Private Tutoring


Ginger seemed thrilled to have something to do, and greeted Fallon warmly as she approached the limo.

"Hi Ginger, you're looking smart tonight! This is my friend Aislinn, who we need to get back to her hotel to change, before heading to Eternity. Then, once we get to the club, just stick within cell distance, and I'll call you when we're ready to leave, thanks."

Ginger returned the compliment to Fallon, along with a knowing wink. Fallon really liked Ginger, and appreciated how affable the woman was, especially on such short notice. Once ensconced in the back of the limo, it was completely private between Fallon and Aislinn. Ginger knew that what went on behind her window was not her business, unless told otherwise.

The ride to Aislinn's hotel was long enough to allow Fallon a bit more time for instructions, and she took advantage.

"I guess the main thing to remember tonight, is to be as friendly as you can, but don't let anyone try to get you to do anything beyond what YOU want to do. Sure, we're here to feed, and to learn ways to do that, but it doesn't mean you can't have some fun...if YOU want.

Most guys I run into are grateful for any attention you give them, and if you make it a little fun, by the way of touching...kissing...stroking, whatever, they become putty in your hands. Unfortunately there are always going to be the rogues too...the ones who think they're God's gift, and that you can't deny them anything. Those are the ones to steer clear of, for your own safety, at least until you feel comfortable enough in taking them on successfully."

Fallon had no problem handling an obnoxious masher, and in fact enjoyed the challenge now. But that hadn't always been the case. She had found herself in some perilously close calls in the past, and had been ever thankful Cyrus had been close by.

"Tonight we should come up with some sort of signal to use, in case you find you're in over your head, or even if you have questions in the middle of things. A quick, short cough, or sneeze, or even scratching your arm..."

Fallon demonstrated all three examples.

"Then we can both meet in the restroom, and discuss the problem. But if at any time you aren't able to get away, for whatever reason, do whatever you have to, to get my attention. If I don't think I can come to your aide, I'll quickly find someone in the club who will."

The last thing she wanted to do was to scare Aislinn unnecessarily, but she also didn't want her charge to get hurt either.

Aislinn Ross 16 years ago
Aislinn told Ginger the name of her hotel as she slipped in next to Fallon. It was not the first time she had been in a limo, but she had not used them enough yet to no longer get a slight thrill out of travelling in one. She smiled at Fallon, then turned more serious as she listened intently to her instructions. It was almost like like being back at home and being told how to play her part in one of their staged medieval battles. Or at least that was how she was going to think of it.

She had always been nervous ahead of such events, not afraid, for Aislinn actually feared very little, but it always played on her mind what might happen if things went wrong. She did her part exactly as she was told, trusting in the expert, and it had always turned out fine. So she simply applied the same method to Fallon's instructions even if flirting all night was not really something she was accustomed to doing. She just hoped her spontaneous streak carried on from last night.

Last night. God that seemed so long ago, like another lifetime. In a sense, it was. She could never live that life again.

She looked only mildly worried by the thought of anyone giving her enough trouble to have to call in reinforcements. She had always been a strong woman, a natural trait of her family rather than any physical bulk. Her strength had always come very near to most mens, and she had a few tricks up her sleeve as well. She had never really learned much hand to hand combat, only armed, but knew a few basic manouveres. There, that was something she could focus on in her spare time, she could perfect her skills.

She smiled to herself again as she listened, leaning back in her seat to enjoy the view as they drove into slightly more familiar territory. Soon they were driving in the bright lights of the Strip, where Ginger pulled up in front of one of the less flashy hotels, but still one worth note. Aislinn could have afforded the best, but had chosen to keep a lower profile.

When they stopped, Aislinn instinctively started to open the door then stopped and looked at Fallon with a strange look.

"Do you want to come?"

She asked not for her own comfort, for she was perfectly capable of dressing herself, but more for the safety of those around her. She was growing increasingly hungry although not unmanagebly so, but she was not sure how much of a danger she was to people yet. Apart from Ginger, she had not been around anyone else but Fallon since she had left the hotel early last night.
Fallon 16 years ago
Fallon took little notice of the hotel that Ginger pulled up in front of. She was still almost completely focused on Aislinn.

When the invite came, Fallon was nearly out the door. Ginger had opened Aislinn's door first, then quickly moved to the other side to do the same for Fallon. Fallon wasn't about to let Aislinn out of her site tonight, no matter what the blond girl thought.

"Sure...I'll come up."

Sliding all the way off the seat, Fallon was glad she wasn't one of those women with the mile long legs. The boots were manageable for her, even though they weren't the kinds of footwear she normally wore, but the combination between the shoes, and her short, short dress were borderline indecent. Once she got out of the car she was fine, and this time she was lucky enough to do so with sufficient grace.

Following behind Aislinn, Fallon put on her 'haughty' face of confidence, and carried herself into the hotel almost as if she owned it. She hadn't bothered with a purse, instead slipping her cell phone into the top of her boot. She would have no need of money, or ID, since Cyrus had an account at the club, and the bouncers knew her. The less she had to be aware of the better she could be aware of the things that really mattered. Aislinn.
Aislinn Ross 16 years ago
She needn't have asked it seemed, for Fallon was practically out of the limo before Aislinn had finished her question. Evidently it was wise not to be alone in the first few days.
She led the way inside, stopping at the reception to get her keycard, then onwards to the elevator. They went up to the fifth floor to her room, Aislinn concentrating on where she was going to ignore the odd person they passed. She was afraid of what she might do, what strange instinct might make her pounce on them against her will. Thankfully no such thing happened and she led the way into her room.

The room was light and airy, decorated in pale colours but dark woods. A king size bed took up much of the space, but there was plenty or room for the wardrobe and desk. Aislinn opened the wardrobe and raked around for what she was looking for then promptly stripped where she was. Fallon had done more than see her naked and she didn't bother with modesty now. She slipped into a soft gold halterneck dress then stopped just above her knees and was light and floaty. She rummaged through the bottom of the wardrobe for a pair of black heeled sandals.

Moving over to the desk, she ran a brush through her long strawberry blond hair, considered tying it back, then decided against it and let it stay loose and wild. She put the brush down on the desk again and turned to Fallon, watching her reaction for approval or not.
Fallon 16 years ago
Admiring the atmosphere the quaint hotel had to offer stilled any misgivings Fallon had about Aislinn staying there. Any place her friend would be living in would require more security now, and ideally a private residence would still be better all around, until a move could be accomplished, Fallon's worries would ease up some.

Used to her own nudity, and that of Cyrus', as well as Ana's, Fallon didn't blink at Aislinn's lack of inhibitions. At this moment in time she looked upon the other young woman with the mind of a mentor, rather than a lover. Not that she missed the lushness of Aislinn's curves, similar to her own in that respect, but there were matters of higher priority now. Maybe later, once tonight's lesson had been learned, they might pick up again where they left off last night. This time Aislinn would again have the choice though.

Seeing her co-conspirator was ready to go, Fallon gave her a 'thumbs up' and held out her arm.

"You look super! I doubt you'll have any trouble finding a willing donor tonight!"

Fallon chuckled, and once again put on her arrogant facade, as they left the hotel, and returned to the limo.

As they both resettled in the back seat, Fallon cuddled up a little next to Aislinn. It was so nice to be with someone again, in more than just a casual friend position. Fallon had no illusions that her relationship with Aislinn would ever replace her marriage, or if it would even really amount to much more than a friendship that developed out of mutual needs. Aislinn was no longer someone for Fallon to manipulate for her own devices, thus her opinions, and decisions needed to be regarded every bit as much as Fallon's did.

But the older woman didn't think the younger would mind a bit of affection, and figured if anything it might help bolster Asilinn's confidences.

Within a scant several minutes Ginger pulled the limo up in front of the club, and parked. She jumped out to open the door again, and waited for the women to depart the car.

" have nothing to prove tonight...we're her to have fun, and if you are able to proceed with your lessons, that's great, but there will be time later if you would rather just observe, and get used to your own skin a bit longer."

Pulling the blond into a soft hug, Fallon looked outside the limo window at the small crowd that always seemed present in front of the club.

"More often than not, I will usually find someone in this crowd to satisfy my needs. That way I don't need to dress up, or spend a lot of time 'dating' inside. But then again your chances of picking up someone highly intoxicated are much higher outside."

Leaving it at that, Fallon stepped out of the car, and bussed Ginger on the cheek.

"Stay close tonight, please. I don't think we're going to be having a very late night."

When Aislinn joined Fallon's side, Fallon again took her arm and led her to the entrance, nodding at the big, burly man who stood ready to open the door. Once a cursory greeting was extended, along with a friendly inquiry into Cyrus' whereabouts, both women were allowed inside, and Fallon resumed leading Aislinn to the inner sanctum of Club Eternity.

"So here we are!" The music was loud enough to require Fallon to either shout at the top lof her lungs, or to lean in to Aislinn's ear, and still speak rather soundly. "Nice crowd tonight, and it seems the men out number the women 2-1. Woohoo! This should be lots of fun!"
Aislinn Ross 16 years ago
The Scot found the whole place rather overwhelming at first. She had never been anywhere so loud. She stared around at the crowd as her ears adjusted to the throbbing music. No one else seemed to find it too loud, indeed most seemed to be enjoying themselves. Some glanced her way, for a moment distracted by the shimmer of soft gold as she moved. Her hair and eyes, both with their golden hue only added to the effect. She must stick out like a sore thumb cringing into Fallon as she was. That would not do at all if she was to sate her thirst anytime soon.

So she resorted to a similar method to Fallon. She would put on a facade of her own, one she was well practiced in for it was in a way more real to her than being herself was. She stood up straighter, her shoulders back, her bearing suddenly regal. She did not come across as arrogant, rather she emitted a calm confidence of her place in the world. She was a woman born to a noble family and she looked every inch of the Lady she was for the first time since her fathers death. If there had been any doubt as to who she claimed to be, it was banished now.

Slipping back into old ways had a calming effect on her. Years of this act had trained her well to hide her true feelings, and only those who knew her fairly well would know she was nervous. She smiled politely to any who looked her way, but made no attempt to engage in pleasantries with anyone yet. She stayed close to Fallon, letting her mentor guide her.
Fallon 16 years ago
There was no way Fallon could miss how closely Aislinn clung to her side. It reminded her of the way the kittens where when they were first introduced into the Arslantai household. Then too, Fallon had been keeping a mother hawk's eye on her new fledgling. That, unfortunately, would need to change at some point, but was working out fine for now.

It truly was a woman's market at the club tonight, and didn't take any time at all for the men to start advertising their wares. It was reassuring to see Aislinn was drawing her share of looks as well, and in very few minutes both women had men speaking to them.

"Well hello, yes, my friend and I decided to cure our evening of boredom and venture out for some dancing and fun!" Fallon responded to the first man who dared to greet her. He was pretty typical of the men she sought out, being slightly drunk yet not falling over himself quite yet. She was loath to have to carry a man anywhere, especially when she was a mere 5' 3", her vampire strength aside. This one tonight, who managed to reach her before anyone else had, was clean, well dressed, and even had a hint of cologne, or aftershave. That last bit was always a nice touch, but one too few men seemed inclined to use.

Fallon accepted the man's invitation to dance, but only after it looked like Aislinn might have a catch of her own. Even then Fallon made sure her temporary partner didn't wander too far onto the dance floor, and kept his back to Aislinn, so mama hawk could maintain her visual. Fallon hoped Aislinn could catch a live one soon. She could keep up the pretense of enjoying herself for a while, but since she never really did like this kind of hunt, and disliked dancing with anyone but Cyrus, her facade of enjoyment was taxing, and wouldn't last forever.

Oh to have just found a willing donor on the street, have taken what she needed, and then returned home...that was all she was really cut out to do.
Aislinn Ross 16 years ago
Aislinn watched Fallon drift off with her catch, and was glad she didn't go too far. She turned her attention back to the fair haired man who was talking to her. She shrugged and then flashed him a smile, pretending that she couldn't hear what he was saying. He spoke louder and took her hand, trying to lead her towards the dancefloor. Aislinn stayed glued to the spot. She had been taught to ballroom dance yes, but nothing like the sometimes raunchy moves she saw here.

The man frowned at her and she realised she was going to lose dinner unless she thought of something quick. She looked around and saw the more private cubby's around the room. Perhaps if she could coerce him into one of those... She pulled him back to her, perhaps a bit rougher than she had intended as she had not realised yet that she was stronger, for he hesitated and gave her a funny look. Resorting to more extreme measures, she kissed him full on the lips to restore his slightly battered ego, then again tried to lead him to one of the cubbys. He put up no resistance this time, and followed her like a puppy.

She threw a quick glance in Fallon's direction because she didn't have a clue what she was going to do once she got him there. She still couldn't recall Fallon biting her, and she had only drank from a bottle since. Perhaps it was just like in the movies - maybe she should just bite. She was by now rather thirsty and feeling a little frustrated, although by all outward appearences she seemed calm still. Her male companion was blissfully unaware of the thoughts running through her head, and seemed quite happy kissing and fondling her. Aislinn, reserved by nature, was beginning to find his attention overbearing and desperately just wanted to get the deed over and done with. While he was kissing her neck, she glanced around again for Fallon.
Fallon 16 years ago
Fallon was impressed that Aislinn had taken such initiative, and was guiding her prey toward the back of the club. Fallon and Cyrus had slipped into one of those rooms once, but after the slightly tawdry air had been explored, they realized they enjoyed each other much more in their own home, and had never returned. But seeing Aislinn make the decision to attempt her feeding so soon, gave Fallon mixed feelings. She was happy to know her prodigy was exerting her power, but still apprehensive at the thought that Aislinn might be in over her head.

When Aislinn's eyes found Fallon's, and Fallon got the impression her 'daughter' might not know where to go from here, a decision was made.

"Come along Romeo...lets check out the back rooms."

Fallon whispered into her dance partner's ear, after teasing it with her tongue, and teeth. The man was complete putty in Fallon's arms by this time.

Hoping her student's body movements really were indicating Fallon's assistance, she crossed the short distance between couples quite quickly.

"And where are you two off to so soon...thinking of doing something a bit more fun than dancing?"

Her voice was sultry, as she raked a nail softly along the jawline of Aislinn's date. Men, from what she'd seen, and what Cyrus had confirmed, had strong feelings about seeing two women 'perform' together...this might be just the angle to use in accomplishing their goals tonight. Aislinn would need to find a way to work on her own eventually, but tonight Fallon had no problem helping out...she was still the teacher, after all.

"Follow us boys." Fallon slipped an arm into Aislinn's, and held fast to the front of her dance partner's shirt, heading to the most secluded section of Club Eternity.

As they walked the hall Fallon searched for the one door that wasn't closed, and found it in the fourth one they came too. Pushing her way in, she could see it was set up this time, just like the last. There were candles burning along the walls, and the lighting was quite dim. She suspected if they had wanted more light, it could have been turned up, but she preferred it this way, and had the feeling Aislinn would as well.

A very large round sofa was in the middle of the room, and there were several overstuffed pillows scattered on the floor. Leaning into Aislinn's ear, Fallon pretended to hug her friend, while whispering so low she knew the men would never hear a word.

"Cuddle up to him, give him a few kisses along his neck until you find the'll know it by the heat, smell, and feel of pulsing blood beneath the skin. Bite down softly, and drink. Once you're finished... and be careful not to take too much...lick the wound and it should close fast. He'll probably pass out, or be so out of it he won't pursue you. Meet me outside the room, and we'll catch up then."

The way she seemed able to plan all this on the fly was amazing to Fallon. Yes, she had been at this for over a year now, but until recently she still pretty much relied on Cyrus for such things. On the other hand, had she not been able to rely on her wits for the past many years, she wouldn't be sitting here now.

Giving Aislinn a kiss, full on the mouth, hoping the men would be sufficiently turned on, Fallon released her student, and pushed her dance partner onto one of the floor pillows. She then joined him before he had reason to get up, or wonder further.
Aislinn Ross 15 years ago
Not too much? How much was too much? She would just have to chance it she supposed as she turned her attention back to her fair haired 'date'. He was watching the scene with bemusment, but when he caught Aislinn's eyes upon him again he smiled at her suggestively. Aislinn smirked back at him, then sat down next to him and snuggled up close to him.

He was eager to pick up where they had left off before Fallon led them to this room and Aislinn allowed him a few moments before she tired of his fondlings. Pushing him away a bit, she pinned him against the seat and kissed him full on the lips again. He didn't seem to mind her sudden assertiveness and was content to let her kisses roam down his jawline then softly down his neck.

Aislinn was not entirely comfortable with the whole thing. She felt like a hussy behaving as she was, but then perhaps if she had paused to worry about her behaviour last night, she would not be what she was now. The scent of blood was strong, and she marvelled at this new sense. She had never noticed blood having a scent before and decided it must be a vampire thing. She lingered a while kissing his neck while she summoned the courage to bite him. The scent was intoxicating, arousing her thirst to new heights and eventually she just let instinct take over.

As if of its own accord she felt her body comply with her instincts, the lengthening of fangs as she prepared to bite. There was something extremely satisfying about sinking ones teeth into warm flesh and feeling the hot lifes blood slip down your throat. She was mildly surprised that her dinner didn't resist, but didn't question it for now. His cooperation made her life easier.

She did not know how long or how much she drank, but when she felt him sag she immediately stopped, only just remembering to lick the wound as she had been told. She sat back and stared at him for signs of life and visibly relaxed when she saw his chest rise and fall. He was out for the count but at least he still lived.

She licked her lips, tasting a hint of alcohol now, and looked round to see what Fallon was up to.
Fallon 15 years ago
Laughing was a little difficult not to do, once Fallon got a vision of the four of them in her head. Two tiny women, all but engulfed in the arms of the men they were who thought they had control of the situation, and had become incredibly 'lucky' tonight. The farce was too rich, and humorous, and Fallon made herself focus on Aislinn to avoid breaking up.

She felt the man beneath her, pawing, and slobbering all over her, but ignored him for the moment. A thirst was building inside her, and she knew she wouldn't wait too much longer, but she had to make sure Aislinn was faring okay before she took care of her own needs.

Once it became apparent that Aislinn was in control, Fallon began returning some of the attentions she had been receiving. She sensed her prey was drifting a little, but knew it was from alcohol, and not her lacking any appeal. To jump start the man's engine, Fallon let her hand slide down his chest, and lower across the front of his slacks. Oh yes...she could feel the interest there, and after a few firm squeezes, her prey was fully welcoming, and ready to go.

Not really one to enjoy the sufferings of others, Fallon cut to the chase then, and found her spot on his neck. Within less than five minutes she had drunk her fill, and left the man resting on the pillows. Pulling herself up, she straigntened her clothes, and hair, and walked outside the room. As she passed Aislinn she could see her pick had passed out as well, and would be joining her momentarily.
Aislinn Ross 15 years ago
Aislinn stayed a moment longer to make sure he was definately ok. She figured he would wake with a bit of a headache, but she didn't seem to have caused him any real harm. She backed off, leaving him lying there and silently left the room to find Fallon already there. Her relief was immense that she had got through this first trial without killing anyone and she burst out in a fit of giggles as soon as the door was closed behind her. She couldn't even say what she was laughing for, but she felt much better for it.

When she finally composed herself again, she grinned at Fallon, eyes still sparkling from her merriment.

"So where now?"
Fallon 15 years ago
Still somewhat amused by the overall situation, now that she was dealing better with the guilt of changing Aislinn, Fallon joined in the giggling.

"I don't know why you're laughing, but I'm sure relieved to see that, rather than tears, or fear in those pretty eyes."

She hadn't waited long for Aislinn to finish and join her, but in that short time span she had worried. Seeing Aislinn exit the room in fine shape took such a weight off Fallon's shoulders that she thought she could actually feel her body become lighter.

Standing in the middle of the hallway outside those rooms wasn't the most ideal place to be just now, so Fallon again linked her arm through Aislinn's and started walking.

"Wherever you'd like to go sweet. This is your night...we can go back and party a little, go somewhere quiet and talk, or just have Ginger drive us around Nachton until something sparks an interest.

I do want to hear all about how it went in there for you though, at some time tonight. My turning experience was so different than yours, or so I imagined anyway...I am really trying to make this as easy, and pleasant as I can for you..."

As if having this experience be anything less horrific was possible.
Aislinn Ross 15 years ago
Aislinn chattered away as they walked.

"Well I'd be lying if I were to say I wasn't scared. I didn't really have a clue what to do with him, so I just made it up! Copied what I've seen on the TV and hoped for the best." She paused to smile at Fallon. "You know, this isn't really my scene. Lets go for a drive, maybe I will spot somewhere the takes my fancy. I should keep an eye out for an apartment or so too I suppose."

She frowned breifly as she wondered what she was going to do in the long term, but quickly shrugged it off. It was not something she wanted to worry about tonight.
Fallon 15 years ago
Fallon grinned to hear Aislinn take control of the conversation. She had wanted to hear more from the girl but hadn't wanted to push it. She had hoped when the time was right, her fledgling would come forward, and she had, so she let herself relax even more now, as they cleared the club and met up with Ginger again, outside.

"Ginger, please just take us on a nice drive, anywhere is fine but if you know any nicer areas that might have some apartments for rent, or condos...townhomes...the like...we'd like to just peruse those neighborhoods for a while."

The friendly driver nodded in understanding, and held the door open until the two women were again inside.

"Have you seen much of Nachton? This will give you a little insight into places you might find appropriate to live in, even if you don't run right out and find something.

When I first came to Nachton I stayed at the Piazza, but finances were such that I did choose to find something more homey, sooner rather than later. I was lucky enough to find a darling cottage in a nice neighborhood, not far from the center of town. And then Cyrus came along and all my plans of independence went out the window."

Fallon laughed softly, and waved her hand as if to show she wasn't at all displeased with the turn of events.

"For awhile a close friend took the place over, but she had to leave town recently, and now it sits vacant again."

Unfortunately, since the place was now Ana's, Fallon had no right to offer it up to Aislinn now. But it wasn't like there weren't tons of other places to live, and for all she knew, the cottage might have been just a tad too homey for someone of Aislinn's background.

"And then too, let's not forget Heolfor...there are several suites open there, that I'm sure I could get you into. It's something else you'll need to decide...whether or not you'll want to join a clan, and if you wish to join the one I belong to or not. There are definitely more advantages to belonging to a clan than not. In fact without the protection of a clan, you might even be risking your life. I don't know for sure, but I have heard some things about the other vampires, and clans in Nachton, and I can safely say I'm glad to belong to Anantya."

So now she was sounding like a recruiter, and that wasn't her intention at all. She did want Aislinn safe, but however the young woman chose to go, it had to be her decision.
Aislinn Ross 15 years ago

Vampires having clans was not something she had considered. Her own family was head of their Clan at home, but she wasn't sure Fallon meant the same thing. It would be nice to belong somewhere, and near Fallon would be even better, though she wanted her independance too. She didn't want to have to rely on her new friend too much, afraid that babysitting her might drive her away in the long run.
And this Heolfor was obviously a place, some sort of vampire haven. But would it seem like a prison to her, with people breathing down her neck on how to behave? She'd had enough of that in the past and wasn't keen to go back to that. But maybe it was different.

"What is Heolfor like?"
Fallon 15 years ago
Memories of her initiation, and subsequent involvement in the clan's day to day business filled Fallon with such happiness that she radiated it in a huge smile.

"I love Heolfor."

She giggled lightly, then turned semi-serious as she also turned in the seat to better face Aislinn. The night outside was dark, of course, but the flickering street lamps provided enough light to see her friend's face, and she assumed vice versa.

"First, I have to tell you I didn't come from a 'well to do' fact you don't hear about many as poor as we were. My 'father' left before I got to know him, and for all intents and purposes my mother only existed to beat us. I had two older sisters that were pretty much worthless, though I can't really fault them...they were looking out for themselves as best they could. My little brother became my responsibility, and one I took very seriously until he could go away to school.

Consequently, when I first married it was more of an escape than a true joining of souls. Ironically, I really just changed prisons, finding my husband was no better than my mother in their desire to enslave me for their own selfish purposes."

Fallon shrugged, and left the rest of those memories behind her. She had no desire to relive any of that was all buried with Ted and that was as it should be.

"Then I met Cyrus, and since he was Anantya it was natural that I would follow. Once I was initiated I finally found out what true family was...everyone has been more than kind, and friendly to me, welcoming me into the fold as if I had been born into it."

Again she giggled softly, and for a few seconds took on a wistful gaze. Her next words were spoken almost as if from far away.

"I suppose I was really...born into life didn't truly begin until Cyrus, and the clan."

Mentally shaking herself from he musings, Fallon refocused again on Aislinn.

"Heolfor is a huge mansion filled with suites, and the most beautiful grounds to wander through. The staff is marvelous, ready to assist you when you need it, or to be not seen if that is what you wish. Cyrus had a suite there when we married, and I've been staying there most of the time lately. I go home to check on the kittens, but I find the work I've been doing takes up most of my time, so staying at the manor is most convenient.

I'm not sure you'll be able to stay there indefinitely...unless you become part of the clan...but I promise I'll check into all that tomorrow, and find out the particulars. I'm still sure you can stay there temporarily though. With all the clan elders being away now, I can have a suite set up for you, if you want, and you can come and go at your leisure. It might be nice being in an atmosphere where you are assured there are more of your kind, and close to me as well.

I don't want you to think I'm being a mother hen, but I do feel responsible for you now, and want nothing but to see you happy, and safe. I just don't want to suffocate you in the process."

Had she addressed Aislinn's concerns? Fallon sighed. There was so much to say, but how did one push hundreds of years of traditions, and lifestyles into one night?

"We have time...loads of figure all this out. I just want to make sure I answer all your questions as best as I can. I know that was one reason I had been so scared after I turned. Being left to fend for myself, by my 'sire', was NOT the way to handle such things."

Any time she spoke of Panos, Fallon's voice turned a little acidic. Though after she had experienced all that she had, she no longer feared the man. It also probably helped that she had seen him at his weakest, and most vulnerable state, and knew she was partially responsible for saving Thoughts of that night now steered her thoughts as she gazed out the window behind Aislinn's head.
Aislinn Ross 15 years ago
Aislinn noticed the acidic tone when Fallon spoke of her Sire and she was curious. Fallon had seemed to compare their current situation to her own Turning but Aislinn had not bothered to press the matter, a firm believer that people will will speak in their own time.
But the radiant look on her face when she spoke of her Clan was enough for Aislinn. Evidently she enjoyed it greatly and being as she and Aislinn seemed quite compatible so far, Aislinn was happy to follow in her footsteps. She would have to see Heolfor before she decided if she would stay within the safety of such a place or risk having her own place. Until she was used to her new life, having others of her kind around might not be such a bad idea.

"I think I will join your Clan." She smiled breifly, and watched Fallon as she gazed past her. She decided to chance it, break her own code of privacy and ask.

"How was did it happen for you?" Her voice was very soft, and not demanding. She would not pester Fallon into telling her, but she was curious.
Fallon 15 years ago
"Ugh, aren't you tired of hearing me talk yet?"

Fallon wasn't serious in the least. Teaching seemed to come naturally to her, so in that respect she was in her element. She knew Aislinn would have questions for days, weeks, and even months to come...she just never expected to have them all asked in one night.

Here eyes crinkled in understanding, and a slight bit of amusement.

"Good! I just know everyone will be excited to welcome you to our clan. I'll try to get in touch with Morrigan as soon as I can, and perhaps see if I can locate Mai, and Sorin too. I can't promise anything, but we'll get you in, of that you can be sure."

Fallon pulled Aislinn into a hug, and stroked the girl's long, soft hair. In a way, Aislinn just became probably the closest thing Fallon would have to a real daughter, and her heart felt even fuller than it had earlier.

Settling back into the limo seat, Fallon looked at Aislinn in a completely new light, and was struck again by how quickly life changed.

Fortunately even the next question didn't alter her mood. She had come to terms with Panos, and would never again allow him any power over her. That he gave her this life she now had, albeit unintentionally, was pretty much all that mattered. That his methods weren't the best were behind her now. That she could say she was thankful to him would remain her secret. She was lucky...if he were given any encouragement he might try his little trick again, and someone else might not be so.

"I hadn't been in Nachton more than a couple days. I was married a man who was an abusive bastard..and when I got to a place in my life where I couldn't take it anymore, I left him. Apparently fate brought me here, and once I arrived, I decided to get a job, and settle into a nice, sedate life as a teacher, and start enjoying life.

Again fate stepped in, or so I believe now. I was out exploring Nachton one evening, and wound up at the marina, just wandering about, enjoying the night, and the freedom to do whatever I wanted."

Those memories brought the faded smile back to her face, and her eyes remained lit with excitement.

"Then Panos stepped into my life...what a pitiful excuse for anything that resembled humanity."

Shaking her head in dismay, Fallon then became only slightly more serious. How odd the horror had dissipated and hardly colored her thoughts at all, as it once had.

"Long story short, he kidnapped me, took me back to his place fed off me...took things too far, and when he couldn't bear to let me die, turned me as well.

The problem with Panos was...and what became my worse nightmare...his inability to take care of the situation once he created it. He's quite the coward, my sire."

Perhaps while she was no longer truly angry, Fallon might forever harbor an extreme distaste for Panos. And the truth cowardice.

"Oh he explained the bare minimums...I would need to feed off blood to survive, and staying out of the sun was a big deal...but after that I was left to my own devices. New to independence, new to Nachton, new to the vampire was overwhelming at the very least...and terrifying beyond belief."

These images and thoughts had been pushed down, away from her consciousness for so long, that Fallon almost felt like they belong to someone else. The distance enabled her to remain mostly calm, and impassive as she recounted her experiences.

"I'm sure I would have managed...survived...made a life for myself, had I remained on my own, but to my fortune Cyrus 'rescued' me, taught me, loved me, and helped me become the woman I am today.

I also made some very wonderful friends, even before I became Anantya...I really have been blessed...funny as that sounds."

Reaching out with her finger, Fallon gently trailed the side of it along Aislinn's jaw.

"I won't ever leave you to worry. Whatever I must do, I'll do it, if it will help you learn how to do more than survive...I want you to be happy, maybe not the way I'm happy...what do you suppose will make Aislinn happy, now?
Aislinn Ross 15 years ago
Aislinn had to look out the window to hide her threatened tears when Fallon released her from the embrace. No one had held her like that since she was very young, and never since her mother had walked out on them. She managed to compose herself again by the time Fallon answered her question. She listened with avid interest, but again struggled to control tears at Fallons last words. Why was she becoming all emotional? Normally so reserved and aloof, no one had really got under her skin before.

"I don't know. I guess...I guess I just want to belong somewhere, be part of a proper family. My mother left us when I was five and I had no other female relatives. We were homeschooled so I never really made any close friends either." She laughed suddenly. "God, I must sound like a right loser. But I wasn't...I was just different."

"I just want to to fit in somewhere, have friends, a husband, children..." she stopped suddenly as something occured to her, and she spoke next in a taught voice. "I can't have children now can I?"
Fallon 15 years ago
The street lights made Aislinn's eyes glitter, showing Fallon the girl was crying. In a way it helped Fallon to see such emotions in the younger woman. What Aislinn had been through was so life altering that to see no evidence of its effects had worried the elder vampire. How could anyone, no matter how awful their real life had been, go through something as traumatic as turning, and not experience some pangs of regret, or fear, or confusion.

Not that Aislinn hadn't shown any feelings at all, but not to the extent Fallon had imagined she should.

"No sweet, you don't sound at all like a loser, but rather someone who hasn't had the appropriate opportunities in life yet. Being different certainly doesn't make you a loser, at least not to me. If anything I think everyone should strive for a uniqueness. How boring the world would be if we were all the know? How much more interesting it is when you meet someone different...and not just someone who dresses differently, or wears a different hairstyle, but someone who has unique thoughts and ideas.

I think one of the reasons I was so drawn to Cyrus was because he was so unlike any other man I'd ever met before. The fact that he is a thousand year plus vampire was a big part of it...he's seen and lived in places that don't even exist any longer. He's met people of so many different cultures and walks of life, again, some that have since vanished, and will never be experienced again. In all that time he's developed ways about himself that modern men could never hope to achieve, and that makes almost all contemporary men pale by comparison.

And that, young lady, does not make him a loser."

The comparisons weren't really fair, but Fallon hoped she got her point across. It was good Aislinn didn't consider herself a loser, but Fallon didn't want her to feel that being different was in any way a negative aspect either.

So much of what Aislinn now spoke of was exactly how Fallon had felt. Fitting in, having friends, and family that would truly share love...the word 'children' made Fallon catch her breath. She tried to keep her voice level, and calm as she answered Aislinn's inquiry.

"No...for a woman, that is one of the definite cons about being turned. I'm so very sorry."

Having known from a young age herself, that bearing children wasn't something she would ever want, that point hadn't mattered to Fallon at all. Though since then, and the kittens, and now her involvement with Aislinn, Fallon was getting a small taste of what motherhood meant, and could see how it definitely had positive points to it.

"With my own experiences with my mother, and raising my brother...motherhood never had much appeal for me, so when I was turned it never even crossed my mind to feel that loss. But on the bright side, in today's world, with surrogate mothers, and adoption, if you truly want to be a mother, there are ways."

Would that appease Aislinn's notions of motherhood, or, Fallon wondered, would she be one who needed to feel life growing inside her? Obviously one would be impossible, and one wouldn't, thus making one a viable possibility, and one very difficult to learn to accept.