A meeting between former friends

It had been a long time since she last saw him, almost a decade, the last time had been in France, she was still with Michelle and he was her bestfriend... was...

She remembered his charming appearance, his way to draw women to him, his steal blue eyes, strong jawline and contrasting midnight black hair, this accompanied by a strong but lean build and a tall frame it was an understatement to say Louise was a very handsome man, something he was more then a little aware of.

Walking into the hotel she made her presence known to the staff, as the maître d' showed her to her table she quickly spotted him sitting at the bar, she didn't make contact, he would come to her, ordering a sparkling water with a twist of lime she sat back, tonight wasn't right for alcohol, not until the job was done.

She read his body language, the way he was talking to some busty blonde, his charming nature wheeling her in, nodding to the waiter who brought her drink she took a sip of the cool water, her eyes never leaving him, the moment he turned his head and looked around the restaurant she noticed his reaction, his shocked expression, just a glimmer before his face returned to it's charming self, excusing himself from his female companion he walked over to her, his stiff posture shoving his nervousness.

"Alexandra, what a surprise, I didn't know you would be here"

Raising a shapely eyebrow she took another sip of her water, gesturing for him to take a seat she sat the glass down.

"It's been a while Louise, please join me won't you?"

Watching him take the seat facing her she smiled calmly at him, this would be interesting.

Alexandra 15 years ago
As she calmly sat there she observed her former friend, the man she had been ordered to kill by her former lover, a man she once considered as close as a brother, who she even loved, loved as in the past tense, he had betrayed her, him and Michel, the both of them had sold her out, made her leave her beloved France behind and leave for an unknown continent which she now considered her home.

He looked the same, maybe a little older if that was even possible for a vampire, more mature, harder... yet fragile at the same time, she looked him straight in the eyes, steal blue meeting almost black.

"So... what brings you on my side of the world?"

Sitting back slightly she crossed her legs, her grey pumps shimmering slightly in the well lit but ambient restaurant, she noticed his adams apple bobbing up and down as he swallowed, wetting his lips and re-adjusting him self in his chair.

"Honestly... I came to see you, one of my sources told me that this is the place you are living at now, I miss you Lexa... it's not the same without you there"

Her expression hardened at his words, how dare he! how the hell did he have the nerve to say he missed her, as she spoke her voice had an icy undertone.

"So that is why you sold me out is it Louis, revealed me to the Gendarme, Interpol, making it impossible for me to even set another step on European ground without having the high risk of being arrested, that is what you do to your Friends, you almost killed me, you and Michel, you miss me, you know what Louis go fuck yourself, or better fuck that whore you were talking to earlier, i'm sure she can give you one hell of a ride"

Her eyes had turned a deep black, her posture being stiff and tense from anger, picking up her glass she took another sip, she had to calm down, regain her cool, but damn this man and his arrogance, damn him and her memories.

He was clearly shocked by her outburst, his cheeks heating up at her accusations, waving a waiter over he ordered a scotch, his signature drink, leaning closer to the table he took a deep breath, reaching over he touched her arm, making her flinch away from his touch.

"Alexandra, I... please listen to me, Michel was behind all of this, I tried to find you for years, all I knew is that you left Europe, this planet is big mon amour, Michel has been trying to put me off all this time, spreading false rumours about you, taking over your circle of clientele, he was the one Lexa, not me... please, I know you probably hate me, but please for old time sakes, please listento me Lexa"

His voice was pleading, his eyes showing his devotion, but could she believe him, she knew of what Michele was capable off, but she also knew Louis, shaking her head she closed her eyes for a moment, looking back up she spoke softly.

"I don't know what to believe Louis, after all these years you tell me this, if you really wanted to find me you should have tried harder, I have been here for years and now suddenly like this.. give me a reason to believe you, cause there is very little trust Louis, if any at all"

As the waiter brought his drink she waited for him to leave them again while trying to refocus her emotions and thoughts.
Alexandra 15 years ago
Things were so confusing right now, here she was with the man who she thought had betrayed her in the worst possible way and because of this she had no doubt that killing him was just a-okay, but now.. after the information she just received... could she believe him?

Looking him over she narrowed his eyes a bit, seeing him take out his cigarettes he gestured if she minded if he smoked, letting him know it was okay with just a little nod she sat back as he lit his smoke and inhaled deeply, a habit he clearly hadn't lost over the years they had been apart.. wait what was she thinking... had she missed him?

Taking another sip of her water the realization hit that indeed she had, looking at his handsome face and his lean form she couldn't help but smile a little, he still had that boyish grace and flair about him, the scar on his cheek giving him that dangerous edge, saying "I've been around and done something bad" memories came flooding back, memories good and bad.

"You say you want me to listen to you, how can I believe you Louis, after all these years, after all the hurt, you or Michel drove me away from my home, from the country I was part of, the country I love with all that I am, it was all I had left Louis, that was ripped away from me, I was denied to stay where I belong, I was FORCED to leave everything and everyone behind"

Taking a deep breath she noticed her hand being balled into fists, releasing them slowly she put her hands on her lap, she just wanted the hurt to stop, it had been going on too long and she thought she was over it, thought she could do this, but now seeing him like this made her understand that is was FAR from over, it had only just began.
Louis Morel 15 years ago
He studied her, she looked as gorgeous as ever, the way she was dressed showed she meant business, the stylish skirt and jacket fitted her like it was tailor made for her (and it probably had been knowing Alexandra).

Taking another drag of his cigarette he absently drummed his fingers on the table in front of him.

Thanking the waiter as he brought his drink he picked up the glass, taking a sip he watched the ice cubes sway in the glass.

“Alexa, I know you’re hurt, believe me love I know, you have no idea how long it took me to figure out what Michel had done to you, all this time I trusted him, I believed him, as my friend, I now see it was nothing but a lie, he used us, he used you in the worst way possible”

Taking another drag from his smoke he relaxed some, her expression showed so much hurt, he wanted to reach out and touch her, hold her close like he used to do when she was hurting, but he know that now wasn’t the time, she would probably flinch away from him at the first touch.

“All I can say is that I’ve been stupid and blind, I see that now, that is why I came here, to try and set things right, you are the most important person in my world Alexa, you mean everything to me, know that”

His eyes took on a pleading look as he sat opposite her, he needed to convince her she could trust him, it would be a long road, but he had time, he waited this long to see her again, but now that he had there was no way in hell he would let her slip away again.
Alexandra 15 years ago
What the hell was she supposed to do now? here she was sitting across from him, she felt her throat tightening with emotions, just then her phone started to vibrate, picking it up she pushed a button seeing she got a text from someone, reading it her eyes widened, what the fuck... perfect timing another man to complicate things, reading the message again she sighed softly, it read "Alexandra, it's Panos. I need to see you."

Holy fuck.. Panos... after months of nothing here she was sitting across from a man, a man she had no fucking clue about if she could trust him or not and here comes mister "I'll fuck you on the kitchen counter" and boy did he do that good.... damn..

Putting her cell down she looked back at Louis who was studying her closely, right... he had said something.

"Sorry, that was a friend of mine"

She couldn't right out say he was her boyfriend or at least if that was what Panos still was, at least he was the guy who used to give her one hell of a right in bed, damn she missed him, grinding her teeth together she took another sip of her water, picking up her purse she suddenly stood up, Louis looking at her a bit shocked at her sudden movement.

"Excuse me.. I umm need to powder my nose, don't leave we're not done"

Walking to the ladies room as fast as she could without looking as if she was running she slipped inside the room and shut the door, glaring at another woman who left quickly, turning on one of the taps she splassed some water into her face, leaning her hands on the edge of the sink she sighed, damn those men damn!!!

Looking at herself in the mirror she sighed again, her make up was still on there though slightly smeared, cleaning herself up she applied a fresh coat of mascara and lipgloss, running a brush through her hair she put away her things and took out her phone, leaning against the wall she messaged Panos.

- Panos, come to my place later around 2 am, I should be home then, Key in same place, Alexa.

Putting the little phone back in her purse she headed back into the restaurant finding a worried looking Louis still sitting in the same spot she left him.

"Yeah i'm ok, don't look like you're my fucking mother cause you're not, listen, you're sorry I get that, wasn't your fault, all Michel get that one too, so now what? you expect me to be your bestfriend just like that?"

Snapping her fingers she glared at him.

"Ok shit you know what Louis, you do what you need to do alright, want to make amends, make your fucking amends with me, regain my trust if that is what you need to do, so now the ball is in your corner, anyway i'm leaving, want to come with fine, if not fine too, I've been alone too long to give a damn about anything, follow me if you want to come to my place, try anything funny and i'll cut your head off, comprende?"
Louis Morel 15 years ago
When she stood up suddenly he almost grabbed her arm to prevent her from leaving, hearing her words he let out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding.

She got a text message from a friend, Alexa never had friends, she didn't trust people enough to let them be that close, something was up... or it was.. wait did she have a boyfriend? nah...

Taking a large drink from his glass he waited for her to return, running his fingers through his hair for a moment he took out another smoke, lighting it he inhaled deeply, while waiting for her to return, women and their bathroom brakes, rolling his eyes he smirked.

Seeing Alexandra walking back towards their table he got up like a good gentleman does when a lady returns, waiting for her to sit he raised an eyebrow when she just stood there and began to talk, leave to her place?

"I will not hurt you, you know this, fine we'll leave, lead the way"

Putting his pack of cigarettes in his pocket he followed her outside, walking along side her towards her car she gave him directions, getting into his own Porsche Carrera GT, waiting for her to lead he followed quickly behind.

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