Back to hell and leaving life behind.

Steve was pissed. Not a pleasant sight to behold, even if you were seeing it from a distance. His past had caught up to him, and he was now leaving on the first flight to Detroit, the location of Site 26, the Special Forces base that Steve had been assigned to. He was now packing his gear, geting ready to go. A small box sat on his bed, and he was throwing certain items into it. Rain beat heavily on the windows, but Steve didn't care. He put his dogtags, his knife, his Desert Eagle, and his keys into the box, then sat at his desk, pulled a pen and paper toward him. He began then to write a note to Trin:


I wish I didn't have to tell you this in a letter, but there is no way I can tell you face-to-face. I have to leave, because duty calls when you least expect it. First of all, should I die, I want you to know that (probably due to the whole bonding thing) I find myself growing more and more fond of you, shall we say. But a more pressing matter is at hand. When/if I return, we will need to re-do that whole little dinner date thing we did a while back. Let's hope we don't have to dodge crossbow bolts or machine gun fire this time. But now, since time is short, I need to go. Goodbye.

Sincerely yours,
Lt. Col. Steven James Rowland

PS: I have place several items in here for safe keeping. Feel free to use them, such as my keys, which go to my car, truck, motorcycle, house, ect., and my gun. All I ask is that I get them back, and that you STAY OUT OF THE BASEMENT!!! Trust me, you want no part of what's down there. Besides, you cant get in. Not unless you can walk into a solid steel box, which happens to be 100% airtight.

Steve finished the note, placed it in the box, tagged the box, wrapped it in a plastic bag, then walked out of his house with a duffel bag of weapons, body armor, and wearing his uniform. He drove his rental pickup to the place Trin had taken him on the night they had killed Richard Durango, left the box with the servant with orders that it was to reach Trin, the drove off into the night, heading back to a place he had hoped never to return to. Wonderful.


Pual 13 years ago
Pual had followed his friend back to his country home and watched from his vantage point on the roof of the pumphouse as Steve got his gear and wrote a letter. Pual look through his binoculars and read the note. Trin? Steve had a girlfriend? That was new. Rowlamd had never been very lady-inclined. Not that he was gay, just that he never had time for women. Well, some things changed, but others stayed the same. Such as Steve's arsenal. There was a lot of guns in that little bag. Steve packed his box with the note. There was a gun, which Pual recognized as Steve's Desert Eagle, and hid dogtags. The dogstags? Why the fuck would he give someone his tags?! Pual figued that this Trin girl must mean a lot to Steve, if he was giving away his pride like that. Pual slid off the roof, got into his Humvee, and drove off, heading home. Whatever his buddy was involved in, it was none of his business.