The opening of doors (open to all!)

Michael nearly ran to open the doors of the manor for the two of them. For now, his fearful eagerness was charming but soon enough it would become annoying. She nodded to him in acknowledgment. Standing in the middle of the foyer Chryseis turned to Brook.

"We have a bulter named Rupert that floats around here. He will be able to get you anything you need upon your arrivals here. There may be some others around here as well, we could tour the place I suposse, unless you'd like to...clean up."

Her question wasn't inteded to be rude, she just figured the woman might want a shower seeing as sewers didn't have many of them. If not it was no big deal.

"We have a rather exstensive kitchen here as well if your that type of hungry."

Brook 15 years ago
Her eyes went everywhere as she looked around the manor, it was big yet confining. Walls to keep some in and others out. All it was to her was a giant cage made of stone, however she would be polite and not make a fuss about it, nor would she condemn those who sought the path of modern living.

She turned her head and looked at Chryseis,
"Well unless you want me pracin' round' here naked, I think I will be okay without the clean up." She smirked, Brook didn't mind, but she assumed under courtesy others would.

She canted her head to the side when the woman spoke about eating, Brook didn't see the point of consuming food, it wasn't like they would get any nourishment from it. So it would just be a pointless waste. She blinked once at Chrysies.
"Lets just get on with the tour."
Chryseis Angelique 15 years ago
"Hmm, I do think 'prancin round here naked' would draw some unusual attention. Tour it is."

She walked past the massive stairways to the east intent on showing Brook the training areas as she highly doubted that Brook's main interest was the gardens.

"Here at the manor we have an exstensive training area to cover any of your needs. I'm sure you've mastered the art of street fighting but should you want more, in depth training you can find it here. A few of our members routinely hone their skills in these rooms. Like I said before, I'm not much of a fighter so rarely do I frequent this area." She gestured with her hand at the rows of doors before them.

"Our kitchen is also open at all times and can service your every need. I do not know how you feel about human blood when your not taking it from the source but we have a stock pile of it as well. I'm sure if you asked, the staff would stock whatever other mammal you wish for as well."

She bit her lip in thought.

"You know, we have a grand cathedral on the grounds, i'm not sure if you caught a glimpse of it as we pulled up, but underneath it are some well hidden catacombs. Hundreds of miles of twists and turns beneath the soil and society. Your affliction for underground living could extend to there. It would be safer than the city sewers. You never know whom you will run into there and you may be taken for as a clanless renegade."

Maybe it was a tiny unconscious desire from her former life over a thousand years ago when Chryseis was a nuturing mother, but a part of her felt like she needed to keep this one out of danger. She knew that the woman was capable of taking care of herself, she obviously had gotten this far, but Chryseis wanted to give her options and also to show to her that the clan was not as horrible as Brook originally thought.

"I haven't asked if you have any questions for me. Whether about the clan, myself or this massive structure I call home. How rude of me."
Brook 15 years ago
Street fighter? Chryseis thought Brook was a street fighter?! Years of honing and tuning her skills in the ancient art of... who was Brook kidding? The way Brook dressed and carried herself there was no wonder why Chryseis thought she was nothing but a ruffian punk. She lacked the grace and composure of her Sifu not to mention the smell alone would make anyone think Brook was just a street rat. She chuckled but said nothing, she didn't bother correcting the woman, there would be no point. Chryseis said it herself, she wasn't the physical type so Brook highly doubted she would note the difference between a Master and a bat weilding junkie.

She continued to follow Chryseis around, and took note of all that was around her, it was all really nice stuff... to nice if you asked Brook. She didn't hold much on material wealth, except her jacket.. that held a special meaning to Brook. It was the only thing she owned that was worth anything to her. Everything else was just a toy until she got bored with it. No matter how much it cost.
"When I hunger, I hunt." She wasn't trying to be rude... only tried to state she doesn't want to be a burden, but Brook was anything but a cunning linguistic. She had a servere lack in social skills, she could tell you how to kill a man with your thumb, but she couldn't tell you what side of the plate the fork went on. She was gruff and crude, politeness was not in her dictionary.

The woman went on about the underground catacombs and rose a brow.
"My affliction for underground areas is also because I am a tab bit allergic to sunlight. Remember, I have been homeless for a few years... Hard to make money when you can only work night shifts.." Or trying to keep on the DL when you are fighting in pits, she thought. "And hide at the same time. One or the other, can't have yer cake and eat it too." She gives a woman a nod, again she did not try to be rude, she really can't help it. "I'll definately check it out."

Brook stopped and looked at the woman with a cant of her head. Did she really have any questions? She would generally blurt them out if she did, Brook didn't like to keep things to herself too much. She was the worst person to ever tell a secret too, she would eventually have to tell someone before she burst. Figuratively speaking. She couldn't even keep her own damn secrets or thoughts to herself. "Ummm..." Her mind went blank as the woman put her on the spot.

"Well, if it is any consolation I don't find it rude. You can be all high society social butterfly with everyone else.. I don't need the comforts of etiquette. It masks the real person under all that fuss and fretting over good and proper manners, and this is coming from a person who was raised in good ole southern hospitality." Once again Brook's mouth ran away with her. "And also I figured, if there was something I ott'a know, ya woulda told me. I don't ask many questions, they tend to get me into trouble." Her mouth in general seemed to get her into a lot of trouble.
Fallon 15 years ago
Having spent the earlier part of the night talking to the private detective about Cyrus, with no news unfortunately, and trying to reach Morrigan in Europe, and consistently missing the woman by phone, Fallon decided to take a break and stretch her legs. Getting up from her chair she stretched, and twisted, feeling the bones in her neck snap back into place, and realizing she had been sitting in one position on the phone for much too long.

Slipping through the hallway she ran into a couple residents, nodded a greeting, and smiled. She had been working and living in Heolfor for several weeks now, but was still always meeting someone new. Casual Anantya who stopped by for a safe haven during their travels, people who had lived there for years, and then others in Nachton who, for whatever reason, decided to temporarily stay at the manor rather than not. Fallon understood all reasons for making a home at Heolfor, and was both thankful, and delighted to have done so herself. Being alone at this time in her life was not something she enjoyed. Having an alternative was a lifesaver.

Passing a mirror in the hall, she grimaced at her appearance. Hair wrapped up in a loose bun, pencil stuck behind her ear, wearing a plain sleeveless silk shell, and short pencil skirt, Fallon knew she looked awfully matronly for her young twenty some years. But unless she was going out, there was no reason to be concerned with fashion in the manor these days. As long as she resembled something at least semi-business looking, was neat and presentable, that was sufficient. Shrugging, she moved on, and soon heard voices.

' can be all high society social butterfly with everyone else...I don't need the comforts of etiquette. It masks the real person under all that fuss and fretting over good and proper manners, and this is coming from a person who was raised in good ole southern hospitality. And also I figured, if there was something I ott'a know, ya woulda told me. I don't ask many questions, they tend to get me into trouble.'

Rounding the corner Fallon saw the source of the conversation and smiled.

"Hello Chryseis. Its good to see you. Do we have a new guest?"

While it was her responsibility to make sure Heolfor ran smoothly these days, Fallon didn't make it a habit of butting into people's lives. Many came and went of an evening she never met, though she ultimately found out about it due to the issue of security. Records were kept, securely, and privately of course, of all who entered the manor, and often Rupert would add his two cents worth during their nightly conferences, but unless something untoward occurred, that was the extent of Fallon's involvement. A 'Walmart' greeter she was not.

"Hi, I'm Fallon. Welcome."

She extended her perfectly manicured hand to the woman, and nodded, hoping she appeared gracious, and welcoming. Greeter or not, she was naturally friendly, and wanted the atmosphere of Heolfor to be as well.
Chryseis Angelique 15 years ago
It was hard to remember that not everyone was as old as she was and because of that hadn't accumlated a wealth that mostly built from empires long ago. She'd utterly die should she of had to live underground and, god forbid, work menial jobs.

"I live on the fourth floor of this place, far above the ground. Nothing a few iron shutters and thick velvety drapes can't keep out."

Brook was concise and to the point. While her grammar was lacking she didn't beat around the bush. Chryseis liked that. There didn't seem to be hidden meanings in her words.

"You are straight to the point, that's good. I've spent some time myself trying to speak more, modern if you will, as it seems those who speak too properly stick out like sore thumbs. I've managed to at least keep with a mixed jarble between the two." She shrugged slighty.

Behind them soft footsteps were nearing and she slowly turned to face whoever was approaching them. For a split second her eyes flickered over to Brook's face but her own face remained expressionless. Her only hope was that Brook didn't become defensive, but from what Chryseis had seen so far, Brook wasn't nearly as off kilter as she had first suggested. As Fallon rounded into view Chryseis nodded in greeting.

"Good evening Fallon. It seems we do, this charming lady to my side here is Brook. She has never had the pleasure of visiting our Heolfor Manor before this evening."
Brook 15 years ago
Brook couldn't double talk or have hidden meanings in her words, even if she did manage to try. She was socially handicapped. Which in a sense worked out in her favor, because she did not have the graceful tongue or the charmed demeanor, she was usually underestimated intellectually. No she wasn't quite book smart, but she had an intelligence that was truly a diamond in the rough. In four years she memorized six languages, learned several different fighting techniques and strategies, she has mapped out and memorized tunnels and sewer systems along the east cost, from Florida to Maine. She has a wide and extensive knowledge on Oriental customs and history. What would generally take a lifetime to learn, Brook learned in a few short years, that didn’t include the years prior to her creation. Now if only she could manage reading through people’s farses, she would be doing really good.

She doubted though, Chryseis was the type to underestimate a person and appreciated that Chryseis did not talk down to her, but treated Brook with respect and diginty. Granted Chryseis was higher up on the food chain, and Brook generally had a large problem with those of authority, but from what Brook could tell, Chryseis didn’t seem like the type of person to wave her proverbial dick around. In such treatment, Brook would do in kind. She didn’t believe in being hostile to someone who merely tried to help. Though often the road to hell is paved in good intentions.

“When speaking with me, just talk the way ya feel most comfortable, cause that’s all ya’ll get with me.” She smirked to Chyrseis, again Brook and manners did not sit well with one another.

Her eyes glanced over her shoulder when she heard someone approach, she glanced back at Chryseis and caught a mere moment of direct eye contact, before Brook completely turned her attention back to Fallon. So that was the bubbly cheerful tooth ache? Huh. Brook gazed at the young woman long and hard, before she crinkled her forehead. Compared to Brook, Fallon was dressed in high class, suited for royality. Brook was filthy, covered head to toe in dirt and grime, even her rugged nails were embedded with caked on dirt and sludge. Her scent was pungent, like a combination of wet dog and sewer. Her clothes were tattered, rags that barely held together. Hand stitched patches and poorly done seemed hems, the only thing that was in good condition was her jacket, which from earlier that evening was covered in dirt. Her pink hair was a frazzled mess, it probably hadn’t been brushed in months.

When Fallon offered her hand to Brook, she stared at the woman’s hand for a long moment, before taking a step back and refused the handshake. She allowed Chryseis to do the talking, Brook wasn’t shy, she just didn’t care to be socialible. People tended to make her nervous and aggitated, it was a sign that she spent far to much time in her animal form. Badger’s were loner creatures, only mingling with others for breeding purposes and then trotting back to isolation. They were territorial of their space, but instead of baring fangs to Fallon, Brook knew she was in someone elses territory, so it was better not to lash out.

Fallon was definitely not a Wal-Mart greeter, she wasn’t disgruntled enough. The woman’s cheerful disposition put Brook off. It wasn’t Fallon’s fault, Fallon did not know what exactly the little birdy Chryseis drug in with her.
Fallon 15 years ago
Fallon was a little surprised to see Brook in Chryseis' company. While she had always been civil to Fallon, Fallon had never figured Chryseis as being someone to take in strays, and if nothing else, Brook had the look of a stray. Not that Fallon cared a whit, since coming from her background, she knew looks could be very deceiving. Further, looks aside, every Anantya was within their rights to welcome their friends to visit the manor. Knowing Chryseis felt at home enough in the manor to invite her friends told Fallon things were going fine, and she really didn't need to worry so much.

However, the more Fallon looked at the girl, the more she considered Chryseis' description of 'charming'. Beyond her dress, and the overall state of her person, Fallon was hurt when her offer of a handshake was rebuffed. Sure the girl might have had reason for being remote, but whatever had occurred to put her into that frame of mind had nothing to do with Fallon. Fallon resented the affront, but only a bit. She knew she wasn't going to make friends with everyone who crossed the Heolfor threshold, or even with evey Anantya that came to be...vampires weren't that different from humans when it came to things like that. All she could do was let the apparent waif know she was welcomed here, and should she require anything Chryseis was unable to obtain for her, notifying Fallon was always an option.

Remaining where she stood, Fallon took back her hand and clasped her other one in front of her.

"Alright then, I hope you enjoy your stay Brook, and should you need anything while you're here, please feel free to let Chryseis know, or you can almost always reach Rupert by phone. If he's away, I'm a good option as well."

Now she turned to Chryseis, to bid her good evening. There was no reason for Fallon to hang around somewhere she was obviously not wanted.

"Take care, Chryseis."

That was that, so Fallon took her leave, and began walking to her suite. Maybe a walk wasn't what she needed...maybe shifting into her cat would give her the release she sought. Whatever she ultimately decided, she knew she would enjoy her own company just as much if not more, than that of the newcomer to Heolfor.

(Fallon out)
Chryseis Angelique 15 years ago
Two perfectly scultped eyebrows reached for her hairline.

"Well, I must say that was the fastest I've ever seen a person be driven away. You didn't even have to say anything. Hm."

Chryseis had watched the smallest interaction between Brook and Fallon and was not all that concerned. She had seen Brooks gaze towards Fallon's hand and at first thought she interpeted it as mere reluctance to touch as a trust issue. Maybe it was or maybe, the woman was more uncomfortable around the 'house vampires' for other reason than she had let on previously.

"Brook, would you like to use my suite and..clean up. You've stated there wasn't need to but it might be enjoyable on your part. Rupert will bring you new clothes as I only wear items you wouldn't enjoy."

Before Brook could object too much Chryseis began walking towards the stairs.

"Not many have had the courage to enter my quaters but I don't hold captives, seduce or kill individuals so I have no idea why they skirt the edges of my floor like the plague." She called over her shoulder with a smirk."Also, I'm not offended by your current condition, just merely a suggestion to make you feel less like one of the others and maybe more like us."
Brook 15 years ago
Brook watched Fallon hurry out, and blinked once. Did Brook really smell that bad? It couldn't have been the silence or the lack of wanting physical contact with the person. Granted Brook had people scuttle away from her in a hurry before but not without ever usually opening her mouth.

She looked back over to Chryseis shrugging her shoulders slightly at the comment. "
It's a gift."

When Chryseis suggested she get cleaned up, Brook couldn't help but lift up her arm and smell herself. "Umm..." She canted her head to the side as she scratched the back of her neck. "Gottcha." More like the others.. Ha! That was almost one of the most humorous things Brook had ever heard. As far as she was concerned the clan was under propation and here she was being left to go on her own within the manor, that couldn't end well.

She watched Chryseis wander off for a moment before she turned herself and started to walk away. Her eyes glanced around and then up... and up... and up... she wondered how they cleaned the top of the chandliers, if they could get up there, then there must be a way she could climb up there...

Once she cleaned up, she thought, she should climb up there and dangle off the large crystal chandlier's. Why? Because she could, but only after she showers, she didn't want to be too rude and stink up the place. She trotted off towards the wash room to get cleaned up.