Forum Viewing Question...

Having only played vamps on this board, this has never occured to me to ask before, but can humans/wolves see the "public" threads in the clan areas? and should I be able to see the "public" areas of the packs (as a vamp)?

Aishe 16 years ago
As a scribe you can read them of course, but as a character you would have no knowledge of what went on in another clan's areas unless you were present at the time of it, and that would mean obtaining permission to be in a clan/pack specific area.

So no, your characters would have no special knowledge. They're simply 'public' in the sense that you may read and enjoy them.
Thaddeus Grey 16 years ago
You should be able to read, but not post, in clan/pack public areas that are not your own, though I believe each section has 'clan/pack only' areas that outsiders can neither view nor post within.
Carol 16 years ago
Let us know what you can see and I'll make sure the permissions are ok.
Trin 16 years ago
i can see the "public" areas of the vamps (and the private areas of Anantya). I am assuming there are corresponding "public" areas that should be viewable for the wolves as well. That is what I am not seeing and wasn't sure if it was a species thing or a permissions thing! But as I am curious about the wolves, thought it couldn't hurt to ask!

I knew that I would be unaware as a character what went on in any thread other than one i was in (unless the events were part of a newscast - like the death of the mayor and the bombing at the charity event, but it would only be the type of general knowledge one would find in a newspaper, not firsthand).