Random Hawtness

Just a pic I did that ended up feeling very SA-ish to me, so I turned it into a poster and banner

Oh and dear gawds I need to make myself a new sig even if I only rarely post

Alexandra 15 years ago
Yes you do missy and you need to post more too!! *glomps* and I already told you over at DA that this is hotness
Rene O Brian 15 years ago
So I decided Vex's new girl made a damn hot Rene, so I made her a mock book cover and a new sig/av I'm gonna end up having to fix that "From the Memoirs" line tho cuz it's bugging me that even tho it's centered with the rest, because of how that N & S are it looks off. All fixed!

Jillian 15 years ago
She is ultra gorgeous!!!
Diane 15 years ago
Beautifully stunning!
Alexandra 15 years ago
*licks screen*
Alfarinn 15 years ago
Looks awesome,Eve! The tilted angle gives it great visual interest.

I love the sig. The lighting and the background work really well together and I'm not just saying that because she's pointing a gun at me!
Amberelle DeEspionne 15 years ago
ooooo that is just gorgeous!!! Love the angle and that fiery red hair.. yummy!