Hey everyone!

Well, I just discovered SA a few days ago and have my account activated and typed up my characters bio. Then I started reading some of the threads in the Wall of Frame section and have discovered a few things.

My characters name is Ana Renee Evans. I have found someone elses last name as Evans and someone named Rene(e). Is this going to be a problem or should I create another character or something.

Thaddeus Grey 15 years ago
I doubt it will be a problem but I'll let Roz and Eve answer for themselves (the owners of the characters in question). You definitely want to ask first if you want your character to be related in some fashion to Kyle Evans, though (or married to him...hahahaha).
Amberelle DeEspionne 15 years ago
married.. to Kyle..? *eyes Nova* I'd feel really sorry for the poor girl indeed!
Renee 15 years ago
Alright. I just wait around and see what happens. Thanks for your reply. =D
Renee 15 years ago
lol...i had to look up Mr. Evan's bio. Nope not for her (sorry Roz).
Kyle Evans 15 years ago
Huhu! I'm Roz and Ellis (and simon, carol, Hammer...cough) Anyway, I'm cool with your last name being the same - it's not like its an uncommon name anyway lol. Eve doesn't RP here much anymore - she's been inactive for some time now so I doubt it'll be a problem. =)

If you wanted to Rp something together, let me know - however I should warn that I'm currently in the middle of moving and without steady internet for at least another couple weeks, I wager. PM me on Ellis Duban though if you like =) Welcome again!
Renee 15 years ago You have quite a few characters there!

Alright. I just wanted to check with everyone first.

So, everything is kewl then. I can sleep tonight now. lol