stupid comcast

the internet is sketchy in my area. all recieveing no sending. I called my internet provider and apparently my city and surrounding areas are having problems and they are working on it >=(

i'm goin crazy!

It should be fixed soon though

Fallon 15 years ago
I feel for ya, having been there myself
Hang in there!
Steven 15 years ago
Hang in there, comrade. I gotta do this at work (dangerous) because my internet at home is dial-up, and it is slow enough that you gotta click, go make dinner, come back and click, go wash dishes, click......

The fricking ISP's these day's, they can never seem to get thier stuff together. I was dialing long-distance for two weeks whenever I tried to log on, because it was dialing to Lewiston every time I tried to connect. Damn Snowcrest. Ah, crap, boss's coming. Gotta fly. Hope you get running soon.


Miya 15 years ago
I am afflicted with Time Warner, and once a week or so we have issues at night, usually after midnight eastern, while I'm still raiding. Yay me :-/ They manifest as packet loss and ping spikes from my normal ping of 150ish to 1800-2700 before I'm eventually kicked to char select and can't get back in. Being that I'm the MT cleric .... not so good!

*hugs* I wish there was more competition for the big guys. Then there would be better service. But there is no dsl in my area and satellite for gaming sucks.
Diane 15 years ago
yay its fixed!

after 4 hours of being on the phone with BOTH dell and comcast total, who blamed it on each other equally, this morning i got it running in 20 minutes. I was so pleased with the guy i left a msg with his manager!

in the end, i switched the ends of the ethernet cord and it worked. wtf. easiest and lamest solution ever. The boyfriend was so pissed that was the answer. lol. what anightmare glad its over!
Alexandra 15 years ago
*cheers* Glad to hear it's fixed honey
Fallon 15 years ago