An Evening Out (Open!)

Miya got out of the cab at Babylon, paying the cabbie the few dollars that her requested. It didn't take her long to get inside, she was quite pretty and a bit exotic to look at in this town. Eyes were on her as she walked confidently towards a section of the bar. She smoothed her skirt as she sat on the stool, flipping her natural red hair back over one shoulder. One of the handsome young, mostly nude men who worked here came over and ran fingers over her mostly bare back while waiting for her to order. She knew him, she thought. Carlos, something like that. He seemed to like to serve her.

"Looking damned hot tonight, girl." Miya laughed merrily as the Dj'd music began to pick up. "It's a good night to be looking eh?" She asked, flirting a bit back as his fingers turned to nails to drag up her back. She resisted the groan and the half remembered memory of why she liked that so much.

"Yeah I guess. What can I do ya for? It's a work night fer ya ain't it?" He knew that she tended to drink sparingly on work nights.

"Yeah, that bitch has me doing inventory for the next two weeks. Some of that collection is priceless and I ain't nevah seen such junk!" Carlos made a sympathetic sound, patiently waiting for her drink order, "Surprise me with something fruity with half a shot of rum. I wanna be able to taste it. And bring me one of those salads ya'll do so well. I haven't had dinner yet." The server moves off with just a upturning of his nails, causing Miya to shiver. She turned in the stool so that her back was to the bar, looking down into the pit where already people were beginning to dance. One foot tapped to the music already beginning to play. She wondered if she'd get to meet anyone here.

Kyle Evans 15 years ago
Kyle walked into Babylon not entirely sure why he was there in the first place, besides naked female flesh, he supposed that was a good a reason as any. The club was fairly crowded with a long line having already formed out front. He managed getting in quickly by dropping the club manager's name, even though the last time they had talked she threw a stapler at his head.

Kyle looked around trying to find a seat as he moved deeper into the darkness of the club. Heading toward one of the bars, he settled into a seat next to a red head giving her order to a male server. Watching out of the corner of his blue eye, he watched the server run his nails on her bare back. Raising his eyebrows he turned toward the bartender who had come along.

'Just a coke, no ice.'

'This is a bar, you know,' the bartender said using the hosed dispenser to give him a rather bubbly coke.

'Really? I did not know that. Thanks.' Kyle took his coke and slapped a five on the table. The bartender took it and rang it up. 'Hey.' The bartender turned back and rolled his eyes, dropping the forty nine cent change on the counter. With a snort Kyle pocketed it into his dark blue blazer.

'Fucker,' he muttered uncharacteristically short.
Miya 15 years ago
Miya looked over her shoulder at the handsome man who had sat down beside her. She accepted the fruity drink and nodded to him, holding out one hand to him, with perfectly manicured nails.

"I'm Miya!" She says somewhat shyly. "Come here often?" She grinned as the server brought over her salad. Carlos wanted payment, of course. She handed over her credit card, praying that it wasn't maxed out. She'd made more than the minimum payment this month, right? She bit her lip as her card was bought back, an apologetic look on Carlos's face. "Uh oh" Miya whispered, digging in her bag for a twenty to pay for her meal. She really hoped that this guy wouldn't think she was a flake or anything.
Kyle Evans 15 years ago
Kyle drank his coke in large gulps letting the carbonation burn his throat when the woman next to him turned and introduced herself. Her name was Miya and she held out her hand for him to take. He did so as the mug with the nails came back with her meal.

'I stop by often enough, I suppose.' He had in fact been there several times. The club recently went through a group of serial killings and Kyle had been in the wrong place at the wrong time and met the said murderer. The rest was an unpleasant memory.

Kyle looked her over as she ate her salad, his need for a cigarette growing by the second. Curious, he thought, he stopped smoking years ago yet there it was, the almost insatiable need to drag a cancer stick. They both looked up at the waiter as he brought back her card. She began to dig through her bag for more tender and the thought occurred to him that he should be gentlemanly like and offer to pay for her dinner.

This was a fleeting thought, unfortunately.

Kyle picked up his glass and continued to drink, his eyes looking over the rim of the glass at her.
Ellis Duban 15 years ago
'Kyle, don't be a dick.'

Ellis had blended her way into the club following Kyle on his nightly meanderings. Their last meeting had been a curious one and she wanted to see what was vexing dear Kyle Evans. Watching from the door of the club she saw Kyle sit and have a friendly conversation with the bartender and then the young lady next to him. She appeared to be having a difficulty with her bank account and Kyle wasn't feeling up to the challenge of being a gentleman.

Ellis walked over to the couple and slipped out of her blending just as she sat roughly next to Kyle. Reaching into her pocket she pulled out her billfold and let a fifty float down to the counter. Leaning over to get a good look at the female, Ellis introduced herself.

'Hi there, I'm Ellis.' She looked at Kyle and nuzzled his ear. 'Hi, Kyle.'
Kyle Evans 15 years ago
Kyle almost let his glass slip as Ellis appeared out of no where. He had not seen her since her uninvited visit to his apartment. He tried to keep calm in front of the new woman Miya, but he felt his heart rate triple just at the sight of the vampire. Of course when she ran her nose and lips across his ear, he nearly broke the glass in his hand.

Clearing his throat he rolled his shoulders and pointed to Ellis as he looked at Miya.
'Miya, this is Ellis. Ellis...Miya.' Kyle set down his drink and tried not to run.

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Miya 15 years ago
Miya's dark skin flushed as the woman casually let the money float to the counter. The waiter had of course scooped the money up almost before it had touched the encounter. Miya let her small pouch drop back to her side.

As she watched the woman nuzzle Kyle, again a less than half remember memory stirred for a second then went away as they had in the past. It caused her heart to race and she fought to keep it calm. Not race in a bad way, but she didn't want to let these two see such a sexual reaction while she was in a short skirt. Especially when she wasn't comfortable with sex herself. She fidgeted a bit, crossing her legs and uncrossing them nervously.

"As he said, I'm Miya. I'm new to the town, having just taken a position at the museum. Well newish." She smiled again, quite grateful that the woman had rescued her. And she was so very pretty. "You seem to know Kyle well." She commented, noting that he was probably her boyfriend. Her blue eyes looked Kyle over as if he was the dick she claimed he was. "I'd just met Kyle a few minutes ago." She was disavowing herself from even flirting with another woman's boy.

About then a wicked thought crossed Miya's mind as a fast paced song came on, "Do you dance, Ellis?" She asked with a quirky grin to her lips. Her main thought was to make Kyle jealous and pay him back for talking with someone not his woman.
Kyle Evans 15 years ago
'We're acquainted, yes.' He hoped his rigid posture was enough of a clue as to how he felt about Ellis. 'We're not...we know each other.' Kyle felt Ellis nudge him with her elbow but he refused to look at her.

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Ellis Duban 15 years ago
'Oh pshaw, Kyle. I helped you out of a pinch once, didn't I?' Ellis looked at Miya and pulled a sad face. 'He's breaking my heart, here.'

A grin crossed Ellis' face at Miya's question about dancing.
'I have danced but alas, I do not like to. Maybe Kyle does?' Leaning against the the counter Ellis cocked her head and looked at Kyle.

'But I don't want to overstay my welcome. Just wanted to pop in and say hello.' Ellis moved closer to Kyle and whispered in his ear. 'I'll be seeing you.'

With a wink at Miya she pushed away from the counter.
'Nice meeting you Miya.' And then she walked back into the crowd by the door and left.

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Miya 15 years ago
Miya watched Kyle out of the corner of her eye a little awed, "She's amazing. How do you know her? And she's not your girlfriend?" Miya's questions came one after the next very quickly. Without waiting for a reply, her dinner half-eaten and ignored, she asked, "And do you dance?"
Kyle Evans 15 years ago
Kyle shuddered. 'No, she is not amazing. I don't wish to know her and no she is absolutely not my girlfriend. Bartender!!'

The bartender ambled over. 'Aye sir, another belt for ye?'
He pulled his soda spigot attached to its dispensing hose and refilled his drink. 'Coke, no ice.' The bartender let go of the spigot and it retracted back into the bar counter with a snap.

'And what kind of dancing are we talking here? Club fast dancing or junior high slow dancing. I'm OK at one and better at the other.' Kyle took a gulp of his coke and peered at her again from behind the rim of the glass.
Miya 15 years ago
Miya grinned, "Well she seemed to like you just fine. And this is a club..." She attempted to grab his hand after hopping off the bench, with the intention of playfully pulling him up and towards the dance floor. Her bright blue eyes gleamed with mischief and desire, her dark skin gleaming in the heat and lights of the club.

Just about then a faster paced song picked up. Already she's beginning to move.
Delilah 15 years ago
Moving through the somewhat crowded seating area Delilah made her way to the bar. Technically she -was- working but it didn't stop her from asking the bartender for a drink.

"Give me a quick Cosmo in a rocks glass Josh, I don't have long before I'm up next."

This past month she had stuck with one of her longer curlier black haired wigs since a few patrons had expressed intrest with it. It irritated her tonight. Tossing a few strands of the hair over her shoulder she leaned forward to grab her drink. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed a man and a woman talking with each other. She turned her body around and leaned back onto the bar with her elbows watching their interactions. This guy seemed unaware of two things. First, that he was in a strip club and second that a good looking woman was trying to get his attention away from his...wait was that a fucking soda he was drinking? She recognized the regular cup the man was drinking from. It signaled to everyone that it was a non alcoholic drink. He didn't look under 21 that was for damn sure. What a lame-o.

"Honestly guy, there's a girl in here trying to dance with you for FREE and your just gonna sit there? Have you lost your mind or do you just have whisky dick?"

She shook her head and took another swallow from her glass. She was working in Hell tonight so her outfit consisted of a smart black leather thong with silver buckles at each hip with a matching leather bra, knee high buckle up heeled boots (which brought her normal 5'1 stature to a full 5'5 proudly) and a simple black strap across her throat.

"I think he's dead as a doornail honey! You should charge him for this!" she called out to the pretty girl who had begun to dance.
Kyle Evans 15 years ago
Kyle finished his coke just as Miya made her way out to the dance floor and another woman approached the bar. He listened to her rather colorful sense of humor.

'Oh, advice from a stripper. Funny girl.' He pushed his glass away and leaned his elbow on the counter top. 'It's funny having the choice to either sit one out or shake my ass nonprofit but, you wouldn't know what I'm talking about, would you?'

Kyle smiled a rather toothy and sober grin. He turned back to Miya, watching the girl gyrate across the dance floor and ignored the stripper. Seen a pair of tits, you seen them all he sighed. He just wasn't interested in rapier wit from a woman who probably couldn't pass a mirror without fixing her lipstick or any other part of her anatomy.

Reflecting on his rather grumpy mood, he realized that a year ago he would have happily slapped the stripper on her ass and slipped her a fiver for a peep show but recent events in Nachton had a way of ruining his day...and life. He considered apologizing but then thought better of it.
In the end he really just didn't give a shit.

Still not feeling up to dancing, Kyle took the opportunity to watch Miya dance the night away. He could at least satisfy the voyuer in him.
Delilah 15 years ago
The small smile slid larger reaching her eyes as she tried not to burst out into laughter.

"Well I'm glad you've got some humor in you guy! There is a flip side to the coin you've suggested, what's better than getting paid for what you can do and do well?"

Poor guy, maybe that girl was his kid sister and that's why he wasn't dancing with her. That would be gross because who would take their brother or sister to a strip club but hey this city had some fucked up individuals in it. Maybe it was girlfriend with lesbian tendacies who had dragged him here against his wishes and he was a devout catholic who was abhorrently against strip clubs but loved her too much to say no to her. Both were ridiculous scenerios. 'Maybe' was a game some of the strippers played behind the scenes with each other about the patrons. It gave the evenings a bit of more fun and flavor. She mulled a few more situations over in her head with these two before the tiny earpiece she wore crackled with static breaking her train of thought. Slamming down the rest of the pink drink she set the glass down behind her.

"Tiny voices tell me it's time to go and sadly I end our delightful conversation. Should we ever open a male solo position I am totally recommending you. I'm sure you'd find it funnier how much money you could make with just the simplest of shakes with that ass." He did have a nice ass, even sitting down she could see that. "Adios soda boy."

Delilah blew the man a kiss and turned throwing a thumbs up to the dancing red head before she sauntered away towards one of the darker stages in the back of Hell.

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Miya 15 years ago
As Miya danced, she grinded against different people as they passed, and hands ran over her body. Two songs passed, three. She watched him talk to another woman. Her breath caught in her throat, a little upset that he was flirting iwth another girl rather than dancing with her. Well, she presumed that he was flirting. Who wouldn't want to flirt with the pretty girl? She'd talked to her earlier a little before she'd come out to dance.

The set ended and she made her way breathily back towards Kyle. She sat herself down, her skin shined with a glean of sweat from her dancing.
"So." She spoke. "Did you enjoy watching at least, Kyle?"
Kyle Evans 15 years ago
Kyle watched the stripper walk off with a smile and parting words. Her ass trembled with the bass of the music and, being a man, he did the polite thing and watched her shake it.

As she disappeared Kyle looked back at the dance floor to Miya who was dancing with shameless abandonment. His eyes unfocused slightly, the bodies on the floor blurring into a multitude of colors. Miya's voice snapped him back to reality.

'Did I what?' Her words filtered through the haze that had clouded his concentration. 'Ah, yes. Very nice.' Kyle rewarded her with a smile.

He considered buying a fifth of scotch and leaving just then, but he was hesistant to exit for fear the Ellis was still hanging around. Of course he wasn't sure what Miya would be expecting either if he stayed.

And he still wanted that fifth of scotch.
Miya 15 years ago
Miya pouted at Kyle's less than stellar response. What a loser. Well maybe he wasn't the loser, maybe it was her. Her face fell a little bit more with each passing second, so she took a deep breath, "Well, it's getting late and about time for me to head home. It was nice to meet you Kyle." Clutching her purse in one hand while mentally whispering the mantra of 'i won't cry here' over and over again, she headed out into the night and to a taxi to take her home. Dinner had been so-so, the dancing and losing of self in the press and heat of bodies had been nice, if impersonal. And the conversation was ok. She briefly wondered if she would see Kyle again, then decided against it.

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Kyle Evans 15 years ago

Miya left with a quick parting word and was out the door before he could stop her. He had been rude to her and the realization of it made him bang his forehead on the bar. The bartender walked by again and as Kyle straightened, the bartender wiped the greasy mark left on the counter top.

'Anything else?' The bartender asked with a monotone grunt.

With a sigh Kyle looked again at the exit where Miya had just disappeared through with great haste and pushed off his seat. He leaned against the counter and pointed to one of the full bottles behind the bar.

'Scotch, the bottle.'

The bartender turned and pulled a bottle off the racks behind him. 'Want fries with your drunk?'

'Oh haha, funny man. Oh hey does that fifty that black haired chick left cover that?'

The bartender snorted. 'No.'


Kyle new a lie when he heard one. He laid two twenties on the counter and waited for the bartender to package the bottle. Scooping it up Kyle tucked it into his blazer pocket and it left a ridiculously look bulge. Tapping it with a shaky hand Kyle turned and exited Babylon.

((Kyle out))