Wandering (Open)

The moonlight broke through the trees, as the summer winds blew gently from the south, the smell of soil and foliage entered through her nostrils as she sat under the large maple tree, forgetting the things that haunted her dreams and present state of mind. The new territory that she had been scouting proved to be interesting, with the knowledge that others of her kind were indeed located here. This would prove hazardous to her health if she continued to insist on making herself visible. The only way to avoid them was to either leave or go back into hiding.

Her leather jacket felt a little tight around the shoulders tonight, she probably figured it was due to the fact she had been staying in this form for far too long. She wasn't used to her human form, not anymore. She used to spend most of her free time in her animal shape, keeping from humans and feeding off the local vermin that would tend to get in her way. She was an animal, even when guised as human, she was still a feral creature. However since she had come to this place, she has remained in her human form, denying what she believed was the truth. She was not human, she was not an animal, she was an evolved form of life. The ultimate predator.

She slowly slid off her jacket and placed it on the ground beside her, she would have to bury it later in case someone decided it would be a nice prize for them to carry off with. Her hears twitched slightly as she caught the sounds of the nocturnal birds fluttering in the trees above her. Usually such things didn't bother her, but she assumed it was because she had spent too much time in the realm of man. Slight pumps in the night were making her paranoid, yet at the same time she had every right to be paranoid, they knew she was here, at least one of them did, she hoped though that Celeste had forgotten about their encounter, and she assumed that Celeste was not the type to take long walks in the park, the old bat might break a nail.

Her eyes glanced around to make sure she was alone, at least for now and, once she was certain that no spying eyes were watching her in the dark, she slowly began to change. Fur slowly sprouted from her skin as her bones cracked and popped in unusual ways, she remembered when she was first created the pain she would feel during her change, but now she has become so accustomed that the pain no longer affects her. Her ears pointed and slanted upwards as her nose blackened, her continuously growing claws sunk into the rich black soil, her thin tale tucked under her body as the transformation came to a complete. Now where Brook once sat, stood a small badger in her place. Her tongue slowly rolled out and licked her whiskers, sniffing the air around her. It seemed well enough to hunt. Her maw wrapped around her leather jacket, and began to drag it across the ground, she would need to make a den soon, but for right now she could hide the jacket while she went out hunting on small pray, just enough to satisfy her hunger. Unlike some she did not condone feeding until she was gorged, she fed little, and her kills were always males, that way she would never teeter the delicate balance of nature.

Chryseis Angelique 15 years ago
She gave a quick glance to the woman's appearance and noted her that her clothing were a bit on the dirty side. Thankfully Chryseis's car had leather seats, things like blood and dirt could be easily cleaned.

"Ah yes, the hidden treasure from earlier. Feel free to retrieve it while I put in the call. We'll head to the entrance to this place, when you come back." She almost said IF you come back but thought better of it. There was a chance this one was still was in flight mode. If the woman didn't come back than so be it. She wasn't going to follow her.

"Oh, and by the way my name is Chryseis. I don't recall if I introduced myself or not. If I didn't please pardon my rudeness."

She waited until the woman walked away to retrieve her jacket before using her bonded relationship to her nephew to speak.

"Panos, 876-445-2965, call that number and tell my driver I need him to pick me up at the Park and Nature Reserve immediately."

There was a long silence and for a moment she thought he hadn't heard her.

"Are you fucking kidding me? Am I some kind of receptionist!?"

"I'm not arguing with you, I don't have my cell phone with me at the moment, so please do this favor for me."

"You owe me."

"I owe you? Am I wrong or did you just get a shiney new car?"

His silence was golden and put a smug grin on her face. She knew she had won the conversation. For once the bond had been something of a convenience for her instead of a burden.

She waited patiently for the woman to return standing as still and motionless as a statue.
Brook 15 years ago
Brook shrugged her shoulders, she didn't care if people introduced themselves or not. Or if they were overly polite, just as long as they obeyed the rules of not touching her, she slack on etiquette codes. "Meh, dun worry about. The name is Brook." She smiled slightly before she trotted off to retrieve her 'treasure'.

It seemed to easy, the thought of just running didn't go without some serious consideration, but eventually she knew she could run forever. If what Chryseis said was true, than Brook's running is over and she can finally nest somewhere without fear. Her feet walked her to her jacket, there was no real thought in where she was going, her body would remember.

Once there which wasn't too far from where she was previously, she knelt down and began to dig. Her nails sunk deep into the ground and pushed the dirt away from her. She tired to focus on Chryseis in the distance, but to no avail, her hearing wasn't that good. Her nostrils flared as she took in the scent of the dirt, here she was leaving the park for some hoity toity manor... What the hell was she thinking?!
"Grin and bare it." She told herself aloud.

A few moments later the jacket was unearthed, she lifted it out of the ground and she shook the dirt from it. She slid it on and adjusted the collar before she stood up and walked back toward Chryseis. She carelessly brushed her pink hair back with her hand, before she trotted the rest of the way back at a brisk pace. "Ready when you are." She told Chryseis as she came to hault, and slid her hands into her pockets.
Chryseis Angelique 15 years ago
It wasn't long before the woman returned with her jacket. This show of the tiniest bit of trust was noted and Chryseis was glad the woman hadn't run.

"The park entrance shouldn't be too far.My car is waiting there."

She started walking hoping the other woman would follow. As they walked it was quiet, she didn't feel the need to fill the silence with chatter and for her it wasn't uncomfortable. Should the other woman have something to say she would listen and respond accordingly, but otherwise she was perfectly content to say nothing.

As the front of the park neared, her sharp eyesight caught the pearl white glint of her car from the street light. The Chrysler 300 sat ready and waiting and she was pleased with her nephew for having followed through. She was thankful that this young one hadn't pushed for violence, instead of calling Panos for a phone number she would have called to him for a fight.

It occured to her that it might be thoughtful to caution the young woman about the driver. After all if she was really that suspicious she may think the man was here for an ambush.

"Up ahead is my car, inside is my very human driver. He's a familiar of mine and you need not be alarmed. He's pretty fragile and doesn't put up much a fight. I just ask that you don't see to his...dismissal."

How much of an annoyance would it be if she were put in the position where she had to drive herself? If this one hadn't eaten in a while her driver may be at risk. Chryseis only could hope that the wild young one was satisfied off the animals blood from earlier.

The doors to the car were open and waiting for them to slide inside.
Brook 15 years ago
Brook gave a nod and followed the woman, she pulled a cigarette out from her pocket and placed it between her lips with no bother of lighting it. Brook rarely smoked, only when she was nervous or anxious, otherwise the cigarette would just hang between her lips just to have something there.

She walked in silence, a million things ran through her mind, but she didn't feel like burdening the woman any further with her youthful inquiries. Often her Sifu would take her for walks, even though they didn't speak, she learned much from his silence. Patience, serenity and being aware of everything around her for that single moment in time.

When the car came into focus, Brook rose a brow. Not something she was expected. She listened to Chryseis's concerned and crinkled her brow slightly.
"You have nothing to worry about, I don't kill humans." Brook said with a note of conviction behind her tone. A vampire that doesn't kill nor feed from humans.... Brook was sure she would become the laughing stalk of the entire clan, but oh well.
Chryseis Angelique 15 years ago
With a look of horror on her face she registered what Brook had just said. Michael Henderson her current driver stood waiting nearby with a long tan trench coat over his arm. As she approached he held it out so that she could slip into it with ease. This driver was ever so thoughtful, although rare as it was that she was cold, even in the thinest of clothing. She'd keep this one around longer. Sliding into the car she waited for the door to click beside her before she spoke.

"You don't kill humans? So you live in the sewer AND you eat..what, rodents?" she massaged her temple gingerly with two fingers.

It had been along time since she had compassion for humans. So long in fact that she hardly remembered those days of trying to help them fight diseases and save their pathetic lives from death. In the end how did that turn out? Not very well on her part as she was accused of sorcery and worse, being the cause of every plague and disease that she tried to save them from. Human's as much as they wanted help also wanted to see others suffer. How do you explain the unexplained? By seeking to destroy it of course. They were fear driven beasts much like cows were.

"I have two dogs, if you could refrain from eating them that would be wonderful." Her sarcasm was noticable but she was also serious. To picture her beloveds dead and drained of their blood...well, it wouldn't end well for whomever was involved.

"Michael, please take us to the Manor as we have a new clan member who has not had the advantage of knowing true luxury and all it's good graces, and you can breathe, she isn't interested in what flows beneath your skin."

The driver's shoulders sank back into regular posture as the tension drifted out from them. He was still uneasy around other clan members and it made him quite jumpy at times.

With a sigh she gazed over at Brook and neatly shrugged.

"More for the rest of us then I guess." Brook was more and more interesting with each passing moment. Chryseis wondered what the woman would say next, did she also not sleep in the day time?

As they rode Chryseis explained a few things to Brook about the Manor.

"Currently The Triad is away on bussiness. The person who has been left in charge and who you may want to speak with goes by the name Fallon Arsalanti. She's a perky little mistake created by my halfwit nephew who is not a member of our clan, but this cheery little vampire saint seems to have realized the calling of the true clan and joined our ranks by the way of another member. I say mistake because he had not intended on turning her just keeping her as a pet when things wen't wrong and he just about killed her. So now because of him we have this happy little funbox of pleasantries who is in temporary control." She paused her to let the little story sink in. It no doubt would infuriate Brook given her own hellatious beginnings.

"If anything I tell you the personal history of a considerably high up member so that you may gain the knowledge of knowing that all things are possible in this life no matter what your beginnings are. She was not thrown out or given back to her creator because that is simply not how we work. It also explains why I don't stay around miss Fallon for long periods of time. I'm not sure if she recognizes who I am but despite her potential threat to my own family it's her sunny disposition that wears on my nerves. You lucked out and ran into the recluse of the clan. Generally I stay away from everyone and make jokes at my own expense when others are around to make the situation uncomfortable." a new smirk crawled across her face.

She could see the Manor comming into view up ahead.

"Ah, here it is."
Brook 15 years ago
Brook noted the look of horror on Chryseis's face, but made no reaction to it. Her choice not to feed on humans was her own, no one would force her to chose differently. She slid into the car once the door was open and sat on her hands to prevent herself from fidgeting. Much like her unbecoming creator, she found in closed spaces uncomfortable, sewers and dens were still open enough for her, but a car reminded her of a cage, a metal box that could lock her inside. However she assumed it would be foolish for the other vampire to lock her in a car and send them plummeting off a cliff or something.

She turned and looked at the other woman and smirked slightly. "
Rodents and other animals, usually I hunt those that are weak or ill. Subduing my hunger with out gorging myself. I have respect for all life, the delicate balance that nature holds and I will not be one who tampers with it. Others may do as they please, but it is my faith that I choose not to take what is not mine." How could she explain to this woman, that she was a person who practiced a far different belief structure than most? A mixture of Doaism, Buddhism, and Shinto? She couldn't. No one would ever guess this radical rebel could possibly be a phylospher and spiritualist.

She made a deep rumbling chuckle. "
Yer dogs are safe, like I said, I only feed from the weak and ill. Occasionally I will take the life of a stronger animal, but only when I have no other option, but I thank the creature for it's substance and generally give it a proper burial." Brook was odd, she was a lot different than most. One might construe she was a humanitarian, but the truth was, Brook did not find much faith in humanity in general. The only reason she never killed humans is in each human face she saw, she saw a glimmer of her Sifu. She missed him and painfully she loved him. He was the only one who ever loved her, he was more than a teacher, but he was a father and a friend. He taught her more than just Chi Kung, he gave her purpose and direction. Before him, she was just a savage creature with no direction, she killed for the sole purpose of killing, her rage nearly consumed her and yet this one human man, came to her, found her and healed her wounds. His patience was never ending, and the night she had to leave him, broke her heart. She would have stayed at his side until the end of time if she could have.

The thought of him, made her silent. It would seem like she listened to Chryseis and she did, kind of. When Chryseis finished, Brook gave her a nod and smirked slightly. There was nothing wrong with making wise cracks about yourself in front of others to make them uncomfortable. Brook used to do it all the time, just kept people from saying things about her, because she could always come up with something better. "I will try to avoid little miss sunshine. I do not like those who are overly happy, they generally have something to hide or are more devious than they let on. Happiness is one thing, being overly pleasant is another. There is nothing wrong with being polite and conservative but when you are literally farting out sunshine and rainbows...well... it makes me want to vomit a little in my mouth."

Her eyes gazed over to the manor and she wrinkled her nose slightly. "Fuck me." She whispered under her breath, "I don't have to live there right? Because believe you me... I would go nuts... well more so than I already am."
Chryseis Angelique 15 years ago
In a few ways Chryseis liked how Brook thought. She was glad that the woman wasn't gumdrops and lollipops, they had enough of them in this city.

At Brook's shocked colorful expression Chryseis stiffled a grin.

"No, you do not have to live here, but it is always welcome to you should you need it."

They rounded the drive and pulled in front of the steps.

"Let's go inside."

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