Offer Letter (Attn: Shay)

A large manila envelope is left with a receptionist at the offices in the Domicile. The man who hands it over is large, well dressed, and uncommunicative. Not even cracking a smile at the good-looking woman - who smiles at food, anyway? - he hands over the package.

"See that this gets to Shay," he says, in the tone of one accustomed to giving commands, and then walks back to the elevators on his way out. Inside is a package of information, in cold but very clear verbiage.

Offer of Employment
1. The undersigned employee will be responsible for all research relating to directed business opportunities in the area of Nachton.

2. The undersigned employee will meet at the employer's convenience, for the purposes of information sharing, redirection of effort, status appraisals, and further discussion of potential company growth.

3. The undersigned parties will be completely discreet about any discussions relating to business or any other topic referenced sub rosa.

4. Other duties to be taken on as required.

1. The employee will receive one apartment to be sub-let by BTC, LLC, for the purposes of living, if such an apartment is desired outside the confines of the Domicile.

2. All technology required for the job, to include, but not limited to, cell phone, Blackberry, laptop, Internet services, printer and other peripherals, and relevant security software and hardware will be purchased and paid for by BTC, LLC.

3. A company card will be issued for the purposes of business-related expenses. This includes all business-related travel, which may account for no more than 10% of assigned duties.

4. A monthly salary of $8,000 will be paid in addition to the above benefits.

1. Should either party seek to end the contract, no less than thirty (30) days' notice must be provided, in writing. Full benefits and salary will continue through that time.

2. Should the severance of the above contract occur by a failure to adhere to the agreed-upon constraints of this document, termination will be final and immediate.

Tucked in with the brief contract was a briefer note:


When you've decided, send the contract back to my apartments at the Domicile. I'll expect your answer within the week - there is still a great deal to do.


Shay 15 years ago
The letter was placed in her hands shortly after it had been dropped off. The woman who took it called, found Shay in, and had it run right up to Shay's apartment at the Domicile. Turning the envelope over in her hands, she debated opening it all, guessing it was from Marc, and wondering what it was that ever possessed her to accept a job from him.

It wasn't like she needed the money, but having a reason to get out of bed each night was appealing, and if it turned out to be a huge bore, she could always quit.

Walking over to her desk, Shey picked up a letter opener, and slit the envelope open cleanly. Flipping the letter opener in the air, Shay deftly caught it and giggled. She really was becoming more and more adept with her knives...she knew Ginnie would have been proud. Blowing into the end, she dumped the contents onto the desk, and picked up what appeared to be a contract, and a note. The note she read first, then dropped onto the desk as she moved to the couch, sitting down cross legged, and proceeding to read.

"Well, if nothing else, he sure seems professional."

Number one, fine. Number two, would require a bit more consideration, since she wasn't going to be at anyone's beck and call...beyond reason. Number three, no question. Number four...Shay raised an eyebrow and wondered what those 'other' duties might be. Number four was pretty vague but she chose to look at it from a purely business point of view, and moved on. If the other night had been any indication of Marc's interests, Shay felt pretty sure they didn't lie in her.

"Bastard wouldn't even DANCE with me!" She said only slightly indignantly.

"Renumeration...the good stuff."

Shay laughed but kept reading.

Item one, apartment. She looked around, and though the walls were slightly bare, and her furniture was mostly just functional, Shay had no desire to move. Item two, she had a cell phone, a laptop, cable Internet...the printer would be nice, but the security software was probably overkill. Ginnie had made sure Shay's computer was more than adequately secure, but then added protection might not hurt. Item three company card, only fair. Item four, decent salary for beginning position.

All in all Shay credited Marc with being a decent boss...or that he would be one, once she accepted his terms. If it turned out the questionable issues became intolerable, she'd give him his 'thirty (30) day's notice, and everyone would part friends.

Returning to her desk, Shay took out her personal stationary, and penned a quick, but clear and concise acceptance of his offer.

Here is the contract, signed.
I look forward to our business venture.
Please let me know where and when to report.

Sealing the note, and contract in a new envelope, Shay called down to the front desk, and asked for a runner to stop by and pick it up.

Grabbing her purse, she threw the strap over her shoulder, took the envelope, and placed it on the floor outside her door, pulled the door closed and jauntily strode down the hall to the elevator down.
Marc 15 years ago
He read the acceptance with a sigh of relief. Thank the powers that be, she wasn't one of those fussy types who had to write three pages to say "Yes." He'd get her started soon, as there were several properties that he thought might suit, and if there were any ideas she had, he'd listen to them too.

He nodded, satisfied, then put the note down on the table and left for the evening. It was time for breakfast.