Toy box

Her pearlescent car didn't blend in very well in the industrial district of Nachton but it made no sound as they slipped between building and streets. They pulled up front of a large warehouse with a long steel corrigated door.

"Your going to very well need more than just me to get you around this city. You may or may not know, that I have a fondness of good looking automobiles. Of course my opnion may differ greatly from yours but we shall see."

Chryseis stepped from the car and pulled out a small black remote from her clutch. She pushed the button and the front of the warehouse began to move up. Flourecent lights began to flicker on inside one by one revealing her private toy box.

Panos Mehalitsenos 14 years ago
Panos leaned over and looked out her open door as the Chryseis's garage door slowly climbed up. His eyes widened when he saw just how many vehicles were inside.

"Good lord Chryseis! Do the big three know that you alone are their all their sales?"

He quickly slid out across the back seat and stood next to her.

"Do you even drive all these cars?!"
Chryseis Angelique 14 years ago
She grinned a rather proud and cheshire cat like grin.

"No, but I pay some young thing to come out here and drive them periodically. She takes good care of my babies, as well as I hope you will."

Panos face wasn't surprized when she offered him a pick at her litter and she wasn't surprized with his response. They had made an agreement years ago and even when Panos was 'unable' to hold up his end properly she still held up her end. That made him spoiled but at least he wasn't a member of Tacharan anymore. Chryseis knew that at this point in his life it was unwise and foolish to have him join Anantya. The boy couldn't live up to the standards no matter how much she paid him.

She sighed as if she were bored.

"Go ahead and pick something out. All the keys are here."
Panos Mehalitsenos 14 years ago
Excitement bubbled inside of him. Yes it actually bubbled. Panos felt like a kid in a candy shop and nearly ran inside when Chryseis released him.

What to pick what to pick! Chrysler 300? Nah, he didn't want to be driving around in the same car as Chryseis. Dodge Magnum? Hmm, nah even though it contained a Hemi it still was a station wagon. Cadillac Escalade? H3? Mustang?! She had just about everything you'd expect to see in a rap video but somehow he doubted it came with the same sound systems. Nearly all the cars were black or white and the warehouse was a giant tuxedo of vehicles but one black car called to him and he had kept his fingers crossed that she really meant he could take any of them.

"It goes zero to sixty in five seconds, and sixty to zero braking in one hundred and ten feet. A 6.1 liter Hemi and 425 horsepower."
Chryseis Angelique 14 years ago
She could hear his voice echoing through the garage.

"Ah, the Dodge Charger SRT8. Don't forget that it uses specially tuned dampers, spring rates, bushings, and anti-sway bars, a half-inch lower ride height, a retuned electronic stability program, and special 20 inch wheels with Goodyear Supercar F1 three-season tires." She had cut him off.

"I wasn't sure if you were a Mustang man or a Charger but now I see. She's the only one I have until the paperwork goes through on the 2009. That one I have comming in grey. I suppose you could take her of my hands and make space for the new one."
Panos Mehalitsenos 14 years ago
"I could almost kiss you and tell you that I loved you right now!" He called out as he turned around. He jumped back a full foot when he saw Chryseis standing directly behind him.

"Your the worst vampire. Do you never use your perception? I know you have it, you've told me this yourself. Oh and please, don't kiss me."

He scowled at her.

"I was lost in the moment. Pardon me for my excitement. Anyways, your serious about this? Your going to give me the keys and I can just drive it out of here?"

She nodded and shrugged.

"One day I will repay you for all this. Even though your a evil bitch sometimes I'm still glad your my family."
Chryseis Angelique 14 years ago
It took her by surprize but she laughed outloud with a burts. It had been decades since she had laughed like that and it felt painful and awkward all at once.

"Your a real charmer Panos. Know wonder you lose the ladies so often, with sweet talk like that who could love you BUT family. Evil bitch is such a great pet name, i'll have to remember that one."

She handed him the set of keys that belonged to his new Charger.

"Repay me one day you will I'm sure of it. Anantya waits for those who are lost to return to the fold."
Panos Mehalitsenos 14 years ago
Her laughter through him off more than her sudden appearance behind him had. He fought to keep his mouth from falling open in disbelief.

As she handed him the keys he was reminded of what she ultimately want from him. His eyes darkened momentarily.

"Anantya has no use for me Chryseis."
Chryseis Angelique 14 years ago
Her face went dead and any trace of the previous laughter had drown in the seas of her usual emptiness.

"Not yet dear. Not yet."

She wasn't going to push him anymore than that.

"Well I'm going to leave now. It's getting late and I want to get a bite to eat while I'm dressed up. Take good care of the car, oh and call the girl. Fate won't bring you together, do it yourself. I'll work on getting you a new phone."

With that she walked away back to her car. She was feeling hungry after that short bit of laughing.

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Panos Mehalitsenos 14 years ago
He shook his head as Chryseis walked away.

The keys had a alarm box with autostart on it. He clicked the unlock button and opened the driver side door. Sliding in it still had that new car smell. It was pure bliss. With a firm hand he started to put the key into the ignition but stopped, remembering what Chryseis said.

Pulling out his phone he opened the contacts. Highlighting Alexandra's name he paused. Should he call her? It seemed so out of nowhere and......scarey. Plus what if she didn't answer? Should he leave her a voicemail? That would be worse. Maybe he would just text message her. If she wanted to she could respond or just ignore it and he wouldn't even know if she got it. It would be an easy let down.

Text message it would be. He typed it out quickly before he lost his nerve.

'Alexandra. It's Panos, I need to see you.'

Hitting send he let out the breath he had been holding and flipped the phone shut. Nervous anticipation kicked in as he drove the key into the ignition and fired up the car. Pulling out of the garage warehouse he saw the large metal door begin to slide down shutting the wonderland of cars off from the world once again.

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