Shopping 101 ((Attn Ysa and Marie))

Leaning against one of the cement traffic pilings near the street, Amby kept an eye up and down the strip for her friend's arrival. The night was warm and balmy, a slight breeze stirring her wavy long blonde hair some. She smiled, absent mindedly tucking a lock behind her ear. She loved summer time. The warmth complimented her sun kissed skin and golden coloring. Plus the fashion was always so fun. Her cropped and frayed blue jean shorts left the blonde's long legs as bare as could be, and her pink glitter painted toes wiggled with her excitement in her favorite comfy espadrilles. She tugged the hem of her clingy black v-neck tee down some, just figeting while she waited.

Safely tucked away in her purse was a long list of stores to suggest. Once she met Ysabel's new charge she'd have a much better idea where to go but so far the list included everything from bath and body products to furniture and electronics and all the little things that made a teenager happy. This excursion had her bubbling with excitement and it had been a long time since she'd looked forward to an evening out like she had this one.

Ysabel 14 years ago
Getting out of the car in a gown like hers was a nearly long-lost art form, but Ysabel managed with the grace of centuries of experience. She had already spotted Amby and was very happy to have asked her along. Not only would she know all the best places to shop for a younger girl, but her tastes were so opposite from Ysabel's that she would surely provide a refreshing take for Marie, who so far had only seen Ysabel's preferences, in all things. Not just clothing.

She carried a small ivory handbag with her credit cards, identification, and some cash in it. Managing her clothing was enough of a handful. She waved to Amberelle and turned to make sure Marie got out of the cab all right, then paid and tipped the driver.

Heading toward her friend, she winced at the idea of being in the mall with its bright lights, but there was nothing to do aside from endure. Her eyes would eventually adjust, as well as they ever did in a well-lit place. Hopefully smoe of the stores would be a little dimmer and she would have a break now and then.

"I'm so glad you came Amberelle," she said when she reached her clanmate. "I'd like you to meet Marie. Marie, this is Amberelle, the lady I told you about." She left out surnames, hoping Amby didn't mind, feeling that Marie would be a little more comfortable with the meeting if they kept it fairly informal.

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Marie 14 years ago
Marie was excited and nervous and embarrassed and shy all at the same time. It was quite confusing, but it wasn’t going to stop her. As usual she was slightly in awe of how Ysabel managed to carry herself and manage the dress and everything else. But it made her even more aware of her own worn attire. It was clean, she could at least say that. But the jeans were frayed and faded, the tee shirt had seen better days and the shoes were more than lived in. She’d brought her wallet, and a whole twenty bucks from her last night panhandling, and it didn’t quite fit in her pockets. But the duck tape wallet had been a gift from a friend and one of her few remaining links with her happy home life so she kept it.

Tripping over her own feet she managed to stumble out of the cab. Of all the times to be awkward, oh well, too late it wasn’t like she was going to make that great of an impression any way. Trotting after Ysabel she was slightly surprised by Amberelle. She seemed very young as well, but much more modern. Not at all like what she’d expected a vampire to look like. Although, Ambrose didn’t look all that old fashioned just sort of… grown up.

She gave Amberelle a nearly shy smile and a half wave, while still standing half behind Ysabel.


It was sort of like meeting her mom’s friends. She was never quite sure where she fit in. That and in the back of her mind she wondered if Amberelle would bite her too. Marie didn’t think so, but she was fifteen after all she had seen Interview with the Vampire and Armand had passed that little boy around. After a second's though she decided that this was not a movie and that wouldn’t be happening, but one couldn’t blame her for considering it.
Amberelle DeEspionne 14 years ago
Resisting the urge to shake her head at the lovely but oh so antique gown her friend was wearing, Amberelle turned her golden eyes to Marie and gave her a warm, friendly smile. She held out her hand to the girl and returned her hesitant greeting with one that would hopefully put her at ease.

Hi Marie.. Nice to meet you. And please, call me Amby.

Standing up straight, she looked down at both of them and tried to get a feel for the young girl from her clothes. Which was hard since they were fairly well worn and didn't have anything terribly distinctive about them. Well, comfort over fashion maybe? Hmmm. Fishing her list out of her handbag she wiggled it slightly at them.

I have a bunch of suggestions but I think the first thing is... What do you want to get first Marie? Clothes, furniture, gadgets.... shoes... makeup..? The Creole watched her carefully for even a slight reaction, thinking if she was too shy or nervous to speak her mind it might help.

And, there are lots of really cute boutiques and places down the strip or nearby.. I have my car too, if we want to head to some of the more upscale places... She paused with a rueful grin and shook her head. She was getting carried away and not giving the poor girl a chance to even reply. Ahh, she had to remember to curb her own enthusiasm. Shrugging a shoulder as if to say "what can you do?" she appologized.

Pardon moi.. I get a bit excited sometimes when it comes to shopping.

Lips sealed, she tilted her head and studied the human, waiting.
Marie 14 years ago
Marie had enough good manners to shake Amberelle… Amby’s hand. That forced her to take a step or two forward, more even with Ysabel and less hidden. It didn’t feel too terrible, she wasn’t a servant or something to be ashamed of so why shouldn’t she take a –slightly- more equal footing. Not quite, no not quite, she was still too young for full equal.

Watching in amazement as Amberelle pulled a list out of her bag Marie gapped slightly before giggling. The other vampire seemed quite enthusiastic and it was a bit contagious.

“Cloths.” She blushed a bit at being so forward and added, “Please.”

Clean made a lot of difference but she was still more than a little tired of what she had.

“I’ve been wearing the same few outfits forever.”

That was more than she’d meant to let slip out. Ysabel knew she’d run away from home but Marie didn’t know if that was something should keep to herself or what.

“At least it seems that way.”

She amended weakly hopping to cover a little bit.
Ysabel 14 years ago
Ysabel hid a smile behind her hand as Amby proceeded to impress Marie with her extensive shopping list. Her familiar's request for clothing first wasn' unexpected. Marie had only a very few, ragged outfits and Ysabel had noted with approval that she liked to keep them clean, which only wore them out faster.

"I have a feeling we will need all of that eventually, but yes, we may as well start with clothing."

Poor Marie would probably want to wear some of them right now, she reflected. That shouldn't be a problem. She'd let Marie know it was fine, too, as long as their purchases were finalized.

"Which store do you think we should start in?"

Nachton's mall was intimidating. Multiple stories, hundreds of stores, and lots and lots of bright lights. Ysabel enjoyed shopping but she generally preferred custom-made items. This would be her first time in the mall since arriving in the US.
Amberelle DeEspionne 14 years ago
The blonde nodded, pleased that Marie would speak up. That was going to make everythign run much smoother. Looking over at Ysabel she made a soft hmmm noise in response to the woman's question. She tapped the list against her thigh lightly as she thought, mentally running through the mall until she decided on what was closest to the entrance by them with universal appeal.

We're just right by the old navy and the Gap. Smiling over at the girl, she winked as she added, You look like the kind of girl who can appreciate a pair of comfy jeans and the like so why don't we start there? Knock out the basics then we can get you some pretty dresses and the like.. Oui, sounds like a plan to me.

Amber eyes turned slightly to look at her clanmate for approval before she headed into the Mall. She really didn't expect any objections but it didn't hurt to let her friend be included in the final decision.
Marie 14 years ago
Marie beamed with pleasure, looked to Ysabel for approval and continued to smile while nodding. That sounded perfect. Amby was going to think she’d never had new cloths before but a girl could only were cheap worn out thrift store goodwill cloths for so long before they started to wear out even further. And having to keep mobile had seriously limited her wardrobe.

“It sounds perfect. Maybe some shoes too?”

She hadn’t told Ysabel but she’d found a hole in the sole of her shoe the day before yesterday. It wasn’t huge but it was noticeable and it was there and wandering around with the horses it was proving… inconvenient.
Ysabel 14 years ago
Ysabel smiled widely at Amby and gave her a nod of mixed approval and thanks. Old Navy was a perfect store for Marie... nothing there would have a huge intimidating price tag. She was already planning on spending a good deal of money tonight, but hopefully if it was done a bit here and a bit there, marie wouldn't think to do the matha nd add it up, and Ysabel didn't want her familiar tallying totals in her head. She needed certain staples, and ysabel was happy to provide them for her. In her mind, this was her half of the bargain. Marie would serve her purpose in multiple ways between helping with daytime chores, serving as an occasional food source, and being good company. Ysabel considered it only fair that she receive basic comforat and care in return. If her idea of basic comfort and care went a little beyond the norm, well, it was her bank account.

"Let's get started then?"

She headed for the automatic doors, not happy at all about entering the brightly-lit mall walkway, and briefly wishing she had a pair of sunglasses, or even the baseball cap Ambrose had bought her last summer at the park.

Once inside she noted the wide glass-front of the Old Navy and headed that way. Once again she smiled when she saw the clothing on the mannequins. Perfect for a girl just about to start high school.

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Amberelle DeEspionne 14 years ago
At the girl's request for shoes, Amberelle could only grin. Asking her if she'd mind shoe shopping.. that was like asking the sun if it minded shining. Chuckling slightly, she nodded as she shifted her bag onto her shoulder. her tone was bright and her excitement shone through when she replied. But of course! I'm always up for shoe shopping, and I know some great places.. some real big discounts and steals even! Walking into the mall, she looked down at the human for a moment. I know Ysabel loves horses, and has a few. Do you ride? We can get you some good boots too if so.

Following after her clanmate, the blonde's eyes moved from display to display, calculating and searching as she grabbed a basket from the front area and paused. Pants, shirts, shorts.. mentally she ticked off a list but turned to the other two, mostly Marie but she did include the other vampire, and swept her hand out to indicate the store.

Have anything specific you want to begin with, or should we start at one side and work around to the dressing rooms? Amby knew there would be plenty to try on and sort through so maybe if they just leisurely went around the store Marie wouldn't notice how much accumulated in the basket.
Marie 14 years ago
It really was silly to be this excited, but it really was… well… exciting.

Marie nodded at the question about riding but still managed to keep some form of modesty and not let her mouth run away with her.

“Yes. Some. Ysabel has been letting me ride her horses and help take care of them a bit too, so boots would be good.”

She’d decided against mentioning the hole in her shoe. That would probably only embarrass Ysabel and that wouldn’t be fair to her as Marie had worn that hole in her shoe quite on her own, most of it even before she’d met her vampire.

Not being a very experienced shopper, not a novice you understand but perhaps an armature, Marie bit her lip thoughtfully but still approached the problem completely haphazardly.

“Maybe jeans first? They go with every thing.”

At least they did in her world. And so, she wandered toward that area of the store. She ruled out skinny jeans. They –never- fit right and she could never get comfortable in them. Carpenter jeans seemed out for the opposite reason, they just were hard to look good in, so that left something in the middle. Hesitantly, still not quite ready to spend Ysabel’s money she picked up one or two pair in what she was pretty sure was her size and looked them over critically. Might as well try them on as not she decided and tossed them over her arm.
Ysabel 14 years ago
Ysabel went along into the store with Amby and Marie, but as their dicussion leaned toward riding, she had to interrupt, a smile on her face. "Don't worry about riding boots," she said, "I'll have them custom made as soon as we know your size. Your riding boots should always be a perfect fit."

Turning her eyes to Amby she wondered if her friend had a pair of such boots, and if she would enjoy them, and use them. As much as Ysabel loved to have "alone time" with her horses, she equally enjoyed having company to share them with. She made a mental note to ask Amby later if she had need for good boots... she certainly had to find an appropriate thank-you gift for her help.

As Marie plucked one or two pairs of jeans from the rack, Ysabel noted the style she'd chosen and added a pair in a size up and down from what Marie had taken. "Just so we know what size," she said to the girl.

Amby's plan was sound; and to add to it Ysabel decided they would have someone bring their purchases directly to the Guest Services desk for holding. That way Marie wouldn't see the accumulation, and they wouldn't have to haul everything around with them.
Amberelle DeEspionne 14 years ago
Smiling slightly, the blonde nodded at her friend. Very smart. After all, growing girls were quite known to change sizes. That was one of the downsides of being a human she supposed, but it was hardly a bad thing. Motioning to Ysabel to add them to the basket in front of her, Amberelle eyed the girl's figure and stealthily slipped a few more styles in for her to try on. Low rise, slim fit, curvy.. ah there were so many choices in jeans these days! What Amberelle found as thrilling and a reason to spend hours in the dressing room was probably pretty intimidating for the girl right now. But there was no reason not to have a few choices.

Once she had a chance to get close to Ysa without Marie in direct earshot, the Creole leaned down to softly whisper to her clanmate. Should we maybe call Heolfor and have them send a car and someone to carry these bags to it? I'd offer my car but I have a feeling we will need quite a few trips and I don't want her to feel bad when it starts to add up. She quirked an eyebrow and waited to see if she should make a quick call to Rupert.

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Marie 14 years ago
Custom? Marie eyed Ysabel oddly. Not rudely, not even questioningly, just rather shocked and maybe a bit starry eyed. Her vampire really did live in a different world didn’t she? Maybe they all did as Amby didn’t seem all that surprised by the idea of custom boots.

Used to having an item limit of seven or so in a fitting room Marie looked to the basket to try and count and was a bit bewildered by how many pairs of jeans they had. All these sizes and cuts it added up pretty fast. Seeing the two vampires in conversation she quickly darted off to the fitting room rather than interrupting.

Gah! Too small, she couldn’t even get them over her hips. Marie tossed them off to the side irritably. Too big they didn’t want to stay at her waist. Too low, too high, too wide, too loose, she was starting to feel like Goldilocks! Finally she’d weeded them down to a reasonable handful. She didn’t know which one Ysabel would like best but at least they had a start. Yay! New cloths!

She trotted out to Ysabel in her socks, which Marie just noticed also had holes although these were in the toes. Maybe Ysabel and Amby wouldn’t see them, she thought as she tried to hide the holes between her toes.

“I think I found some good ones.”
Ysabel 14 years ago
Ysabel smiled at Amby's suggestion. "That's a good idea," she agreed in low tones so Marie wouldn't hear. "I had thought to hold them at Guest Services but if we can somehow shuttle them out to the car beforehand, she won't see."

Marie quickly busied herself with trying on the large numbers of clothes they'd managed to pile into the cart. She didn't come out as some girls did to show off and do a little twirl, but instead seemed to be going through her options with a sort of ruthless efficiency.

When she emerged she had a few items that seemed suitable, but standing there in front of Ysabel, the vampire couldn't help but wonder if Marie wasn't holding back a little.

Smiling down at the girl, Ysabel looked at the small number of mixed jeans and pants and said, "Do they fit well? I don't want you to settle for something that's just 'okay.'"

She lowered her voice again; low enough that Amby and Marie could hear but the regular people passing by shouldn't be able to make out her words. "Don't forget, Marie... it pleases me to buy things for you, and if you are happy with them, I will be happy too. But I have a responsibility to make sure my familiar is well-outfitted. I don't want the rest of my Clan saying I don't know how to take care of you."

She was trying to appeal to several facets of Marie's personality at once. She didn't think the girl would accept such an abundance of spending out of selfishness; Marie wasn't a selfish girl in most respects. But she viewed Ysabel through somewhat rose-colored glasses, and perhaps if she knew that this was important and desirable to Ysabel, she would become less hesitant.

"Money isn't an issue," she said with finality. "What I would like very much is for you to find things that you will enjoy having and wearing. This isn't the only store here. We can go to as many others as we need."

Hopefully Marie would understand. Ysabel couldn't shop for her. Or, perhaps she could but it would defeat the purpose of their all having come out tonight. No, this was something she wanted for Marie. Her new familiar had had little enough in the way of pampering. Let it not be said Ysabel didn't know how to treat her own.

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Amberelle DeEspionne 14 years ago
Stepping away slightly, Amberelle busied herself sorting through the tee shirts for colors she thought would suit Marie while she pulled out her cell to dial the manor. A few quick rings and the unmistakable voice of Rupert came on the line, greeting her personally. The blonde chuckled softly, but was not at all suprised. He probably had all of their numbers programmed into some master system.

Bon soir, Rupert. I was hoping you would do a favor for Ysabel and I? A tangerine and a mint tee went into the basket followed by a pale blue and she held the phone with her shoulder as she hunted for a butter colored one in the girl's size. His immediate positive response with a tone that implied how dare she think otherwise made her grin.

She and I are out at the mall this evening and anticipate doing quite a lot of shopping.. We were hoping you had someone to spare that you could send over with a large car.. to secure all of our bags, and help us carry them?

A triumphant grin lit up her pretty face and a soft yellow one joined the others as Rupert assured her he would have someone there right away to help them both, and they would contact her cell upon arrival. He inquired if she needed anything else and the Creole declined, knowing they'd be fine. Flipping her phone closed with a snap she slipped it into her back pocket and went over to join her friend was Marie reappeared.

Nodding at the other vampire's last statement, she gave Marie a warm, soft look and leaned down to catch her eyes. Petite... don't fret. We are going to be going to quite a few places. Ysabel wants you to have everything you could need so we will be making sure to get it all. Just get what you like, and don't worry about it. But do be picky.. liking what you get is important! She nodded and grinned, trying to impart some enthusiasm for the event into the young girl. So how about you tell me if you like these colors, hmm? She motioned to the shirts in the basket.

Straightening she looked over at Ysa and said softly, Rupert is sending a driver.. he'll be here shortly and will give me a ring. She patted her phone to empasize what she meant.
Marie 14 years ago
“They’re good.”

Marie nodded earnestly. She was very fussy about her jeans and these were defiantly good.

Ysabel’s words almost confused her. She was so used to budgets, both money and time that it was hard to get over the ideas. And certainly, she didn’t want to take advantage of her vampire, but on the other hand, she didn’t want to be an embarrassment either. As the hole in her socks reminded her. A bit flustered Marie blushed faintly and looked rather contrite. It didn’t last long though, eager to please she found an opinion; feeling that being ‘wishy washy’ would not be approved of.

“These are good, the best of everything I tried on but you’re right we’re probably going to have to look at a few more places too.”

With a little bit of humor she nodded to the dressing room attendant who was refolding a fair number of pairs of jeans.

“Those are the ones that didn’t work.”

She grinned impishly. Maybe she was being a bit easy to please, but she wasn’t being a total push over.

Pleased with herself she started looking through the shirts. The colors were quite pretty. Unsurprisingly she was drawn to the yellows, oranges and reds. She liked warm earthy colors that weren’t –too- girly.

“Maybe these?”

Picking up her favorites, Marie again disappeared into the fitting room. This time, however, she reappeared with the butter colored one on looking relatively disgruntled.

“I’m not –that- tall.”

The shirts, all of them were cut a bit short, not quite mid-drift bearing but she was finding if you moved, at all, there was a more of a flash of skin than she was prepared for. It was probably the effects of living with her uncle, but Marie just wasn’t comfortable with being too exposed just yet.
Ysabel 14 years ago
Ysabel was gratified that Marie seemed to take at least most of her words to heart. At any rate, she showed a little less reluctance to dive into the piles of clothes Amby was so adeptly pulling off the racks. Ysabel added a few of her own selection as well, and very soon they had a small pile of "approved" items. It was a start.

As Marie disappeared for another trip into the dressing room, Ysabel turned to Amby to thank her once again. "That was an excellent idea," she said, "calling for a car from the Manor. I should have thought of it."

As Marie appeared once more, Ysabel now noted that she was, indeed, uncomfortable with exposing too much of herself and she nodded her approval. "Every proper young lady should leave most of it to the imagination."

She gave Marie a knowing smile. She remembered what little Marie had told her of her uncle, and it hadn't taken much to make the leap of logic, so Ysabel did her best to make that topic a little lighter; let Marie think of that sort of thing in terms of first boyfriends and cooties yet. She had years to get past this roadblock. Living with Ambrose might help as well; Ysabel knew just how gentlemanly her lover could be, particularly in sensitive situations like Marie's - although he would never admit it.

By the time they made it out of Old Navy they were a few bags ful of clothing richer, but not finished by any means. Ysabel and Marie each carried one for now, and with Amberelle they headed out of the store on the lookout for whichever was next on Amby's list.
Amberelle DeEspionne 14 years ago
Mentally reviewing her list of stores for the evening as Ysabell took care of their first purchases, the blonde knocked off a few. Hot Topic seemed a bit too trendy for what seemed to be a very down to Earth girl and then Ambercrombie seemed a bit too.. well, just not right. It was a maybe on Bannana Republic. She waited at the door for the other women and as they exited she motioned to their left, leading the way.

The Gap is over this way.. they may have some jeans more to your liking.. In her mind's eye she ran through the mall, mapping out routes and which way they could go. But we will be passing Express first so why don't we check in there? They have some really cute things, and some nice jeans too. Making a note to check for the latest pencil legged graffiti style in her size as well, Amby twirled slightly and gave the others a bright grin, walking backwards for a moment as her happiness bubbled forth.

Marie cherie, I do hope you like to shop! I think I am going to run you two ragged tonight... Giggling, she turned rightways as her phone began to ring. Answering it, she looked over her shoulder and nodded slightly at Ysabel when the cheerful male voice greeted her and inquired where they should meet.

Bon joir Roger... why don't you meet us at Express? It's in the west wing. A brief pause and she snapped it closed and slid it back into her rear pocket.
Marie 14 years ago
Marie found herself giggling along with Amby. It was hard to remember that she was a vampire as well, she didn’t seem at all like Ysabel. Its not like she knew how to be a proper vampire or anything. And if Ysabel liked her and approved then that was more than good enough for Marie.

Glancing at her vampire every now and then, to check for approval she followed them into Express. Marie’s first thought was this one might have been a mistake. Far too much seemed flowery or sleeves or sexy or all of the above. But as she looked, a bit more she could see she’d jumped to a conclusion. There was quite a bit here that looked well… cool. Now if only she could look cool in it rather than awkward or gawky.

Feeling that they had jeans under control, she started rummaging for tops. It was a bit of a haphazard dash around the store rather than an organized hunt but she thought she was doing well. She found a bright red top she liked a lot as well as a blouse the reminded her of being at the rodeo as well as a vest she liked for no apparent reason, and had no –clue- what to wear with it. The tee shirts were the easiest though and the prize had a giant peacock feather on it. She’d also spotted a denim jack with two rows of buttons she quite liked as well as a leather bomber jacket she refused to let herself covet. There were a few other random things she’d gathered up in her search. Some were well out side her norm and her comfort zone but she wanted to try. Both to please Ysabel and because she could kind of see Amby wearing them. And the other vampire looked rather like Marie hoped she could.

“Do you think these might be OK?”

Yeah, she needed approval from both of them right now. It was rather sad, but this was a whole new experience for her.
Ysabel 14 years ago
Ysabel followed marie and Amberelle happily enough. The two seemed to be getting along wonderfully and that made her glad. Amby was much more into current trends than Ysabel was and Marie needed someone a little younger than her to be friends with. Odd, too, she mused. They both looked the same age, more or less, in her opinion, but she was in fact hundreds of years older and sometimes, Ysabel thought as they entered the next store, she felt that much older.

Marie's choices in clothing were good, she observed. She smiled and said, "I think they'll be lovely on you."

Her taste in clothing extended only so far as her own preferences; she didn't expect anyone else to dress her way. If Marie wanted a gown like hers she would be happy to supply it and she even hoped that would be the case, but only because she would have liked to share that with Marie.

Looking at the vest Marie held up, Ysabel wandered off a little, picked through the blouses, and found one she liked. Presenting the blouse to Marie she asked, "What about this one to go with the vest?"

She liked the style... it was maybe a little bit old-fashioned, which appealed to her, yet would look modern with the black vest.