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Time of day had really stopped to mean a lot to Reign. She was a bit, well semi, nocturnal by preference but she hadn't been sleeping much and sure hadn't been keeping regular hours. Hell, she'd even blown Hans off today to take a nap. She'd be getting and earful later but she didn't care.

Of course, her little chat with Aishe had both helped and hurt but it had also put an idea in her head. That little revelation about Bastian's conversation with Kem left Reign feeling damned uneasy. She didn't -think- Bas was that off but well he'd been a bit driven that night. And if he'd had the wherewithal to say something that outrageous to Kem he was further gone than she thought. Reign simply couldn't let the Doc go without alerting him to a possible issue.

Leaving the mutt at home, she drove over to his office. On the drive over, however, she'd gone over the conversation with her neighbor and with Bastian both that night and the night he'd left her and simply put Reign was not a happy camper.

The parking lot was empty as she carelessly pulled her car in parking across two spaces. Noting just -how- empty she looked at the time. Shit, it was late. Odds are every one was gone. Still she got out and marched to the door. Shit, again, no one in sight and locked. Ah! There was a light on in back. Maybe she'd caught him.

None too subtly Reign knocked on the door, not sure if she was worried, over reacting or mad as hell. Possibly all three.

Xeph 15 years ago
An insistent pounding on the door pulled Xeph away from his labwork. His staff were gone for the day but he was finishing up the last few remaining tasks for the day. He was trying to get out of there for a late shift at the ER, and if one more good samaritan dropped a bag full of kittens on his doorstep, he was just going to eat them.

Maybe he'd eat the kittens, too.

He strode out to the front area, calling, "Sorry, we're closed," as he looked up. Then, "Oh."

The figure at the door was Reign, which he hadn't expected. He unlocked the bolt and opened the door, sticking his head out and peering at her curiously.

"You didn't happen to bring a bag full of kittens along, did you? We're full up on kittens."

He really hated having cats at his clinic. He employed a full time small-animal veterinarian to handle most felines who came through the doors. He was a dog person. Understandably.

Opening the door wider, seeing no bags and no kittens, he said, "Come on in."

He wasn't sure why Reign was here, after hours, but she sure looked unhappy. "Sirius okay?"
Reign 15 years ago
Ordinarily she would have responded to his semi humor or at least been embarrassed to be bugging him after hours but today, not so much. All she could see was the man who unwittingly had poked the final hole in her relationship with Bastian. Who’d inadvertently been the catalyst for her break up. The god damned rat bastard who’d chased off the last of her family in this city and left her all alone yet again.

But she’d accepted his offer to come in. She was on an errand after all. The door closed behind them and instead of saying something logical about what Bastian had said to Kem but some how logic flew right out the window. Reign spun around and punched him, hard, with a well-aimed shot to the kidney following through with her whole body. Hey, she’d kept up with her self-defense classes and wasn’t a wuss. God that felt good.

Mission accomplished she went back to her errand.

“I just thought you should know that Bastian is apparently none too fond of you and my ex…”

Oh fucking hell, she’d said it. She’s actually said the ‘ex’ word. Hearing it aloud like that Reign just stopped talking and froze. She hadn’t actually said it or heard it since it happened, she’d been avoiding putting a name on it. And much to her embarrassment, she started to cry.

It was so stupid! She hadn’t cried the night they’d had that fight the Doc sort of started. She hadn’t cried the night they’d officially called it quits. She hadn’t even cried the other day at Aishe’s when she’d started to understand what she was dealing with, although she’d come close. No now… NOW she started to cry. And dear god she’d punched the Doc, she’d gone off and decked a friend! The tears kept coming, although they were silent.

Reign bit her lip and turned to leave moving quickly too the door hoping he didn’t decide to call the cops or sue. Apparently, she’d lost her mind and that was a very unsettling thought.

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Xeph 15 years ago
Xeph pushed the door wide for Reign and headed toward the back of the office, where he'd left the lights on. She followed behind him for a step or two, and then suddenly there was a jolt followed by a sharp pain in his back. He hopped forward a step, regaining his balance, one hand on his right side. "Ooof. What the hell...?"

He couldn't recall having actually done anything to warrant a kidney shot recently, for as he turned around and saw Reign retreating a bit, he realized that's what she'd done. Not a bad job either; it burned.

He furrowed his brow, trying to follow her thought process. Okay, step 1 - punch Xeph, check; step 2 - babble something about Bastian, check; step 3 - burst into tears... aha. All of a sudden it seemed to come together. He reached out, wrapped his hand around her wrist before she could get too far, and stopped her where she stood.


Reign didn't look up at him; she seemed to be trying to hide her tears. Xeph shook his head, sympathy for Reign warring with frustration with Bastian.

"I didn't mean for any of that to happen."

Who knew this would have resulted from a quick sniff of a friend's backyard? How was Xeph supposed to know, all those weeks ago, that another wolf had staked a claim to Reign and her property? Then he'd been attacked out of the blue and had done his damnedest not to kill the guy. As far as he was concerned, he was a candidate for sainthood!

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Reign 15 years ago
Bloody hell he wasn't -supposed- to be understanding and nice about it! He was supposed to... something else! Damned being nice just made Reign cry more, which in turn made her angrier which made her appreciate the sympathy; it was a vicious circle! Of course it probably would have been better if he hadn't grabbed her just then. Reign still harbored in the dark recesses of her mind a fear of being attacked and over powered and the Doc was not a little guy. So her first reaction to being touched, grabbed actually, was to fight it. With her back to him she sharply jabbed her elbow to his stomach with as much force as she could manage while nearly simultaneously smashing her foot down on his instep. Hey it got her let go.

Shit shit shit! She'd done it again! Reign defiantly glared up at him trying to stay mad angrily swiping at the tears with the heel of her hand and only getting the ones on her cheeks, damned glasses. It didn't stop them.

"I -know- that. And it's not your fault!'

It was a gift, shouting an apology at some one but Reign had a knack for it.

The Doc was too close to the door to make another escape attempt and she fell into the nearest chair in the waiting area. She was extraordinarily frustrated she couldn't get her emotions under control right now. She'd wanted to be tough and detached and business like and was failing miserably. Slumping there dejected Reign shook her head, more at herself than anything and made another attempt to wipe her tears away. She made rather a mess of it two half knocking her glasses off, but she didn't care and didn't bother to straighten them.

Finding a normal tone of voice, if dead, flat and monotone was normal, she tried speaking again.

"It wasn't your fault, not really. I'm sorry. God I'm sorry. You can sue me if you want, I think I'd have a lawyer. I must."Â?

She just saw him extremely rarely, he always dealt with Janie. Hell maybe it was a her; Reign couldn't remember right now.

"All things considered I'd rather you didn't call the cops though. I'm not sure I could handle jail time."Â?

He'd be with in his rights, she sure couldn't claim self defense. Oh who the hell cared right now? Maybe she'd make good friends in prison.

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Xeph 15 years ago
Well, that's what you get for grabbing, said a little voice in the back of Xeph's head. Standard self-defense, well-executed; he could have avoided either blow this time now that he was understandably jumpy. However, his intuition told him that she needed to explode at someone or something and much as she seemed to regret the actions, physical abuse seemed to do her some good. So he stood there and took it like a man.

When that was through she collapsed onto a chair and kept crying, which Xeph admittedly didn't really know how to handle. So he did the sensible thing, went to the front desk, and grabbed the box of tissues that sat there. Taking the seat next to Reign he offered the box to her.

He listened to her overreacting with raised eyebrows, not entirely wanting to stop her when she so obviously needed to vent. Once she seemed to run out of steam, however, he took the opportunity to get in a few words while he could.

Surprisingly, snarkiness evaded him. "I meant it. I'm sorry for setting off whatever happened." He kept his voice soft, soothing. "If I'd known it would have led to you being so unhappy, I'd have avoided your yard like the plague."

He couldn't explain it any further; not when he was still irritated with Bastian over that particular matter. It wasn't right that Reign had gotten caught between a rock and a hard place, nor was it fitting that what had initially been a well-intentioned drive-by had become something that had driven her apart from one she loved. Sure, Xeph felt bad about that... but was it his fault? He didn't think so.

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Reign 15 years ago
He gave her half an opportunity to bolt but Reign stayed put. About this time she figured she more than owed the Doc an explanation. One did not just attempt to take out one's vet without facing the consequences. It wasn't polite. Besides it wasn't like he didn't have her home address, phone number, and detailed records on her dog. It wouldn't be hard to track her down. Shoving her glasses on top of her head she took a few of the tissues and wiped her eyes dry and blew her nose. It wasn't a charming picture, but at least she didn't wear mascara and had -no- black streaks all over her face.

Forcing herself to take a few deep breaths she got herself half way back together.

"I know. I really am sorry it isn't your fault and I know that and we both sort of realized we weren't ever going to make 'till death do us part'. Its probably better we figured that out now rather than later but still... and any way it isn't anything you did. Bas... well..."Â?

She wasn't making too much sense and trailing off in odd spots but the ideas were there. The whole thing still left Reign feeling lonely. That was going to be the hardest thing to get used to, being alone again. Just when she'd gotten over that.

It was a delayed reaction but her eyes widened and she sized up the Doc.

"I am so, so sorry. Really I have no idea what got into me. Are you OK? I cannot believe I just did that. My god I'm going to have a pack of angry wolves trying to eat me for that. Are you OK? Can I at least have a head start?"Â?

As fast as she'd gotten pissed off at him she was no both furious with herself for reacting like that and extremely contrite. So contrite she was talking way to fast and repeating herself. He didn't look hurt, well not too hurt, but you never knew.
Xeph 15 years ago
Xeph indicated that Reign should take the entire tissue box, which she did. As she was wiping her eyes and getting herself back together, he just stretched his legs out, crossed them at the ankles, and leaned back in the chair with his arms behind his head.

"I'm sorry you and Bastian didn't make it," he said, borrowing Reign's terminology. Frankly, he thought she was better off for it. Bastian struck him as incredibly territorial and possessive, although admittedly he was biased since his one major interaction with Reign's now-ex-boyfriend had been based on being jumped by him.

He huffed a sigh at Reign's continued apologies. "Really. It's fine. I take worse than that on a daily basis. No one's going to come after you, and it if makes you feel better you're welcome to take a few more shots."

Well it was an exaggeration; Hammer schooled him once in a while to keep him on his toes. It was close enough though.

Giving Reign a couple more minutes to compose herself, he finally turned his head. "Want to tell me about all of it?"

He wasn't sure if he was referring to her breakup, the news that Bastian wasn't his number one fan, all of it, or none of it, but Xeph was used to being a sympathetic ear to humans and wolves alike. Reign was no different.

((ooc: Observations about Bas' personality based on Xeph's very limited interaction. Not meant to indicate the 'territorial' and 'possessive' werewolf flaws!))
Reign 15 years ago
It wandered through Reign's brain that he looked far too relaxed from one one who'd been un-necessarily attacked by a crazy blond. She stared down at the box of tissues rather than make eye contact. She was working on being embarrassed beyond all belief right now. Sighing she restlessly and irritably picked at the box accidentally tearing away a small piece.

She shrugged off the sympathy but was slightly relieved to hear she wouldn't be eaten. Although, she'd keep watching the mail for a law suite for a few months any way.Finally she did look up at him and shook her head.

"No, not really. I've been over it a million times with myself and again with a friend and it is still what it is."

Truth be told she'd even called her mother, but Reign wasn't up to admitting that.

"I guess I'm glad he didn't realize you'd been over between that night and when we... I'm not sure he would have let me explain it. It probably would have just been another fight."

That was very probably totally unfair to Bastian. Well perhaps not totally, there probably would have been a fight but she probably would have goaded him into it. Lord knows she probably would have rather had a fight than discuss it.

"I meant just to come over and tell you he was apparently a bit cross that night, more than even I suspected. I'm not sure what to make of it or if it matters to you or not but I thought it would be sporting to give you a heads up. Its probably nothing, I'm probably over reacting but still..."

She felt semi responsible for the Doc. which was, of course, ridiculous. Not only was he sort of not tiny he also doubled as a freakishly large wolf he could take care of himself she was quite sure. Reign just sort of liked fight, or potential fights, to be as even as possible and that meant no sneaking up on the other guy.

"That's all and I really don't know why I felt I had to tell you that."

Through all of this she'd still been fidgeting with the box of tissues and had torn off two more corners without really noticing.
Xeph 15 years ago
Xeph sighed inwardly. Relationship stuff just wasn't his forte, and having inadvertently involved himself in Reign's was turning into quite the fiasco. No good deed goes unpunished, he thought to himself. Next time a friend's house was broken into maybe he should just say "tought shit" and wish them well.

No, he probably wouldn't do that either.

"Yeah. I guess it is what it is," he said, echoing Reign's sentiments the best he could really do. What was he going to say? It'll all work out? You'll get better? There are other fish in the sea? None of it sounded appropriate.

"Doesn't mean I'm not sorry to be the spark that ignited it though," he pointed out. "If you really want, I can track Bastian down and explain to him how it is. I don't imagine that would make things any better even if I did."

Nope, his presence would likely only make things worse. In the unlikely event that he ever found himself in a position to explain anything to Bastian, he would probably punctuate the salient points by pounding the Vyusher's head into something solid. That probably wouldn't improve relations between anyone, human or werewolf.

Reign's speculation snapped him out of that daydream, however. He furrowed his brow at her.

"You told me because we're friends, I'm guessing. And you told me because you have a huge family and a Pack instinct to go with it."

Maybe that had something to do with it, too, Xeph mused. The Vyusher didn't treat humans the same way the Kadzait did, and regardless of his human nature, Bastian was a Vyusher and that was bound to influence his thoughts whether he knew it or not.

"Maybe you and Bastian just weren't part of the same Pack," he offered tentatively. He was no Ann Landers but it seemed plausible to him. "I don't know much about the Vyusher R'asa, but I know humans aren't viewed the same way."

He shrugged his broad shoulders. It wasn't much, but it might help Reign feel a little better, if she was looking for rhyme and reason.
Reign 15 years ago
“Don’t be sorry. I’m sorry enough for both of us.”

Reign did her best to absolve him of any guilt. It was totally her fault, well maybe a bit Bastian’s, but not Xeph’s at all. She flat out cringed at the idea of explaining it to Bastian.

“Ummmm… don’t think I don’t appreciate the offer but let’s not even think about going down that road? Okay? Okay.”

That was the other side of fair. She couldn’t unwittingly throw the Doc at Bastian. Her job was just to make sure they were both aware of the other. Lord knew Bastian was more than aware so Reign considered the job done.

Tearing out the final corner of the box, she was a fidgiter especially when she was bothered, Reign grinned. She couldn’t remember how much she’d told the Doc about her family but she was sure it came up from time to time. A short bark of a laugh escaped her.

“Yeah I suppose we are a bit of a pack. God knows we take care of our own.”

She and the guys had been described that way more than once as they were growing up and heaven knew her family could be more than a bit clannish. It wasn’t something Reign had never really questioned it, it just was.

“Pack Sorensen? We invited him in he was part of the family.”

Her brief laps in understanding could be blamed on the fact that she was still a bit sniffly and emotional. But slowly what he said started to click. Or at least she thought it did, maybe. But it was also presumptuous. So she simply smiled, somewhat sadly.

“I’m pretty sure I’m not a werewolf Doc. Not last time I checked. I don’t belong to any pack, not the way you mean.”

Although the idea, not of being a werewolf, but the idea of a pack, a family was immensely appealing. She was quite cut off and very alone here. That more than anything is why she kept tossing about the idea of moving back home. But like Aishe said she didn’t want to run away, she wanted to run to.
Xeph 15 years ago
"The way I mean?" Xeph shot Reign a grin and corrected her black-and-white thinking as best he could. "Everyone's part of a Pack. You're part of the human pack. You think like a human, you have human concerns, and that's your thing. Even if humans don't recognize themselves as one, they're a Pack all their own. Bastian and I belong to wolf Packs. We think differently. Sure, we're human, but there's something inside of us that causes us to react differently to situations."

He laughed, then. "Like throwing a bucket of water on two fighting wolves. I'd probably have broken up the fight physically if I were in your place. The water wouldn't have occurred to me."

Resettling his head on his crossed arms, he looked up at the ceiling of the clinic. "You should come visit the Den sometime," he offered offhandedly. "I think you might like it there. There's a good deal of room to sit and think, or to let Sirius run in if you want, and you'd probably enjoy the buildings."

He wasn't offering to Gift her; far from it. He did think, however, that Reign's personality would fit in well with his own Pack's, and she'd be every bit as welcome were she to remain human. If she wanted to belong, he could show her a home right here that would be happy to have her as a member.
Reign 15 years ago
She just nodded. Actually, Reign agreed with him. Man was a social animal after all, it was just a slightly different way of looking at things to out and out call it a pack. It didn’t take a huge leap for her to agree with him.

“You’re not gonna let that one go are you?”

Reign actually smiled, a real smile.

Good enough for her, she’d misunderstood and she could live with that. It wasn’t a bad thing at all. At least she hadn’t said anything stupid, too stupid anyhow.

The invitation brought some mixed feelings. She didn’t want to intrude on his family, to get in the way. But she was a little curious and it would be nice to be around a family, any one’s family, for a little bit. And since he offered she couldn’t be in the way right?

“I don’t usually think of a den as having buildings, but I wouldn’t mind giving him a place to stretch his legs.”
Xeph 15 years ago
"Nuh-uh." Xeph chuckled. "I still think it was hilarious."

Really, how many people would throw water on two aggressive wolves? Most of them would've gone back into the house and shut the door.

"Well, it's really hard to get electricity and indoor plumbing into a hole in the ground, so we took some liberties with the word 'den,'" Xeph joked. "It's a school, and it's our home."

Raising his eyebrows at her once more he said, "What are you up to now?"

His wacky "sixth sense" was tough to ignore. Reign needed to be a part of something bigger than herself, around other people. He had a feeling she'd jump on the offer.
Reign 15 years ago
“You have a warped sense of humor Doc.”

But at least he had one and it wasn’t like hers didn’t have its quirks. Hell, she could see the humor in what she’d done, even though it seemed perfectly logical at the time.

“Ah, civilized wolves.”

She mused, but then on the other hand what did she expect, really? After all the Doc had a good solid business and was well educated, as was Bastian, she could probably assume that other werewolves made wonderful up right citizens. They probably led normal lives and didn’t live in caves and holes in the ground. And it was a school too? Not she was really intrigued.

“Nothing particular. What did you have in mind?”

She should go practice, she should take the mutt out and she should probably clean her already spotless house but she didn’t feel any of those pressing on her now.

It didn’t take long, a few details, including swinging by to get Sirius, arranged and Reign found herself agreeing to visit ‘The Den’. It was both odd and fascinating.

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