Is there anyone out there who wants a familar? Preferably from Anantya, but I'm not picky!

Amberelle DeEspionne 15 years ago
Celeste could use one possibly, would depend.. this would be Pual? Or, if you're feeling a bit masochistic I could get off my butt and get Celeste active..
Pual 15 years ago
Yes this is Pual! and well Steven told me about the familers so i was intrested. And Celeste will work Steven edited my chatter and said "Anantya".
Amberelle DeEspionne 15 years ago
Well..... I would strongly suggest reading over the Anantya info before picking them because they're not the kindest to humans *wink* That said.. they ARE the best clan ( ppbbtt!! )

Looked over Pual's bio and I could possibly see Celeste taking him as one since he's a soldier and such.. But definately not Chandra unless he has an unexplored interest in being whipped or playing submissive *giggle*
Pual 15 years ago
(O.O!) Ok ill look at the clan and the whipping and geting beaten into submission no thank you! but te clan still sounds good steven is in there to so i guess the the gun slingers will work together.
Chryseis Angelique 15 years ago
"very interesting" the cat said to the mouse.

Chrys would also be interested should celeste not be. I'm sure I could put you to work >=) or pleasantly borrow you from others once you become property! ^_^
Amberelle DeEspionne 15 years ago
Check out her bio and PM me if she sounds interesting to you Pual