The Tropic's Resort - Steff

Right hands to Nic, Steff and Steff are twins who's main purpose at Tropics is to welcome you and make you feel at home.

Both are six feet tall, and dress exclusively in tropical garb, that varies mostly by colors alone. The male Steff's uniform alternates between Hawaiian shirts, or tank tops, and khaki shorts or slacks. The female Steff can be found wearing a sarong, shift, or bikini top and wrap skirt in matching material.

The attractive couple is honey blond, always tanned, as well as the most accommodating and friendly of people you would wish to meet. Any concerns, or desires a person has during their stay at Tropics will be handled by this duo, to the very best of their abilities.

Second only to Nic, no one else at Tropics has the authority these two do, nor the where with all to get things done. If ever in need of their services, all a person needs to do is call.