steve had to escape from Hell, and his more modern jobs, such as Skies on Fire, a corny name for a good game I made, in which Steve was a fighter pilot. Also, I thought of pulling some of my old videos and doing music videos for such songs as Indestructable, by Disturbed, and Soldiers of the Wastelands, by Dragonforce. Not offical vids, just work for the hell of it, so that geeks like me who surf the web obsessively, and like home-made music videos, have something to watch.

I like the idea of reading about the early days of the Clans, and thier roots in history. Hmm, a caveman-vampire... What a concept.

Oh, Brook: this is gonna be freeware. Not for sale, just free distribution. But I'll be sure to send you the download link if I get the green light, and the game finished. Hell, once I get my site up and running, I'll have about 30 or so games, and maybe 8 videos, to put up there for your enjoyment.

I think I should probably put my policy somewhere on the internet so that there are no issues. I have a policy statement written out somewhere on my computer at home, I'll see about getting it to my work rig. I feel that it would be a good idea for the patrons of my work to know just what I'm all about, you know? Oh, well.

Is there anyone out there interested in testing for some of my other work? I have three other projects that are nearing completion, and I think that my testers may have bailed on me. the projects are as follows:
City of Evil: A single soldier must outfight and entire city full of horrible, demonic creatures, who are bent on preserving thier habitat, all the while trying to save members of his squad.
Demensia: A mental patient escapes, and must escape her own nightmares in order to know just why she was imprisoned.
Soldier's Code: A very complicated RST/FPS hybrid, with a long, complex, somewhat insane story, and a game setup similar to Turok or Battlezone. I only have a demo of this one ready, with two missions, and a very weak MP mode.