Hey Mister Can You Spare a Dime? (Invite Only Please)

Marie sighed. She was doing that more and more these days, it made her feel old or was that the sleeping in alleys and trying to scrounge up cash? Probably the scrounging up cash, that's why she was sighing tonight. Because, no matter how you sliced it she didn't have enough cash for a cheap ass nasty meal at Taco Hell... where good Mexican food went to die.

The next thing she knew, she was blinking tears back refusing to cry. It wouldn't do any good to cry. Her mother, father, siblings and all the good memories that centered around -good- Mexican food, -real- Mexican food were gone. Over, done, no more and it would do no good to think about it or get emotional about them now. Now what she needed right now as to focus and get a few quick bucks.

Of course she refused to have anything to do with drugs, and prostitution... well she'd talked to a few of the other street kids and she'd sworn to herself she'd not have anything to do with either unless she absolutely, positively, without a doubt had to. So, that left pan handling. It hurt her pride quite a bit to have to beg, but she hadn't been able to get a job and she was hardly a street performer.

Digging through her bag she found the cleanest thing she had left. Great not only did she need food she needed to do her laundry. Marie would have saved money on the laundry but she'd found that the cleaner her cloths were, and she was, the more convincing and successful she was with the pan handling. If tonight went badly though she'd wash something rather than eat, she'd just have to consider it an investment.

Tonight she set up shop down on the water front, sort of by the amphitheater, there was some so-so band playing and they seemed to be attracting a bit of a crowd, and just off the bus line. If you asked for 'bus fare' right by a bus stop people tended to put you -on- the bus rather than giving you some change.

Gritting her teeth for a second she finally fixed her best liquid brown puppy dog eyes and sweet yet slightly desperate/embarrassed smile on her face and started looking for likely targets.

"Hey ma'am. Ma'am? I'm sorry to bother you but could you spare something for bus fare I lost my wallet."Â?

Damned wench! She walked off, didn't even look up. That, Marie decided, was a bad omen about the rest of the night.

Ambrose 14 years ago
OK note to self if some one is trying to hurt your girl they are probably more than willing to try and hurt you.

Its not that Ambrose had expected to one shot this jack ass but he wasn’t quite ready for him to be so damned fast and go right for his chest. He stumbled back a few steps as he was kicked first in the chest then stomach. This motherfucker hit hard and that was a bit alarming. That and that he’d hurt Belle. It wasn’t easy to hurt a vampire as old as she was. But now that he knew that Ambrose changed tactics and set out to block the blow aimed at him. Self-defense was going to be more important than he thought originally. He did all right, not perfect he did take some good solid punches before grabbing the other man’s shoulders pushing him lower and then jamming his knee into cue ball’s stomach and getting off a good solid shot or two of his own. Ambrose liked to aim for jaws, nose, stomach, and groin. He did get off one good punch to this bastard’s throat as well.

He noticed the flying debris and was tempted to yell at Belle to stay out of it. He had no idea how badly she was hurt and didn’t want her worse off than she was, but dealing with this punk was taking all his attention.
Marie 14 years ago
She’d see her attacker hurt the other woman and was scared. She was down right terrified when the other woman when foggy, misty and otherwise not human looking. That’s when Marie finally screamed. She was losing her mind, this was a bad dream, it wasn’t real! It couldn’t be!

Apparently the invisible woman’s back up with the tight ass and he seemed to know how to hold his own. It was a close call between watching the fight and watching the ghost. Without knowing it Marie began to shake, living a nightmare would scare the shit out of any one. Trying to stay calm she tried to back slowly away from all of these crazy people. Not too far not to fast she did not want to draw any attention to herself at all.
Ysabel 14 years ago
Ysabel threw another brick or two, but Amber and the vampire in black were now too close for her to be certain of hitting the right one. Besides, every brick got heavier and heavier.

looking down, she noted that she was returned to her corporeal self and looking far less ghostly, but still every bit as bloody. Turning to the girl she tried to reassure her. Thanks to her regeneration, her vocal cords seemed to be functioning again.

"Don't worry. Ambrose won't let him harm you."

While her back was away from the girl, she took the opportunity to pull the knife from her back as well, wincing a bit as she did and wishing she were someplace appropriate for a good faint. But definitely not here, and definitely not in the dirt.
Ichiro Taiji 14 years ago
This man could take his punches, Tai realized. Turning it up a notch, he let loose a flurry of jabs, kicks, and punches. Each spun him in a new direction, and each one landed in a different spot than was obvious from watching his movements. This guy might know how to throw a punch, but it was obvious he'd never been trained in the styles Tai was using.

Tai wasn't interested in the finer details of combat at this point, however. What he wanted now was to get the hell away from these people. There was no profit in staying, and if they decided to go to the authorities... well, he didn't need any more publicity in Nachton than he'd already gotten.

With that in mind he unleashed a new series of attacks on the man. He landed several blows to his ribcage, feeling a few satisfying cracks as he did. A few punches landed on Tai, and it felt as if the woman behind him had thrown something, but the more abuse he took, the angrier he got. He rained blows down on his attacker, going for a collarbone next.

The last punch thrown was caught, and Tai twisted the man's arm with one hand, popping his shoulder out of the socket. With a quick lash out, he aimed for the leg the man had been limping on earlier. He didn't meet with solid flesh and bone, as he'd expected... the limb was a prosthetic.

Even so, it popped off and flew across the alley. Tai didn't hesitate; as the man fell, he was already vaulting over him and running, sticking close to the shadows. When he finally stopped and regained a more casual air before entering a populated area, he knew he'd lost them all.

But there was still a crying child to contend with, after all.

((ooc: Tai out))
Ambrose 14 years ago
All Ambrose could do is growl and try and hold his own. One second he was doing reasonably well the next second things hurt, a lot. He was certain he had a couple of broken ribs and possibly a cracked collarbone. Hell even as a mortal that wouldn’t have slowed him down too much having some experience in being knocked around a bit.

Oh shit! Right that one –hurt- and on top of hit his arm wasn’t working particularly well. His shoulder had been wrenched from its socket, something Ambrose didn’t at all appreciate. But when his leg was knocked from under him and he collapsed to the ground, that’s when Ambrose was truly hurt. It was so damned unfair! He should be better than this, he was better than this, this was just wrong.

Determined not to stay down or out Ambrose used the building to pull himself up and tried to go after cue ball it only took a few hops to determine that wouldn’t be happening and he changed direction and made his way to Belle. Dropping to the ground he pulled her into his arms. There was a lot of blood and that worried him.

“You alright Belle? How badly did the bastard hurt you?”

As he held Belle he finally noticed the little panhandler from earlier.

“You started this hey chica?”

The little thing looked petrified and he kept his tone low and non-accusatory.
Marie 14 years ago
Marie wasn’t sure that she believed her phase shifting companion. It looked very much like this other guy could harm people pretty damned well. They both could and who knew which was the lesser of two evils. But since this woman had more or less saved her from the guy who bit her Marie decided she was trust worthy. And while she stayed huddled out of reach against the building Marie nodded and stayed put.

Her eyes grew big and she started silently weeping as this Ambrose’s leg came off. That was just sick and wrong and the last thing she could take. When the first guy took off and he finally hopped back to them and grabbed her rescuer and tried to comfort her Marie did her best to will herself to blend in with the brick. It didn’t work and he noticed her any way. All she could do was shake her head no at his question. She hadn’t started it and she couldn’t stop crying.
Ysabel 14 years ago
Ysabel was still sprawled on the ground, unable to see the outcome of the fight, but the steady footsteps running off and he uneven ones coming closer told enough of a story. Amber was pulling her close and she was a limp dishrag so she just let him do so.

Looking into his upside down face she gave him a weak smile. "I'll be all right." Reaching out with her mind, she dragged his leg over to them in jerking motions, unable to lift it off the ground or even manage a smooth ride. She knew he would want it back though. The effort left her tired, but there was nothing wrong with her that blood could not heal. She squeezed Ambrose's hand. "Thank you for coming."

Turning her head toward the child she noted Ambrose's tone had softened considerably. Adding her own to the mix, she said, "Please don't be afraid. Neither of us will harm you."

Ysabel held out her hand hopefully, as if she were petting a strange dog, ready to simply let the girl come to her if she chose. She felt terrible about what had happened to this girl.
Ambrose 14 years ago
“Jesus Belle leave off I’ll get it.”

He was not at all happy abut having his leg handed too him but he wouldn’t brood until they were all safe and sound. Ambrose did have that much self discipline, there was an order to things, get Belle back on her feet figure out what to do with the chica over there get his leg back on and then hide in a dark cave and berate himself for not being able to protect her.

Holding her carefully Ambrose made sure his wrist was in biting range. He wasn’t in any too great a shape but better than her.

“Of course I came. I’ll always come. You just rest and take what you need then we’ll get you home.”

He was officially leaving the kid to Belle he’d just scare it… her. Hell he scared mature adults what would he have to say to a girl. She did look damned scared and she seemed to be crying and Ambrose had –no- clue, zippo, nada, none what to do about that.
Marie 14 years ago
Shock, she’d learned about it in school and decided that this is what shock felt like. Marie was crying and numb and not sure what to do.

Both of them seemed to be speaking to her but she didn’t know quite what to do about it. It wasn’t that Marie was dumb, her mind was just working slowly. She didn’t run away but she didn’t move toward them, she just kept her huddled position by the wall.

Maybe they were better than the bald one, maybe they were worse. But they didn’t seem to be ignoring her as she would have liked. Looking down at the ground not wanting to look either of them in the eye she shook her head.

“Its OK I promise not to tell any one. Not ever.”

No one would believe her if she did.
Ysabel 14 years ago
Ysabel ignored Amber's prickliness with a soft smile. He could gripe all he wanted, he was just worried and that was how Ambrose did "worry." Gesturing to his leg with her chin, she pushed herself upright, ignoring Ambrose's wrist for the time being. He was injured, too, and still healing up. Her wounds were closed; she just needed blood and she could get that at Heolfor. Besides, she wasn't going to do that here. This little girl had had enough of a scare for one night.

Not moving from where she sat, but spreading her skirts around her prettily as if she were settling down in the garden on a sunny day, Ysabel regarded the girl in front of her with concern.

"I am not worried that you'll tell anyone. I trust you. My name is Ysabel Yolgrave, and this man is Ambrose Townsend. We're both vampires, and we're both completely uninterested in harming you. Who are you, and where did you run away from? Is there someplace safe we can help you get to? Do you have a family? Parents? Someone looking for you?"

That seemed like enough information for the girl for now. Ysabel truly wanted to help though. The poor thing had been through more than enough for one night, and if she could help, Ysabel was ready to do so however she could. She had a soft spot for children. Never having been a mother herself, she'd been a "mother" several times to her husbands' children and she had loved them all.
Ambrose 14 years ago
Ambrose didn’t force his blood on her. If she needed it she’d take it but, especially with the girl here, he understood her turning it down. Besides she did seem to be healing well. He could feel his own bones knitting but he’d need some one to shove his shoulder back in place soon or it would have to be pulled apart better to put it right and he didn’t relish that idea.

Letting Belle resettle herself he let her go long enough to pull up his jeans and reattach his leg. It was disgusting and weak and he resented it but he resented being short a limb even more.

That done he studied the girl, sweet looking little Mexican girl probably early teens was his guess. A bit of pride at how Belle was handling this made his eyes crinkle just a little. Gentling a filly wasn’t that much different from settling down a girl. And he watched the girl raise her head and timidly look from one to the other of them before keeping tentative eye contact with Belle.
Marie 14 years ago
Marie didn’t look up at first, but the woman’s voice was… friendly. She got a sense the one who called herself Ysabel was being perfectly honest when she said they were vampires. Unconsciously her hand traveled to her neck, where the other had bitten her. Three vampires in one night? She shuddered.

Looking between Ambrose and Ysabel she collapsed from her crouch onto her butt, not moving. How bad could it be? She would try talking to them after all they hadn’t bitten her, they’d stopped the other guy. The Wizard of Oz floated through her mind with the absurd quote ‘are you a good vampire or a bad vampire?’

After a long pause she swallowed and tried to answer the questions.

“My name’s Marie.” She hesitated but figured it couldn’t do any more harm and added her last name. “Sanchez. Marie Sanchez”

“I don’t have a family any more. My parents and brothers and sisters were killed and I’m not going back to my uncle.”

That’s all she felt like explaining right there. Even if they were vampires they might try to send her back to Nogales to her ‘legal guardian’. She had nowhere to go, no one looking for her. Quite simply she was all alone.
Ysabel 14 years ago
Ysabel watched Marie touch her fingers to her neck. "May I see?" She knew the wounds would have healed, but if Marie came closer it would do, and it gave her a means to demonstrate the fact that she wasn't about to harm the girl.

While she waited for her to mull it over, Ysabel continued to speak. "I'm sorry about your family. What about your uncle? Why don't you want to go back to him?"

She wasn't going to force anything on Marie before she gained her trust. Ysabel was simply interested in why she'd run away. At the very least she might be able to shelter the child until she knew what to do with her.

Ysabel had little use for humans, really, beyond their being something to co-exist with. Her love for children was much in the same manner as one might love a favorite dog, but then, for a dog-lover, there is often little or no difference between a pet and a child. As far as Ysabel was concerned, it had been years since she had had a child to take care of. This little girl needed help and even if it was just for tonight, Ysabel was not hesitant to reach out a hand to her.

SHe waited patiently to see what Marie's next move would be, willing Amber to remain silent, hoping their previous spat was, for the moment at least, forgotten.
Marie 14 years ago
Again Marie froze. She wasn't certain she wanted to get any closer to the vampires; after all, the last one had bitten her and dropped her without a second thought. Momentarily it crossed her mind that he might have killed her.

After a long moment while she sized the two up, the man seemed to have put his leg back on which was a bit creepy, Marie decided if they wanted to hurt her keeping her distance wasn't going to help much. So what could it hurt to get a little closer? She edged forward, to just within arms reach and tilted her head, exposing her neck where she'd been bitten.

"I think it's stopped bleeding."Â?

She hoped. How the hell was she supposed to pay for a doctor if it hadn't? And how was she supposed to explain it? Please god let it have stopped she prayed.

At the mention of her uncle Marie unconsciously straightened her shoulders, her eyes grew hard and determined and her chin jutted out defiantly. She didn't like talking about it, not at all. It was bad enough how close he'd come but some how speaking about it was an insult to her father's memory. Manuel was his brother after all. It was very complicated and too often Marie felt guilty for running away, but she was dead set against going back.

"He got too close."Â?
Ysabel 14 years ago
Ysabel very gently brushed the girl's hair away from ehr neck to see the two bruises there. "Don't worry, they heal very quickly," she said in a gentle tone. "In a day or two you won't even see a mark. You won't be sick and you shouldn't suffer any ill effects but you may be a little tired for the next few days."

Glancing over at Ambrose, she smiled softly at the young girl. "You should probably eat a good meal, too. And given that your night wasn't made any easier by what happened before, I'm willing to bet Ambrose would spring for something nice for both of us."

Normally Ysabel wasn't a big eater, but she could make an exception. Looking down at herself, though she quailed at the idea. "Would you like that? I need to change out of these messy clothes first."

Appealing to the younger girl's pride, which she'd already seen an example of, she tried to firm up the deal. "I'll tell you what. Losing blood wears us out, and we need to recuperate. If you can help us both make it safely back home, we'll find you something decent to eat and a safe place to stay tonight. Will you trust us that far?"

Hopefully, Marie would realize that if either one of them truly wanted to hurt her, they'd have done it long before now.
Ambrose 14 years ago
What the hell? Did he –look- like he was about to go out to a sit down dinner with a beat up kid, a bloody, but sexy, vampire and his arm hanging out of its socket?! What in god’s green earth was Belle on, crazy woman.

Apparently, though this waif had struck some kind of never with her and she didn’t seem to want to let it go. Alright, fine. He wasn’t that twisted if she wanted to help the girl out a bit he could understand that. It probably wasn’t any fun getting jumped by a bald dude and bitten. It sure as shit wasn’t fun getting beaten up by the same bald dude but he’d recover faster, physically any way.

Any further thought was derailed by the nagging pain of his dislocated shoulder. Ambrose wondered if he could ask Belle to shove it back in place or if he should just make due until they go home so as not to scare the cupie doll over there. Speaking of home, just where did Belle plan on taking her?

Without thinking about it, Ambrose sighed pretty heavily and winced as the girl jumped a bit. He hadn’t meant to scare her.
Marie 14 years ago
Marie stiffened a bit as Ysabel touched where she’d been bitten, maybe it was tender or maybe she was just gun shy. When the hand left her neck, she boldly made eye contract with Ysabel and shook her head slightly. She couldn’t afford to eat a good meal, she could afford some fast food and not much of that. She couldn’t afford to be tired, she had to go out and scrounge for the next day.

She’d just been on the verge of accepting when the man, who’d been silent up to this point sighed. Still more than a little tense Marie jumped back a little. Neither of them had moved though, she was probably over reacting. Finally, hunger and exhaustion won out over good sense and she nodded.

“All right. What can I do to help though?”

Some how Marie didn’t really think she could help a couple of vampires, but food and a safe place to sleep; for that she’d do just about anything. Just about.
Ysabel 14 years ago
Ysabel did her best to ignore Ambrose, which was difficult, as she was concerned for him and worried that perhaps his injuries were more serious than hers had been. She rolled her eyes a little bit at Marie when he sighed, a little comical "between us women" sort of look.

This was how it began though... if she could keep Marie safe overnight, perhaps she could find something around the condo for her to help with tomorrow, and she could earn some money rather than wandering around on the streets. Then the next day... eventually she'd either see sense and want to go home, or she would tell Ysabel what exactly she had meant by "getting too close." She was already afraid the answer would anger her beyond rational thought.

At Marie's question and dubious look, she smiled again. "Well, we're going to draw a lot of attention to ourselves looking like this." She gestured to her blood-soaked gown and Ambrose's torn clothing. "Somehow I don't think people are going to believe we chose to wear our Halloween costumes. Perhaps you can go ahead a bit and let us know which routes are the quietest? We don't want to draw attention if we can avoid it."

She got slowly to her knees, feeling more than a bit wobbly.

"And... perhaps you could help me up."

There. Now Marie had some control over the situation. She could help or not help; let her believe if she wanted to run now she could. Ysabel was certain she could chase the girl down if she had to, but that wasn't the point. She was simply trying to let Marie know she wasn't being forced and could get away if she had to.

If she could get them all safely to the condo, they would be able to rest, recuperate, and eat or drink, according to their desires.
Marie 14 years ago
It was tentative and shy but Marie smiled and almost, -almost-, giggled at the look from the other woman. She was very young looking Marie finally realized and wondered how old they were and why they didn’t speak with Transylvanian accents. Maybe movies were wrong, or maybe they were lying to her or maybe none of this was really happening.

No matter, Marie was happy to have some direction any direction. She lithely hopped to her feet and pulled Ysabel’s skirt away from her feet before offering her arm and shoulder to help the woman up. She caught a scowl from the guy, Marie couldn’t remember his name even though she knew she’d been told, but she didn’t flinch.

“This alley, it runs behind the buildings and leads right into the parking garage. No one would be back here this time of night.”

She’d slept back here once or twice behind the dumpsters. It was safe enough, not even too smelly, no restaurants used this alley just shops and you could wad up some of the paper and packing materials and it was almost comfy and warm.

“Do vampires drive cars?”

It was a silly question but she had no idea. For all Marie knew they turned into bats and flew to the concert.
Ysabel 14 years ago
Ysabel leaned slightly on Marie as she rose, glad to find the girl sturdy even after her ordeal. Now that the rush of excitement was fading, she began to wonder exactly what she meant to do with the child. She certainly couldn't keep her around as she was, knowledgable about their kind, wandering through Nachton on her own telling strange stories and prey to anyone who happened by. If she had a home to go to Ysabel would have sent her there... but if she couldn't, or wouldn't return to her family what was she to do?

Ambrose, of course, might be able to use his own abilities, command her obedience somehow, but that thought didn't sit right with Ysabel.

She was just a girl... but could she be useful? Ysabel's mind was working as she considered the ramifications of having this girl around. She had to do it properly. But ugh, what a mess. She'd consider it all tomorrow. For now they just needed to get away.

"Excellent. We'll go your way."

At Marie's next question she laughed softly. "We drive cars. We do most things everyone else does, we just need different food, that's all. And we need not harm anyone to get it, though some of us do."

Best not to give away every dirty detail. Not until she knew exactly what to do with this waif, anyway. Ysabel honestly couldn't say whether she liked the girl that well or not, but she was just a child and she didn't like to see children in this situation. She'd do what she could to help.

Gently she rested her hand on Marie's shoulder while they walked, trusting Ambrose to follow.

"I have a feeling I'll be driving tonight, until we get Ambrose patched up. Being a knight in shining armor takes work, and more than a few dents."