A quick stop be a night out

From the back seat of her pearl white Chrysler 300 the rode in momentary silence. Before Panos could utter a suspicion about the direction the driver was taking them in she spoke up to explain.

"Seeing as neither of us is really dressed for a night out on the town I thought it would be wise to stop and get some clothing. While I do love the comfort and the design of what I wear on a day to day basis, I feel tonight calls for something more."

She made a sweeping motion with her hand across her lap.

"Last time I checked Babylon didn't have a strict dress code but I don't want to be the one who sticks out. And you nephew, would be wise to check into something new for yourself too. It's on me so worry not."

In truth Chryseis rarely if ever went out anymore. She spent all of her evenings at the museum or at times ghosting around her clans mansion. She missed her maker and being at her assistance when needed. The woman had been a shining example of reverence and strength. Chryseis learned many things along the years from Morrigan, most of all happiness in solitude. In the beginning it had been different, Chryseis was not the warrior that Morrigan was, she spent many years helping humans battle the horrible diseases that raged through their villiages and cities. It got tiring before long. The people never really tried to help themselves and before long they would turn on her. Calling her witch and the devil. Claiming she had brought the plagues with her. Finally she gave up on them, leaving her small shred of humanity behind. Now the millions of humans that fluttered around her were unnotticed cattle.

"We're here."

Panos Mehalitsenos 15 years ago
Somehow he wasn't surprized that she had a driver. What did shake him a little was the turn they took once they got onto the main roads from the museum. His stomach stirred with anxiety and he quickly looked to his aunt.

"Seeing as neither of us is really dressed for a night out on the town I thought it would be wise to stop and get some clothing. While I do love the comfort and the design of what I wear on a day to day basis, I feel tonight calls for something more."

With slight trepidation he said nothing but watched the streets as the rode on. It wasn't long before the strip loomed in front of them and he felt reassured and relaxed in his seat. He was pretty sure he still had whatever money Chryseis wired him monthly in his account, but then again she had thought that maybe he had died so it could have been cut off. Regardless she offered to pay so he wasn't going to argue.

The car came to a stop in front of a busy department store. Panos leaned forward and looked out the window.


Chryseis only nodded as the driver opened her door and she got out. Opening his own door befor the driver could do it, Panos stepped out and followed the already dissapearing Chryseis into the brightly lit store.

"She really is an old lady." he said with a shake of his head.
Chryseis Angelique 15 years ago
She stood outside the men's fitting room door waiting patiently. Rocking forward on her toes she leaned in and listened to his rustle of garments.

"Finding something you like nephew?"

"Stop calling me nephew. In public it's borderline creepy." His annoyed voice shot back at her.

"I used to call you Pan, when you were very little. How you pranced about the gardens without care, most of the time in the nude."
Panos Mehalitsenos 15 years ago
Panos swung the door open quickly but Chryseis caught it with her hand unfortunatly. He stood in his long sleeved black Charles Roar shirt only half buttoned. The jeans had the faded washed look and they fit well. His face read 'Dear god I want to kill you'.

"That has definately stepped into the creepy catergory. Don't talk about me running around nude, that's disgusting."

A trio of girls in their late teens walked by just in time to hear his demand and giggled. He rolled his head and looked up at the stark white lights. He finished up buttoning the shirt and looked to the nosey store assistant who made it a point to stay fluttering by them at all times.

"I will wear these out, including the shoes, if you could ring them up with whatever she's buying it would be nice." His tone was still icey.

"I don't remember back then Chryseis. It was quite some time ago. I hardly even remember knowing you."
Chryseis Angelique 15 years ago
She waited as Panos arogantly marched off into the clothing racks. With a silent nod she instructed her driver to pick up Panos's old belongings and attend to the now red faced store attendant.

She let Panos meander about the store to walk off his embarassment and anger. He had been so far removed from her when he was little that there was no way he would ever remember. In his world, or the world of his father she was long dead. She had visited him though, this little boy named after her very own. Little Panos had reminded her so much of her ill fated son that it was hard to ever leave him. The last time she had seen him as a child was when he was six. It was dusk and the curious little boy that he was had followed the sweet song of a pretty bird just past the edges of his family's farm into the woods. He had not been afraid of the pale woman who stood in the trees. Instead he had smiled and asked if she had heard the birdy.

"Are you going to shop or just stand there?" Panos's voice snapped her out of the memory.

Her eyes had clouded over and were rimmed with tears.

"I'm shopping. Follow me."

Briskly she turned and walked away.
Panos Mehalitsenos 15 years ago
That woman was something of an oddity that was for sure. He could have sworn she had tears in her eyes as she walked away but he deared not ask.

He hadn't the faintest notion of why all of a sudden she had become so family oriented with him. Maybe it was her way of showing that she had worried about him and was glad to see him safe, he really had no idea. Her little trip down memory lane had been awkward for him. He didn't know that they had been close when he was small. There were no memories of her. Mostly his early memories were of playing in the fields and eating treats from his father. Treats that neither of his brothers got. Often that lead to fights in which he would always come out on top, once again due in part to his father.

It wasn't long before Chryseis resurfaced and this time she was dressed to kill. If she hadn't been a relative he would have found her highly attractive. Instead he concidered her beauty only momentarily.

"That looks nice. It suits you well. Can we go now? We're going to miss the crowds."
Chryseis Angelique 15 years ago
Chryseis twirled around the new brown gown.

"Did you know your extremely impatient? No one's going anywhere. There will be enough strippers for everyone and thank you, I do look good. Everything has been paid for by the way, let's head out front and leave."

It wouldn't be long and then her darling nephew could do what he really wanted to do; prey on young women.

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