The Tropic's Resort - Excedrin Headache #62

The resort was impressive, and Fallon had told Nic exactly that last night when they arrived. The tour he took her on was lengthy but because he was so enthusiastic she became so as well, and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

What came after had been enjoyable at the time too, as well as enlightening...who'd have thought the cute young man would turn out to be a vampire as well! Luckily Fallon had eaten shortly before she met him at the Marina, so she didn't suffer the same experience as she had so recently with Aislinn. No, this time it was Nic who unmasked himself at the onset with his fangs. The cut on Fallon's lip had healed hours ago, but she still recalled the surprise it created when he kissed her. They both had laughed a bit about the entire set of events...before things heated up.

And now, here she was, sipping coffee at the outside tropical coffee shop, amid the palms, waterfalls, and parrots squawking overhead. If it hadn't been for the terrible headache she was now experiencing, she might have been able to really appreciate her surroundings, but as it was she just wanted the pain to go away.

Since being turned she couldn't recall ever having a headache, and apparently had taken that tidbit of good luck for granted, thinking she would never have to suffer as she had in the past. For whatever reason it was now evident she had been wrong. However, all things considered, she could already tell this headache was passing, and even without aspirin she should be rid of it soon.

When she first awoke to an empty room, and saw the note Nic had left she immediately called Aishe. It had been much too long since she'd spent time with her sister, and in addition to missing her terribly, Fallon really needed to talk. When she called she got the answering machine so she left a short message, asking Aishe to either call her cell phone, or meet her at the resort if she could. Otherwise Fallon would what she could to catch up to her sister later. As nice and attentive as Nic had been, he seemed to have forgotten he had brought Fallon to the resort on the back of his bike. and she had no way home.


Aishe 15 years ago
Aishe had smied when she heard Fallon's voice on her voicemail. She hadn't seen her friend in a very long time and the sound of her voice was welcome, indeed. She opted to simply meet her at the resort she'd described, following the directions given and arriving at the time Fallon said she'd be there with little trouble.

Aishe had never been to a resort, but she figured she'd probably be better off ditching her comfy old cargo pants for the evening. Instead she wore a dress which had been hanging in their closet for far too long. Because it was September now, and the nights weren't quite as mild as they'd been a month before, she had a long cardigan with her as well, but she carried it over her arm with her black purse. On her feet were black open-toed sandals with just a small heel, easy to walk in but classy enough for her outfit.

At least she wouldn't get kicked out for not being dressed properly. She missed her comfy pants and shirt look, but Aishe had been raised to wear gowns and skirts with equal ease. She knew how to walk properly, and she always held herself with poise. Thank you, etiquette classes. Her hair was pulled back into a french braid, but done loosely so a few strands slipped out to frame her face.

She thought she polished up pretty well when the situation called for it.

Walking through the lobby and getting directions from the concierge, Aishe found the doors that led out to the coffee shop and slipped through them to look for Fallon.
Fallon 15 years ago
Whatever it was that caused Fallon to glance up at that given moment, it was opportune, for she spied Aishe immediately. Thrusting her hand upward, she grimaced as the sudden action caused the pain in her head to throb. Her hand quickly dropped and joined her other one, rubbing the bridge of her nose, yet trying to keep her eyes open and on Aishe.

"Aishe..." The word was barely above a whisper, and a bit strangled, but Fallon hoped Aishe heard her. Amazingly, the joy at seeing her friend, and honorary sister caused her headache to begin to diminish noticeably.

Maybe this day would be a good one after all...maybe.
Aishe 15 years ago
Aishe caught sight of Fallon's hand as she lowered it to the bridge of her nose. Brow furrowing in concern, she hurried over to Fallon and embraced her warmly. "Are you all right?" she asked her friend.

Seating herself, she kept hold of Fallon's hand and squeezed it a little. "It's been too long," she said, entirely sincere in the pleasantry. "We really need to get together more often. A girls' night out. At least once every few weeks."

Upscale place, she noted. Instead of going to the counter to order her drink, she was actually greeted by a barista-playing-waiter. Fallon already appeared to ahve a drink, so Aishe wasted no time in ordering herself a hot chocolate. She drank coffee on occasion but it was very rare; she had little taste for it unless it was covered in sweetness and milk. Most coffeeshops had a decent selection for the non-coffee-drinker, however, and she made frequent use of those sections of the menu.
Fallon 15 years ago
So happy to see Aishe, Fallon wanted nothing more than to hug her, and show her how much she had missed her. But trying to avoid sudden movements, she just squeezed her hand back, and promptly broke into soft sobs.

"'m a mess...I miss Cyrus so much...can't find him...something's happened...he' left alone...then Aislinn...and now Nic."

She knew she wasn't making any sense, and trying not to draw any more attention to herself than she was, she fought to keep her voice low, but wracked with tears, her words were coming out slightly garbled and probably even less intelligible.

She held up her free hand, asking for a minute to compose herself, and took a couple deep breaths. Her headache seemed to be almost gone now, yet she still moved slowly and stiffly, not wanting it to return.

"I'm you are, and all I can do is blubber. I need to tell you, but I don't really know where to much has happened over the past few weeks...but the worse part is I'm sure something has happened to Cyrus. Aishe...he's gone!"

She spoke in stilted sentences, every few words broken by soft hiccups, or pauses, trying to get her story out, but not having tremendous luck.
Aishe 15 years ago
Aishe was disturbed to see poor Fallon simply break into tears. This was not the happy meeting she had expected. The last time she'd seen Fallon everything had been going so well for the young vampire! Now, what was she saying? About Cyrus? Someone named Aislinn... and Nic? Certainly not their Nic. There were many Nics in Nachton.

Aishe waited for a few moments, giving Fallon the time she needed to compose herself. She didn't need any sort of empathy to feel her friend's despair and sorrow. When Fallon finally spoke again, her news was upsetting.

"What do you mean, Cyrus is gone? Start at the beginning. When did you see him last, and did he tell you where he was going?"

She watched Fallon intently, wondering if her friend had been abandoned (although Cyrus just didn't seem like the type), or if something bad had happened to her husband.
Fallon 15 years ago
Catching the waiter's eye with a slow wave of her hand, Fallon opted for a Bloody Mary in lieu of more coffee, and let him know the tab was on Nic. Nic had told her earlier, or rather late last night, that she could stay at the resort as long as she liked, and everything was on him. Of course she had no intention of remaining beyond this morning, but while there she had no compunction to put whatever she needed on his bill, as well as Aishe's cocoa. Thinking about all that now helped her gather her wits together too.

"Remember the ball game...oh wow, when was that...months ago...Cyrus left then. He had to return home to see about his lands, and forbade me from accompanying him on the grounds it was too dangerous. Of course I listened to him, and we kept in touch by phone, email...every day I spoke to him in one way or the other. That lasted a couple weeks, and then things became more heated there...that was all he said...things were heated, and he wouldn't be able to get in touch with me as often. Every day became a couple times a week...then once a week...then every other week..."

Fallon's voice became louder, and more frantic at increasing intervals that coincided with her lack of contact with Cyrus.

"Now...the last time I heard from him this time was over a month ago! A month! Aishe...either he's left me, or something horrible has happened, but whatever, I have to find out...I'm going mad with worry!"

Her eyes pleaded with her friend. Though the rational part of Fallon knew there was nothing Aishe could do, the part of her that clung to hope, refused to give up.

"And to top it off...the other night...well the other night was priceless...I went out to feed, brought home a young thing led to another, and I wound up siring my first vampire!"

Out of all she had been through, Fallon hated this part the most. Sure, everything ultimately turned out fine, but that did not excuse her actions, or absolve her of her guilt. As far as Fallon could see, nothing would ever allow her to excuse what she did, even if she lived thousands of years. It was a cross she would carry with her forever.

"Go can curse me...despise me every name you can think of...I'm despicable. I shouldn't be surprised that Cyrus left me...he finally realized how disgusting a person I am, and got out while the getting was good!"

Ugh...Fallon didn't think too highly of herself at the moment, but she was rarely given to self loathing. She had faults, but she knew she had value too... That would be the end to her self solved nothing.

"I apologize. I didn't call you here to wallow in my failures."

Fallon looked up at the pretty Egyptian woman, her eyelashes sparkling with tear drops.
Aishe 15 years ago
Aishe simply sat and listened, letting Fallon say what she needed to say, as fast, slow, high, or low as she needed to. She was trying to make sense of it all; the mystery of it eluded her.

When Fallon finished, she didn't find herself disgusted as her friend seemed to expect. Her face remained sympathetic although she supposed if it were her involved she'd have expected more self-control. Obviously Fallon felt bad enough about having turned someone. Worse, in Aishe's opinion, was to have done so when the victim had obviously not been aware of the consequences.

She was uncertain how "one thing leads to another" in that situation. What did it mean, exactly? Had they discussed things? Were they playing twister? Baking cookies? What procedure was indicated by that phrase? Aishe remained silent on that particular bit, not knowing how to otherwise respond.

When Fallon wound down, Aishe squeezed her hand gently. "Well, first things first. Have you spoken to Suki at all, or is she missing, too? Do you know anyone else who might have any idea? What about the Anantya Elders? Surely they must have some way to contact Cyrus when he's away? Is there anyone at all you can begin your search at?"

She didn't want to encourage Fallon to go haring off into the middle of nowhere looking for her missing husband. That, Aishe figured, could lead to two missing vampires. But there had to be some way to start tracking Cyrus down.

"I think in this case, perhaps we should assume that he's unable to contact you," Aishe said carefully. She didn't want to worry Fallon, but she thought in a cool objective light that it might make her friend feel better if her husband were simlpy unable to contact her. The blow to Fallon would be extreme if, as she feared, Cyrus had truly abandoned her. "He loves you and he wouldn't hurt you this way," she reassured Fallon. "Just let me know how I can help, and I'll be happy to."

Regarding the subject of this new vampire, Aishe just tilted her head. "Is she angry with you for what you did? How are you both taking it? I'm sure you're a supportive creator. After you were left to fend on your own, I can hardly believe you would do the same to anyone else."

Well, when life gave you lemons you made lemonade right? So maybe Fallon hadn't intended to create a new vampire, but at least Aishe could be reasonably sure she would be a responsible creator.
Fallon 15 years ago
THIS was why Fallon had called Aishe. Aishe, like Ana, always had a way of making things seem right...or better, at the very least. Thinking of Ana almost started Fallon off anew, but she did manage to squelch those feelings for now. There really was only so much a body could take.

"Suki...I gave her leave while Cyrus was gone, and asked her to check back with me every few weeks or so. I just spoke with her a few days ago, right before all this other stuff happened, so I don't expect to hear from her again for a few more weeks. Its a vacation I've given no, I don't know where she is because I'd never want to interupt her sabbatical with mundane every day things, and it never occured to me that anything else would come up. Besides, I'm not sure Cyrus told anyone he was going home but me...and, well there is the lawyer he was communicating through, but even he hasn't heard from Cyrus in weeks."

NOTHING about Cyrus being gone was right...nothing made any sense...all of which just made Fallon that much more anxious.

She gave a sad chuckle before addressing the Anantya Elder matter.

"For all intents and purposes, I am what is standing in for the Elders, for the time being. Both Mai and Sorin are away, and I have no way to contact either of them. Morrigan is in Europe, attending to business things, and left me in charge...more or less to be there to run Heolfor. I have talked to her, and let her know about both Cyrus, and Aislinn, and while she has assured me things with Aislinn are not insurmountable, she has no idea as to Cyrus' whereabouts. She did say she would see what she could find out, but..."

Fallon wasn't at all optomistic about anything Morrigan could find out from Europe. Cyrus was a brilliant man, in Fallon's eyes anyway, and if he didn't want to be found, she didn't think he would be found. That let to both good thoughts, and a couple bad ones too.

Aislinn had turned out to be a lot less disasterous than Fallon might have imagined, and right now Fallon wasn't about to take small favors for granted.

"Aislinn? No, the poor thing seems to be dealing with her new life very well. You're right there too...I've been at her side almost exclusively in the beginning, and now I've begun to give her some space. She is an adult after all, but she knows where I am all the time, or how to reach me."

Fallon held up her cell phone, glancing at the screen for any missed calls or messages at the same time. When all was clear she put her phone back on the table, and smiled a little sadly at Aishe.

"I've introduced her to Heolfor, where she's staying, and several Anantya, and for the most part everyone has been wonderful to her...even Celeste." Her smile turned slightly wry then, but Fallon didn't elaborate. Celeste was unique, but even she had been cordial to Aislinn.

No, turning Aislinn had been a stupid move on Fallon's part, but at least everything since then had gone as well as could be expected.

"I know I can't undo any of that, and while I will probably feel guilty about it for all eternity, I am learning to live with what I did. I think if the situation had been that alone, I wouldn't be such a mess today, but with everything else, and it all happening together..."

She shrugged, as if that explained everything.

"I don't think there is anything you can do, but I love that you offered. Just being here with me me someone to vent to...THAT is more important than anything else."

She returned the hand squeeze, and smiled one of her first genuine smiles in days. And then she thought of Nic, and the smile faltered.

"But then along came Nic..."
Aishe 15 years ago
Aishe shook her head as she listened to Fallon, not because she was negating anything, but because she was trying to think of something, anything, that would be helpful to her friend and coming up with very little.

"I think you should tell Suki the next time you talk to her," she said. "She'd want to know, wouldn't she? The same way you'd want to know if she were holding onto information, right? And maybe she'll have some ideas where to start looking or who to ask first."

She smiled sadly. "I sort of know how you feel," she added. Hadn't she just said as much to Reign the other night? "I got lucky coming here to Nachton to find Kem. I knew he lived here and it was the logical place to start. I suppose you could do the same with Cyrus, but it's different. Nachton's just a city; if Cyrus has already told you his lands are dangerous, he'd certainly know."

Fallon's view regarding her new vampire, whose name was apparently Aislinn, was what Aishe expected from her. She might not understand how one "accidentally" created a vampire but Aishe and Fallon had had very different experiences. Fallon was brought into this life against her will and left, as Aishe had already observed, on her own. Aishe, of course, had chosen it for herself and her creation had been, if not methodical, then at least planned and done warmly, with affection.

In retrospect, Aishe realized she'd had it pretty good. She had to remember to give Chris an extra big hug when he came home.

"Well," she observed, "of course you'll learn to live with what you did. You've held up remarkably well for having the experiences you have, and they've really made you stronger in the long run! And of course you can vent any time, but I really do have to ask..."

She tilted her head slightly, curiously.

"Nic who?"
Fallon 15 years ago
"Nic...just Nic..." Fallon didn't remember Nic giving his last name, and was too ashamed to admit that now! After last night, well, that was just...wrong? No, it went beyond wrong. Fallon was a married woman, and even if her husband was absent, she had no business going to bed with another man...or woman, for that matter. Fallon grimaced.

"He owns this place..." She left off, interrupted by a soft laugh. "But fortunately he's already a vampire." The last word was spoken barely above a whisper, as Fallon leaned closer to Aishe to make sure she heard.

"I met him at the beach last night...I guess I need to stop going to the beach." Her brows knit together in concentration as she recalled meeting Aislinn there too. "It's a very social place, but not one I'm finding too healthy for me."

Another pulse of paid struck her between the eyes, and Fallon rubbed the bridge of her nose again. At least the pains weren't constant any more.

She sighed heavily.

"We got to talking and thing led to another..." That was a term she was hearing more and more lately too. That didn't bode well.

"In the middle of it all we both revealed ourselves to be vampires...funny, huh?"

Well, it had seemed funny at the time. hilarious even, though now, maybe not so much.
Shaking her head, Fallon couldn't help but think what a fool she had been.

"I just don't have a clue what to do about anything...except muddle on, but that seems so futile, and such a waste of time."

And struck by a new thought, Fallon felt even bleaker.
Aishe 15 years ago
Aishe, naturally, had to wonder if they were talking about Evenhet's Nic. Sure, it was a relatively common name, but how many vampries named Nic were in Nachton? And hadn't Kem once told her he was into businesses?

She held her hand up, far over her head. "Nic? Tall guy, dirty blond hair, long legs, nice butt, looks like maybe he could have been a cowboy or something?"

She waited for Fallon's comfirmation. "Did he say what Clan? If he's our Nic, he's a good guy. Kem knows him better than I do though. He'll be happy to know Nic's started this place."

Kem had been eager for Nic to find himself a niche here in Nachton. She looked around the resort with newly-enlightened eyes. There wasn't too much to see from where they sat, but she wouldn't mind taking a look around later. She hadn't even known it was being built, so quickly had it sprung up.

In the meantime, there was Fallon and her one thing leading to another. Aishe still didn't understand it. Fallon was in love with Cyrus, and worried sick about him... and one thing led to another and she slept with Nic? It seemed to her that there were several things that maybe should not have been omitted, but she sure wasn't about to judge Fallon and in addition, she didn't need every sordid detail! Stress, loneliness, and worry did strange things to a person and she couldn't hold it against her friend for seeking comfort when it was needed. Sex, all right... slightly less understandable.

Although, if Nic were involved, she could see how Fallon might have been swayed. While Aishe preferred Kem over all, she was not immune to making observations regarding the attractiveness of her friends and Nic had never been hard on a woman's eyes.

She shook her head once more at Fallon. "I don't know what to tell you. I guess the most basic question is, do you like Nic? And does he know about Cyrus?"

Aishe was a very honest and straightforward person. She had a hard time putting herself in Fallon's shoes, because right now that would mean she didn't know where Kem was, and she hadn't yet experienced a time during which they weren't able to communicate at least via sending.

"I don't like to be still either. I need to be moving toward something. First it was Nachton, to find Kem. Now I've found him and we're still moving... toward a life together and all of the things we want."

For the time being, anyway. Who knew how three or four hundred years would change that?

"It's obvious though, dear, that if you don't reach some conclusions and soon, you're going to go out of your mind."

Aishe didn't want to be the one black cloud in the sky but with all Fallon had said so far, she had to wonder if her friend wasn't giving up on her husband for someone real, and someone close by.
Fallon 15 years ago
Fallon nodded in agreement at Nic's description up until Aishe compared him to a cowboy. Maybe it was the motorcycle, but Fallon likened him to more of a rather clean cut biker boy. Truthfully though, she hadn't noticed his butt, what she had noticed was he wasn't Cyrus.

"Yes, tall, blond, but no, we didn't talk about clans. He did say the resort hasn't been open long...oh wait, I think he also said something about living in the Towers?" Did that make him Aishe and Kem's Nic? If if did, it was quite an endorsement, and for some weird reason made him seem more important some how.

"I like him, sure...he's a very nice guy, and yes I told him about Cyrus right off the bat. I really don't like living under false pretenses, or passing myself off that way. Sometimes I can't be completely honest about...certain things..." Like she wasn't going to approach a stranger and tell them she was a vampire, of course. "But last night...I suppose I must have expected something to happen between us, to have made my marital status known up front."

Maybe that was why Nic had been so attentive, and kind...knowing Fallon was married removed any threat of comittment from occurring.

"And your Nic...he's a nice guy...and Evenhet?"

Being a new vampire in the grand scheme of things, Fallon had no prejudices against the other clans, because she had no basis for it. She wasn't too familiar with Tacharan, and could only think of one she knew...Alec, but she knew Aishe, and Kem, of Evenhet, and loved each of them dearly. Consequently the only reason she asked further about his affiliation was because if Aishe and Kem thought so highly of him, she had no reason not to either.

Fallon slumped forward slightly, as if suddenly overcome with weariness.

"Believe me, I'm the first one to realize this, and I can't lose my mind now because I need to take care of Heolfor!" She was depended on, she had to keep her wits, and not let her personal life get the better of her. Fallon laughed sadly. "Because I'm doing such a bang up job of things now."

Sitting up straight again, firm with resolve, Fallon shook her head. ", I won't fall into self pity. I can't. I need to find out what happened to Cyrus, and while I think Suki would have passed along any information she had, I'll see if I can track her down, just in case. I don't know what the solicitor can do, but I'll press him as well, and even look into hiring a private detective. At least I should put some of Cyrus' money to good use that way..."

Having an agenda helped her feel a little better, and she knew Aishe was partially responsible. "You, my dear, sweet sister, are more help than you'll ever know. Why I didn't call you weeks ago, is beyond me. You're always able to help me set things right...when I think of how differently things might have turned out if I had called you earlier..." But Fallon knew that even though her words held a tremendous amount of truth, she just wasn't one to go running for help at the first sign of difficulty. Good or bad, it was the way she had lived her life for so long, she knew it would take more than a few months in Nachton to change that.
Aishe 15 years ago
Aishe didn't see the harm in dicussing Nic with Fallon; after all, their most closely guarded secrets had already been exposed by Fallon's own admission. So she nodded her head and said, "Yes, if we've got the same guy then Nic stays at the Towers. Kem's known him since he arrived in Nachton. They're friends."

She smiled and nodded as Fallon spoke. She figured her friend would have clarified her marital status. Fallon may make missteps on occasion, such as with Aislinn, but she was a good person and loved Cyrus. She wouldn't willingly hurt him, or anyone else.

Aishe had no concept of what life at Heolfor must be ilke, and in fact had only ever seen the entrance to the Anantya grounds once. What the inside was like was a complete mystery.

"I haven't seen any smoke, or heard of things burning lately," she said helpfully, "so you must be doing all right."

It was accompanied with a soft smile. Poor Fallon had plenty on her plate; no wonder she felt slightly confused and more than just a bit lost. Aishe had to disagree with the idea that she could have helped any earlier.

"I don't know that I'd have had any different advice to offer. I haven't done much now. I'm just the sounding board, although if that's what you need I'm happy to provide. I'm serious though. If you need anything else I want to help you. You aren't alone, Fallon. You don't have to handle this all by yourself."

What an interesting parallel though, that Fallon should be watching out for Heolfor at the same time Kem was taking care of Evenhet. There seemed to be a rash of occupied Elders lately. In the conspiracy theorist corner of her mind, which admittedly wasn't large, Aishe wondered if something was going on.
Fallon 15 years ago
Fallon, feeling considerably better for the time being, stuck her tongue out playfully at Aishe.

"Ugh...Cyrus is so afraid of fire...what a disaster that would be to have Heolfor burn down in his absence. Then again, if it were to burn down, I suppose it would be better to do so while he was away."

She frowned, but did so in a way to indicate she was joking.

So much of random day to day living reminded Fallon of her mate. In the short time they had been married he had given her so much, and just in memories they filled up a part of her that marriage to Ted had left vacant.

"I often thought I was too lucky...finding Cyrus, and even more to have him fall in love with just don't know how astounding something like that was for someone like me."

Her attitude was remaining upbeat, but her words were vacillating between the positive, and negatives.

"Maybe my luck finally ran out."

She shrugged, but was still smiling. No matter how hard self pity tried to invade her mood, Fallon was doing a decent job of evading it. And Aishe, whether by her words or mere presence, was helping, a lot.

"Headaches all gone...maybe this night is going to turn out well after all. Want a tour now? I don't know where Nic is, but I did some wandering earlier, and you can't imagine how nice this place is!"

Fallon hadn't too many visits to exclusive resorts like Tropics, in fact until Cyrus she had never stayed anyplace better than Motel 6. Cyrus had taken her to a few places, only the best, of course, but Tropics was just as exceptional as those had been...and she wished he was here to share this with her too.

But she could show Aishe.

"Maybe you and Kem could come for a visit..." Teasingly she winked and grinned mischievously.
Aishe 15 years ago
Fallon seemed to be working through her worries, at least enough to joke a little bit. So Aishe figured she would just go with that; after all, what her friend probably needed most was to get away from the worry and stress. Wasn't that why she had called Aishe here? To vent, and relieve herself of the burden a little?

"Don't sell yourself short, Fallon," she warned gently. "'Someone like you' as you put it, is an intelligent, beautiful, wonderful person and you need to remember that."

That was all she would say on the topic. Aishe generally said what she meant in most circumstances, and she knew Fallon was aware of that. So when her friend offered a tour of the resort, Aishe stood and nodded enthusiastically.

"Yeah, I'd love to see it!"

She smoothed her dress out and left her now-empty cup on the table to get bussed.

"Do you think we might find Nic around at all? Do you want me to see if it's him, and if he's here?"

She had her ways. She may not be the one with the cool mind-talking abilities, but living with the guy with the cool mind-talking abilities had its advantages. She had no doubt that Kem would be happy to locate Nic and see if he was free, if she asked him to. She hadn't seen their friend since that horrid halloween last year and she was eager to congratulate him on his new resort, if indeed is was Evenhet's Nic. She couldn't imagine who else's it would be.
Nicholae 15 years ago
There had been some issues with one of the main fountains, and just as soon as Nic had a plumber working on that, he was alerted to a small 'sink-hole' problem out along the north eastern strand of sand. It wasn't normally his job to look after these kinds of things, but the guy he'd hired to manage the maintenance team was running a little late tonight, and hadn't hired his second in command yet. Nic didn't mind keeping his hand in things either, and once he found out the sink hole was really a very minor land fill mistake that could be easily remedied, he relaxed again. He returned to his suite, hoping Fallon might still be lounging around, but when he saw she had left, he showered, and got back out on the floor again. For now, with everything being so new, Nic liked wandering around, listening to the patrons, and enjoying the atmosphere the resort offered. He was half tempted to go for a swim, but left that for later, right before he turned in.

Striding through the open, airy, lobby, toward the Cafe, he was just taking everything in, smiling as people arrived, and employees waved hello. He smiled back, and took note of who was working, trying to learn their names, as well as how well they presented themselves, and the kind of job they were doing. He didn't plan on getting too involved in any of the hiring, but when bonus time came along he wanted to be up on who deserved what...he liked a happy crew.

"Aishe? Fallon!" Rounding the corner he was surprised to see his friend Kem's lover, as well as his most recent one. "This is great! What a nice surprise to see you found your way Kem along too?" Putting his hands on Fallon's shoulders, rubbing lightly and affectionately, Nic looked around for his friend, as he bussed Aishe's cheek. "You two look mighty tasty tonight." Nic winked amiably at Aishe, and kissed Fallon's neck before he released her. As he had touched her shoulders he could feel her tense up, and was quickly reminded of her marital status, and that he had been a little too familiar. "Sorry" He whispered in her ear, and moved about a foot to her side.

"I didn't know you two knew each other."

Which wasn't unusual, since he really didn't know THAT much about Fallon. Not that it mattered. In fact, Nic liked the idea that Fallon had Aishe as a friend, and assumed that meant she had Kem as one too. Knowing the little bit about Fallon's loneliness, it was comforting to him to know she had others around and wouldn't be completely alone.
Fallon 15 years ago
It was a little surreal to see Nic walking toward them, coming from behind Aishe, just as Aishe was speaking about the devil himself.

"Hmmm...we might find him around...we just might."

It was good to see her new friend, but she wasn't quite ready for the way he touched her, even when it was a very casual, and friendly touch. She blushed lightly, and smiled a little painfully at Aishe. Thank god her friend wasn't the type of person to judge her, and thank god their conversation had helped Fallon come to some conclusions, and make some decisions, that were already making her feel better than she had in days.

Although while she didn't want to admit it, Nic's hands on her shoulders felt pretty damn good as well. None the less, she was relieved a little when he let her go. She offered him a smile, hoping he would understand her minor rejection wasn't really about him. She was rewarded when he returned her smile, and gave her a slight nod, as if he truly had just read her mind, and understood.

"Hi Nic, I was just getting ready to show Aishe around your little place here. I just found out you all knew each other...small world, huh?"

To know Aishe and Kem knew Nic, and spoke so well of him, helped Fallon relax again, and gave her a better sense of what had transpired last night. There was still the issue of cheating on Cyrus, and she didn't know how soon she would be able to resolve that, if ever, but for the time being she could again enjoy her new friend, along with her old one. And having Aishe as a chaperon wouldn't hurt either.
Aishe 15 years ago
Aishe turned when she heard Nic's voice, and her face broke into a huge smile. "Oh Nic!"

Ignorant of the fine fabric of her dress, she threw her arms around him when he bent to kiss her cheek and gave him a big bouncy hug.

"This place is beautiful. No, Kem's not here. He's over at Meridian; I was just asking Fallon though if she thought you might be around."

She caught sight of Fallon and Nic's brief interplay and did her best to pretend she hadn't. Obviously it made Fallon a little bit uncomfortable, so she didn't want to call attention to it.

"Fallon and I met not long after I first came to Nachton," Aishe explained to Nic. "We've been friends for a few years now." She looked to Fallon to confirm her measurement of the time. "Hard to believe it's been that long."

She bounced a little on her toes, doubly eager to see the resort now that she knew for certain it was Nic's. "So dare I ask for the VIP tour? Surely no one knows all the nooks and crannies here better than you."
Fallon 15 years ago
"Yes, please? A tour from the man himself would be so much better than one I could lead. I'm not even sure I've seen everything, since I just wandered around. I did stick my head into several places though."

It really did a world of good to see how well liked Nic was by Aishe. In all the time Fallon had known the woman, she didn't think she had ever seen her so exuberant about anyone, save Kem. Nic's place in Fallon's opinion just rose many notches.

When she smiled at him, and seconded the tour request, she thought she saw a flicker of something in his eyes, but was afraid of what it might be, so she both ignored it, and looked away. Even considering him just a friend now seemed an affront to her marriage to Cyrus. It was a stupid way to feel, she thought, but it didn't change anything...she still felt guilty.
Nicholae 15 years ago
He was now in his element...the center of attention...and he was lapping it up like a thirsty puppy.

"I would love taking you both on a tour, and before I forget, Aishe, I want to offer you and Kem a complimentary stay here, open offer, whenever you'd like." He dug around in his pocket until he pulled out a small gift card, and held it to the dark woman between his two fingers.

He glanced at Fallon, a little hurt that she seemed standoffish from him now, but only grinned, hoping to lighten whatever load she now carried, even if just a little bit.

He turned and held out an arm to each of the lovely ladies, and began talking about the cafe they were now leaving. When Fallon placed her arm through his, he gave her a quick squeeze before he even thought.

"I guess you've both noticed that the lighting around the resort constantly changes. Part of that is based on studies done on the average length of time anyone spends in any specific place. Like here, for instance. This cafe, which also doubles as an intimate little restaurant later on in the evening...right now the lighting is set for an early morning sun...soft lights, warmth, and a slight breeze." He stood still, and turned slightly to face the direction from which the cooling system blew. Unless a person did stand completely still, they might never noticed the breeze, which also changed directions, alternating between the four fans that were hidden in the walls and ceilings of the room. "Don't ask me anything about HOW things around here expertise is sorely lacking there. All I know is when I went over the plans about a year ago, I laid out what I wanted to have, and somehow the crew made it all happen."

There was a tremendous amount of pride in Nic's voice, as he talked about every nuance of the resort, both for his vision, and the people he got to make it come alive.

"I'll not spoil everything...I need to leave a few of the workings to mystery." He beamed as he thought about the controlled humidity in the room, all managed by hidden misters in the trees, not only keeping the temperature at a perfect 74 degrees, but also giving the tropical plants their much needed moisture.

"Shall we move on...inside, or out?"