Chance encounter ((Attn Steve & Pual - pm to join))

Loud music, pulsating lights and bare flesh. The stench of liquor, sweat and sex lingering in the air. The Anantya looked around the bustling club, her cool ice blue eyes moving over familair sights from her cozy little booth. Her chin length bob of blue black hair was slicked back so it did nothing to soften the stark white skin of her face as she flicked her lighter to life and lit the dark clove hanging from her lips. In the hazy shadows of her usual haunt, the vampire watched the ebb and flow around her with a detached, clinical eye.

Snapping the metal cylinder shut with a loud click, she tucked it into the front pocket of her tight black leather pants and reclined back some. The blood red tufted vinyl creaked some as she shifted, one hand reaching out to slide her glass of wine closer. A quick sip and she set it down softly, sighing. Her nails drummed on the base of the goblet, the soft sound lost in the noise. It was a good vintage, one of her favorites even. But she was thirsty for something else tonight.

Cel's teeth ground together as her eyes narrowed. Sitting up straight she tugged the hem of her leather vest down to push a little more clevage up and out. Ordinarily she wouldn't look for a bite to eat from the crowd, preferring to take a girl to the back and tip her for the "extra" service, but it was a busy night and none of the girls looked like they could afford to be woozy after a little donation. Hopefully something would look tasty.

Pual 15 years ago
Pual walked into the place, realizing that he was in the worst postion of his life. The place was not his style, not in the least. Damn, he thought. This was going to bad if somone he knew walked in. He then had sudden thought: Why did Steven want to meet here? "Damn!!" Sevral partons looked around in alarm. A woman near the door stared at him like was on something he shouldn't be on, although she herself looked like a crack whore. He walked over to a dark corner, sitting at a table and observing the crowd. His leather jacket, black shirt and dark jeans made him look like a cross between a bad-ass mechanic and a 60's gangster. He ordered a drink, and sipped it, eyeing up the ladies and watching for his buddy.
Steven 15 years ago
It had been an interesting day for the NPD. Three officers had called in sick, and the other officers had to cover. Steve had done two different patrol routes, and he had snagged two druggies, a wife-beater, and a kid who had thrown a firecracker at a county building over on South Jackson. He had come back to the precinct to find Sgt. Willard in a bad mood. The gist of the conversation that followed was that he, in Willard's words, "So uptight, ya couldn't get a needle out of your ass with a tractor!" Willard had then ordered him to go to a certian address, and have a few drinks, and stay for at least one hour. So, now Steve was parked outside the club, looking at the place. There was no way in hell...

He parked the Jimmy, then walked into the place, looking around at the place.
"Oh, hell no," the fighter pilot said, taking in the surroundings. He had called Pual on the way over here, telling him that he had new intel on the researcher. Or, as he had said, "I got some details on the job my uncle offered you. I want to talk to you before you see Samantha for the orientation." He eyed up the place, searching for familiar faces. A figure stirred in the corner, and Steve eyed him up. Not Pual. He went to a nice, dark, secluded part of the room. A tall Asian girl walked over to him, her dark eyes on his uniform. "It would be in your best interest to get lost," he said, fingering his pistol. The aluminum of his Desert Eagle glinted in the dim light, and the girl scooted off, heading towards another dark corner, where a man in a leather jacket and dark jeans was sipping a beer. Steve couldn't dee the face, but the man seemed familiar. But Pual couldn't be here yet, could he? Steve looked around at the people, and noticed a door at the other end of the place. There seemed to be a lot of activity there, but he doubted he wanted to know. This place was already giving him the creeps.
Celeste 15 years ago
The picking were slim. She wanted to avoid any of the other regulars, simply because having them hitting on her again, looking for another bliss inducing bite, was not her idea of fun. Her lips were pursed as cold blue eyes circled the room a few times before landing on a familair figure walking in. One well shaped eyebrow arched. Now there was a suprise.

My my... whatever is he doing here? Cel murmured softly. Sliding over and out of her booth in one fluid motion, the vampire made her way around the room to come up behind the familiar. Studying him, the Anantya tilted her head to the side and rested one hand on her hip. Speaking just loud enough for him to hear her above the pulsating music she drawled out in an obviously amused tone, Well now long time no see.. Steve. Celeste paused for a moment and then with a chuckle she added, At least this is a bit more enjoyable surroundings than last time, non?

Too bad he was claimed property, that took him off the menu. But it didn't exempt him from amusing her for a few minutes.
Steven 15 years ago
Aricson was on the move. Steve got up and began to follow. He was just about to make contact when a voice spoke almost directly on his six. He jumped and turned around, looking for the speaker. The woman behind him was definitly familiar, but who the heck was she? Through the haze of his current mission, the NPD, his worries about Trin and Nikki, grief over his fallen comrades, and everything else, it took a minute for a memory to float to the surface of his consious: A dark room, lit by muzzle flashes from the sub-machine guns in his hands, movement along the walls, a hand dragging him to an elevator occupied by two unknown men, and a smile on the face of what seemed to be a doomed woman...

"Well, not exactly pleasant, but orders are orders." Steve gave the woman a wary smile that didn't quite match up to his cold gaze. He glanced around and noticed that Pual had vanished. Damn. "So, what exactly was your name again?" The room seemed to get quiet, then more excited then before. He tensed, trying and failing to locate Aricson. Perhaps he had gone in the back room? That damn Marine is gonna be the death of me, he thought, looking back at the woman before him. Even though she had saved his ass multiple times, she was a vampie and still considered hostile. He decided to give her the benift of the doubt anyway. After all, his last encounter with a vampire had NOT ended well. The bruises on his torso and face testified to that.