Purchasing Goods (Open)

Waylon sped down the freeway towards downtown Nachton feeling good this evening. The Roadrunners' windows were rolled down and the radio blasting the Stones washing him in the music and warm night air. He never got tired of that feeling and decided the Triumph would have been a better choice for his trip into town if it wasn't for the fact that there wasn't enough room on the bike to carry back what he planned on returning with later in the night. Tonight Waylon was in the shopping mood. The cowboy had been without a decent set of rifles since he left Vancouver and upon hearing that a shop owning acquaintance had recently acquired a nice selection Waylon figured it was time to pay said shop owner a visit.

Spotting his exit Waylon got off the freeway and made his way to the strip, turning down the radio but still keeping it at a loader than necessary volume. As the traffic became heavier than usual Waylon slipped off of the main drag and made use of the less used side roads to get to where he was going. After a few minutes and still about a block away from his destination Waylon parked the car, rolled up the hand crank windows, grabbed his black felt Stetson off the dashboard and stepped out of the Plymouth. After taking a quick look around he reached back in the car to grab the dark grey leather jacket off the seat and threw it on. The jacket concealed the Ruger P.345 holstered under his left arm nicely and the grey on a black T-shirt and faded black Wranglers made for good camouflage in the back alleys of the city as that was likely where he'd end up before the night was through.

Waylon made his way down the street towards his destination noticing this part of the strip was not quite as crowded as several blocks down. Even just outside the gun shop he could pick up the distinct scent of wood, oil, metal and gunpowder. Waylon enjoyed the smell and atmosphere of this fine little shop. The owner always kept a fine if somewhat eclectic collection of legal firearms and his 'private' stash was enough to make the vampire as close to giddy as he was ever going to get.

Walking in Waylon smiled inwardly at the owner as he was in his usual spot behind the counter with his feet propped up reading a local newspaper. The shop itself was a firearms enthusiasts' playground, two walls were covered in a boggling variety of shotguns and rifles dating back to some of the earliest examples of each. The counter that the owner sat behind sported large glass cases filled with a large assortment of handguns and knives, and on the wall behind that ammunition of all sorts.

The shop owner himself, Greg, was a crotchety old gunsmith and 'weapon distributor' that Waylon liked from the first time he had met him shortly after coming to Nachton. Waylon had done business with the old man from time to time and had decided he quite liked the way he thought and acted. A human with a bit of kick, if you will.

Good, there were no others about at the moment. Waylon could conduct some business of the less than legal nature.

Bastian 14 years ago
He parked the Hummer across the street from the store, and sat. Bastian was so over his head here, and still hadn't completely made up his mind one way or the other, yet here he sat.

His martial art training had only begun a couple days earlier, and he could see how it was going to be a great benefit to him in the future, especially if he came up against the huge werewolf again...the one with the strange eyes. He also doubted Reign was going to look favorably upon having a gun in the house, and he wasn't looking forward to broaching that subject with her. But getting a gun seemed a logical precaution, that was until he parked just now, and suddenly was filled with all kinds of concern.

"Madre dios!" He yelled, irritated with his own indecision. Slamming the door behind him, and pushing the button to lock the vehicle, Bastian strode across the street and into the store before he could change his mind again.

He grinned at the site of the guy behind the counter, who seemed more interested in relaxing with his paper than selling his wares. Another man was also in the store, and Bastian began looking around. He had no clue really, what he was looking for, but waited a few seconds more, not wanting to interupt anything that might have been going on prior to his arrival.

Once it was clear the guy behind the counter wasn't engaged in anything beyond his paper, Bastian walked to the counter.

"Excuse me...I'm interested in buying a gun, a hand gun...something small...that can be used for short distances...for protection...and I really have no idea what to ask for."

He wasn't so macho that he felt foolish not understanding guns. There were a lot of things Bastian just never had need of in the past, so why would he have knowledge of weapons? Everyone had to learn things at some point or another, and he just happened to be learning about this subject now. He hoped now that the man he was speaking to would be able to assist him.

"Can you show me something, you know, like what I might keep in a bedside table, to use against intruders..."

Bastian again noticed the other man in the store, from the corner of his eye, and turned. He considered asking that man his opinion as well, and then thought better, and focused on the salesman again. There probably wasn't any point involving someone else in his plight, unless the salesman was terrible at his job.
Waylon 14 years ago

Before he could get more than a greeting out Waylon heard the truck pull up and park across the street. As somebody got out and headed towards the shop he decided business would have to wait and began looking like he was just browsing.

The man didn't look too comfortable as he walked in the door and Waylon didn't give him much notice when he started asking Greg for handgun advice. The shop owner didn't move too fast from behind his newspaper to help this young looking guy and Waylon smiled at this. It was Greg's way, he would help a customer with anything they would need and did it without fuss, but he never moved faster than he wanted to and sometimes came off as grumpy or aloof.

Waylon gave the new guy a nod when he turned towards the vampire. The guy looked like he was going to ask him something before quickly turning back. Waylon picked up an old Garand from the wall and started examining it to hide that he was listening as the two discussed new guy's problem. The cowboy almost gave his own opinion on the subject but just let it go. Greg was very knowledgeable and there was no reason to throw in his own two cents unless asked personally.

Bastian 14 years ago
For a moment Bastian wondered if the guy truly worked for the store...or maybe he was deaf...or didn't speak English, for he moved as if all of those thoughts applied. When he finally did put his paper down, he merely walked behind the counter, pulled out three boxes, and set them on the counter in front of Bastian.

'You're new to firearms, you need to start out with a .22 until you become familiar with the gun, and shooting, and find that you can hit your target with some accuracy. Then come back and see me about a .38.'

Bastian nodded, and looked over the guns the man had put before him. One box listed the gun inside as a Ruger Super Single Six revolver. The next box held a Ruger SP 101 Double Action Revolver, and the third box noted a Browning Buckmark. Watching the salesman remove each gun, and show Bastian its qualities, he was again struck by how out of his element he was now.

By looks alone, Bastian was immediately drawn to the second gun, the Ruger SP. The Super Single Six looked too much like the guns he'd seen in western movies...carried by cowboys. The Buckmark looked too much like those carried in the war, or those he'd seen carried in war movies.

But the Ruger SP101 had the look of a normal hand gun, which is why Bastian took it from the sales guy, who finally introduced himself as 'Greg', and rolled it over in his hands.

Now Bastian again turned to the other guy in the store, found him checking out a gun himself, and asked for his opinion.

"Excuse me sir...are you familiar with hand guns, and is their any chance you might have an opinion on these three guns?"
Waylon 14 years ago
Through the corner of his eyes Waylon watched with approval of the man's choice of the three handguns. Though he couldn't help but give a shake of his head at Greg. The old gunsmith was trying to wring as much cash out of this poor sod that he could.

Waylon let the action of the Garand close with a load clack as the man asked him for his opinion. The vampire took his time to set the rifle back in it's spot on the wall, then walked over to the counter and pointed at the Ruger in the guy's hand as he gave his answer.

"That there's a fine handgun, hard to go wrong with for sure. She's well put together and has nice balance, which makes her easy to get accurate with. Plus, being a revolver, she's easy to clean and few things are gonna go wrong with her." Waylon paused for a split second. "Though the 101's built to shoot the .38 special, which is what I'd start learning with. Ol' Greg here's just trying to get you to spend more money than you need to."

Waylon flashed a smile at Greg and received a subtle 'you're a shithead' look in return. It was in good fun and the shop owner didn't really care one way or another.

"The .38's a better round for self defence than a .22 and the kick is nothing nobody can't handle. But if you really want to opt for the smaller round I'd go with a Ruger Mk.II." At that Greg perked up slightly and pull an example out from the show case. "It's probably the best small handgun you can buy. That and they're not produced anymore so you can get 'em for fairly cheap."

Waylon had to consciously make himself stop or he'd spend a good portion of eternity talking this guy's ear off about firearms and his affinity for them. It was one of the few things he'd ramble on about but he definitely would given the chance.
Bastian 14 years ago
"Ahhh grazi! That makes me feel better. Not that I don't trust what you are saying sir." His focus went from the customer, and then to Greg. While Bastian hadn't realized he was being sold, it stood to reason. It was Greg's job to make money, so why wouldn't he try to sell the most expensive gun that fit Bastian's needs?

It was also kind of the customer to step up and make sure Bastian knew enough so as to not be taken in. It wasn't like he would be gaining anything if either one of the guns sold, which led Bastian to trust the man's motives were purely to impart knowledge.

"If I were to change my sights and put them onto a .38, which would you recommend?"

Again Bastian spoke to both men, but this time his gaze ended up on the customer.

"I'd rather it still be somewhat small, and not too deadly looking. I live with a lady, and am not quite sure what her take is going to be on me bringing a gun into the house. The decision has been made, don't get me wrong, either way I'm buying a gun tonight, and taking it home, but it might go over better if it doesn't look like I'm flaunting anything. Does this make sense?"

To any man involved seriously with a woman, Bastian wouldn't have asked the last question. However, not knowing the circumstance of either Greg, or the customer, Bastian wouldn't take the question for granted.