Yeah, I'm alive. House didn't sustain much damage to the naked eye. Still have to get someone on my roof to see why water was dripping from the ceiling / ac vent onto my bed during the storm and to repair the little things like blown down fence sections, gutters dented from all the various things that found their way into my yard etc etc.

Oh and no electricity. *sigh* Thankfully my sister has had it so several of us have been living there. Gas is precious, lines are hours long. I shouldn't complain.. at least Starbucks is open now so there's net and I can work remotely to save gas =)

Hope to be back to normal soon but they keep cautioning it could be weeks before electricity is restored, still around 1.5+ million without it in the Houston area alone. If need be write around me in any threads.. but will return as soon as I can!

Fallon 15 years ago
Gratz on still having your house! Take care, and try not to stress
Ellis Duban 15 years ago
Whew, glad you're ok. /hug
Aishe 15 years ago
Glad you're all right! We have seen a -lot- of Ike evacuees up here from your area. We did get a ton of wind and clouds but none of the rain.
Amberelle DeEspionne 15 years ago
hehehe Yeah Aishe I bet! Lemme tell you come the next storm all of my family has decided we're hightailing it for my uncle's house up there on the lake.
Alex West 15 years ago
Oh boy, that hurricane looked nasty on television. Glad to hear you weathered the worst of it without injury to home or self.
Drew 15 years ago
Oh good to hear from you! i was starting to worry. Here's hoping everything rights itself quickly. *hugs*
Diane 15 years ago
glad your safe and that your home is still intact! Hopefully they get everything restored soon!
Ellis Duban 15 years ago
Amberelle DeEspionne;45638
at least Starbucks is open now so there's net and I can work remotely to save gas =)

Amberelle DeEspionne 15 years ago
Yeah it was indeed nasty. I keep watching the news (last night was the first time "normal" TV was on again it had been non stop coverage of the storm since Friday) and when they show all the places on the waterfront just GONE... places I've been or worse always drove by and went man I need to go there some day..... it's kind of hard to comprehend. Just driving down a residential street and seeing the trees in houses, all the mess.. My 10 year old neice woke up at 5am yesterday just stressed beyond belief, unable to rest and almost throwing up. Thankfully the net at Starbucks gave her a chance to play WoW and it helped.

And yep Roz that is about right. It was a sea of laptops everywhere when we left out around 5:30 last night, strangers all crowded around the tables together talking, sharing the strip plug someone may have brought.. asking each other if they needed to charge their phone since they had an open outlet. Was kind of cool... but I'm antisocial (sis too) so we 3 were in the corner at one table but even we were talking to people randomly sometimes.

Storm damage is funny. My mom lives 3 houses down from my sister and has no power. Heck everyone around my sis doesn't for half the block. I am still in the areas the electric company has designated for "sometime after the 22nd" for power restoral. I'm lumped in the same lot as Galveston if that tells you anything... My neighborhood has buried utilities since its new but the source lines around us are messed up. Every 4 hours they update, and I check my zip to see how many more people have it. Yesterday 45 lucky people got power! Just not my neighborhood. My dad had electricity come on around midnight where he lives so the crews are working around the clock. Hopefully soon more than 2 gas stations in my area will have power so the lines will go down.

I'm dreading cleaning out my fridge and deep freezer =(
Pual 15 years ago
me, rowland, and the rest of the hillbillies 'round here hope you get things sorted out with, in steve's words, "with minimal complications." Rowland says to tell you that you have all of our prayers through all of this. He can't be on today, but i want you to know that he gives a damn. So, yeah. Sorry 'bout the distrubing speech, but, well, none of us are good at consoling people. (insert random loud salutation here)
Jan 15 years ago
Glad you're doing alright. Ike gave us rain and cooler weather but he wasn't that nice everywhere.
Amberelle DeEspionne 15 years ago
Well good news is I got power back at the house last night!! First time back in my bed and not on my sister's couch in nine days. Of course the bad thing is I still haven't cleaned out my fridge and deep freezer. Really have been avoiding that.. I wonder if they make enough lysol? =(
Alfarinn 15 years ago
My suggestion. Gas Masks and Radiation Suits. Its the best way.
Miya 15 years ago
I have to face this in a coupla weeks when I get home Amby. One of my friends dealt with my fridge, but didn't touch the freezer. I had just gone grocery shopping right before the windstorm, too
Pakpao 15 years ago
Yay for power and welcome home!

as for the cleaning... ummmm... goggles and some kind of mask are good tools.

*crosses fingers on your behalf*
Amberelle DeEspionne 15 years ago
oh Miya.... WEEKS? Oh dear ummm.... that is bad. I can't describe how disgusting my fridge was/is after 9 days.. It's empty now but until I am up to scrubbing it down with bleach it will stay that way its so gross ATM. The smell is gonna be unreal, I remember hearing about it from Katrina cleanup, when they could not get back into New Orleans for weeks. Most people just taped up the fridge and threw it out, some who tried to open it were made violently ill from the stench. Pay a friend to do it NOW...!
Alec Devereaux 15 years ago
I'm glad that you're safe and back on home turf.

It is strange how disasters can bring groups of individuals who would normally not even glance at one another in their daily lives into tight cooperation.

As for the fridge and freezer? My only suggestion might be pulling the whole thing sealed, outside, if at all possible. I know that we wouldn't have been able to move the storage freezer from the basement at A's mother's with less than eight people.

Take care!
Miya 15 years ago
My fridge is cleared out, nad apparently it wasn't so bad. He hasn't touched my freezer and I'm actually nervous about it. Power was out for 6 days, so it shouldn't be SO bad, but we shall see. I get home in about a week... so...
Amberelle DeEspionne 15 years ago
I did notice when clearing out mine that the refrozen things while icky and melty were not nearly as bad as the refrigerated things so maaaaaybe you won't be too bad off.
Amberelle DeEspionne 15 years ago
well after lots of nights working at home til 10 or 11 and staying busy at work I am hoping to be mostly back to normal and posting again. Tomorrow I hope!! Again apologies to all, thanks for being patient =)