A summons. (PANOS - PRIVATE)

Simon leans against his desk, listening to the tinny voice in his cell phone. 'Another one? How fresh?' He paused, listening to the tinny voice's reply. 'Aye,' again pausing to check the buttons on his black linen shirt. 'Send him to me once you're thru with him, Carol.' Hanging up Simon walked to his private bar and pulled out a chilled bottle of Guiness as he waits for the newcomer's arrival.

Panos Mehalitsenos 17 years ago
A hard knocking on the door to his qauters brought Panos out of his happy shower. Quickly he wrapped a towel around his waist and sped through the next to rooms and grabbed his door handle tossing the wooden door open and inward.

Much to his surprise no one was there. A small note had been taped to his door and he noticed it as he turned the shut it. Plucking it off the wood he closed the door behind him and let the towel fall to the floor. He sat on his bed nude and began to read the note.

Simon Huntington? Who is this fool? He snorted and tossed the note down and dressed in the fresh clothes he had layed out. After combing his hair back he checked his reflection once and grabbed the note again.

Following the directions of Carol, Panos got in the elevator and stated the floor he wished to be taken to. Surprisingly, it began to move. It dinged and opened after only a few moments and he stepped out. The elevator closed behind him and stared at it shaking his head.


He approached the door that was described in the note and knocked hard.
Simon Huntington 17 years ago
He heard Panos grumbling outside his door. He waited a moment before he answered, grinning at the arrogance. The young ones are in such a hurry. He turned and read the blood read out on Panos. Ahh, not a newbie but middle aged. Wonder what brought him here, Simon thought. He could hear Panos standing outside the door. Ah well, better let him in.

Panos Mehalitsenos 17 years ago
Upon hearing a muffled voice from the otherside of the door, Panos twisted the knob and opened the door.

You must be this Simon Huntington guy i'm supossed to meet?

He stepped inside and let the door close behind him. Folding the note up he slid it into his back pocket.
Simon Huntington 17 years ago
'Yes,' Simon looked at Panos coldly, sizing the vampire up. So a near ancient, by several hundred years but still Simon wagered this one would be strong. He had been leaning against his desk, arms crossed. Standing fully at 6'4 he looked at the seemingly young man.

'Welcome to the fold, brother. I trust Carol has explained the Domicile and seen to your needs?'

Simon looked deep into the vampire's eyes. Here is where he marked out clearly just who he was in the clan. This one seem doubtful to Simon's authority. We'll have to work on that, Simon thought.
Panos Mehalitsenos 17 years ago
Ya that is one weird broad. And thank you for your welcome, it's pretty drafty up in this place? A bit too quiety for what i've heard about Tacharans home town. I thought it would be rapid with pains and pleasures. Where are all the peoples? Wheres the best place to make some trouble in this town?

He pulled out a desk chair and flopped down into it pulling out a cigar.

Mind if i smoke brother?
Simon Huntington 17 years ago
Simon watched Panos sit down and pull out a cigar.

Mind if i smoke brother?

Simon walked up to Panos and circled him in the chair. Quietly, just above his ear he continued, 'Yes. I do mind.' He moved around the italian till he was in front of him again. Pausing for a moment, Simon moved towards his desk and reached into a drawer.

'Tacharan is a young clan, yes, but we're not fresh out of a Blade movie, either.' Simon put his hand on his prize. He looked back up at Panos and smiled. 'We roll a bit harder.'

Just then, Simon pulled out a .45 and pointed it at Panos. He said 2 words. 'Impress me.' Then pulled the trigger.

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Panos Mehalitsenos 17 years ago
Panos heard the soft click as the guns trigger was pulled back. Immediatly he jumped up grabbing the chair from beneath him and launched it in the direction of Simon. He leapt to the left, tucking his head down as not to catch a stray bullet and whipped his cigar at Simons head. With that distraction he pulled out his own .45 and aimed at Simon.

What kind of show do you got running here man. A simple no woulda done just fine. Pulling a agun and firing at me is pure bullshit, but if you wanna play that game then lets dance.
Simon Huntington 17 years ago
Simon took a step to the side and missed the chair without a flinch. They were standing now, guns pointing at each other. Simon, who had up until this point, a rather bland impression on his face, cracked a smile at Panos. He let his grip relax and the .45 hung on his index finger.

Simon nodded. 'I'm impressed.' Returning the gun to its drawer, he picked the chair up and set it upright. 'Very good reflexes.' He continued as if nothing had happened. Business as usual. 'Gaia will be wanting to see you soon for training. You up for the Mercs?'
Panos Mehalitsenos 17 years ago
Pondering for a moment as Simon put away his gun Panos spoke.

Mercs eh? I should say that does sound more interesting than killing without a cause right? he narrowed his eyes and laugh.

Show me to this Gaia person.

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Simon Huntington 17 years ago
Simon looked Panos up, foot to toe. He spoke softly and slowly this time. 'Don't worry...she'll find you.'

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