So, Aislinn as been here a while and ive been rather lowkey mostly. But my EQ RP guild died and I'm craving some hardcore RP now! I don't know many here yet...well i probably do but just by your TAC names :P (I'm Jetamio)

I'm hoping to have Aislinn turned to Vampire, preferably Anantya for the shapeshifting but I can be swayed by the right scenario I think. But being the naive little country girl that she is, I'm looking to have someone kinda completely sweep her off her feet, even dark and lusty (I'm not shy!) and show her a completely different lifestyle. That is afterall why she left her home in the firstplace, to start again somewhere.
So I am looking for someone who would be interested in taking a personal role in this, someone who wouldn't mind taking her under their wing or into their heart/ambitons/whatever. Can be male or female, I'm not fussed and Aislinn has never been romantically involved with anyone anyway.

My thread with Theo is soon finished, but gives time to come up with something. Just PM me or post here if interested

Thanks Jetamio

Fallon 15 years ago
Hey Jet - check your PMs
Amberelle DeEspionne 15 years ago
hehe well I know we said Amby and she could make sense as far as getting along but if you want something dark and passionate... that's not her =x
Alexandra 15 years ago
I would say let Alexa sire her, but you want Anantya and she's clanless, she is however the dark thing you seek but it seems missy Fallon is helping you out
Thaddeus Grey 15 years ago
*claps* Sounds like things are working out swimmingly - holler if you need any of mine for tertiary characters.
Xeph 15 years ago
Aislinn Ross 15 years ago
Aye, we is scheming Thanks for the responses though, I'll keep yas in mind too
Cyrus 15 years ago
My recommendation would be to decide which clan you would prefer and then pm a prospective 'parent'. heh

Good luck!