Jillian Molinero

Basic Information

Birth Name: Jillian Talia Molinero
Aliases: JT, or Jilli
Place of Birth: Grass Valley, California
Age - real and apparent) (see the real/apparent age calculator for werewolves here)18/15
Male/Female: Female
Current Occupation: Student
Past Occupation: N/A


Hair Color: Dark brown
Length and Style: Long, and usually free flowing, but also braided, pony-tailed, etc.
Eye Color: Brown, almost black
Skin Color: Olive, tends to be naturally tanned
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 120-125 lbs
Nationality: French-Hispanic
Race: (I.E. Vampire, Werewolf, human etc.) Werewolf
Body Type: Round/curvy
Wolf Form ( Werewolf – please read first): Solid black in color, with two nearly undistinguishable reddish brown marks on both sides of her snout.

Description (if an NPC) or name of your creator/gifter (if a PC) Jilli was gifted upon entering puberty, as she had planned, and this took place on her twelfth birthday when she started her period. Her mother had also been gifted around that age, so it had just stood that Jilli would be as well. Being too far from much civilization, there was no party, per se, but her parents were in attendance, and it was up to her mother to gift her, also as planned. The process made Jillian’s entry into womanhood all that more poignant, and memorable, and to this day it was the second most important day in her life. She proudly bears the scar of her mother’s bite on her hip, where her mother felt sure would be a place few would see to comment on. The act was nothing Jilli would ever be ashamed of, but understood that sometimes it was just a lot easier to not have to face certain questions, and loved her mother even more for considering that for her.
Personal Questions

1. Describe your character's personality: JT is friendly, and outgoing, even to the point of being called ‘bubbly’ on a lot of occasions. Like a normal teenager, she is also given to moods, but fortunately they tend to pass quickly, and rarely manifest themselves in any serious manner. She’s quick to like or dislike someone new, based solely on her gut instinct, but can be won over in time if the person she dislikes proves to be ‘worthy’. She is bright, yet has her pet likes, and can sometimes be difficult to get to look at something she isn’t immediately impressed with.
2. Describe how your character would appear to a stranger (I.E. typical dress, way they carry themselves etc.) Jeans/t-shirts, pullover sweaters, or cutoffs/tube tops, halter tops, etc. Totally casual. It takes an act of congress to get her into heels, and a dress.
3. What does your character like? She likes being outside when the weather is accommodating, though to JT that means heat, rain, wind, and almost everything. It takes something very interesting to keep her cooped up inside.
4. Dislike? Being cooped up inside, but she can handle it when necessary (school, etc.), as long as it isn’t for more than 8-10 hour stretches
5. (For humans) Describe what abilities you see your character having if they were turned. NA

6. What are your fears?
a) She fears death, but more of those she loves than for herself.
b) JT fears being left behind, which could be considered part of ‘a’.
c) Being alone, also something that could be combined with ‘a’ and ‘b’.
d) She has a fear of needles, and doctors somewhat, though the fear is totally irrational, because she’s never had any bad experiences with either. All she knows is whenever she has been required to get vaccinations, or visit the doctor for regular check ups, she breaks out in a sweat, and almost gets sick to her stomach. Once she’s there, and has gone through the medical procedure, she’s fine, and reminds herself there is nothing to fear…but the next time it’s the same thing all over again.

7. What is your character's strengths -
a) She’s strong willed and spirited and when she believes in something she
believes 100%. This also makes her extremely loyal.
b) She can talk to anyone, has no fears of rejection, or feeling foolish – there are
no such things as stupid questions…
c) She’s very athletic, and able to do almost any type of sport once she’s been
given instructions. She has better than average speed and stamina.

…and weaknesses?
a) Naïveté – Jillian is smart, has good survival skills in the wilderness, and book learned, but doesn’t have a huge sense of street smarts. Having been home schooled most of her life, and protected by her parents kept her in the dark about some things kids her age should be more familiar with, like current social trends, etc.
b) She can be over emotional, and sometimes finds it difficult to compose herself
or present herself in a calm, and rational manner.
c) Because she suffers from nightmares, which have grown since the death of her parents, Jilli can get very sleepy in the afternoons, especially if she cannot take a nap.

Werewolf -

Abilities –
Spirit of the Wind (10)
Hopper (2)
Marathon Runner (2)
Caring (2)
Spirit Sense (2)
Grace (2)

Flaws –
Night Terror (10)
Noble Savage (10)

Hobbies & Skills – JT loves math and science, and seems to have a natural knack for them both, as well. She enjoys reading about scientific studies, and theories, and thinks she might like to go into clinical research or marine biology some day. The clinical research appeals to her more on an intellectual level, but she likes the idea of being outdoors working with marine biology.
Her skills are more of the physical variety, since she is so athletic. She can climb a tree or hill faster than most, can swim across a lake, or run a long distance faster than most. She loves all forms of sports because of this.

Cosmetic Traits: Her eyes are so black sometimes you can’t see her pupils, and that can be a little disconcerting to some. Other than that, she has no specific identifying marks beyond the scar on her hip of her mother's teeth.
Quirks and Habits worthy of mention - None to date have developed, beyond her flaws, and abilities.

Personal History:

Helene and Rocky Molinero began pack life together in San Diego, California. Each were born into large families, and drawn together by their love of nature and the outdoors. When they were old enough they married, and Rocky began learning about engines. It was shortly thereafter that a third of the pack decided to move north to cooler climes, and begin a new pack in a little town called Grass Valley, California.

While Helene and Rocky were never wealthy, they did very well, and rarely wanted. After they were married for a couple years, they began trying to expand their family. After Helene suffered three miscarriages over a period of six years, she was finally told she couldn’t have children. It was then that Helene got pregnant, and successfully delivered Jillian, but this was only after enduring seven months of near complete bed rest.

When JT, as her father nicknamed her, was two years old, many in the pack had grown dissatisfied with the structure and somewhat dictatorship in the current pack. Over the few years they had lived in northern California the pack had grown in leaps and bounds, and to maintain some semblance of order, the current Alpha began placing restrictions on certain things. Dissension grew, and under Helene's guidance, and energies, the pack again split off, this time moving to a tinier place in Nevada, called Elko. Since it was Helene's initiative, and strength that pulled off the move, she became the new pack Alpha, and was welcomed to the role by the new pack unanimously.

Though her parents tried a few more times to have more kids, they never did, and thus doted on Jilli to a large degree. She also received much attention and affection from others in the pack, all acting as extended family for the little girl.

Pack life in Elko became very cohesive, happy, and loving, under Helene's tutelage. She was a fair alpha who had a knack for organization, and knowing how to delegate well. Rocky's automotive and marine engine repair shop did well, Jilli thrived in the pack, and under Helene's home schooling grew into a bright and happy young woman. And then the floor fell out from under Jilli's world.

After a trip to California for a multi-pack meeting, during a long drive home along Lake Tahoe, the truck carrying Helene and Rocky swerved on some black ice, and off the road, tumbling down a cliff into the dark lake below. The highway patrol estimated the time must have been around midnight, when the road was little traveled, and with no moon that night all the fates seemed to have been against the couple. When the truck had been retrieved from the lake, two days later, it looked as if Helene had kicked out the front windshield to make her own exit. Unfortunately in trying to free Rocky from his jammed seat belt, she succumbed right along with her husband. Both of Jilli's parents had drowned, and she had only been seventeen years old at the time.

The next few months were and still are a blur to Jilli. Though she received a healthy insurance settlement, and though several people had tried to take the young woman under their wings, home no longer felt like home to her, and she knew she had to get out and away. During this time she learned that the Alpha of all Alphas, Aidan Xephier, had settled a pack back east, in Nachton. Several of her Nevada pack confirmed that this Alpha had met her parents shortly after the relocation to Elko, and recommended Jilli contact him for guidance. Being that this man was far from home, and had known her parents; the idea had more merit than any other alternatives being presented. Jilly called the Alpha, and made arrangements to meet him in Nachton, then got into her little Yaris, a graduation present from the pack, in honor of her parents, and left Elko.

(Jillian is aware she has inherited nothing from her mother’s Alpha position. Her mother was made Alpha based on her deeds, and the love and respect of the pack for those deeds. None of these things are transferable to Jillian.)

OOC Checklist

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