Repeat offender (att: Panos & open)

As the song "Queer" by Garbage began to end all three of the girls were on the stage. They would slowly untangled themselves from each other and make their way into the crowd and onto the lap of the most worthy patron next. The groans from surrounding men who wouldn't get picked would be loud and audible like usual. It was all preplanned. Finding a mark in the crowd while they preformed and slowly took each others tops off was second nature. All of them had their regulars and it was a fine balance to choose between them if there was more than one watching. The last thing you wanted to do was offend one of them and potentially lose their income. On a lucky night only one would show or even better none, that gave you a chance to pick a newbie first and secure another regular. Pecking order at that point came into play and if two girls were eyeing the same guy the girl with seniority got him. All this heirarchy and politics played out before the guests without them even knowing.

Tonight was different, Delilah had seniority over the other two girls but when one of them whispered "Paul's here." as she moved her lips very slowly past Delilah's ear and down her throat they all knew they could have whomever they wanted because she had her mark now.

Paul was one of Delilah's more recent regulars and one that she enjoyed dancing for. It wasn't a surprize when he was the one she planted herself ontop of as the last three beats of the song ended.

"Hello Pauly. I'm glad to see you tonight, it's been a while." She was still topless and it didn't bother her a bit to hold a conversation with him like that. She had been doing this for years.

Panos Mehalitsenos 15 years ago
It had been a long day of restless sleeping and worry. There was potential danger on the horizion for him and Alexandra and even the newest 'friend' Louis. He still wasn't sure what to think about that guy but he'd give him the benefit of the doubt for now, for Alexandra's sake.

What did a person do when they had too much on their mind? They vegged out at the best strip club in town. At least that's what he did. That's what brought him here this night. He had asked at the front where his tiny terror on heels was dancing and when he got his answer he wasn't surprized. It wasn't often that she danced in Heaven although she had the face for it.

It was middance that he sat down in a tableless booth. He knew she'd notice him sooner or later and it was one of her female companions that saw him first. He thought her name was Alecia but he couldn't be sure. She had danced for once when Delilah had been busy. The small girl, who was normally blonde, slowly made her way to his lap.

"I've been a bit busy. What have you done to your hair?" He moved his right hand up into her hair pulling it along the strands slowly until it was free.

"HEY! No touching!" Some neighboring loser shouted obviously in jealousy. Panos sneared at him. Delilah only rolled her eyes and waved at him dismissively.

"What else have I missed? Anything good?" Panos or Pauly as she used his bastardized name asked.
Delilah 15 years ago
Her eyes twinkled with delight when he asked about her hair. The annoying man near them whined when Paul touched her hair but she blew him off. Only those she wanted to touched her and that was the bottom line. Paul was one of them.

"It's a new wig. Some of the others liked it when I wore it last so I went with it. Do you like it?"

There was something about his timeless handsome face that was irresistable. Every feature was perfect and his body was flawless. She could drool for hours over him, in fact she did, at home in private.

"Nah, nothing else changes much in here. So dance tonight or are we just chatting?" She gave him a wide grin when one of her teeth shifted. Ugh it was one of her stupid fake fangs that they had been told to wear this evening. Closing her lips back around her teeth she fixed it with her tongue.
Panos Mehalitsenos 15 years ago
A wig, that was odd but he was glad it wasn't her real hair. It looked...stripperish.

She grinned at him and just as fast as her beautiful smile appeared it dissapeared. He could see her tongue sliding around underneath her lips.

"Nice fangs."

Why in the world was the girl wearing fake fangs. He held his laughter inside.
Delilah 15 years ago
Delilah redjusted herself on his lap so she could lean in closer. She made sure that her body was close enough that he could feel the heat radiating off her skin without actually touching him. It was a move most men squirmed under.

"Thanks, would you like me to bite you?" she breathed into his ear.

The teeth were stupid and cheaply made. She hated wearing them but every so often the boss folks around there got ideas in their heads that they had to follow through with.
Panos Mehalitsenos 15 years ago
This was too much. It actually hurt him to not laugh but Panos kept it under control.

God she playing with fire and didn't even realize how deep the burn could go. This could be more than fun.

Moving faster than she could wrap her mind around, he lifted her by the thighs and jerked her completely up against him. Their heads were parallel now and he looked up at the ceiling while he spoke.

"I would like it better if Icould bite you."

Her body stiffened and went cold. He could feel the goosebumps on her silky thighs and he chuckled. Relaxing backwards into the cushiony seat his mouth stayed open just enough for her to see -his- fangs. A bouncer was fast approaching from the west of the building, he could hear his commands in the tiny well hidden ear piece Delilah was wearing.
Delilah 15 years ago
It all happened so fast that she was stunned. She went from being what she thought was in control to being jammed up fast against him by his own force. It was dazzling how strong he was. Not that she weighed a whole ton but still he wasn't exactly sitting in a position to be lifting weights either.

Paul's words rang out like church bells throughout her head. Was it church bells? Maybe more like bells of alarm. Either way his voice thrilled her and gave her goosebumps. She noticed she was holding her breath and slowly she let it out as he relaxed back. Her eye's didn't miss the light that glinted off his slightly larger teeth. Oh geez, he was wearing fangs too? Were they passing them out at the door now? His looked so much better than hers did too. Almost perfect, the bastard.

"I think I might like that."

She noticed his eyes weren't on her and as she looked over her shoulder she heard the little voice in her ear barking directions. One of the meatheaded bouncers was making his way over to them and he didn't look happy.

"We've got company." She heard Paul say subtly.

The thick man approached and pointed a finger at her.

"You get up and you." he shifted his finger to Paul. "Get your hands off her. You're outta here buddy."

"WHAT! You can't tell me what to do. He's not hurting me nor is he bothering me."

Damn the camera's in this place!

The bouncer, who's name she didn't remember they went through so many of them, grabbed her by the arm and made to jerk her off Paul's lap. In these heel's though she knew she'd land face first on the gross floor if he did that. Thankfully a cool voice made the bouncer freeze.
Panos Mehalitsenos 15 years ago
"That wouldn't be very...polite of you sir."

Panos was irritated that this bouncer was getting more rough than necessary, especially with Delilah. It was one thing to rough house the men in here who crossed the line, which he technically had done, but it was another to do it to the staff.

He tried to reason with himself for why he should care. After all she was just some random human. By the size of her nothing more than a good snack.

"I was just leaving so don't worry about it." Swiftly he pushed the limits again by grabbing Delilah's waist, picking her up effortlessly and setting her down on her abnormally large heels making sure she was stable before letting go.

He turned and shoved past the hulking figure of the bouncer and made his way through the crowd and out the front doors. No doubt being watched by every establishment worker to make sure he caused no problems.
Delilah 15 years ago
"WAIT! Pauly wait! What the fuck is wrong with you ass hole I said everything was fine!" Delilah was shouting now.

Paul had dissapeared into the crowd and the bouncer still had his beefy hand wrapped around her upper arm. She yanked forcefully to regain her appendage. Both of their ear pieces came alive at the time.

"Your done for tonight Delilah go home. You know we have rules here and you don't get to rewrite them because you want to get into some customers pants." the bouncer dropped her arm against her struggles and began walking away ignoring Delilah and her tirade.

"You ignorant shit! I still have an hour left! You don't even know what your talking about!" She heaved her bra at him and she could see his shoulders shaking with laughter.

She screeched in frustation and stormed behind the stages where all their belongings were kept. She had to hurry if she could get outside intime to find Paul and appologize for the thugs behavior.
Delilah 15 years ago
Delilah gathered all her belongings with dignity and grace. It was a struggle to appear calm and not in such a hurry. Alecia came by to offer her condolenscences but she shrugged the girl off.

"It's no big deal really. What's an hour?"

The girl frowned and chewed her inner cheek. She didn't say anything else to Delilah because she knew Delilah's mood had flipped and so had her attention.

She slid out the back exit said a quick good bye to the hulking door man and hurried down the well lit dumpster ridden alley until she hit the main street. As luck would have it the streets were busy and she couldn't catch a glimps of Paul right away. Hopping up on her toes she strained to see over the heads of the crowd. Now that she had changed out of her four inch heels she had gained a disadvantage in heigth. Her small stature did give her one thing though, the ability to wedge between people in crowds effortlessly.

As she slide through the people every so often she would manage a small leap in the air to gain perspective. It wasn't too long before she finally caught sight of him and she quickened her pace. She could see the back of his head about half a yard away. He seemed to stand alone amongst the people, not at all phased by the drunkards and people who shoved past him. Her ego drove her forward after him. She wasn't willing to lose this one.

"Paul! Pauly! Wait up!"
Panos Mehalitsenos 15 years ago
He had gotten chased out of the establishment a little sooner than anticipated but it didn't really bother him. He'd go back eventually, when things cooled down and bouncers didn't have an eye out for him. It was also wise to steer clear of the little dancer that he had been recently fond of. Besides drawing more attention to himself from the security he didn't want to push the envelope with her. Two things could form out of this, one the girl would develope some random feelings for a man she danced for in hopes of being saved from a life of filth, or two he'd lure her out and kill her eventually. Neither was a good scenerio for the girl, the later was a happy ending for him.

The evenings had started becomming cooler and more enjoyable. He was almost too eager for winter to arrive. It ment longer nights and shorter days. Less sleep and more play. Lost in thought Panos barely heard the small voice shouting out to him.


He kept walking pretending to be unaware until he felt her hand on his elbow. He sighed inwardly.

"Your fast Delilah. What do you want?"
Delilah 15 years ago
Catching up to Paul was harder than she had anticipated. He hadn't slowed down a bit when she called out to him. His reaction surprized her when he finally spun around. Her brows furrowed together and then relaxed. She cleared her throat.

"I just wanted to catch up with you and let you know that what happened back there wont happen again. I've spoken with my manager and steps have been taken to prevent such...discrepancies." she lied.
Panos Mehalitsenos 15 years ago
Delilah's posture was that of complete arogances. He didn't believe what she said for a minute.

"I won't be back." He turned hsi back to her and began walking.

Her voice was almost a whine behind him.

She wasn't going to leave him alone was she? He looked to the heavens and muttered silently.

'Please don't let situation one be happening.'
Delilah 15 years ago
He was seriously walking away from her? She had come all the way out of the building to reassure him and he was just going to walk away?

"Are you kidding me?! Where do you think you're going? What do you mean your not comming back? Don't you think that's a little rude! Stop walking or I'm just going to follow you!"

That arrogant bastard!

This was the turning point that most people gave up at. It was obvious that Paul didn't want anything more to do with the subject let alone a conversation with her. What Delilah couldn't grasp was why.
Diane 15 years ago
From in between buildings Diane watched Panos stalk by obviously on his way to his car. Thankfully she had finished replacing the old transmitter with the new smaller one -before- he came back. She had thought he would be inside Babylon much longer than he had been and it wasn't until she heard someone shouting his American name that she hastily finished.

Her heart rate was racing and the sound of it was loud in her ears. As he passed by where she was hidden she held her breath but he didn't notice her. Softly the air escaped from her lungs.

This was stupid, she shouldn't of come here to do this. If the old transmitter hadn't of been acting buggy she wouldn't of had to, Diane remindered herself.

As she watched she noted that he was being chased by a small woman who at this point looked very angry. She was surprized that Panos hadn't killed the woman yet and she fought the impulse to flee incase he tried to do the girl in, right in front of her. It was more important to stay hidden for her own safety than to worry about being uncomfortable, her sensible side cautioned her.

Sensible? Sensible wouldn't be standing in a dark go between hiding from a vampire whom you've just reissued a tracking device to his vehicle!

Shaking the inner voice battle out of her mind she cautiously watched from the shadows before she made any moves.
Panos Mehalitsenos 15 years ago
Finally he was at his Charger. Now he could get away from the irate twit even faster. She was started to wear on his nerves and the apeal of silencing her was growing stronger.

"Listen, I don't know why I'm giving you this boon, but get lost. If you know what's good for you you'll just go away and thank god that I'm in a lazy mood and that my mind is somewhere else."

Circling the front of the car he opened his door and paused to look at her. Babylon would be the last place he'd be going for a long time. Pyscho strippers be damned.
Delilah 15 years ago
Her mouth nearly hit the floor when he told her to get lost. Who did he think he was talking to!?

Not wanting to let him have the last word she pushed the blinding rage down and shouted at him.

"Your an asshole! Don't think that you'll be welcome here anymore! I'll make sure that you'll never be able to set foot inside this establishment again!"

She stomped her soft soled slip on shoe on the hard cement and pain shot all the way up to her knee. She flinched but didn't lose her composure.

Delilah really had no idea how ridiculous she sounded, standing there on the sidewalk claiming rights to a club she didn't own. It didn't matter to her though, she couldn't think of anything hurtful enough to say besides baring him from a place he'd already admitted he wouldn't be going back to. It was petty but she was furious.
Panos Mehalitsenos 15 years ago
All evening Panos had been holding back the laughter, now he couldn't contain it in the least bit. With a roar the laughter resonated from deep within his chest. The tiny woman in black pencil jeans stomping her foot on the ground like a five year old throwing a tantrum.

"Delilah," He couldn't get any other words out so he just shook his head and plopped down in drivers seat and let the laughter ride out for a few moments longer.

His cheeks ached with pain and finally the laughing subsided enough that he could drive. Shooting one last look towards Delilah he hoped she would throw another fit to make him laugh again, but unfortunately she didn't.

Sighing as he wiped the tear from his eye, Panos could be at least thankful that she had washed his extreme annoyance away with her antics.

(ooc : Panos out)
Delilah 15 years ago
That jerk.

Delilah didn't know what he thought was so funny, but she was sure she'd give him hell if she ever saw him again. He better pray that they didn't run into each other again.

Pulling her dark sweater around her she quickly turned and began to storm away when she slammed into another person on the sidewalk. Couldn't people see her walking!?

"Excuse me! Could you watch where your going?"

When she met eyes with the woman she crashed into she gave her a dirty look. Why was she staring so intently at her?
Diane 15 years ago
As Panos sped off Diane came out of her hiding spot. The tantrum the young blonde had thrown sent the vampire into a fit of laughter before he drove away. This girl really was mad. Dianes lips were pulled taunt as she stepped up to the girl just as she spun around. The result was a small body collision. The blonde who was the smaller of the two nearly bounced off of Diane but she caught her arm steadying her.The girl have her a dirty look for thanks and naturally smarted off.

Diane sighed, was it really worth what she about to say? This rude little girl almost deserved to get herself killed by the blood sucking louse.

What was she thinking? Diane herself had faced the monster and had it not been for her odd luck she wouldn't have survived.SHe had to say something whether this girl chose to listen or not.

"Sorry. Listen, I just wanted to warn you to stay away from that guy. He's dangerous. Please if anything just save yourself the trouble. That's all Pano...Paul is." She slipped and almost used his ancient name. She had heard this girl call him something else and she didn't want to confuse her anymore than she already had.
Diane 15 years ago
Delilah hadn't expected the woman to talk to her past sorry. It caught her off guard when she said Paul's name, wait she had called him something else first, what was it? Pano? Odd, who was this woman.

Her eyes narrowed as she listened to the warning this dark haired woman gave her. Paul didn't seem dangerous in the least bit. If anything he was just a good looking loser who frequented the club scene often and alone. This woman had to be some love spurned exgirlfriend. She smiled wickedly.

"Listen honey, it's obvious your just jealous. I'm sorry he's not your man anymore the look of pain is all over your face. You'll have to excuse me though, I'm pretty sure I can take care of myself. Paul is of no anger to me."

It was interesting. To be approached by this stranger, had she followed them? Did she come into the club or just wait for them outside? She would definately being doing some detective work on her own soon. A love triangle in the making, just like on tv. There was no way she could pass this oppertunity for fun up.

Her smile hadn't left her deluded face as she tossed a wave in the taller woman's direction.

"Bye sweetie."