What to do...what to do?

It had been several weeks since Cyrus left for his homeland, under the guise of taking care of business. Not that Fallon doubted that was a legitimate explanation, but she knew there was more to it than anything that simple.

She hadn't stopped worrying about him, even though their communications had dropped to quick, short, random phone calls, sometimes days apart. A Mr. Jeffers had called Fallon within days of Cyrus' departure, and told her he would be in contact with Master Arslantai often, and had necessary information should the master need immediate contact. This hadn't made Fallon miss Cyrus less, but it did give her a little comfort to know SOMEONE knew where her husband was nearly twenty-four-seven.

Until he returned she would need something to do to occupy her time, else she really would go frantic. The idea of going back to teaching wasn't totally out of the question, but right now the university was between semesters, and there wasn't anything for her to do anyway.

Then there were the children...though calling them children was more a habit now, than a reality. All the kittens had grown so big over the past few months, that none of them really REQUIRED her anymore. They all had their own interests, and could fend for themselves well enough to take off for hours on end now. Sometimes even...as was the case with Fred...they didn't return home, as expected in the evening, but were found trotting back late in the morning, looking quite sheepish.

But as much as she loved them, Fallon knew each of her children had to learn to survive on their own, and she was both happy, and fortunate enough to see all in all they were doing fine.

Left with a big, empty house, and children who were developing lives of their own, Fallon found she just HAD to do SOMETHING, so she decided to visit Anantya and see if there was something useful she could do there.

And being at Heolfor always made her feel close to Cyrus as well.

When she had arrived today, she spoke to Rupert to find out who all was in attendance at the manor. Surprise lit her eyes when he told her he was pretty sure neither Sorin, or Mai were there at the moment. Morrigan's absence was expected, but for some reason it seemed to Fallon that at least one of the clan heads would be around, even if they weren't free to speak with her.

She had talked to Morrigan not so long ago, when she had been made part of the Order of the Rose. Again, much to her surprise, Fallon and Cyrus had both been a little amused to hear she would not be placed within the Order of the Night, but the Order of the Rose. They both agreed there were parts to Fallon that would have done well even in the Order of the Hunt, but the decision was pretty much taken from her hands. In the long run Fallon didn't care, and was just happy to be of ANY service the clan required.

Thinking now might be a good time to check Cyrus' suite, and possibly tidy up a little, and get it ready for her own occupancy, Fallon let Rupert know where she was off to, and purposefully strode in that direction.

Amberelle DeEspionne 15 years ago
Another night, another dilema of what to do. Amberelle stared blankly around her living room, eyes traveling from one pile of bags to another. It seemed like all she ever did any more was shop or hunt. Her closet was already groaning at the seams even after purging and packing away everything out of season. The blonde sighed softly and leaned her head back against the sofa cushions. Even the beautiful daytime mural there on her ceiling didn't soothe her nerves like normal.

It was more than just restlessness. Alexander had been away on Clan business for several months and Amby missed him terribly. There were text messages and the occasional phone call but between time zone differences and everything else they were few and far between, leaving the young Anantya with far too much time on her hands. Which had been filled with shopping, training in the dojo and a lot of television. Most of her day she would spend reading until exhaustion claimed her, but that was more to avoid the nighmares that lingered after Halloween than anything else.

Forcing herself up off the sofa Amberelle stretched and headed for the door, determined to do something besides sit there for another evening. She was dressed for working out in a ribbed white tank top and navy yoga pants, but didn't feel much like going through her katas yet. Stopping just inside her foyer she slipped her cellphone and keyfob into a pocket. A drive later wasn't out of the question so better to be prepared.

So down the hall she padded, bare feet barely making a sound over the polished wood while she twisted her long blonde locks up onto her head loosely to clip the mess into place. Lost in thought, she just let herself walk and didn't even pay attention to direction. Rounding a corner she nearly collided with someone and looked up to see it was Fallon. Smiling at her clanmate warmly, she chuckled.

Sorry, wasn't looking where I was going there.. The blonde looked her up and down. It wasn't often she'd seen the other woman around Heolfor. I don't think I've seen you since.. wow.. your wedding? How've you been? How is Cyrus? Pausing, the Creole decided to give her a chance to answer before bombarding her with any more questions.
Fallon 15 years ago
The idea of making a swift pass through Cyrus's suite had been part of the reason Fallon had come to Heolfor tonight, but she didn't expect to put in much time really cleaning. So it really didn't matter much that she was wearing a soft silk skirt, cut just above her ankles, heels, and a similarly weighted blouse, tucked in neatly to the waistband of the skirt. The temperatures hadn't gotten too warm yet, so she had a wrap tucked under her arm with her purse, but it hadn't been cool enough either, to warrant using it.

Making a mental note to go through the closets at home and reorganize for the warmer weather, Fallon knew she should also do the same with whatever it was Cyrus kept here for emergencies. Since they had been married the only time he spent at his suite here, was the times when Fallon had joined him as well. Until the night he flew east, they had been nearly inseparable. It was a feeling Fallon missed, and hoped for again, soon.

"Oh my gosh, Amberelle! You startled me. I don't know why I'm constantly surprised to find people living here, but I am."

Fallon shrugged and laughed softly. Though she hadn't really had time to get to know her Anantya sister much, she had liked her almost immediately, and found her company now to be welcome.

"I'm afraid my mind had wandered a little there too, but no harm, no foul!"

Fallon placed a hand lightly on Amberelle's arm, and gave her a friendly squeeze.

"I've been fine, and thank you for asking, though I am missing Cyrus terribly. He took off a few weeks ago to go back home...he had family business to take care of, and didn't want me to go, or he cautioned against it since they're apparently having civil issues over there, and he was afraid for my safety. And of course there were the children to look after too."

Again Fallon laughed in a soft, lilting manner. She knew the kittens weren't 'real' children, but for her and Cyrus they were the closest they would get. And so far friends to the pair understood the significance the kittens held in the Arslantai household.

"And there I go rambling again. Its best not to get me started on the kittens...as I can spend hours regaling you with their antics, and probably send you into a state of boredom coma.

So tell me, how have you been? You on your way to work out?"

Fallon knew if Amberelle considered Heolfor her home, running around in yoga pants and a tank top would be appropriate attire. However, it would also seem logical if Amberelle was on her way to take advantage of whatever gym equipment Heolfor had...and Fallon found it difficult to believe they wouldn't have it.
Amberelle DeEspionne 15 years ago
The blonde just laughed. She'd always liked Fallon. If it was because of their shared feline natures or since she was Cyrus' chosen mate Amberelle wasn't sure but she'd always found the pretty young Anantya to be pleasant and enjoyable company. The Creole felt a pang of sympathy for her clan-sister. So Cyrus was away on business? Interesting, and she could relate to how the other woman must have been feeling.

At talk of the "babies" Amby couldn't help but grin. There were probably few within these walls who would understand just how Fallon and Cyrus felt about their little pack, but she did. Shaking her head, she gave her a smile and waved off her appologies.

Nonsense, you're not rambling at all! I've thought about dropping by to see you both as well as chat with the little ones.. who probably aren't so little now are they? she added and shook her head with a light chuckle. It had been some time since their housewarming party. One memorable evening for both women present.

And non, I was not going to work out. Pausing she corrected herself. Well, maybe later.. I was just walking. With Alexander away on business I've been at a loose end and unfortunately unless I start donating clothes I haven't even worn to the women's shelter I have to stop shopping for a little while. Amby added a little playful sigh and pout to that statement. Well that or take in the empty suite beside me for more closet space! She giggled, amber eyes sparkling.

So.. what brought you to the manor this evening?
Fallon 15 years ago
Fallon now recalled that Amberelle also had an affinity for felines, and relaxed completely in the other woman's presence. It wasn't like Fallon to be uptight around friends but under some circumstances it might take her a bit to totally warm up. Undoubtedly it was her history that kept herself in check to that small extent.

"No, sadly, they're normal kittens, and grow accordingly."

Fallon's face became sad and pensive, but only for a few seconds.

"But they're still such darlings, and I love them all dearly. Surprisingly Cheyenne has grow to be the most assertive, with Tut, then Fred running a close second and third. Cleo is truly the queen of the group, and NEVER needs grooming. I swear, if I didn't know better, I'd think she had a groomer on the side that she visits regularly. I never catch her coming home with foxtails, or mustard burrs, she's so fastidious.
Austin is the loner, preferring to wander away for hours on end, and preferring his time at home to be with me alone. And Wilma is the one I expect to come home pregnant, any day."

A disapproving scowl crossed Fallon's face then, but it didn't last long, only to be replaced with a compassionate smile.

"She's such the little homebody." She shook her head, thinking of what she would do if that ever happened, and secretly hoping it would.

"Cyrus and I decided not to have...well...not to do anything with them physically, at least not right away. I know it might be the responsible thing, and I know I see them in a light quite different to most people...but they really do feel like my children, and to think of taking the right of breeding away from them just seems barbaric."

Her eyes peeked upwards and landed on Amberelle's own. Did the woman think she was daft? Fallon hoped Amberelle's feline compassion would extend a bit farther.

"But I so digress! Look at me, give me an inch and I'll talk for hours about the children."

She wrinkled her nose and smiled widely.

"Any time you'd like, please feel free to stop by. I know they would all be excited to see you. They love everyone."

Shutting her mouth to allow Amberelle time to speak was easy, once she did it. Fallon thought the woman's slight accent was so pretty. Hearing her mention Alexander being away, confirmed Fallon's suspicions that the two were closer than Fallon was privy to knowing formally. She had seen the two together, and assumed as much, but probably because they didn't associate TOO often together, her thoughts never grew beyond assumptions.

"Then you really do understand. How we deal with the absence of our significant others is where we part ways though. Getting me into a store, unless I'm shopping for party decorations, isn't an easy task."

A huge smile brightened her face then, when she thought again of Cyrus.

"I guess I'm lucky though, that Cyrus loves to shop...well, that he loves to tell Suki what to shop for, and that Suki loves to shop. I am truly VERY spoiled."

Yet here she was rambling again, and now she was giving Amberelle an apologetic look.

"Here? Tonight? I'd hope to speak to Morrigan, but apparently she's not in. Nor is Mai, or Sorin. I wanted to avail myself, and all my free time to the Order of the Rose, hoping to keep myself busy. I'm supposed to check in with Rupert again before I leave, and hope he was able to reach Morrigan to schedule an appointment for me. Right now I'm just running up to Cyrus' suite, to make sure everything is in order."

Yes...she was a talker, if given half a chance, and Amberelle had given much more.

"Is Alexander expected back anytime soon?"
Amberelle DeEspionne 15 years ago
The blonde found herself smiling, she just couldn't help it. Fallon was so full of energy and just as she spoke it was a kind of infectious thing. Amberelle's smile barely faltered at the other woman's question. All she could really do was shake her head and shrug a shoulder with a soft, sad sigh. There was a slight shadow in her eye that hinted at her sadness that Fallon, or really any woman who had spent time seperated from her man, would recognize.

Non, unfortunately as long as the Clan has need of him there.. well, he will stay. His first duty being to Anantya of course so I certainly can not complain.

A shake of her head sent even more stray hairs tumbling down to frame her face. To stave off much more on the subject since it was prone to send her into fits of ice cream eating or shoe shopping, she changed the topic. Not the most subtle way either but she was sure Falon would understand.

I have to say I am very glad to hear that you two decided not to "fix" the kittens. I did not neuter my Louis, and I do believe many a femme chat in the Vieux Carre has since been the recipient of his affections! The Creole giggled.

Besides, your bébés and their offspring would be well cared for and loved so why would you? I mean, she nudged a shoulder against her clanmate and teased, you DO want to be grandparents don't you?!

Oh! suddenly snapping to what had been said earlier, she grinned and clapped her hands together with a delighted little squeak. You joined an Order? The Rose? Wonderful! Why did you pick them?

Amby was most curious since she was still on the fence about where she belonged. While she saw the routine and tediousness of working for the Rose as not for her, she could not decide between the Night and Hunt. Both suited her but there were things about each she would have to embrace and become that simply scared her to bits.
Fallon 15 years ago
She nodded as Amberelle spoke of things Fallon felt so familiar with. She wouldn't change her life now for anything, even if Cyrus had to go away for periods of time, to handle his affairs. None the less, that didn't mean his absence wasn't felt acutely. Amberelle's demeanor reflected she had similar separation pangs, and this made Fallon feel even closer to her clan sister.

"Grandmother! Oh gracious, not yet please! Let me enjoy my own babies a bit longer, before welcoming in the next generation."

Six kittens had seemed a manageable number when Cyrus first presented them to Fallon. And Fallon loved them all so dearly now...the idea of not having any one of them was unconscionable. But if they all started bringing home their own children this soon, in a years time Ger Kogji would be overrun with felines, and as much as Fallon loved her brood, she also loved the quiet times she shared with Cyrus. A house full of cats would undoubtedly put a damper on the freedom they now had, as well.

"How long have you shared your home with Louis? Maybe I should invite him over some night to speak to the children...he may have a way with words, and relating experiences, better suited in this instance."

Still shaking her head slightly, as the idea of grandbabies tumbled around her brain, Fallon shifted topics along with Amberelle.

"Funny thing that...choosing the Order of the Rose...it really chose me, more than anything.

Cyrus and I had talked about it for a long time, and almost settled on the Order of the Night...what with my interest in music, my teaching..." Fallon shrugged.

"Then Morrigan found she was needed in Europe, would be gone for slightly longer than she originally anticipated, and the need arose for someone to fill in around here for her. Because I really want to be useful, and am more than happy to do whatever the clan needs me to do, The Order of the Rose became my choice."

Knowing it could be quite an undertaking she was getting herself into, Fallon jokingly half grimaced, half frowned, to think she...the newest member of Anantya, would be handling day to day issues at Heolfor.

"I don't mean to imply I'll be running things...not at all...Mai, and Sorin should be in contact on a regular basis, even if they're away now as well. And should something REALLY important come up, I can still reach Morrigan by phone. But if nothing else I hope to be able to take care of things here well enough that she can do what she needs to do, without undue concern for the routine goings on here, and return to her rightful place in the manor, as quickly as she can."

Being the newest to join the clan, Fallon really didn't want any hard feelings, or problems arising by anyone who thought her unqualified to step in for Morrigan. Therefore she was going to try and remain as unassuming as possible, and hope for the best.

"You haven't made a choice yet yourself? I don't know why, but I thought that was something everyone did, shortly after being initiated in..."

Now Fallon was curious to know which Order it was that Amberelle was considering, and if that matter would fall into something she would need to take care of, when the time came.
Amberelle DeEspionne 15 years ago
Her grandmother comment had the desired effect and the blonde covered her mouth delicately as she giggled, eyes sparkling. It was funny how that made women react, she thought with a smile. In answer to Fallon's question Amberelle began counting backwards and whistled softly.

Mon dieu.. it's been almost ten years that I've had Louis! She shook her head slightly, somewhat amazed at the quick passage of time. You know, she said slowly, if you want some one to speak to your little ones that is one of my talents. I can speak with all cats, big or small.

The Creole was quite fond of that ability, even if it had not been as useful to her in Nachton as it had proven when she was still working. You could learn amazing tidbits about a mark's habits from the alley cats around a place. And, could get them to show you where to find all kinds of things with some food and a kind word or two!

Listening as her clanmate explained how she'd almost fallen into the job she now had, Amby resisted the urge to whistle softly. Wow. Fallon was going to help handle things while Morrigan was away. That was a suprise, but Amberelle was pleased for her. In the back of her mind a slight bit of uneasiness stirred knowing that the Elder she'd come to for protection was away at the moment, but it passed quickly.

Congratulations on such a prominant position.. I think. Her eyes crinkled as she grinned playfully at Fallon. She honestly didn't envy the younger vampire her job and all the resultant headaches from handling running this large and busy manor.

Ahhh.. well.. about choosing. Amby shrugged one shoulder and shifted slightly. When I was living in New Orleans I was.. ahh.. not allowed a choice. My Sire is in charge of the Night there and as his childe I was required to serve him in it. My opinions and desires had no real bearing. Honestly I had already been working for it while I was his familiar so there was no real change. Once I moved here Morrigan told me to take my time and find the place where I felt I belonged. Her mouth scrunched up in a frown and she added ruefully, I didn't think some two years later I would still be just as clueless to what I really want as I was then!

Pausing a few seconds she added quietly I guess since I aready have experience in the Night it makes sense, but there are aspects to both it and the Hunt that I like.. and that I dislike. Laughing softly, she shook her head and smiled. The one thing I do know is, the Rose is not for me though! I am not the administrative type. Quickly softening her words in case they were taken wrong, she continued. Not that there is anything wrong with it. It's just not.. me. You know?
Fallon 15 years ago
"If you think you can, you're more than welcome."

It was still somewhat of a mystery, all this shape shifting, and becoming cats, and why it was some could communicate in that form, and others, such as herself, couldn't. She reminded herself that in the scheme of things she was an infant herself, and needed to give the whole thing some time. While the teacher in her didn't want to admit defeat in this area, the main issue was conveying certain expectations to the kittens, and the best way to go about that. Her love and need for her children's well being easily overrode any little bits of jealousy she might have harbored.

"Just let me know whenever you'd find it convenient, and I'll round up the gang, to make sure they're all there. That used to be a much simpler task as well, but I think I still have enough authority with them to see that they all come when I request it."

At Amberelle's congratulations, Fallon mock curtsied, and smiled. It was a HUGE responsibility, just as she had been telling herself earlier, but she really did feel up to it.

When the conversation shifted slightly, to the topic of choices, Fallon nodded sagely, having first hand knowledge of that kind of life.

"I can understand how life steps in and changes our priorities...some times in ways we aren't always thankful for, but also in ways to enhance our lives too. If you're anything like me, you'll deal with it in your own time, and make the decision thats right for you. Just try not to let fear keep you from deciding. I waited much to long to make necessary changes in my life, and will always wonder if that had been a mistake. Ultimately I know it wasn't...my life now is as close to perfect and I imagine it could be. If I had left my old life sooner, the chance is there that I might have not settled in Nachton, or had the opportunities I wound up with.

One of the things I HAD to have in my prior life, was good organizational skills."

Being married to that bastard Ted, and needing to live off the pittance of an allowance he gave her to run the house, had become one of life's bigger challenges. Not to mention keeping the house spotless, having his meals cooked on time, the laundry done, and holding down a full time job...had Fallon not been able to arrange a schedule that worked well, based on the ultimate in organization, she probably wouldn't have lived to escape as she had.

"I love teaching, but with the children about, I'm still using those skills...I can continue my music at home."

She shrugged a little, having accepted the Order of the Rose because that's where she was needed.

"At least now I feel like I'm contributing something...not only to the clan, but to Cyrus as well, since he is a big part of Anantya as well. It is a good feeling for me...having purpose...feeling needed."

Needed, and utilized, not used. There was a huge difference there, in her mind anyway.

"Oh, please don't worry about offending me. Everyone is different, thank god. It takes all kinds to make the world what it is...and how boring it would be otherwise."

Fallon wondered if Amberelle was a singer, or actress...she was certainly pretty enough. Though the younger looking blond was much taller than Fallon, she might have guessed they weighed about the same. Thus Amberelle had a more lithe, and ethereal appearance that Fallon imagined the men probably went 'ga-ga' over.

Another alternative might be a spy! Fallon's imagination took a sudden, and quirky turn, realizing how someone who looked liked like Amberelle would have an easy time working her feminine wiles on the unsuspecting.

That is, if Anantya had need of a spy? Fallon hoped to learn much more about her clan in her newfound position.

"Can I ask...what is your line of work?"
Amberelle DeEspionne 15 years ago
My work? So many possible answers to that one... The blonde grinned and chuckled some. How could she, should she answer that one? Well when I managed to umm.. leave.. my old life I thought I would retire from it all but some skills and things just get in the blood I guess, so they still apply. Amberelle shrugged one shoulder slightly.

Outside of the clan.. I would say the closest thing to a profession I have was I would have been a dancer. I'd even been accepted at Julliard and was just a few weeks shy of leaving for New York when I was turned. A sad, bittersweet smile flitted over her face. She could play what if's for the next few centuries but she still wouldn't trade her "could have been" life for that little kid's.

Within the clan I was used as an assassin, theif, even a spy... all very Order of the Night you know? Shifting slightly, she leaned back against a closed door. Hell, I was working for the clan years before I was turned.. I did my first assassination at fourteen. The Creole paused just a moment to let that sink in with the teacher. You see, I was raised by my Sire since my parents had been familiars of his and they died when I was just a baby. So.. I was a familiar, too. No need to explain that her family had been owned for centuries, still was, far flung branches of the family tree all over the world in Gustav's little controlled network. Sometimes she wondered just what the man was thinking, and if they all really served the Clan or him. Time would tell.

Tilting her head to the side she studied Fallon. Doing something useful for the clan would be nice, but I'm not obsessive with it like Alex is.. I felt like I deserve a couple years to finally "find" myself and figure out who I am without someone there telling me the answers. A slight pause and she smiled as she added, But of course I've had those and I still don't know what I want to be when I "grow up".
Fallon 15 years ago
In the grand scheme of things, Fallon was a vampire infant, and knew she had so much to learn about that aspect of her life yet. On the other hand as she listened to Amberelle, she felt suddenly so much older than the pretty blond.

Amberelle had been through a lot, losing her parents at such a young age, and then becoming familiar to her sire. It had always pained Fallon to hear of young children who'd had there lives stolen from them, and lost the opportunity to truly experience childhood. Not that Fallon's own childhood was full of wonderful memories she longed to hang on to and cherish.

"I don't know which sounds worse growing up to serve a vampire master at such a young age, or growing up as a protector for a sibling, and suffering abuse at the hands of a parent. I suppose though, the end result is all that matters, and even though you may not know what your goal in life is, I'd say we both still turned out pretty well."

Fallon favored Amberelle with a sincere, caring smile.

The business about being an assassin no longer had much effect on Fallon, as it might have at one time in her life. She had seen enough ugliness in people, and had her own grievences that could have easily driven her to murder...how could she sit in judgement on someone for doing what she had contemplated herself.

Not that she could have made a career out of killing, without motive she was pretty sure she couldn't go through with such a thing. She guessed it came down to what people were willing to accept as a motive, and as a reason to kill. Self preservation might have finally sent Fallon over the edge, and onto killing Ted, had she never left. And Panos...there were times right after she was turned that she probably could have killed Panos, if she had known how.

Her life with Cyrus had opened her eyes to the necessity of killing for other reasons, so hearing Amberelle speak of the acts with such detachment gave Fallon no reason to judge. Until she had walked in Amberelle's shoes, Fallon would assume the woman had acted out of self preservation, and that was very easy for Fallon to understand and accept.

"I don't know if there is a tremendous calling for assassins these days, but even if there were, is there no other way you could continue on with your dancing? Personally, I'm a bit of a klutz, but I do enjoy watching, and because I have a decent voice, and can play the piano, I'm able to keep those joys in my life easily."

For a moment Fallon imagined Amberelle gliding across a stage, and really could see how well her friend would look in costume, and under lights.

She shrugged, and hoped Amberelle didn't think she was being too forward. Apparently having Cyrus gone so long was causing her to take the time she normally spent taking care of him, and extending it to try and take care of everyone else.

"Sorry, I'm in need of seeing everyone around me happy, and if I can offer any assistance, I can't help but try."

Again she smiled, but dismissed her earlier interest in Amberelle, hoping the French girl would not take offense in her meddling.
Dawn Ratana 15 years ago
After her quick swim, she had reconsidered. Meditating on her thoughts hadn't helped shit. She was clearly not Rose material, but could be a help in different ways to both the Hunt and the Night. Deciding that she was already too fucked in the head with thoughts of independence and rebellion, she opted to get back to basics. She needed to know, at her core, what she wanted. Dawn understood that she didn't want what others wanted for her. Now she needed to understand if it was just bloodymindedness or if there was something much more specific. After all, eternity is a long fucking time.

While thinking it over, she'd redyed her hair...back to her natural black. Giving it a quick clean up trim to accentuate the natural waviness to her hair, she shook it out. Somehow she'd forgotten how gorgeous her mother's hair...the hair she'd inherited, could be on its own. Looking through her clothes, she surprised herself when she selected black slacks and a plain white buttoned shirt with a long collar. Basics, indeed. Her hands led her to her low heel ankle boots rather than her steel toes.

Dropping her wallet into her pocket to skip out on the bag issue, she reached for her keys on the bathroom counter. Looking at her own reflection, Dawn was a bit startled. Had she given herself over to the stasis she had been created in, accepting it at value? Did these desires take place in the background when she wasn't looking, or was this a response to the difficulty of the trip? She would have to figure that out. Still, the revelation that masks were comfortable to her certainly led her thoughts to a conclusion. Still, there were conversations to be had, and all of those could wait.

Stepping out into the hall, she clicked shut the door and heard voices. Familiar, family voices. Letting out a long, warm sigh of comfort, she turned to seek them out. Walking into the middle of a conversation wasn't something that had ever bothered her. She just held her arms out and added to the final statement.

"Welllllll, I'll be plennyhappy when y'two gimme some huggin. Mmmm...good t'be home!"
Fallon 15 years ago

From their position in the hallway, Fallon saw Dawn first, since Amberelle's back was turned more in her direction. Sight of the eclectic youth always made Fallon smile, and with the announcement that she had just returned home, Fallon realized it had been some time since she'd seen the girl.

A second glance confirmed Fallon's initial thought...

"That must have been some vacation...you look so different!"

Moving to embrace her friend, Fallon hugged her fiercely.

"Good, don't get me wrong, I think you look beautiful, but so...sedate!"

Glancing at Amberelle, Fallon's face was alive with delight. Not having had a lot to be delighted over lately, she seemed to exude happiness now that she had a reason. First running into Amberelle, and now Dawn...this night had definitely taken a turn for the better.

"Don't tell me...you went on sabbatical to a spa, and have spent all this time meditating, and relaxing, and getting in touch with your inner self, and happiness...?"

And as quickly as she had been overcome with excitement, Fallon herself reversed and became quiet, and sedate.

She hoped nothing bad had happened to Dawn, that had required her departure, and was responsible for her change in appearance.

If nothing else, Dawn's attitude remained...that gave Fallon hope for the positive.
Amberelle DeEspionne 15 years ago
If a smile could rival the brightness of the sun, the one that spread across Amberelle's face did when she heard that familiar voice. Happiness bubbled up inside her and she just stood there, looking Dawn over as Fallon moved to embrace her and spoke. Only when the other woman was safely clear did the blonde swoop in and wrap her arms around her friend in a bone crushing bear hug. Lifting the smaller girl up, the Creole spun her around with a muffled squeal of delight before reluctantly returning the Californian to her feet.

Even as she stepped back Amby reached out and grasped Dawn's hand, turning her this way and that to observe what (if any) changes had come during her abscence. Golden eyes fairly glowed as she finally spoke.

If you say you went to a spa I will smack you... that is so not you! Where have you been, what have you been doing and why didn't you write!
Dawn Ratana 15 years ago
Warmed by Fallon's reaction, Dawn smiled.

"Ah...not 'xactly..."

She then was squeezed, spun and shone upon. Blushing slightly from the responses, she gave the pair a crooked smile.

"Uh, I didn't, it kinda is sometimes actually but I usually d'my own, in Cali, gettin disownt, and cuz I didn't really have time to until I'as already headin back."

Glancing from one to the other, Dawn was momentarily uncomfortable. She needed to talk to Amby, but wasn't sure if Fallon would want or would benefit from anything they needed to cover. From the sounds of things, it was a bit of a downer story, and Fallon was always so happy and full of life. Shifting from one foot to the other, she decided to ignore proper etiquette, as usual. Slightly out of sorts, she reverted to her more natural speech patterns.

"I was...uh...called to Cali by my creator. He'd found out that I'm being considered for th'Order of th'Night an' that I've not made the Hunt's list yet since I've not really pursued it since bein' here."

Sighing, she plopped herself down on the floor and ran a hand through her hair. She hadn't expected to get into it so soon, but no reason to put it off.

"He's kinda th'Huntsman type. So're most all'is other kids. So...he'as a lil pisst t'think'e my lose a good study t'th'Night. 'Specially since he didn't think I'd had any'a th'skills th'Night needs."

Sighing, she shook her head.

"Shit, I dun even know what I want. I mean, forever's a long time. But..."

Glancing up at Amberelle, she smiled weakly.

"...I tol someone I'd hear'er take onnit 'fore makin' a choice."
Amberelle DeEspionne 15 years ago
How funny things work out sometimes Amberelle thought. Not hah hah funny, but ironic. Here she and Fallon had been discussing the same things that weighed on Dawn's mind too. Maybe finding where you belonged was more important than she'd initially thought. The blonde looked down at Dawn and smiled softly.

Ironically choosing an Order and why is actually something Fallon and I had been discussing before you walked up. How about we go to my place and talk in depth about it there? I don't think here in the middle of the hallway is quite as comfortable. Amby smiled slightly. Looking over at Fallon she included her in the invitation as well. I have tea.. sodas and some cookies I baked the other day, she added trying to entice them.
Fallon 15 years ago
As usual, Fallon needed a few seconds to process what it was Dawn was saying. Though she picked up accents pretty well, having taught English as a second language, there were some dialects she still had to listen to closely to understand. Fortunately with Dawn it was just random hit and miss, and soon she thought she had a grasp of the conversation.

As Amberelle had said, it was interesting to hear others had similar problems in finding their place in Anantya. Though to Fallon it just meant these decisions were being carefully thought out, and no one was just jumping into the first idea they came across. She also found it a bit...odd?...that no one else seemed to even consider the Order of the Rose. Once she finished putting things in order in Cyrus' suite, Fallon was determined to find out who belonged where in Anantya, and familiarize herself with how each person fit into their chosen roles.

"Well you two get off with yourselves then, and figure out what needs to be done. I really should get to Cyrus' suite, and take care of things there, if I'm going to be staying here in Heolfor off and on. I'll be around though, if either of you need anything that Rupert can't help you with."

Kneeling down, Fallon embraced Dawn again, and smiled into the face of the young looking, but old souled woman.

"I'm helping out around here while the elders are away...so seriously, if you need anything, or have the need to shoot the shit, and Amberelle is out, look me up!"

Standing, Fallon then hugged Amberelle.

"Same goes for you too. It was great seeing you both, and I hope to do that a lot now... For as many as reside here, I'm a little amazed at how few I see about. I suppose everyone is just busy leading exciting lives!"

It was just an observation on her part, and no hint of judgement was included. Fallon was very thankful she had run into these two friends, and knew her decision to hang around more would be beneficial to her psyche. She had kept to herself much too much lately. That was now going to change.

Waving, Fallon left the two women's sides, and headed down the hall in the direction she had originally set out for. She hoped Amberelle could help Dawn, and possibly in the process might find insight into her own confusion. The night seemed to hold a lot of potential for all.

(Fallon out, pending)
Dawn Ratana 15 years ago
Feeling slightly guilty about the intrusion, Dawn sighed.

"Aw, if ya need t'run off, okay...but more th'merrier. Tea'd be fine...think I need t'be dry a bit t'figure this'll through."

Back hand springing onto her feet, Dawn waited to follow the blonde to her room, hoping Fallon might reconsider.
Amberelle DeEspionne 15 years ago
Watching Fallon walk away, the blonde felt a pang and hoped she hadn't run the other woman off but told herself that it was just because she had work to do, nothing personal. Looking over at Dawn she shrugged a shoulder and turned towards her room. It was only down and around the corner so they were there within moments and Amby used her keys to unlock the outer wrought iron then the inner mahogany doors.

Stepping in she reached over and slid her fingers over a small spot, not really even noticable, and the fingerprint reader deactivated the security even as she clicked on the lightswitch just underneath it. Stepping aside so Dawn could enter the foyer, she set her keys into the small blue bowl and walked around to the living area.

So you wanted some tea? I have green, and I have Earl Grey... what sounds good?
Dawn Ratana 15 years ago
Upon stepping into the room, Dawn was greeted by her reflection. It was somewhat unexpected, but familiar.

"Haven't seen a false entry fer awhile. Neat."

Walking over to the couch, she gave the room a quick survey. It was always interesting to be in the private space of others. It wasn't exactly what they showed to everyone else - it was what they really felt they were. Honesty that you could look at. Looking before settling on the soft cushion, she slipped off her boots and curled a leg under her, pulling one of the plush pillows onto her lap. The room was very comfortable, inviting...but there was also something watchful and guarded about it. Maybe the wrought iron gates.

"Oh, green please."
Amberelle DeEspionne 15 years ago
Walking over to the bar, Amby set about warming water in the microwave and making the tea. It was something she'd gotten rather good at, she thought with a faintly sad smile. While she waited for the beep, the blonde pulled several metal tins out and placed some of the cookies from each onto a plate. Sugar and mugs went on next and as soon as the cycle ended she added the steaming water to the ceramic kettle to let it steep. Carrying it all back, she balanced on one leg and used a foot to shove her pile of magazines from the ottoman to make room. Speaking while she filtered and poured, Amberelle kept her tone light.

So you want to know why I have reservations about the Order of the Night? Well.. I think it stems from my Sire being in it and forcing me to. But.. mainly from him and because I know his kind.

Sitting back with her mug, she motioned to the plate. A mix of coconut macaroons, pecan sandies, milk and dark chocolate chunk, peanut butter with bits of peanut butter cup candies and her personal favorite, a chocolate Mississippi mud concotion of fudge chunks, espresso and nuts.