*waves hullo*

Hi! Needless to say, I'm new here! I've been working on my bio off and on for about a month, putting it down and then reading more then working on it a little more until I found a character I liked. OOCly I'm a 28 year old female widow living in Dayton, formerly from DC. I am owned by 3 cats, a lilac point Siamese (Fujiko), a maine coon (Xander) and a petshop rescue (Caesar). I'm an avid West Wing fan, I obsess over Everquest2 where I play on the Antonia Bayle (RP) server. My main class is Templar, but I have a severe case of altitis and m a craftaholic. I ran a small vampire themed guild on AB called House Gevaudan. Due to internal politics of the server and the kinda people who like to play vampies in eq2, the guild had a recent implosion. We're considering a rebuild but it's on the backburner.

Outside of eq2, I roleplay in a play by email Star Trek Game. (Shameless advertisement) http://www.startrekfreedom.com/ . I've played there since 1999, and rose to the rank of a council member and CO (which meant that I was basically a DM - I ran the story for 18 people) . Currently I just play a medical researcher as something casual. I'm rediscovering things I used to enjoy, including art and photography and writing, which is part of what brought me here. My devart lives at kelesia.deviantart.com and I'm a daz studio user.

I'm not sure what else to say about me other than I'm really excited to play with a new group of people and their toys in their sandbox. *hugs!*

Ellis Duban 15 years ago
Hey kels and welcome again!

Sounds like a colorful RP history you have there! We're a bunch of coconuts over here but it's lots O fun. Really looking forward to RP'ing with ya!
Chryseis Angelique 15 years ago
Hello! Welcome to SA! I've read your bio and parts made me giggle! As a vampire who runs the museum with two big arse dogs i'm sure your character will just love it there =D Ready for doggy kisses??!!! We look forward to meeting and Rping with you! ^_^
Alexandra 15 years ago
Welcome to SA, like the others said looking forward to rping with you
Aishe 15 years ago
Hi there and welcome. Looking forward to letting you loose in Nachton.