After the Fair

((Continues from Peddler's Fair ))

It was only a few blocks from the Fair and maybe two from where the Aston was parked but in that short span of space the area had taken a decidely seedier turn. Buildings were run down with graffiti splashed across them, the streets no longer swept clean of debris and the sidewalks were cracked and in need of repair in several places.

In this place, in the dim flickering light of a yellow streetlamp the sight of two beautiful and well dressed young women was quite out of place. The blonde walked lightly, her feet making no real noise and the dark beauty beside her walked just as silently. They walked with hands clasped, soft smiles on their faces at a leisurely pace. Onlookers could easily mistake them for lovers or for friends. It was hard to say.

Spying several men standing near a side street watching them intently, their lewd comments carried easily on the night's breeze to her feline heightened senses. Amberelle glanced through her lashes up at her friend and gave her a slight smile. She spoke quietly, in French. Looks like the first course has arrived..

Moonlight glinted off the tip of a fang and her eyes slowly shifted, their pupils becoming larger, wider and distinctively reflective.

Alexandra 15 years ago
A wise man once said that you only life once... well he was wrong.. for both women walking down the alley life had begun again after death, a death making them young forever, looking in their early 20's for the rest of their immortal existence.

Holding onto Amby's hand Alexa's senses were working on over drive, she could feel every single living being around her, hear their breathing, feel them move towards or away from her, nodding quietly at Amby's words she closed her eyes, opening them back up they had gone almost completely black, one would have to look really close to notice the pupil in the dark iris.

Letting go of Amberelle's hand she casually walked over towards the men, giving them one of her most tempting smiles she quietly walked to the cleanest of them, looking back at Amby she winked at her friend turning back to the men she moved a hand through her hair, moving in such a sensual way the men were almost hypnotized by her every move as she let loose her powers of seduction.
Amberelle DeEspionne 15 years ago
The Anantya had been taken by suprise at the tactic her friend chose. Amberelle's own hunting style was predatory just like this, but in a much more savage way. The acts of attraction and innuendo she saw her friend using now reminded her of hunting with Alexander. They each drew the humans to them like moths to a flame, where as she stalked through the shadows to leap upon the unsuspecting prey like the cat inside her cried out for. Realizing there would be no fight, no fear inducing battle to pump the men full of adrenaline a small part of her was dissapointed. Then her sensitive ears began to register something odd. Each of the four men's pulse was racing, pounding the blood through their veins with a rush of something unexpected. Passion induced pheremones poured off of them, she could smell them strong on the breeze now, and knew their vitae would be filled with desire and endorphins. Heat rose to her cheeks when she recalled the heady rush of them the night she'd fed at the House of Pain with her beau.

Realizing the tactic now, she quickly shifted to a more demure demeanor. Her body language became more shy as her eyes dropped and her head dipped to send wavy locks of blonde hair spilling over one shoulder. She looked up through thick lashes to watch the other woman so boldly seducing them all with grace and charm. Watching Alexandra move was fascinating. The other vampire was confident, sexy and graceful. She was easily enthralling them.

'Time to choose my own dinner,' Amby thought with a mental grin. Golden eyes shimmered as she slowly lifted them and met the leering gaze of another of the four. Her youthful looks always combined well with the soft and shy persona she had used before coming to Nachton. Being forever frozen in time at the tender age of eighteen had advantages at times she knew. A slight, hesitant smile at him and he was hooked. He started moving towards her slightly only to be cut off by one of the men who made the Creole's skin crawl. Her nose flared at the sudden assault of dried sweat mixed with the obvious aroma of drugs that clung to his clothes and flesh. The urge to gag hit her hard but she controlled it and agilely sidestepped him to move close to her friend as well as the man she'd already tagged as her own.

Her voice was soft, hesitant and almost child like as she tugged gently on her friend's arm slightly and spoke, Alexa mon ami.. maybe we shouldn't hang around out here.
Alexandra 15 years ago
Alexandra could feel the uneasiness in Amberelle, the way her body language betrayed her, she could sense the hostile feelings in the men but she wasn't afraid, fear was something Alexa didn't feel often, it was an emotion she had learned to deal with and something she could handle like a pro, it boosted her adrenaline level and made her even more aware of her surroundings, smiling softly at Amby she cocked her head to the side.

"Sure ma cherie, if that is what you want then we'll leave"

Feeling one of the men move before he even did her hand shot out grabbing hold of his arm before he could touch Amby, her black eyes locking with his as she bared her fangs.

"Don't you dare"

Looking back at Amby she entwined her fingers with the blond as she slowly let go of the man's arm she felt the others move back a little, they were startled by her but she knew they would attack the moment they turned their backs on them.

Amberelle DeEspionne 15 years ago
When Alexandra grabbed the man Amby made a squeaking noise of suprise and jumped back some, her golden eyes going wide as she hid behind the dark haired beauty. What the men saw as fear and weakness just fueled them, as the blonde had intended. Inside she purred, enjoying playing with them like a cat herding the mouse towards a corner. If they let the women walk away unaccosted, if they simply proved to be a better man than she judged them to be.. then they would be safe. If not, well the Anantya would feel no remorse for eliminating scum and having a warm meal in the process was purely lagniappe.

She laced her fingers through Alexa's hand and grasped it with her other, her head down and turned away to hide the glint of her eyes and the peeking of fangs in her smile. But to the four watching them she was shy, afraid, vulnerable. Tugging on her friend slightly, she looked down the alleyway and could see it dumped them out on the next block over after a nice walk through near dark conditions.

Look mon ami! There.. that's the street we parked on. Let's cut through here.. The Creole dodged the men and started down the alley, tugging at the other vampire's hand insistently.