The Grocer (Open)

Miya took the opportunity to leave work early that afternoon. She needed to go grocery shopping and she'd heard of a small organic shop on the strip. The sun was still up and it was unusual for her to be out in it. She had taken the time to stop at her apartment and slide out of her business suit into a pair of jeans and a cropped top. She'd pulled her hair back in a tail to get it out of the way, then added two sparkly barrettes on the left side. She grabbed her leather jacket and headed out the door to grab her bike.

It was a quick trip as they went. She loved her little bike. It was cute, reliable and a testament to her poverty. And she loved the way that the air felt whipping about her. When off her bike the jacket was a little too warm for the weather. She headed inside the store though, grateful for the A/C that the grocer had going. The scent of fresh fruit hung in the air and she breathed deeply of it then picked up the basket and began to shop.

Seeing the oriental grocer, Miya moved over to him.
"Excuse me, but do you have any blackberries? I didn't see any."

Delilah 14 years ago
One of her guilty pleasures was organic foods. They were pricer than your regular fruit market but she had the money to spare and the little shop was one of her favorite cash dumps.

The greatest debate at the moment was whether or not to buy Anjou Pears or the little Asian Pears. Voices nearby brought her out of the intense thought battle and she cast a quick glance up.

"Hey!" Delilah nearly shouted across the fruit stands at the familiar face.

She could swear the red head standing a short distance away was the girl from the other night at the strip club. The one the guy seemed half interested in that she had made fun of. Delilah herself probably didn't look recognizable. First off she wasn't wearing the black wig any longer, her pale blonde hair hung to her shoulders in subtle waves. Secondly, she had more clothing on than that evening and third she only had minimal make up on. Nothing full blown like that night at Babylon.

She adjusted the thin straps of her plain red tanktop and waved to the girl again.

"Hey! I'm that stripper from the other night! I saw you dancing you were with that lame-o who was a drinking pop. Please tell me he's not your boyfriend and you went home with someone fun that night."

By now anyone who was in range of the fruit section was staring at her. She had shouted out that she was a stripper, most were embarassed by this job function but not Delilah. To her it was perfectly normal and it didn't bother her one bit who knew.
Miya 14 years ago
Miya turned as she heard the shouting, narrowing her eyes slightly at the other woman. She looked a lot different, then Miya smiled in recognition. Forgetting about her berries she moved to the other aisle, "It's good to see you again. I'm sorry, I don't remember your name, I'm not very good with them." The other woman was definately quite pretty, especially without the black wig she had worn the other night.

She grinned at all the questions,
"Yeah he was kinda lame, Yes the dancing was great and no, I went home alone." She pouted prettily at the last. "What about you? I heard there was a bit of a ruckus.." Miya grinned at all the eyes on them. She genuinely liked this strange blond woman and wanted to get to know her better. It was about then that the grocer was shouting at the young women to either buy something or get out of his store and stop blocking up his aisles. Miya's shopping was about done and nothing she had was perishable. "How about we go get some coffee?"
Delilah 14 years ago
Delilah was pleased the girl recognized her. Although she wasn't sure that the grocer was by the look he was giving them. She laughed and dropped her hunt for the perfect pear for another afternoon.

"Yea let's get out of here, apparently were 'bothering' other people." her voice was mocking.

She walked beside the other girl, making sure to clear the aisle for any other fruit purchaser whom she had been previosuly blocking.

"There is always some kind of commotion at Babylon. That night was nothing of the unusual. Just some jerk trying to get frisky." Of course she was lying, that wasn't exactly how it went down but she was still mad with Paul and his behavior following their exit. "No biggie."

"Oh and I don't think I got your name that night either. It's so loud in there. I'm Delilah, Delilah Bennett. Was that your first night in the club?"

Her chattering flowed much like the chirping of a bird, constant and upbeat. Her hands like wings fluttering about emphasizing different parts of speech. She had only been awake for a few hours as she routinely slept in until mid- afternoon, and she was full of energy.
Miya 14 years ago
Miya laughed in delight at Delilah's sweet chattering as she packed her purchases into the eco-friendly, art nouveau decorated bag that she had brought along for the purchases. She paid in cash, in truth some of the last cash she had. She hefted the bag with ease and emerged into the late afternoon sunshine with the other woman. "Is there a place to get coffee? Or a late lunch? I haven't had a chance to eat yet." Miya had so many questions for the other woman but they could wait until they were comfortable someplace. It had suddenly occurred to Miya that there might be an auxiliary way to make some cash to help her out of her financial problems.
Delilah 14 years ago
"Oh ya for sure, there is a nice cafe down the strip that has the best iced capp's ever. The also have a decent lunch menu."

The strip was second nature to Delilah and it hadn't occured to her that other people didn't feel the same way. Her first thought was that this girl didn't live in town. How else would she not know the strip! It was the equivilent of the vegas strip but instead of casion's it housed everything from clothing stores to the tiniest karate center. She basically live on this twenty four hour electrical manifestion of her dreams.

It wasn't a very long walk to Cafe Beans, it's witty little name trying to reflect the locales love for fresh coffee, and she pointed to the glass door that was propped open.

"There it is. See, not that far at all. So are you from outta town?" She really wasn't shy about asking questions and never questioned if the girl would be embarassed to answer
Miya 14 years ago
As they arrived at the cafe shop, and the question about her being from out of town, Miya nodded, "I grew up in Maryland and went to school in D.C." She frowned as if trying to think through a haze, "My..professor..." She took a deep breath, her body language and voice very odd, "Got me the the museum."

Miya shook her head again, wanting to get off of this subject as quickly as possible. "I work at the museum. I really enjoy it, most of the time. " Talking about the present was much safer and her body language relaxed. She wasn't aware of how she was acting, but it didn't take an expert in body language to realize that something was a little odd. At this point the two were seated at a booth and the lunch menu slid in front of them. Miya ordered some hot chocolate. She'd never really liked the taste of coffee.
Delilah 14 years ago
She wrinkled her nose at the mention of the museum. That place was so overrated, she had been there hundreds of times, school trips, family trips, nanny trips and always she had been bored.

Delilah noted her companies sudden awkward behavior. It seemed to pass as abruptly as it had started. She didn't think anything enough to press the girl on it but playfully in her head she dreamed up the endless possibilities of what it could have meant. Those would be fun to mull over in the future.

Speaking to the waitress without taking her eyes off the redhead, Delilah ordered her usual iced capp with extra carmel and whip cream. Quickly she dove back into the conversation without a second thought.

"Oooh, you just moved her then! How exciting, although I'm not too sure working at the museum sounds like planet fun, what do you do there? Do you have to clean statues, I bet that's a real drag." She rambled leaning forward onto her hand. "I've lived here my whole life, never been outta the city to see a thing. I opt'd out of college and instead went straight into dancing."

"Oh! Were you going to get some food? I haven't had breakfast yet but I didn't want to order something and eat in front of you. I swear I don't chew loud but you know, whatever. They have good panini's here, but I always get the Philly Cheesesteak. De-licious."
Miya 14 years ago
Miya listened to her questions with a grin and took them in reverse order. "Yes, dinner sounds great. This is my first time here." She paused as if that didn't sound right to her, then ignored it. "Well, I do DO some cleaning, but mostly that's handled by restorers. I do a lot of inventory,and handle appraisals of pieces, and I'm learning how to negotiate deals with other museums to trade pieces, and pack the pieces. We have a couple of roman pieces that are going to the Dayton Museum of Art for a roman exhabition they are curating. I can't wait till they consider me able to assist in a curating." She grinned as if that was her passion, then ordered a bacon lettuce and tomato sandwhich with their signature fries and a salad. For some reason she was really hungry this afternoon. Miya waited a few seconds for Delilah to place her order as well. "A museum is very different behind the exhibition than what the public sees. But I'm more interested in your work. Would you tell me about it?" Miya was genuinely interested, smiling when her cocoa came.
Delilah 14 years ago
Her order went as usual, Philly steak cheese and meat only and a side of fries. Junk food never tasted so good as it did here. Delilah's eyebrows peaked in sudden interest when the red head asked about her line of work.

"Strippin? Well, it's pretty much what you see is what you get. Nothing to behind the sceney. Sometimes there's a pecking order for clients who don't request a certain dancer but other than that, it's fairly simple. As long as you don't mind guys leering at you all the time. It's nto so bad when they're hot but eck, when they look like they spend most of their time in a sweat shop playing nintendo then it grosses you out. That's why I drink!" She ended on a cheery note.

"Really though, alot of those girls put all their money up their noses. What a waste, all that money, they aren't very smart but some of them don't really like what they do and that's their answer. For myself I just get tipsy enough that the gross ones blend in with the hot ones. Gotta becareful not to get too drunk or the creepo's try and take advantage of that."

When their food arrived she quickly lifted a fry off her plate and stuck it in her mouth. It was scalding hot which caused her to make a face but didn't stop her from chewing. She was hungrier than she realized.

"We're you interested because you think stripping is gross or because you want to give it a try."

Leaning heavily on her right elbow she used her left hand to direct french fries into her mouth one at a time.
Miya 14 years ago
Miya bit into her sandwhich and caught the mayo with one finger and suckled it off as she listened, "I don't think it's gross, I love to dance. I don't think I'm very good at it though. The guys didn't seem to like me too much." She examined her brown skin, "Maybe it's because I'm not pale enough." She grins a bit, attempting to joke a bit.

"Would you mind teaching me how to move like you do? I'd love to learn." She grins as she catches another little bit and licks it off. This had to be the best BLT she'd ever had - the bacon was rich and crisp, and the tomato was full fleshed and very sweet.

She sighs a teeny bit
, "I wish that guy hadn't been such a loser."
Delilah 14 years ago
"Don't even worry about that guy! There's like, hundreds of fine guys here in Nachton! This city is seriously huge. Plus he was in a strip club." she made a face. "Prolly not A1 of choice spots for men hunting."

The girl was pretty and by the looks of it she had a decent body. Delilah didn't doubt the girls ability to pick up guys. Specially if she was on the stage.

"I love dancing too. That's why I do what I do, go figure right. Anyways, you weren't dancing half bad that night. I could show ya some moves on the pole sometime. The key is to just let loose and not think about it. What's that old saying? Dance like nobody's watching? Kinda like that. It's so cliche but I guess sorta true. And, I wouldn't doubt your ability to attract guys either! We just need to try a place with less naked women all over. Eternity or the House of Pain. Depends on your style. Have you been to either of them yet?"

Her long ramble finally ended and she took a bite of the philly steak with a large grin.


She pointed to the other girls food and raised her eyebrows in question.

Miya 14 years ago
Miya nods, "Quite good!" She replies with a quirky grin. The thought of being on the pole had merit, she'd always wondered what it would be like. The two ate in a companionable silence for a bit. Soon the food was gone and Miya ordered a second hot cocoa. She leaned back, stretching out her long torso as she did, unaware of the eyes that were on her as she did.
Delilah 14 years ago
"This place isn't one of the fanciest in town but it has some great munchies. Though comming from the organic food store I thought you might be a little grossed out by some of the stuff here." She laughed.

Pushing her empty plate to the edge of the table so closed her eyes for the moment and felt the happiness of a full stomach sink in. Her eyes popped back open with a new thought.

"The clubs have amatuer night you know. You could give it a try see how you like it."
Miya 14 years ago
Miya actually giggled at the thought, "Do they now?" She asked quietly, "Do you know when the next one is?" She reached for her wallet to pay the guy asking for money. She barely had enough to cover her portion. Her mind traveled as it often did, conjuring up a perfect guy in her head. Strong, yes, Strong enough to take her into his arms and keep her there. Smart too - able to hold a conversation. She sighed happily for a moment at the recurring fantasy then was startled out of it by something that Delilah had said. "I'm sorry Delilah I didn't hear. My mind was elsewhere." Miya then grinned, "Do you work tonight? If not maybe you can show me around. That House of Pain place sounds interesting." Why it sounded so interesting confused the girl a moment then she banished that thought as well.
Delilah 14 years ago
Her eyes lit up at the girl's mention of the House of Pain.

"No, I don't work tonight at all, actually I'm technically suspended for the week. But I was so hoping you'd say that. I'm kinda trying to track this guy down and I'm hoping that if I show up at the different clubs enough I will catch him. I've tried Eternity a couple times but it's sooo upscale. I haven't been to the House of Pain before believe it or not. To get to it you havta go in the sewers and that's just gross. But I'm betting it's a place my guy friend would like."

She tossed the waitress a twenty not expecting any change back.

"I realize I sound really stalkerish but whatever. Oh and I think the next amatuer night is next tuesday. It's always on some obscure weeknight."

She shifted in her chair, excited about the potential evening and what could come of it. If she could run into Pauly again she make him regret ever laughing at her. It was her master plan to seduce him and drop him on his ass before he knew what happened.

"Here, I'll give you my number. Let's meet at the club tonight say around ten? I don't think it's that upscale and classy so I'm guessing normal going out clothes is the dress code. If anything comes up and you can't make it tonight just give me a call or text message me ok?"

She quickly scribbled her name and number onto a napkin and slid it across the table to the other girl. Delilah was nearly bouncing in her seat, she couldn't wait to get home and pick out her outfit for this evening.
Miya 14 years ago
Miya grabbed the napkin and slid it into her back pocket, standing up from the table and grinning down at Delilah. "I'll call you tonight!" She nearly skipped away, out the door and towards her bike. Swinging her leg over it, she revved it and the shot off in the direction of her home. She had a lot to catch up on and only a few short hours to do it.

House of Pain, hunh. That sounded intriguing and something stirred in the back of Miya's mind.

((OOC : Miya out!))
Delilah 14 years ago
Delilah watched as the perky redhead bound away. Well at least she had an alibi for going to the House of Pain tonight. It wouldn't look so weird if she was there with someone else. Pauly or Panwhateverthatgirlhad startedtocallhim wouldn't be able to say she was doing anything other than having fun should they run into each other.

It really wasn't right of him to have acted like he did that night at Babylon. She had went out of her way, ended up getting suspended and he still treated her like some common stripper trash.

Standing up she stretched her back. Dropping another twenty on the table Delilah left the store and made her way back home.

(ooc : Delilah out)