Holy Hell In A Handbasket! (Invite only)

A loud crashing sound could be heard from one of the rooms in Alexandra's apartment, followed by a loud string of curse words in French, a couple of screams in rage and then more crash sounds, a door flew open crashing into the wall as Alexa came storming out, her hair a mess of tangled dark strands, leaning against the wall she slid down it, coming to sit down with her legs pulled up against her chest.

Resting her head on her knees she exhaled slowly, her shoulders shaking as she began to sob softly, her long hair covering her frame as she sat there for what seemed hours.

Calming down somewhat she lifted her head, tear stricken face showing loneliness and sorrow, pushing herself up from the ground she went to clean up the mess she had made earlier, pieces of glass and one of her more expensive pieces of art laying on the ground broken.

Picking up the pieces one by one she let out a soft curse as she cut her finger on a sharp piece of glass, bringing her finger to her lips she sucked on it softly to stop the bleeding, no today surely wasn't her day.

Alexandra 15 years ago
Closing her eyes Alexandra focused on the task at hand, after cleaning up the mess she made she walked into her gym, dressed in her work out clothes she began a series of kata, picking up a Katana she began a series of swift motions using the sword, taking out her aggression she handled the sword with grace and precision, cutting the air around her like she would cut an enemy.

Finishing her routine after 1 hour she stood there breathing hard, holding her sword down along side her body, sweat glinstering on her skin, putting the Katana back after cleaning it she headed towards the shower to clean off and get ready for her job.

Making sure she looked perfect Alexa checked herself in the mirror, dressed in a classy grey combination she slipped into her shoes, checking herself over she smiled, her hair and make up looked perfect, classy and elegant, the exact look she was aiming for.

Jobs like this didn't come every day, they were high risque, high damanding and very dangerous, they ment coming out into the open, talking face to face with her target, getting to know them, even befriend them and then finish the job.

Alexandra 15 years ago
Picking up her purse and cell Alexa dialled the number of her contact, waiting for the connection to be set she applied a little gloss to her lips, hearing the person on the other side beginning to talk she put down the little tube.

"Hello Michel, yes this is Alexandra, yes it's been a while, no thank you i'd rather keep this in English instead of French, I live in the USA now, have been for years, not that you give a fuck since you never once bothered to check on me"

Sighing inwardly she tried to keep her cool, listening to her Sire talk on the other side of the line she rolled her eyes in annoyance.

"Yes Michel I am aware of your freight of water and traveling across it, yes good excuse, so what is this about, what is Louis doing here and why do I have to meet him after all these years and don't you dare giving me some fucked up reason saying how you guys miss me so much, what has he done and why do you want him dead?"

Paying as much possibe detail to the man speaking on the other side she wrote some quick mark words down on a little notepad she always had laying next to her phone, nodding dispite the fact that he couldn't see her she smirked at his words, so Louis was going on a havoc against the orginistaion, they wanted him gone and they wanted her to do it since Louis would never ever expect her to turn on him.

"Ok Michel, consider it done, just know this comes with a price, a high price, you owe me.. big time, next time I need anything from your side of the pond, lets just say remember Coster Diamonds in Amsterdam? Exactly, see you Michel"

With that she shut her phone, breaking the connection, picking up her purse and keys she headed out the door, her job was waiting
Alexandra 15 years ago
Taking the elevator down to the indoor garage, Alexandra pressed the alarm button on her car key, shutting down the alarm she opened the cardoor to her sleek black BMW Z6, getting in she put her purse down on the passenger seat, checking her reflection she started the engine, pressing a little button on her keychain the garage door opened behind her, driving out she headed towards he appointment with Louis.

"Here goes nothing"

Pushing the button again she watched the garage door slide close, taking a deep breath she put her foot on the gaspaddle and drove off.
Louis Morel 15 years ago
Both cars drove up to Alexa's apartment building, parking his car outside he waited as she drove into her private garage, getting out of his car he waited for her to let him inside, seeing her open the side door shortly after he followed her in.

She didn't talk as they rode the elevator up to her floor, she still didn't say a thing as she opened her front door and stepped inside, leaving the door open he watched her put her purse and keys down, take off her coat and kick off her shoes, following her in what appeared to be her living room.

"Nice place"

Yeah lame.. what else was he supposed to say, wow nice decoration where did you get the rug? what was he a woman?

Alexandra 15 years ago
Taking a seat on the couch she looked up at him as he spoke.

"Thanks, I decorated it myself, look Louis, it's not going to be easy, this, you, me this whole fucked up thing, you hurt me, I trusted you so much, you were my bestfriend, mon frère, you can't just fix that over night"

Gesturing for him to take a seat she leaned back, running a hand across her eyes she suddenly felt very tired.

"I'm going to change my clothes ok, the kitchen is over there, get something to drink, i'll be right back"

Getting up she headed towards her bedroom, taking off her clothes she took out a pair of black yoga pants and a white top with the words "My Bitch" written in bold black letters, heading towards the bathroom she removed her make up, brushed her teeth and her hair, returning to the living room she found Louis drinking what seemed to be some of her apple juice, she forgot they used to drink that together, freshly made apple juice, there was a lot she had forgotten.
Panos Mehalitsenos 15 years ago
Panos had thrown his cell phone into his lap back at the garage and when it started to vibrate now he felt frozen. Finally able to relax himself after a few minutes he opened the phone and read Alexandra's message.

It was almost 2am now so he turned around and drove back to her place. it wasn't all that long ago that her place was Rachel's place that he had ransacked and destroyed. Thankfully that had caused her to move out and Alexandra eventually moved in. The house warming party the two of them had, had been unforgettable.

'Don't think about that now!' He mentally cursed at himself. It was hard to forget Alexandra and her appetite for sex. It was more than...words could describe.

As he pulled up he noticed that the parking area was not empty but that's wasn't anything strange. It was night time and most people were at home in bed. Panos pulled into an empty space and sat with the car idling for a few minutes. He wasn't sure what waited for him on the otherside of the walls before him. His nervous twitch was trying to butt in and he prayed that he didn't stuttered when he first spoke to her. With one last breath of energy he shut the engine off and climbed out of the car, making his way up to her door.

He pondered if he should knock first or just enter. She had mentioned to use the key so he in the end that's what he did. Why fool around with knocking and perhaps make her more cross with him because he didn't listen?

As he undid the lock and stepped in he called out to her.

Alexandra 15 years ago
Something was up, hearing the lock in the front door being opened she looked at the clock, SHIT it was 2 am, turning around on her heels she heard his voice, running towards the hall she jumped straight into his arms, wrapping both her arms and legs around him she made them both tumble to the floor.

"You bastard, I thought you were dead"

Taking his face into her hands she kissed him, tears she hadn't realized she was holding back sliding down her face, pulling back slightly she softly whispered to him.

"Don't do that again, i'll kill you"
Panos Mehalitsenos 15 years ago
There was the sound of thudding footsteps running towards him and he imaged Alexandra with some soft of weapon charging at him so he braced himself and used his Coat of Arms pulling out all the energy stops for for a royal rumble with her.

Instead, he was pleasantly surprized when she lept onto him wrapping herself around him making them both tumble to the ground. She kissed him with her sweet and loving lips and all the fear and the guard dropped instantly as he hugged her back. It wasn't until he felt the tears touch his face from hers that he realized she was crying. Wiping her eyes, he softly kissed her forehead.

"I promise I won't, never again." He melted inside and her tears crushed him harder than if she had used a bat to his head. He had hurt her and it gave him a pain that he had missed out on for so long. He missed her and her love.

During the first minutes of chaos upon entering her hoom he had put all his guards up which had relaxed some when he'd felt ehr response, but now bells rang in his head that they weren't alone. The chills of being watched crept back into his spine and he rolled his head sideways to peer around the room.

They weren't alone. A tall thin man stood and watched their reunion. Panos was confused and he tighted his arms around Alexandra ready to roll and protect her from whoever this voyeur was.
Louis Morel 15 years ago
His ears had perked up as he heard the front door open, watching Alexandra run into the hallway, followed by what appeared to be stumbling sounds and then a male voice made him stand up and walk towards the hall, there on the floor was Alexa in the arms of some man who looked back at him, it was clear that the other man saw him as a risk factor.

Raising his hand he gave a short salute.

"Bon soir, I'm Louis, you must be Alexandra's friend"

Seeing Alexa turn her head to look at him and blush confirmed his previous idea back at the restaurant, this friend was more then a friend, much more then a friend and he made her cry, tears were still clearly visible on her cheecks.

"Alexa, you ok?"

Yeah he had a way with asking stupid questions.
Alexandra 15 years ago
O great, now Louis was there too and from Pano's body reaction she could tell he was not reacting well to a strange male in her apartment.

Raising her head she felt a blush creep upon her cheeks, looking at Louis and back at Panos she mumbled something about old friends and new friends and was it getting hot in there?

"Ummm maybe we should move this to the living room instead?"

Not that laying on top of Panos wasn't nice, did he work out?
Panos Mehalitsenos 15 years ago
The man introduced himself quickly and refered to Panos as Alexandra's friend. Tension made him clentch his jaw as seeds of mistrust and jealousy planted themselves inside of him. He really had no reason to feel this way but he couldn't help it. Had her reaction been different when he had walked in maybe he would have been more prudent with his emotions.

Alexandra grew flush as she climbed off him and stood up. He did the same but with calculated caution since he really wasn't sure who this Louis was. He had a French accent and that could have meant many things or really nothing at all. Panos knew that originally France was where Alexandra was from so he had his suspicions.

"Indeed I am. The names Panos." His tone wasn't entirely friendly towards Louis.

At her suggestion he made his way into the living room and sat on the couch, waiting for them to follow.
Alexandra 15 years ago
Sitting down on the couch she watched Louis take a seat on the other side, so here she was, sitting in the middle of two men, one who had been part of her life for what seemed forever, who was once one of the most important people, one of her precious people and then on the other side the man she had fallen in love with, but who left her over and over again and yet each time he showed up or called she came running back to him, what was it about him that make her feel all girlie and vulnerable?

Looking from one men to the other she couldn't help a grin appear on her face, the way they were glaring at eachother was almost comical.

"So are we going to hold a glaring contest or can I get you two men something to drink? I take it I can walk away for a moment without you two biting each others head off?"

Getting up she walked over to the kitchen, getting out 3 crystal wine glasses and a bottle of red Merlot 1995, walking back in she found both men still sitting there staring each one another, Louis had taken out his cigarettes and was taking one out to light it, raising an eyebrow at him he quickly putt it back in the package, hearing him mumble something about haters and needing nicotine she just smirked and sat down.

"Ok so, Panos, first of all stop staring at Louis, Louis stop glaring at him like you own me cause you don't and you're not my fucking dad so stop acting like you are"

Opening the bottle she poured all 3 of them a glass, placing them down in front of the men she pulled her legs up under her, turning towards Panos she leaned closer to him, placing her hand on his tigh she made eyecontact before talking softly.

"Louis and I go way back, I'm not sure if I can trust him yet since we haven't seen each other in 5 years, but he came here from France to find me, I can't just tell him to leave just like this and you mister, we have a lot to talk about, first of all you need to tell me where the hell you've been all this time, but that can wait till we're alone"

Picking up her glass she waited for both men to do the same.

"To old and new friends, Salute"
Panos Mehalitsenos 15 years ago
Once Louis and he ceased the stare down between each other, Panos casted his gaze to the ground as Alexandra poured them wine. To say it was an odd situation was an understatement.

As she seated herself between the two men once again he took comfort in the fact she leaned into him and wanted to touch him. He entertwined his arm around hers and clasps her hand. She explained a little bit about who Louis was but he was still wary. The looks from the man spoke of a much stronger want than a renewed friendship.

He found himself raising his glass with Alexandra even though he was uncomfortable. Taking a long drink he relaxed subtly.

"My where abouts are quite ridiculous I'm sure you will agree when we discuss it. How are you?"

It was strange to find what to say with Louis in the room. The simple question of 'how are you' even seemed trite in this instance. What he really wanted to say was 'Is this guy making you upset?'.

The other man was slender but not awkwardly so and he had good looks about him that also unsettled Panos.In his mind he debated Louis status in life. He almost hoped he was human so that maybe at a later more discreet time he could snap him in half. What made him think that this Louis was possibly a vampire was the fact of Alexandra's mistrust. A human with trust issues could be dealt with easily and wouldn't be able to come stalking after you five years later.

With too little information on the other man, he'd have to wait and abide his time until he knew more. With a glance around the home he slid his tongue along his front teeth. He still hadn't navagated back to the apartment he had woken up in yet. Compaired to here it was a cold grey cell that he wasn't looking forward to facing.
Louis Morel 15 years ago
Louis wasn't quite sure what to make of this whole situation he found himself in, here he was with Alexandra and what appeared to be her boyfriend from the way they interacted, the way Alexa kissed him and leaned into him it was clearly she had strong feelings for this man, when did this happen?

He remembered a time when she hardly trusted anyone other then him and Michel, had her leaving changed her that much? Did she make any other friends here in Nachton and if so was she as close to them as she was to this Panos fellow.

Jealousy crept into his system as he watched them, picking up his glass he saluted to them, forcing a smile on to his face at Alexandra's words, he could hear what she said to Panos, she didn't trust him and he didn't blame her either, he wasn't sure if he would trust himself in this situation, yet here he was in her home.

Damn he needed a smoke, he knew Alexa didn't mind smoking too much but she probably didn't want it in her beautiful apartment, going by her reaction earlier he decided not to ask about it either, he would go out and light one later on.

Watching them again he took a long drink from his wine, at least her change in good wines hadn't changed.
Alexandra 15 years ago
Leaning into Panos' touch she sat next to him sipping her wine, looking back and forth between both man she felt kind of in a dominant position, they both wanted something from her and she was the one who would decide what would happen, turning to Panos as he asked her how she was she smiled at him.

"I've been better, not bad just not at my best, but I feel that will change in the near future, especially now that you're back"

Squeezing his hand she locked eyes with him for a moment, her eyes telling him how much he had been missed and how much she longed to be alone with him and show him just HOW much she had missed him.

Thinking about the little black slip she had bought not too long ago she got a slight red tint on her cheeks.

When she heard Louis cleared his throat and raise and eyebrow at her she grinned at him like a Cheshire cat.

"Anything the matter Louis?"

Deciding to provoke him a little she leaned into Panos some more, nuzzling his neck she let her fangs brush against his jugular, letting out a little purring sound she licked his neck before pulling back, giving Louis another grin showing her fangs, she was pretty sure Panos noticed what she was doing but she didn't care, she was feeling dangerous and to be honest a bit horny, if Louis wasn't around she wouldn't be keeping her clothes (or Panos') for that matter on for very longer.

Seeing Louis pick up his wine and empty his glass in one big gulp she couldn't help but laugh out loud.
Louis Morel 15 years ago
Louis sighed inwardly, Women were a mystery that could not be solved. They lived in some strange world that no one with balls could ever comprehend. Looking at Alexa made him agree to his own statement even more, now men, men he understood.

Not that he didn't try to understand Alexandra, he had been and still considered himself to be her bestfriend for a few hundred years, but the way she was acting now, what the fuck was she doing? Trying to provoke him?

And what about Panos, would he just sit there and let her nibble on his neck like some wanton hussy or did the guys have the balls to tell her to save it for when they were alone and not so much with HIM, for fucking Christ sake!

Clearing his throat again he gave her a cold stare.

"Are you trying to prove something Alexandra? What is it, you need to convince me that i'm no longer part of your life? So you're using Panos here to show me how you can turn on a man, believe me i've seen you seduce hundreds of men and kill them too in the blink of an eye"

Turning his eyes to Panos he looked the other male up and down, from the look in his eyes he could tell he was one side feeling either a bit nervous and turned on at the same time, but who could blame him if a woman like Alexandra was sexing you up.

Raising an eyebrow at the other man he reached for the bottle of wine pouring himself another glass, sitting back he rested his arms on the back of the couch, his long legs outstretched as he watched the couple across the room with a bored expression.
Panos Mehalitsenos 15 years ago
Alexandra's sudden actions confused him briefly. It was apparent that she was toying with Louis but why? He also felt uneasy with his position. Being gone for as long as he was, he wasn't sure what his reaction should be.

"τι κάνετε, η αγάπη μου?" Roughly he had asked 'what are you doing my love?' in Greek and hadn't expected her to understand him at all.

He wouldn't lie though, she was playing dirty and he enjoyed it. It ran close to something he would do, the things that usually got him into trouble in the long run.He smirked and sighed. He knew these games well. Truthfully she held the power for both men. They both had come to her in hopes of forgiveness of some sorts. Who was he to make her angry now?

He would let her conduct the orchestra this evening.

Looking at Louis as he spoke venomously to Alexandra he waited for the man to calm down. He wasn't alarmed at the reference to her killings.

"So, apparently, both of us men are here for a reason. Each of us are...pleasantly surprised by the others presence, and neither of us are able to say what we really want to say. It's almost a stalemate. In efforts to break that I will say a few things to you Louis." He continued his ambivalent gaze towards Louis as he spoke.

"I could be wrong, since I've been a little MIA in Alexandra's life for some months now, but I have never heard of you before unless you also go by Michel. So, I would say that puts you at yes your no longer a part in her life currently. That should answer your obvious question at hand. Other than that, both of us are pretty much at Alexandra's mercy here tonight. No need to become upset."

He leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees.

"The next question should be, 'Now what?'."
Alexandra 15 years ago
Ok hold your damn horses did this scream threesome or what! freaking threesome with two hot men.. but wait... with Louis... O MY FREAKING HOLY HELL IN A HAND BASKET!

If Alexandra would have been an anime character she would have sweatdropped right about now... or drool... but Louis? she never ever no wait she had... no she hadn't ahhhhh stop it! Yes going crazy here, shut up already..

Looking from one man to another she narrowed her eyes for a second, Louis was talking, then Panos was talking, wait what where they saying, focus! hot men in her livingroom... was it hot in there again?

So now what? did he just say that? Yes he did didn't he, he said "Now what?"

Opening her mouth she closed it again, opening it back up a squeeck came out, she didn't squeeck ever.. did she just squeeck, damn they were looking at her funny...

"Is it hot here?"

Waving cool air to herself she noticed them looking at her like she just sprouted another head.

"Ok so now what? well ok two options, number one, we sit here and talk and we all tell eachother nice stories about who and what we are and I think we all have that one figured out without cutting all the bullshit, raise your hand if you're a few hundred year old vampire"

Raising her hand she smirked, then put it back down.

"Ok so option two, we fuck like bunnies and get that one over and done with"

Pulling her legs up she picked up her wine and took a sip, looking at both men she smirked.

"Any other sugestions?"
Panos Mehalitsenos 15 years ago
Panos almost choked on his mouthful of wine. The slinky liquid became tight vice in his airway.

What did she just say?!

"It has been a while for you hasn't it."

The thought of A) having another man's meat accidently slap against his own or possibly drag down his leg and B) sharing Alexandra with this man who was also connected to her painful past, was almost too much for him.

"You are mad woman. Simply mad."

Perhaps this was all a bad dream. Maybe what really happened was when he walked into her home she had ran at him and nailed him on the head. Surely he was unconcious now and his mind was playing tricks on him. Was he seriously sitting on Alexandra's couch with her and an old beau and the topic of fucking just came up?

"Besides I don't play nice. I don't share too well."
Louis Morel 15 years ago
Louis' reaction was almost identical to Panos' he had just taken a sip of his wine when Alexandra said what she said, coughing rather violently he tried to digest the wine whit out chocking on it. Alexandra laughed and patted him on the back.

Finally regaining his posture he looked over at her and then back at Panos, pointing at the other man he hoarsely spoke.

"What he said"

Taking another sip he glared at Alexandra for a moment, mad woman... she was like a sister to him and sure she was hot as hell with a killer body and a face many topmodels would kill for, but still, you don't fuck your sister now do you?

"I see your strange sense of humour hasn't changed over the past 5 years"

Putting down his glass he looked around the room, damn he needed a smoke.