Just another evening ((open))

It was nearly midnight yet the sweltering heat of the day seemed to linger. Under the full moon glowing brightly in the clear sky the Manor's dojo was bathed in a soft light. All of the windows had been slid open to let the light breezes filter through and move the muggy air. Only a few lights were on inside the building, yet clearly illuminating the lone figure moving gracefully over the woven mats.

In one corner a portable CD player filled the air with a soothing melody from the Philharmonic Orchestra's score from Romeo and Juliet, one of the blonde's favorite ballets. Amberelle had set her weapons aside earlier, unable to concentrate on the katas she had come to practice. Instead she moved quickly back and forth across the floor almost soundlessly, her bare feet sure with each step as she spun and swayed.

Sweat glistened on her skin causing her ribbed baby blue tank top to cling to her. Long legs in black stretchy capri leggings kicked and moved, her waist length golden hair pulled back into a braid swishing side to side and whipping around as she leapt and twirled. Graceful and poised on the outside but seething within she poured every bit of the emotions she felt into her dance.

Summer had come and now was almost gone. The nights had become little more than just a blur, one after the other filled with whatever drifted into her mind. Amby kept busy. She spent time out with friends, made sure she fed, trained and kept her skills sharp with a little hunting or robbery here and there.

So why was she so restless?

Steven 15 years ago
She walked off, and Steve followed, keeping his eyes peeled for cameras, guards, and other vampires. He really didn't feel like being a Scooby-snack tonight. His guide held up her fist, and Steve stopped before he had a chance to wonder where she had picked up the military signal. As his mind registered this, she stepped up to him, whispered some instructions, the walked off. Steve walked forward, through the doorway, the stopped, looking round. He suddenly wished thatshe hadn't removed his weapons. His hand dropped to his jacket, and he felt the small envelope in his pocket. His gift for Trin was still there somehow, and it seemed intact. He hoped he would have a chance to leave it for her. After all, he had put a month's salary into it. He shook himself mentally. He had blown way too much cash on his little peace offering. He wasn't even sure if she even liked this kind of thing! As the blonde vampire left him alone, he stood at rest, his hands behind his back and his feet apart. Perhaps this night was salvagable after all.
Amberelle DeEspionne 15 years ago
The blonde moved around the entry's table and into her living room, grabbing up her purse from the sofa and rummaging through until quickly located the small leather case she was looking for. After a brief consideration she also grabbed her slim halogen flashlight and nodded. There shouldn't be need for anything more elaborate. If there was then the human was just shit out of luck.

Amberelle walked back into the foyer no more than two minutes after she'd left Steve alone and she nodded to him, glad he had listened and stayed in place, before heading back out into the hallway. Over her shoulder she called out for him to follow and to close the door behind him. Considering he was so anxious to get to Trin's rooms she trusted he would do as she asked and keep up as she made her way at a steady clip through the house to where Trin's rooms were.

Trying the door to her fellow Anantya's rooms the Creole found that, of course, they were locked. Squatting down in front of her friend's door the blonde clicked on the flashlight and held it with her teeth as she laid the case on her thigh. One hand flicked open the clasp and she pulled out a couple of small metal lockpicks. Careful not to damage the lock, Amby had the door open fairly quickly and methodically returned the tools to the case before standing and opening the door for Steve to enter.

Find what you need and make it fast. Soon as we're done you and I are headed to your vehicle and you are getting the hell away from here. And, you're not coming back without a direct invite from Trin, comprende vous? Because next time I will remove a few non vital things. She gave him a cold stare and jerked her head for him to get on with it.

((yes, I live!! Amby out pending Steven does as requested.... ))
Steven 15 years ago
Steve watched her pass, and followed her instructions all the way up to the room. Once the door was open, he listened to her warnings, then ducked into his mistress's quarters, searching fast, and leaving no trace of his being there, save for a slight smell. Her poked his head into a room full of weapons, and found the pistol he had given her laying on the table. The clip was full, and there was a round chambered. Interesting. He noted that the weapon was freshly oiled, and well cared-for. His fingers wrapped around the butt, and for an instant, he considered a counter-offensive. But, as Amberelle had helped him, he figured that he ought to listen to her. He laid the gun back down, and turned back to his task. He found his effects in Trin's bedroom, still in the box, save for his tags. He glanced around, slightly disturbed by this. He found them on the dresser, and he strode over to them. Picking them up, he found that they were slightly warm, as if Trin had been wearing them. Very strange. Perhaps his newfound feelings for her were being returned. Putting on his tags and tucking them under his shirt, he gathered up his belongings and left, looking to find his gear and leave. A guard stood by the door, a large rilfe at the ready. Steve strode past, keeping his eyes straight ahead, and went for his car. When he arrived, he found his gear stuffed in a box next to the front tire. Well, he thought, looks like vampires can be useful after all.