Delilah Bennett

Basic Information

Birth Name: Delilah Bennett
Aliases: Lilah
Place of Birth: Nachton
Age - real and apparent) (see the real/apparent age calculator for werewolves here)24
Male/Female: Female
Current Occupation: Stripper at Babylon
Past Occupation: Soon as she turned 18 she got her first job at Nachton's older seedier strip club until she auditiond to dance at Babylon and got hired on the spot.


Hair Color: Blonde but she enjoys wearing wigs alot, she has quite a few
Length and Style: Her hair hangs to just under her breasts in subtle waves. She also has bangs that hang just below her chin
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Pale ivory
Height: 5'1
Weight: 105lbs
Nationality: American
Race: (I.E. Vampire, Werewolf, human etc.) Human
Body Type: lean and petite
Wolf Form ( Werewolf – please read first):

Description (if an NPC) or name of your creator/gifter(if a PC)

Personal Questions

1. Describe your character's personality: She's the dark quirk in a world of normalcy. Delilah fully lives up to the meaning of her name, lovelorn and seductive she's neither a bitch nor an innocent good girl. She tends to stray inbetween the two but usually closer to the bitchy side rather than good. If there was a word to describe a happy bubbly bitch it would have a picture of Delilah next to it. She definatley knows how to use what assests she has and isn't afraid of the trouble it gets her into. She's miss center of attention through and through.

2. Describe how your character would appear to a stranger (I.E. typical dress, way they carry themselves etc.) Her normal outfits aren't far off from club attire. Frequently she wear's tight fitting black pants of different matterial ( leather, pleather,jean,you name it as long as it's black it just depends on the mood) Her tops are almost always revealing, low cut tiny tshirts or just tight she always finds a way to be noticed with what she's wearing. When she walks she has a peppy hop to her step and she very confident with her gaite.

3. What does your character like?
_ getting her way
_ chocolate ice cream
_ money
_ wigs

4. Dislike?
_NOT getting her way. She turns into a spoiled brat when this happens
_not being noticed
_ the word No.

5. (For humans) Describe what abilities you see your character having if they were turned.
- Extremely Pale
- Tracking
- Dream Walking

6. What are your fears?
She thinks she has no fears, but ultimately deep deep down under all the facades she really is afraid of being alone forever. Her dad died when she was young and her mom lost her mind because of it and she fears getting to close to any man in relationship because it could happen to her too. Then she'd be alone and insane. -Rejection is another fear of Delilah's. This has been the main reason she has always been the first to break off any relationshipship. Even in times when she still enjoyed the company of her partner she still felt the need to dump them first. -Growing old and losing her beauty is the most vain of her fears. Knowing that she can't be a stripper forever the more she ages the more she worries. Through plastic surgery and botox she plans to battle mother natures cruel joke of aging.

7. What is your character's strengths -
- Delilah is incredibally determined. If she want's something she will goto hell's extremes to get it. There is no feat that is too hard to her. She is tough as nails and has built herself up to be that through all the tragedy that has happened in her life. -She is also able to see a silver lining in almost every cloud. Not much can keep her down because of this ability to be, well sunny. -She has a uncanny ability to talk a person into doing what she wants. Whether it's because they are smitten by her looks, or that she's just really good at sounding convincing it works for her and she uses it more than not.

…and weaknesses?
- her need to be dangerous. This is a weakness because she rarely picks the safe route.
- she can become pretty reckless when told no causing her to do things without thinking them through. She can be pretty easily set up this way.
- vanity. Because of her vainity she has gotten into more than one fight. She spend ridiculous amounts of time getting ready to go out, whether it be to work or just a night on the town she is extremely picky and precise. Whe she thinks someone is disrepecting her looks she has been known to fly off the handle and loose her temper.

Hobbies & Skills –
- she's an amazing dancer. Not only at pole dancing but she also enjoys many other forms of dancing like contemporary and ballroom. These are two little known facts about her. She practises on her own in the privacy of her home. Most people would be surprized to know that Delilah spends alot of her free time reading books and the newspaper. True crime books are her favorite as well as the articles in the newspaper that focus on criminal activity in Nachton. She likes to keep up to date with whats happening in the city and the world. It makes her feel more connected. A unknown skill that her father taughter her when she was young was how to play the violin. She stopped playing when she was an adolescent but when he died she began taking lessons so that he'd always be near.

Cosmetic Traits: Delilah is a stunning beauty but it's her lips that are amazingly perfect.

Quirks and Habits worthy of mention -For such a bubbly person she is quite dark in her recent views and humors on life. - She has a wig fetish, it lets her be someone different with minimal amount of change. It's not as cheap as dying your hair but it's not as damaging either. She's collected quite a few over the years and enjoys wearing them at work to fit her mood.

Personal History :
Delilah was born and raised in Nachton. When your born in the capital city of all things weird and unordinary how do you grow up just normal? Probablly very easily. Delilah's parents Thomas and Ruth Bennett gave birth to two darling identical daughters in May of 1984. Delilah came first and Lillian came second. Lillian was born with only half her lungs fully formed and after much extensive work to keep her alive and fix her lungs she ended up getting an infection that was uncontrolable. She passed at only 2 weeks old. The Bennetts, focused all their attention now on the living healthy daughter to hide from the pain of losing her twin. They were a wealthy family but not the best of the best in Nachton. Regardless of this they gave Delilah anything and everything she wanted. She was sent to the best schools and was given the best in automobiles and other various 'toys'. Delilah was so used to being the center of her parents world that she has always demanded to be center of attention with everyone else. In highschool she was voted Most Popular and Most Likely to Succeed. The second award came more from her determined attitude rather than her subpar grades. She wasn't dumb by any means she didn't didn't feel as if she had to try. She was above having to try. Beautiful was one word she expected to hear from every man who came to her door and it wasn't often that she didn't hear it. She knew she was gorgeous and wasn't afraid to make people take notice. Homecomming and Prom queen were titles she grew used to aquiring. Strangly enough Delilah had many friends. While she was mostly a spoiled bitch she did have some redeaming qualities. She was friendly if it suited her to be so, and she did have one hell of a sense of humor. If anything at all, people stayed around her like moons to a planet just for that reason alone. Of course in the schools Delilah attended, all the girls were stuck up bitches, that wasn't anything new, it was Delilah's ability to be a bitch and genuinely nice and funny at the same time that kept her on top.
When she was tweleve, tragedy struck her home. Her father had been in a fatal car accident. Ruth Delilah's mother did not take the news so well. Flaking out beyond resonable means left Ruth Bennett a bumbling tool for the remainder of her life. That left no one soundly in charge of Delilah but herself and of course the nanny, whom would never tell the 'poor child' no. After all she had been through so much in her short life time hadn't she? It was a crux tha the nanny held on too, pittying Delilah and feeding into her life long story of being given everything out of sorriness. It was a laughable exsistence and Delilah saw right through all of it. As she neared 16 Delilah was eager to be sexual active and she did carry on with 3 boyfriends(at different times of course she never cheated but was always the one who dumped) through high school. Upon graduation and reaching her 18th birthday Delilah decided to turn life up a notch and auditioned to be a dancer at a strip club in downtown Nachton. It was a seedy hole in the wall dump where lap dances costed ten bucks and they served free pizza to the patrons. The thrill of fear and danger drew her in and once she was hired she was addicted to it. She had always loved to dance,she loved being sexy, and she loved making men squirm what could be better? Although these weren't the right men she'd have to start somewhere. Her love of wigs was spawned here in the strip club. She could change who she was with each one. Her collection grew large and so did her regulars at the club. The money wasn't all that important to her, of course she loved every bit of it and how fast she could make it, but it wasn't like she was hurting for it. She made new friends at the nightclub and after work they all hung together. It was one evening many uneventful years later when she was 23 that one of her stripper friends heard about a new fancier place opening up uptown. It was supossed to revolutionalize strip clubs everywhere. Delilah had laughed at that. How in the world could strip clubs be revolutionalized? Regardless her and three girls went to audition for the new club Babylon. Delilah was only a few minutes into her dance when the manager called her down from the stage and informed her that she wouldn't be dancing for him anymore that night. Fury built up in her chest as she assumed she had just been shot down and she was ready to let him have it when he handed her a welcome form with all the rules and regulations for the club. "See you next week at the opening." He had said to her. Truly this was one of the most happiest moments in her life. Sad as it sounded she felt like she was moving up in the world. This world being the stripper world. But she didn't have to work at the nasty downtown club anymore and here, here she could meet the right kind of men. The ones who had more money and didn't smell so much like dollar store musk. The exciting kind of men would be uptown for sure. For the past year she's been working at the club and enjoying every minute of it. Her guesses about the clientel had been right and now she had more money than she knew what to do with. Still though she hadn't met any man to whom she wanted to date and she had many choices. But that had to be obvious, who met the man of their dreams in a strip club?

Delilah loves danger and is drawn to professions and pleasures that contain it. It's as if she's constantly trying to shake life up to give it meaning. When your given everything your whole life what purpose is left to it?

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